Sunday, December 28, 2014

Take The Subway To Your Suburb! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 27/14

Last show for 2014! Next week we start the new year with a look back at 2014 with The Festive 50. As I said during the show we are going to try something different this year. Normally we split it up between 2 shows since there isn't enough time to feature all 50 artists in one show. But since the show is a little longer now we will use one show. There won't be enough time to play all 50 entries. The alternative of 2 shows would have left way too much extra time to kill. So we'll see how it works this year.

simon love - walking in a winter wonderland
sugarcubes - birthday (jim & william reid christmas eve mix)
tracey thorn - under the ivy
the joy formidable - tynnu sylw
white noise sound - red light
the cherry wave - blush
love l.u.v. - it's always on my mind
evans the death - don't laugh at my angry face
the vultures - vlad
menace beach - tastes like medicine
charity shop kids - your not like other girls chrissy
flyte - light me up
nouvelle vague - making plans for nigel
bristol - overcome
bristol - roads
thom yorke - youwouldn'tlikemewheni'mangry
spc eco - 2 + 2 = 5
-----northern soul spotlight
eddie holman - i surrender
the group feat cecil washington - i don't like to lose
tony galla - in love
herbert hunter - i was born to love you
jimmy burns - i really love you
-----lp session - the popguns "pop fiction"
the popguns - city lights
the popguns - still waiting for the winter
the popguns - alfa romeo
the popguns - leaning on the backline
circa waves - fossils
diagrams - phantom power
man without country - laws of motion feat white sea
ballet school - pale saint
lui bei - goodness
heaven 17 - this is mine
-----mixtape memories
talulah gosh - talulah gosh
pop will eat itself - black country chainsaw massacre
the chesterfields - sweet revenge
the flatmates - so in love with you
mighty lemon drops - like an angel
thelightshines - ever eternal optimist
thelightshines - love, the amnesiac
male bonding - falling
the buzzcocks - virtually real
bastille vs haim - bite down
kate bush - the dreaming

Download here.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

My personal top albums for 2014!

Year end lists ad nauseam! Here's my favourite albums of the year to ad to the nausea of the year end lists.
Remember, the Cowboys & Indies Festive 50 will air Sat. Jan. 3, 2015. Tune in to see who is #1!
1. Childhood – Lacuna
2. Inspiral Carpets - Inspiral Carpets
3. Fear Of Men – Loom
4. Merchandise – After the End
5. Woodentops - Granular Tales
6. Johnny Marr - Playland
7. Cheatahs - Cheatahs
8. Paul Thomas Saunders - Beautiful Desolation
9. September Girls - Cursing The Sea
10. Temples – Sun Structures
11. Literature - Chorus
12. Towns - Get By
13. Manic Street Preachers – Futurology
14. Wild Beasts – Present Tense
15. Famy - We Fam Econo
16. The Wytches - Annabel Dream Reader
17. Bird - My Fear And Me
18. Dry The River - Alarms In The Heart
19. Warpaint – Warpaint
20. Allo Darlin' - We Come From The Same Place
21. 2:54 - The Other I
22. A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Sea When Absent
23. Metronomy - Love Letters
24. Hookworms – The Hum
25. Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots
26. The Horrors – Luminous
27. We Were Promised Jetpacks - Unravelling
28. Future Islands – Singles
29. Glass Animals - Zaba
30. Iceage – Plowing Into The Field Of Love
31. The Vacant Lots - Departure
32. Flowers - Do What You Want To, It's What You Should Do
33. Simple Minds - Big Music
34. Baxter Dury - It's A Pleasure
35. New Build - Pour It On
36. Jungle – Jungle
37. East India Youth – Total Strife Forever
38. Primitives - Spin-O-Rama
39. Elbow – The Take Off And Landing Of Everything
40. Escapists - Only Bodies
41. Twilight Sad - Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave
42. FKA Twigs – LP1
43. Arthur Beatrice - Working Out
44. Hospitality - Trouble
45. Jimi Goodwin - Odludek
46. Neneh Cherry - Blank Project
47. Liars – Mess
48. Young British Artists - Change By Any Other Name
49. The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger - Long Gone
50. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Zim Zam Zim

Friday, December 26, 2014

My personal top songs for 2014!

It's that time of year again. Sifting through all the year-end best of lists. Well, here's mine. Songs (not all are actual singles) for today and the LPs will follow tomorrow.
The Festive 50 for the show will air on Sat. Jan. 3, 2015.
1. Busy Earnin’ by Jungle
2. Ava by Famy
3. Lost On Me by Peace
4. Wanderlust by Wild Beasts
5. Right On Satellite by Superfood
6. Fuckers by Savages
7. Spitfire by Inspiral Carpets
8. Creeper by ∴ The Acid ∴
9. Geographic by Cheatahs
10. Lowtalkin' by Menace Beach
11. All Around You by The KVB
12. Sleep Sound by Jamie XX
13. Do It Again by Robyn & Röyksopp
14. Powder by Gengahr
15. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars
16. Rule Number One by Telegram
17. Delorean Dynamite by Todd Terge
18. Into The Light by The Sundowners
19. Emitter by Gulf
20. Illumination by The Watchmakers
21. Palace by The Antlers
22. Palm Trees by Baxter Dury
23. Water Fountain by tUnE-yArDs
24. Make You Mine by Jim Valentine
25. Not Kings by Candy Says
26. Come See Me by Love L.U.V.
27. Where I Want To Be by Southern
28. Cherry by Chromatics
29. I Feel A Fall Coming by The Urchins
30. Endgames by Detachments
31. Embers by Night Flowers
32. Sadness Is the Rich Man's Drug by The Ropes
33. Killer Bangs by Honeyblood
34. Sue (Or A Season Of Crime) by David Bowie
35. Birth In Reverse by St. Vincent
36. Unfurl by Blessa
37. Conjoining Rite by Climbing Boys
38. The Power Of Now by Formes
39. Love You To Death by Twin Graves
40. Inside Out by Spoon
41. Are You Okay? by Dum Dum Girls
42. Super Sonic Love Toy by Dumb
43. Uptight Downtown by La Roux
44. Sunbathing Animal by Parquet Courts
45. Tough Love by Jessie Ware
46. Had Ten Dollaz by Cherry Glazerr
47. My Desire by Interpol
48. Red Eyes by The War On Drugs
49. Archie, Marry Me! by Alvvays
50. Fourteen Stories Tall by Pale Lights

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Was It Live Or Memorex?

Well....both. It was live the first time and "on tape" yesterday.
Still on the mend from my little procedure at the hospital this week so please enjoy a repeat performance for tonight's show. The show originally aired on Sept. 27, 2014. For a track list please scroll down for the original post. If you missed the first airing then please use this download link to enjoy it again or for the first time.
Hopefully, we will return next week with a special holiday show and then The Festive 50 on Jan.3, 2015!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our family, friends and supporters! Be safe!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Girls In Peacetime Want to Dance! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 13/14

Festive 50 coming soon!

damon albarn - all your life (live)
simple minds - bitter sweet
belle & sebastian - nobody's empire
is tropical - crawl
bernard & edith - wurds
velvet morning - pig scene
naked (on drugs) - single fish sight
flyte - false alarm
the charlatans - so oh
all we are - keep me alive
peace - world pleasure
our girl - our girl
the lightshines - hanging around
the watchmakers - kimnara
purple heart parade - drifter
the lucid dream - unchained
love l.u.v. - head on the ground
-----northern soul spotlight
mel britt - she'll come running back
patrinell staten - little love affair
epitome of sound - you don't love me
linda jones - i just can't live my life (without you babe)
darrow fletcher - what good am i without you
-----lp session - the witching waves "fear of falling down"
the witching waves - better run
the witching waves - creeping
the witching waves - wait around
primitive parts - the bench
september girls - melatonin
robert wyatt & hot chip - we're looking for a lot of love
fvnerals - closer
temples - shelter song re-structured
-----mixtape memories
the wedding present - my favourite dress
the wedding present - flying saucer
the wedding present - brassneck
the wedding present - felicity
the wedding present - corduroy
the wedding present - kennedy
the pink teens - shanghaied
the pink teens - spray ark
seazoo - panda pains
manilow - missing
the jacques - pretty dj

Download this weeks show!
As promised;
Download last weeks show!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Long After Tonight Is Over! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 6/14

-----"3 before 8"
tobi legend - time will pass you by
jimmy radcliffe - long after tonight is over
dean parrish - i'm on my way
the libertines - what became of the likely lads
the jacques - foreign films
the jam - the butterfly collector
the ordinary boys - awkward
johnny marr - dynamo
man made - tv broke my brain
the popguns - lovejunky
wild smiles - never wanted this
love l.u.v. - come see me
yak - plastic people
manhattan love suicides - drag
rose dougall - take yourself with you
the witching waves - outline
savages & bo ningen - words to the blind
the pop group - kiss the book
-----northern soul spotlight
don thomas - come on train
sam dees - lonely for you baby
rita & the tiaras - gone with the wind is my love
the originals - suspicion
the mvp's - turning my heartbeat up
-----lp session - golden fable "ancient blue"
golden fable - under your wing
golden fable - the deep
golden fable - timeline of old
marianne faithfull - deep water
ed harcourt - the way that i live
bryan ferry - midnight train
glass host - you left a mark
-----mixtape memories
the big supreme - please yourself
tracie young - the house that jack built
marc & the mambas - sleaze
mojave 3 - sarah
felt - new day dawning
githead - bringing the sea to the city
new build - look in vain
new build - weightless
the 2 bears - son of the sun

Sorry for any inconvenience but technical difficulties st the source prevent me from supplying a download link for the show at this time. If it is remedied soon I will add it to next week's blog post.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Monthly Indiessential chart for November 2014

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. THE HUM (LP) ... Hookworms (Weird World/Domino)
2. DON'T SAY THAT (LP) ... Superfood (Infectious)
3. AWKWARD ... The Ordinary Boys (Treat Yourself Records)
4. THE PARTY LINE ... Belle & Sebastian (Matador)
5. VENEER EP ... September Girls (Fortuna POP!)
6. THE OTHER I (LP) ... 2:54 (Bella Union)
8. HELLO ... Jim Valentine (Dead Beet Records)
9. IT'S A PLEASURE (LP) ... Baxter Dury ([PIAS] Le Label)
10. FLUSH EP ... Childcare (Best Laid Plans Records)
11. COME ON GIVE UP ... Menace Beach (Memphis Industries)
12. IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT ... Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds (Sour Mash)
13. RHUBARB RHUBARB (LP) ... The Voyeurs (Heavenly Recordings)
14. ALWAYS TOMORROW (LP) ... Wild Smiles (Sunday Best)
15. (WITHOUT REGRET) EP ... S*M*A*S*H (Esprit de Corps)
16. IN REAL LIFE EP ... Fiction (Vaguely Pagan)
17. THE SILVER GLOBE (LP) ... Jane Weaver (Finders Keepers Records)
18. BEATITUDE #9 (LP) ... The Orchids (Acuarela Producciones)
19. ULTIMATE PAINTING (LP) ... Ultimate Painting (Trouble In Mind Records)
20. UNCHAINED ... The Lucid Dream (Holy Are You Recordings)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for November 2014

Saturday, November 29, 2014

TV Broke My Brain! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 29/14

Time flies when you're having fun and when the show is a third light. We were an hour shorter due to Lancer basketball programming. So we remove the Northern Soul & Mixtape segments for this week. They will both return next week as we start once again at 9PM.
We open the show with a couple of my RSD Black Friday purchases including New Order, David Bowie, Tears For Fears. I wanted the Husker Du release as well but just couldn't bring myself to spend any more money, which usually doesn't stop I just know if it's still there next week I'm going to cave and buy it. It's coloured vinyl after all!

new order - procession
tears for fears - the working hour
the smiths - please, please, please let me get what i want
johnny marr & the healers - in betweens
peace - gen strange (live at the pool)
lemonhaze - so-called facts
childhood - you could be different
mogwai - history day
cheatahs - controller
as elephants are - breathe
by the sea - emily says
martin carr - sometimes it pours
man made - tv broke my brain
slaves - the hunter
september girls - black oil
felt tip - only love can break your heart
shiny two shiny - waiting for us
-----lp session - famy "we fam econo"
famy - eileen
famy - a ho a hand
famy - baba
jane weaver - stealing gold
little boots - business pleasure
the pale blue dots - slow reaction
the watchmakers - to be part of you
soft hearted scientists - the ups and downs
bernard & edith - wurds
kid wave - gloom
joanna gruesome - psykick espionage
primitive parts - tv wheels

Reminder! If you want to download the show you'll have to forward past the first hour, unless you want to see how the Lancer basketball game turned out!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Love Is A Chain Store! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 22/14

The return of Ride and S*M*A*S*H but in very different ways. Ride announcing a reunion tour with stops in Toronto and New York in early June. Let's hope for a more expansive US/Canada tour a little later in the year. S*M*A*S*H releasing a new EP "Without Regret", their first new material in a few years as far as I can tell. See below.
Also, another themed Mixtape Memories as we delve into the 4AD back catalogue. I do love Sloppy Heart!
*PROGRAM NOTE* Next week's show will be one hour shorter due to a Lancer Sports broadcast. So next week we start at 10PM and will forgo the Northern Soul spotlight and Mixtape Memories segments for one week. They will return Dec. 6th as return to our 9PM start time.

belle & sebastian - the party line
little boots - taste it
ride - drive blind
jim valentine - hello
dark horses - wake up
coves - wake up
esper scout - belay
manhattan love suicides - drag
menace beach - come on give up
trampolene - i don't know
wulf - fire
swerve - relator
s*m*a*s*h - carpet burns
the isabelles - she's in pictures
the abjects - junk
desperate journalist - control
lucky t jackson - this particular girl
-----northern soul spotlight
the crow - your autumn of tomorrow
eddie parker - i'm gone
the tomangoes - i really love you
marvin gaye - this love starved heart of mine (is killing me)
the salvadores - stick by me baby
-----lp session - johnny aries "unbloomed"
johnny aries - we were just boys and girls
johnny aries - i'm a dreamer
johnny aries - great expectations
two wounded birds - if only we remain
the smiths - i know it's over
johnny marr - little king
bryan ferry - soldier of fortune
david bowie - wild is the wind (2010 harry maslin mix)
spandau ballet - highly strung
-----mixtape memories
cocteau twins - pearly dewdrops' drops
modern english - gathering dust
spirea x - chlorine dream
frazier chorus - sloppy heart
ultra vivid scene - mercy seat
tricky - does it feat francesca belmonte
famy - ava
the lightshines - all on my own
the sundowners - into the light
as elephants are - crown


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Here Come The People In Grey! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 15/14

Madchester comes to Detroit! 1 down, 1 to go. Peter Hook & The Light performed at The Magic Bag Theater on Thursday night to a sold out crowd. Three hours of Joy Division/New Order goodness. So we open up the show with tracks from the featured albums performed live. Johnny Marr up next at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit on Nov. 23rd.
Mixtape Memories segment tonight was submitted by John Sparks. His twist on it was Northern Soul covers by the likes of The Fall and Dodgy. You can always submit tracks as well.

new order - way of life
new order - sunrise
noel gallagher's high flying birds - do the damage
johnny marr - playland
the vaselines - earth is speeding
gruff rhys - 100 unread messages
the orchids - your heart sends me
emmy the great - swimming pool
the sundowners - into the light
jane weaver - the electric mountain
smoke fairies - shadow inversions
glass host - limit
blancmange - living on the ceiling
simple minds - imagination
mark ronson - daffodils w/kevin parker (tame impala)
-----northern soul spotlight
freddy chavez - they'll never know why
don varner - tear stained face
duke browner - crying over you
luther ingram orchestra - exus trek
larry williams & johnny watson - too late
-----lp session - the voyeurs "rhubarb rhubarb"
the voyeurs - train to minsk
the voyeurs - pete the pugilist
the voyeurs - the smiling loon
the kinks - here come the people in grey
michael a grammar - light of a darkness
the lucid dream - unchained
childcare - flush
wild smiles - see you again
girl friend - chemical reaction
yak - plastic people
-----mixtape memories
the fall - there's a ghost in my house
dodgy - do i love you (indeed i do)
rem - tighten up
dexy's midnight runners - seven days too long
slaughter & the dogs - you're ready now
savages & bo ningen -words to the blind (excerpt)
2:54 - no better prize
zun zun equi - i want you to know
hookworms - retreat
edwyn collins - don't shilly shally (2014 version)

A brilliant bedtime story NOT for kids!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Music For The Jilted Generation! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 8/14

A big thank you to all who pledged their support to CJAM during the recent pledge drive. It's not too late to still donate, if you missed out the link is always at the top of the CJAM webpage at Pledge via Paypal safely 365 days a year! A special thank you to the people who pledged during this program last week.
Tonight's show can be summed up in one phrase - The Return Of The Ordinary Boys!
The return of Northern Soul Spotlight and Mixtape Memories. We finish the special look at 20th anniversary albums, this week electronic artists (sort of).

ficiton - lonely planet
new order - every little counts
the ordinary boys - awkward
childcare - gotta wait
superfood - pallasades
superfood - like a daisy
billy bragg - waiting for the great leap forwards (live)
menace beach - come on give up
wild smiles - the gun
wild smiles - figure it out
jim valentine - hello
bruising - honey
spring king - can i?
fur blend - alley pally
allo darlin' - bright eyes
the primitives - follow the sun down
the orchids - something's going on
-----northern soul spotlight
james fountain - seven days lover
towanda barnes - you don't mean it
franki valli - the night
lou pride - i'm com'un home in the morn'un
gwen owens - just say (you're wanted and needed)
-----lp session - 2:54 "the other i"
2:54 - sleepwalker
2:54 - the monaco
2:54 - raptor
hookworms - beginners
inspiral carpets - let you down w/john cooper clarke
the pop group - she is beyond good and evil (original version)
-----mixtape memories
orbital - crash & carry
prodigy - voodoo people
primal scream - jailbird
massive attack - karmacoma
portishead - glory box
trampolene - newcastle brown love song
baxter dury - petals
ultimate painting - rolling in the deep end
comet gain - (all the) avenue girls
romare - jimmy
david bowie - sue (or in a season of crime)


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 1/14

Well, that's Pledge Drive over for us for another year. But fear not, it runs to Friday noon so you have plenty of time to donate to CJAM.
You can still donate through the website and use the secure Paypal online option for credit cards. Thanks to the listeners who donated
over $200 through our little program.
Hopefully this direct link will help you; Pledge Cjam
Due to the on-air pitches there was more chat and less music for tonight. But we still managed to fit in a lot of new releases. Regular program segments will return next week.
A big Thank You to Clara for sitting in and helping with the show. You were awesome as usual!

the grace brothers - are you being served?
pet shop boys - opportunities (let's make lots of money) (full length original 7" mix)
belle & sebastian - the party line
lonelady - groove it out
hookworms - off screen
gulf - tell me again
simple minds - big music
simple minds - imagination
the waterboys - destinies entwined
luh (lost under heaven) - unites
the charlatans - so oh
the pale blue dots - devastation
adult jazz - springful
dutch uncles - in n out
movie - tusk vegas
the 1975 - medicine
nzca lines - new atmosphere
twilight sad - in nowheres
twilight sad - pills i swallow
tigercub - centrefold

Remember tonight was more talk!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Monthly Indiessential chart for October 2014

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. PLAYLAND (LP) ... Johnny Marr (Warner)
2. INSPIRAL CARPETS (LP) ... Inspiral Carpets (Cherry Red)
3. GLORY DAYS ... Carl Barât & The Jackals (Cooking Vinyl)
4. SPIN-O-RAMA (LP) ... The Primitives (Elefant)
5. WE COME FROM THE SAME PLACE (LP) ... Allo Darlin' (Fortuna Pop!)
6. UNRAVELLING (LP) ... We Were Promised Jetpacks (FatCat Records)
7. THE CURSE OF LOVE (LP) ... The Coral (Skeleton Key Records)
8. TALKING IN TONES ... The Charlatans (The Quietus Phonographic Corporation)
9. REMAIN DISTRACTED EP ... Kobadelta (Kobadelta Music)
10. EMITTER ... Gulf (Gulf Muisc UK)
11. TOURISTS ... Slowcoaches (split tour ep)
12. FEEL SOMETHING (LP) ... The History Of Apple Pie (Marshall Teller Records)
13. ONLY BODIES (LP) ... Escapists (Secret Dinosaur Records)
14. V IS FOR VASELINES (LP) ... The Vaselines (Rosary Music)
15. RULED BY DREAMS (LP) ... Andrew Montgomery (Andrew Montgomery Music)
16. TEN STREET ... Ultimate Painting (Trouble In Mind Records)
17. THE DEBUTANTES EP ... The Debutantes (Soft Power Records)
18. LONELY PLANET ... Fiction (Vaguely Pagan)
19. PISSING NEON / A PERFECT STORM ... Casual Sex (We Can Still Picnic/Tri-Tone)
20. BACK TO THE FIRE ... Looks (Killing Moon Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rebellious Jukebox! Keeping It Peel show tracks for Sat. Oct. 25/14

Hope you enjoyed the show honouring the late, great John Peel! I got so excited I pulled a Peel and played a song twice in the show!

tomorrow - my white bicycle
65daysofstatic - massive star at the end of it's burning cycle
orange juice - falling and laughing
gang of four - history's bunk
blancmange - i would
lotus eaters - love still flows
the pop group - words disobey me
blur - popscene
saloon - have you seen the light
steel pulse - ku klux klan
slowdive - catch the breeze
billy bragg - a new england
the associates - waiting for the love boat
the fall - rebellious jukebox
sham 69 - borstal breakout
nirvana - son of a gun
the cure - 10:15 saturday night
joy division - sound of music
the beloved - the flame
tears for fears - the hurting
david bowie - white light white heat
delta 5 - delta 5
david bowie - white light white heat
gary numan - films
locus - popcorn
new model army - great expectations
happy mondays - freaky dancing
world of twist - lose my way
dexy's midnight runners - breaking down the walls of heartache
the beat - psychedelic rockers
the housemartins - happy hour
the waterboys - out of control
the boomtown rats - mary of the 4th form
moose - in every dream home a heartache
that petrol emotion - can't stop
brian eno & the winkies - the paw paw negro blowtorch
the smith - handsome devil
the redskins - kick over the statues
the slits - vindictive
the small faces - baby don't you do it
the specials - gangsters
the wedding present - felicity
the jam - down in the tube station at midnight
the undertones - top twenty


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Soul Boys Of The Western World! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 18/14

Make sure to join us next week as Cowboys & Indies will be "Keeping It Peel"! As part of the tribute to the late, great John Peel and a celebration of his life and career at Radio 1, we will be featuring Peel Sessions from your favourite bands. Some will be famous and some not so famous. He is an idol of ours and a certain influence on this program. There will also be a ticket giveaway for Peter Hook & The Light performing at The Magic Bag Theater. Don't miss it!

Tonight we partied like it was 1994. Opening tracks and the Mixtape Memories segment were all albums that were released 20 years ago. In three weeks time we will continue this as we celebrate the electronic artists in the Mixtape Memories segment. No cheating, let the selections be a surprise.

gene - sleep well tonight
shed seven - dolphin
supergrass - mansize rooster
noel gallagher's high flying birds - in the heat of the moment
johnny marr - this tension
inspiral carpets - calling out to you
carl barât & the jackals - glory days
the sunshine underground - start
lola colt - driving mr. johnny
james brute - bury yourself
slow chase - exorcism
southern - cool kid
the bulls - come unwound
ballet school - pale saint
andrew montgomery - memento
breton - titan
sohn - the chase
spandau ballet - soul boy
-----northern soul spotlight
billy butler - right track
edwin starr - back street
shirley ellis - soul time
the velvets - i got to find me somebody
the precisions - if this is love
-----lp session - the primitives "spin-o-rama"
the primitives - hidden in the shadows
the primitives - wednesday world
the primitives - velvet valley
the primitives - dandelion seed
flowers - lonely
shampoo - trouble
north atlantic oscillation - elsewhere
mogwai - teenage exorcists
-----mixtape memories
the charlatans - jesus hairdo
dodgy - staying out for the summer
pulp - babies
suede - heroine
these animal men - too sussed
manic street preachers - she is suffering
the coral - the watcher in the distance
escapists - this must be the place
september girls - veneer
the van doos - baby be brutal
lovechilde - séance for saint sebastian
crushed beaks - rising sign

Party like it's 1994!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Crickets In The Rain! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 11/14

Next week we return to our usual start time of 9PM. Tonight's show was an hour shorter due to a Lancers sports broadcast.
Northern Soul and Mixtape Memories segments also return next week.

Start to save your coins and bills as the 2014 CJAM Pledge Drive is in 3 weeks time. More details to follow.

telegram - regatta
gengahr - powder
manic street preachers - futurology
johnny marr - back in the box
childhood - blue velvet
paul weller - things get better (live)
paul weller & micky moody - i take what i want (live)
allo darlin' - we come from the same place
allo darlin' - crickets in the rain
the night vi - heroine
slow club - everything is new
the staves - open
tim wheeler - vigil
james - curse curse
basement jaxx - power to the people
-----lp session - we were promised jetpacks "unravelling"
we were promised jetpacks - i keep it composed
we were promised jetpacks - night terror
we were promised jetpacks - moral compass
escapists - ocean of noise
the wave pictures - pea green coat
white sands - the wait
slowcoaches - surface observations
trash kit - medicine
demob happy - succubus
swim mountain - ticket
gulf - emitter

Sorry, no download of the show due to the sports broadcast.
That will return next week as well.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fanfare In The Garden! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 4/14

Next weeks show will be slightly pre-empted by sports programming on CJAM.
So the start time for next Saturday night is 10PM. Because of the shortened show we will forgo the Northern Soul and Mixtape Memories segments.
All will return back to normal the week after.

the horrors - i see you
the wytches - burn out the bruise
the charlatans - talking in tones
the coral - the curse of love
oasis - headshrinker (for Miki)
the smiths - jeanne (request)
carl barât & the jackals - glory days
the vaselines - the lonely lp
the vaselines - earth is speeding
we were promised jetpacks - safety in numbers
black rivers (ex-doves) - voyager 1
hilary woods - flames
andrew montgomery - sorry someday
baxter dury - palm trees
oceaán - grip
alunageorge - supernatural
-----northern soul spotlight
cobblestone - trick me, treat me
the originals - suspicion
lada edmund jr - the larue
willie hutch - the duck
vickie baines - country girl
-----lp session - inspiral carpets "inspiral carpets"
inspiral carpets - a to z of my heart
inspiral carpets - forever here
inspiral carpets - let you down feat john cooper clarke
michael a grammar - the day i come alive
broadcast - michael a grammar
september girls - veneer
the debutantes - gentlemans wash
ultimate painting - ten street
the history of apple pie - special girl
the history of apple pie - ordinary boy
-----mixtape memories
wah! heat - 7,000 names of wah!
essential logic - fanfare in the garden
the specials - raquel
the buzzcocks - i look alone
-----lp session - johnny marr "playland"
johnny marr - dynamo
johnny marr - candidate
johnny marr - speak out, reach out
splashh - colour it in
mogwai - teenage exorcists
slowcoaches - raw dealing


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Monthly Indiessential chart for September 2014

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. LOST ON ME ... Peace (Columbia)
2. SPIN-O-RAMA ... The Primitives (Elefant)
3. AVA ... Famy (Transgressive Records)
4. ON LEAVING ... Hookworms (Weird World/Domino)
5. THIS IS ALL YOURS (LP) ... Alt-J (∆) (Infectious/Warner)
6. SHE SEEMS QUITE FREE EP ... The June Brides (Occultation Recordings)
7. ALARMS IN THE HEART (LP) ... Dry The River (Transgressive/Sony)
8. HAIL LUCID STATE (LP) ... Dark Horses (Last Gang Records)
9. LAST JANUARY ... The Twilight Sad (FatCat Records)
10. MAKE YOU MINE ... Jim Valentine (Jim Valentine Music)
11. BE SLOWLY (LP) ... Jaws (Rattlepop)
12. WOODEN AQUARIUM (LP) .. Mazes (FatCat Records)
13. ENDLESS DAYS CRYSTAL SKY (LP) ... By The Sea (War Room Records/Tri-Tone)
14. DO WHAT YOU WANT TO (LP) ... Flowers (Fortuna Pop!)
15. THE COMEBACK EP ... Pale (free download)
16. NIGHT EP ... Hilary Woods (Hilary Woods Music)
17. I WEAR YOU ... All We Are (Double Six Records)
18. THE SOUL CRUSH EP ... The Fratellis (free download)
19. ALL OF TIME ... Avec Sans (Little World)
20. IT KNOWS IT ... Kagoule (Earache)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for September 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Drink The Elixir! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 27/14

the black rivers - the ship
kobadelta - siam
johnny marr - the trap
black tambourines - bad days
wild smiles - girlfriend
imelda may - the hellfire club
levellers feat imelda may - beautiful day
the primitives - petals
pins - come back
allo darlin' - bright eyes
screaming maldini - confidence
little comets - ex cathedra
thom yorke - a brain in the bottle
aphex twin - 4 bit 9d api+e+6
bryan ferry - loop de li
marianne faithfull - falling back
simple minds - honest town
lisa stansfield - carry on
-----northern soul spotlight
harold burrage - i'll take one
chris kenner - land of a 1000 dances
the five du-tones - shake a tail feather
lazy lester - i'm a lover not a fighter
the daylighters - oh mom (teach me how to uncle willie)
-----lp session - laetitia sadier "something shines"
laetitia sadier - then i will love you again
laetitia sadier - release from the centre of your heart
laetitia sadier - oscuridad
laetitia sadier - life is winning
little tornados - free your mind
telegram - regatta (live)
teleman - mainline
the coral - wrapped in blue
martin carr - sometimes it pours
2:54 - blindfold
-----mixtape memories
elastica - blue
echobelly - car fiction
sleeper - statuesque
salad - drink the elixir
catatonia - i am the mob
the twilight sad - last january
the history of apple pie - jamias vu
dry lunch club - no point
slug - cockeyed rabbit wrapped in plastic
andy stott - violence
cooly g - wait til night

Play, hear, share!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Spin-O-Rama! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 20/14

I wonder why I get so excited over new Primitives material? New album soon!

A quick note to say the problems with the archives that prevented last weeks show from being downloadable have been resolved.
So at the bottom there will be a link to download last weeks show as well.

the fratellis - they go down
the kooks - sweet emotion
superfood - mood bomb
peace - lost on me
all we are - i wear you
coves - wake up
swerve - statosphere
the primitives - spin-o-rama
the june brides - she seems quite free
golden fable - breathe in
2:54 - in the mirror
the jasmine minks - christine
the buzzcocks - it's not you
broken arm - guilty conscience
arctic monkeys - the blond-o-matic shimmer trap
crybabycry - go go
the crazy world of arthur brown - the unknown
-----northern soul spotlight
robert knight - love on a mountain top
wynder k frog - green door
ramsey lewis - wade in the water
billy butler - the right track
rose baptiste - hit and run
-----lp session - alt-J (∆) "this is all yours"
alt-J (∆) - nara
alt-J (∆) - choice kingdom
alt-J (∆) - the gospel of john hurt
beaty heart - banana bread
tricky - lonnie listen feat mykki blanco & francesca belmointe
hookworms - on leaving
apache sun - club noir
neils children - when signals collide
-----mixtape memories
orange juice - blue boy
josef k - sorry for laughing
young marble giants - music for evenings
girls at our best - too big for your boots
tv21 - snakes and ladders
jaws - cameron
jaws - sunset state
dry the river - med school
kill it kid - caroline
jim valentine - make you mine
teardrop factory - 3am coke dream

This Week!

Last Week!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Women Respond To Bass! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 13/14

It's with a sad heart that I say goodbye to my friend Julian Belanger. RIP my friend. My condolences to his family and friends. We met years ago when I worked at Dr Disc and found we had mutual tastes in some bands like Ozric Tentacles, Porcupine Tree, Rush, Deep Purple, King Crimson etc. He turned me on to new music and I did the same for him. That friendship and love of music carried on through our mutual work at CJAM. Your memory was dedicated on the show tonight with some special tracks I know you would have liked. I pray your at peace my friend. You will be missed.

We also pay tribute to Robert “Throb” Young, guitarist for Primal Scream. He passed away earlier this week. The first set is dedicated to him.

underworld - dark & long
renegade soundwave - women respond to bass (women respond in heaven)
primal scream - (i'm gonna) cry myself blind
primal scream - stone my soul
primal scream - i'm losing more than i'll ever have
-----2014 mercury music prize shortlist
royal blood - figure it out
anna calvi - love of my life
bombay bicycle club - luna
east india youth - heaven, how long
damon albarn - heavy seas of love
fka twigs - video girl
jungle - crumbler
young fathers - get up
t.o.l.d. - lucifer's eyes
soak - B a noBody
-----northern soul spotlight
jason knight - our love is getting stronger
kenny roberts - run like the devil
lorraine silver - lost summer love
kenny bernard - ain't no soul (left in these ole shoes)
geno washington - she shot a hole in my soul
-----lp session - mazes "the wooden aquarium"
mazes - astigmatism
mazes - explode into colo(u)rs
mazes - ripp
mazes - universal me
the kooks - are we electric
hilary woods - flames
andrew montgomery - after the storm
pale - comeback
dark horses - transistor
early ghost - everything goes with it
-----mixtape memories
lush - superblast!
chapterhouse - pearl
pale saints - thread of light
moose - don't bring me down
famy - friends home
spandau ballet - this is the love
abc - that was then but this is now (unedited)
-----for Julian, RIP my friend
the orb - high noon
porcupine tree - sentimental

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Europe After The Rain! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 6/14

With 24 years in the books we start the march towards a quarter century! Hope you enjoyed last week's anniversary show. It's back to business tonight with a slate of new releases. With 2 special shows in the last 3 weeks, the new releases have been stacking up a little. Tonight we featured new June Brides, Hookworms, Simple Minds, Vaselines, 2:54, Casual Sex, Kindness and more. Complete with water themed LP Sessions from By The Sea & Dry The River.

the fall - hey student!
kasabian - cutt off
simple minds - blindfolded
casual sex - a perfect storm
neon waltz - sombre fayre (demo)
the courteeners - white horses
the ramona flowers - vultures
hookworms - the impasse
menace beach - tennis court
the wytches - crying clown
whistlejacket - swimming lessons
dark horses - saturn returns
kele - doubt
only girl - feel it
kindness - this is not about us
jungle - accelerate
basement jaxx - moments in dub
-----northern soul spotlight
shirley ellis - soul time
rufus lumley - i'm standing
bobby sheen - dr. love
earl wright + orch - thumb a ride
mike mcdonald - god knows
-----lp session - by the sea "endless days crystal sky"
by the sea - endless days
by the sea - these days fall
by the sea - wild september
superfood - lily for your pad to rest on
childhood - tides
2:54 - in the mirror
golden fable - armour
the june brides - being there
heavy heart - another wave
the vaselines - high tide low tide
-----mixtape memories
cabaret voltaire - james brown
john foxx - europe after the rain
japan - transmission
gary numan - we are glass
-----lp session - dry the river "alarms in the heart"
dry the river - hidden hand
dry the river - roman candle feat emma pollock
dry the river - rollerskate
famy - ava
moksha medicine - spindle thief
flowers - lonely

Radio transmissions!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Monthly Indiessential chart for August 2014

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. LACUNA (LP) ... Childhood (House Anxiety)
2. SPITFIRE ... Inspiral Carpets (Cherry Red Records)
3. ANNABEL DREAM READER (LP) ... The Wytches (Heavenly/Ptkf)
4. WHEN I FALL IN LOVE ... The School (wiaiwya)
5. ORION ... 2:54 (Bella Union)
6. WHERE I WANT TO BE ... Southern (Marathon Artists)
7. ALWAYS RETURNING (LP) ... Engineers (Complete Blues/Kscope)
8. BARE WOOD AISLES ... Neon Waltz (Neon Waltz)
9. THE SHIP ... Black Rivers (Ignition Records)
10. TENNIS COURT / LOWTALKIN ... Menace Beach (Memphis Industries)
11. BUG / FOOT OF OUR STAIRS ... Table Scraps (Hells Teeth)
12. LIVE ON HUNGER ... Dark Horses (Last Gang Records)
13. GO FROM THE BLUE LIGHT INTO THE MOONLIGHT EP ... Jubilee Courts (Stalkers)
14. EVERYONE WANTS TO BE WANTED EP ... Girl Friend (You Records/Tri-Tone)
15. KEEP MOVING (LP) ... Hyde & Beast (Tail Feather Records)
16. TRUE GRIT (LP) ... Fire Island Pines (Fire Island Pines)
17. PLACES TO HAUNT EP ... Pale Seas (Native Pop)
18. TWIN ... Oslo Parks (X Novo Records)
19. JOANNA ... Flowers (Kanine/Fortuna Pop!)
20. FIFTHS EP ... The Death Of Pop (Art is Hard Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for August 2014

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy 24th Anniversary! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 30/14

Here's to another 24 years! Umm, now way you people would put up with us for another quarter century!! lol Jeesh, a quarter century, now I officially feel old.
It's been a pleasure, a privilege and an honour to have been your Saturday night musical friends for the last 24 years.
We consider ourselves very lucky to have had this time to bring you the music we love. We hope you have loved it too.
We couldn't have done it without you, the listeners. Thank you for your time, support and dare I say love.
And as a thank you be the first one to comment on this post and win this CD!
It was a double theme night as we featured 2 things that were direct influences on us starting this show in the first place.
C86 and John Peel.
Today would have been John Peel's 75th birthday. It's not an exaggeration to call John an idol of ours. From listening on the shortwave to being able to listen online it was quite a ride with him. He certainly influenced this show and it's hosts.
The first part of the show is the C86 release in it's entirety. The rest of the show features tracks from the movement.
Congratulations to Kenny (Windsor) and Christine (Windsor) on winning the Paul Weller concert tickets.
Remember to comment on this post to win the Inspiral Carpets CD.

the pooh sticks - on tape
primal scream - velocity girl
the mighty lemon drops - happy head
the soup dragons - pleasantly surprised
the wolfhounds - feeling so strange again
the bodines - therese
mighty mighty - law
stump - buffalo
bogshed - run to the temple
a witness - sharpened sticks
the pastels - breaking lines
age of chance - from now on, this will be your god
the shop assistants - it's up to you
close lobsters - firestation towers
miaow - sport most royal
half man half biscuit - i hate nerys hughes (from the heart)
the servants - transparent
mackenzies - big jim (there's no pubs in heaven)
big flame - new way (quick wash and a brush up with liberation theology)
we've got a fuzzbox and we're going to use it - console me
mccarthy - celestial city
the shrubs - bullfighter's bones
wedding present - this boy can wait (a bit longer)
-----C86 plus...
the june brides - sunday to saturday
the loft - up the hill and down the slope
the woodentops - plenty
hurrah! - around and around
the railway children - darkness and colour
jesus & mary chain - upside down
fizzbombs - sign on the line
my bloody valentine - kiss the eclipse
pop will eat itself - black country chainsaw massacre
14 iced bears - inside
talulah gosh - steaming train
the primitives - really stupid
the flatmates - so in love with you
the darling buds - if i said
jesse garon & the desperados - the rain fell down
laugh - paul mccartney
one thousand violins - like one thousand violins
the brilliant corners - meet me on tuesdays
band of holy joy - rosemary smith
the membranes - everything's brilliant
the wild swans - revolutionary spirit
the shamen - something about you
the clouds - jenny nowhere
this poison - poised over the pause button
groovy little numbers - you make my head explode
biff bang pow! - love's going out of fashion
laurence & the comfortable society - heartache
the undertones - teenage kicks

Happy 24th!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

24 Years!

Coming this Saturday night, August 30th, Cowboys & Indies will be celebrating it's 24th anniversary!
Join us Saturday as we feature the influential album C86 in it's entirety.
As well as other tracks from this influential era.
What's a celebration without gifts. Tune in to win concert tickets to see
Paul Weller at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit.
And win a copy of Inspiral Carpets recently re-issued Dung 4 CD!
Join us Saturday at 9PM for all the musical festivities only on
CJAM 99.1FM Cogeco Ch.285

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Murphy's Law! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 23/14

Simply going to call this Murphy's Law show. I hope that's self-explanatory.

johnny marr - easy money
inspiral carpets - spitfire
morrissey - staircase at the university
richard frennaux - someone's got to be stronger
the boy from the crowd - revelator
the twilight sad - there's a girl in the corner
we were promised jetpacks - safety in numbers
soft walls - never come back
kobadelta - repetition
the school - just let me be here
allo darlin' - romance and adventure
paul smith & peter brewis - barcelona (at eye level)
hyde and beast - blue
avec sans - all of time
alt-J (∆) - every other freckle
tony allen - go back feat damon albarn
-----northern soul spotlight
maurice williams - being without you
the zodiacs - don't ever leave me
johnny dynamite - the night the angels cried
the jerms - i'm a teardrop
the ringleaders - baby, what has happened to our love
kindness - world restart feat kelela & ade
jungle - time
hollie cook - 99
neville staple - roadblock
la roux - paradise is you
woman's hour - devotion
mazes - salford
ultimate painting - winter in your heart
palace - bitter
by the sea - you're the only one
white sands - the wait
joanna gruesome - psykick espionage
esper scout - carpet of a clown
the death of pop - the key of three
post war glamour girls - lolong
warm brains - now that i'm boring
steven wilson - a forest
the pastels - cycle (my bloody valentine remix)
mogwai - nick drake
sinead o'connor - how about i be me

Listen if you dare! lol

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anarchy In The UK! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 19/14

CJAM is celebrating 40 years of Punk music. August 16th 1974 marks the first time the Ramones played at CBGBs as a four piece band. Forty years later the Punk scene has grown and changed in many different ways and to celebrate the genre over 14 of CJAM’s programmers will be doing punk specials on their programs all week long!
At Cowboys & Indies we do what we do best, celebrate the UK scene!

sex pistols - anarchy in the uk (wessex studios session)
sham 69 - if the kids are united
the damned - new rose
stiff little fingers - gotta getaway
the undertones - true confessions
the skids - into the valley
the adverts - one chord wonders
the jam - in the city
the boomtown rats - looking after no.1
xtc - radios in motion
wire - ex lion tamer
the stranglers - goodbye toulouse
the clash - cheat
the slits - instant hit
the ruts - babylon's burning
bad manners - lorraine
the specials - concrete jungle
the beat - click click
the beat - stand down margaret
madness - the prince
the bodysnatchers - 007
the raincoats - off duty trip
the only ones - lovers of today
x-ray spex - the day the world turned dayglo
999 - nasty nasty
generation x - valley of the dolls
the rezillos - can't stand my baby
au pairs - come again
killing joke - wardance
joy division - shadowplay
siouxsie & the banshees - jigsaw feeling
echo & the bunnymen - crocodiles
the outsiders - calling on youth
the buzzcocks - autonomy
the members - solitary confinement
the vibrators - baby baby
theatre of hate - do you believe in westworld?
ian dury & the blockheads - inbetweenies
tom robinson band - grey cortina
elvis costello & the attractions - goon squad
tenpole tudor - swords of a thousand men
gang of four - i found that essence rare
the lurkers - countdown
the exploited - punk's not dead
charged gbh - city baby attacked by rats
crass - big a little a
discharge - protest & survive

Listen again!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Just How Long Can You Stare? Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 9/14

Big news this week for the Detroit area is the announcement that Slowdive will be playing The Majestic Theater in October. Tickets are on sale now.
Next week C&I will take part in CJAM's week long celebration The History Of Punk. Doing what we do best we will focus on the Brit punk scene touching on some sub-genres as well. That starts next Saturday and runs through the week on CJAM 99.1FM.
On Sat. Aug. 30 C&I will celebrate it's anniversary with a special themed show with cd and concert ticket giveaways. More news in the next couple weeks.

echo & the bunnymen - ocean rain
slowdive - catch the breeze
2:54 - orion
arctic lake - just how long can you stare
wyldest - wanders
phoria - emanate
grumbling fur - lightinsisters
tim burgess - oh men (grumbling fur reworking)
pete fij & terry bickers - parallel
mogwai - helps both ways
pale seas - different for once
love l.u.v. - lily anne
flowers - joanna
doe - julia survived
september girls - heartbeats
-----northern soul spotlight
saxie russell - psychedelic soul (part 1)
johnny & lilly - suffering city
the whispers - remember me
sandy wynns - the touch of venus
kelly brothers - love time
-----lp session - engineers "always returning"
engineers - it rings so true
engineers - drive your car
engineers - a million voices
black rivers - the ship
wilderness hymnal - phosphor
thought forms - your bones
esben & the witch - no dog
-----mixtape memories
comsat angels - independence day
the chameleons - up the down escalator
the sound - new dark age
red lorry yellow lorry - hollow eyes
-----lp session - childhood "lacuna"
childhood - you could be different
childhood - sweeter preacher
childhood - tides
april - ten miles high
jaws - swim


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Who Wants To Be The Disco King? Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 2/14

the horrors - sleepwalk
dark horses - live on hunger
damon albarn - sister rust
laetitia sadier - then i will love you again
the proper ornaments - step into the cold
adult jazz - hum
the island club - ecstasy
the school - when i fall in love
the history of apple pie - tame
villiers - nowhere left to run
lovats - fiction
hollie cook - tiger balm
neville staple - the farmyard connection
hudson mohawke - chimes
jungle - busy earnin'
the acid - creeper
-----northern soul spotlight
bobby day - over and over
little hank - mister bang bang man
derrick & patsy - housewive's choice
sonny knight - confidential
bessie banks - go now
-----lp session - the wytches "annabel dream reader"
the wytches - burn out the bruise
the wytches - weights and ties
the wytches - part time model
southern - where i want to be
bird - rain song
neon waltz - bare wood aisles
dark star - i am the sun
gentlemen - saturday noir
david bowie - abdulmajid
-----mixtape memories
the wonder stuff - who wants to be the disco king?
sultans of ping f.c. - where's me jumper?
frank and walters - happy busman
thousand yard stare - 0-0 a.e.t.
the snapdragons - dole boys on futons
mirrorhall - decoder
fire island pines - candy streets
fire island pines - years
slow club - paraguay and panama
johnny lloyd - pilgrims
sohn - lights

Download here!

Monthly Indiessential chart for July 2014

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. RIGHT ON SATELLITE ... Superfood (Infectious)
2. FUTUROLOGY (LP) ... Manic Street Preachers (Columbia)
3. WIRE FRAME MATTRESS ... The Wytches (Heavenly Recordings)
4. HONEYBLOOD (LP) ... Honeyblood (FatCat Records)
5. COMPLETE SURRENDER (LP) ... Slow Club (Caroline)
6. LOVE IS AN EVOL WORD EP ... Blessa (Generator/Carmel Records)
7. CISSA EP ... Traams (FatCat Records)
8. CONVERSATIONS (LP) ... Woman's Hour (Secretly Canadian)
9. TAME ... The History Of Apple Pie (Marshall Teller Records)
10. BROKEN HEART SURGERY (LP) ... Pete Fij & Terry Bickers (Broadcast Recordings)
11. ONE LOST YEAR ... The Vaselines (Rosary Music)
12. SAKURA EP ... Big Deal (Mute)
13. MINDWAVES (LP) ... The Moons (Schnitzel Records)
14. CHANGE BY ANY OTHER NAME (LP) ... Young British Artists (Young British Artists)
15. GETHSEMANE ... Dry The River (Trangsressive)
16. WOODEN HEAD (LP) ... The Proper Ornaments (Fortuna POP!)
17. WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS (LP) ... Morrissey (Harvest)
18. WEIRD LITTLE BIRTHDAY (LP) ... Happyness (Weird Smiling)
19. TREMBLING MOON ... Kult Country (No Self Records)
20. DEAR DIARY ... Darlia (B-Unique Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for July 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sons Of The Stage! Show tracks for Sat. July 26/14

Tonight we celebrate the life of Tony Ogden of The World Of Twist. He died suddenly on this day in 2006. So we open the show with a couple WOT tracks.
Quality Street is a brilliant album so do yourself a favour and find a copy.

Stay tuned for a group of special shows coming in August!

world of twist - sons of the stage
world of twist - life and death (extended remix)
black rivers - the ship
the ramona flowers - dismantle and rebuild
echo lake - this year
jubilee courts - outside your house
joanna gruesome - jerome (liar)
menace beach - lowtalkin'
table scraps - bug
girl band - de bom bom
dumb - still i'm stuck
the crazy world of arthur brown - zim zam zim
nai harvest - buttercups
honeyblood - killer bangs
tangerines - you look like something i killed (demo)
martin carr - the sante fe skyway
-----northern soul spotlight
jerry fuller - double life
sidney barnes - i hurt on the other side
don thomas - come on train
the inspirations - your wish is my command
lee bates - why don't you write?
-----lp session - the moons "mind waves"
the moons - all in my mind
the moons - time's not forever
the moons - on the moon
the enemy - magic
the courteeners - how good it was
the wolfmen - needle in the camel's eye
borland - black cat
eno • hyde - moulded life
-----mixtape memories
the human league - only after dark
omd - red frame/white light
depeche mode - photographic
soft cell - memorabilia feat cindy ecstasy
woman's hour - our love has no rhythm
alexis taylor - closer to the elderly
neville staple - play a song for me
glass animals - pools
manic street preachers - divine youth


Monday, July 21, 2014

Oh, The North Sea Sings! Show tracks for Sat. July 19/14

Sorry for the delay everyone. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

the heartbreaks - man overboard
morrissey - earth is the loneliest planet
engineers - fight or flight
lust - looking glass
eagulls - i wanna be adored (live a.v. club undercover series)
echo & the bunnymen - explosions
gentlemen - saturday noir
traams - marbles
table scraps - motorcycle (straight to hell)
false-heads - fall over
inspiral carpets - fix your smile
childhood - as i am
bat for lashes - skin song
woman's hour - darkest place
la roux - uptight downtown
basement jaxx - never say never feat etml
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
darrell banks - open the door to your heart
frank beverly & the butlers - because of my heart
larry williams & johnny watson - too late
don gardner - cheatin' kind
the combinations - what'cha gonna do
earl van dyke & the soul brothers - soul stomp
-----lp session - slow club "complete surrender"
slow club - tears of joy
slow club - the pieces
slow club - the queen's nose
oslo parks - twin
jamie t - don't you find
kooks - forgive & forget
southern - where i want to be
frankie & the heartstrings - stand on the horizon
villiers - you're not alone
-----mixtape memories
killing joke - wintergardens
simple minds - hunter & the hunted
the stranglers - let me down easy
xtc - earn enough for us
xtc - that's really super, supergirl!
pete fij & terry bickers - sound of love
pete fij & terry bickers - breaking up
levitation - against nature
sun machine - tamaho hitman pt.1

Hear again here!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

All Under One Roof Raving! Show tracks for Sat. July 12/14

To open the show we pay tribute to Tommy Ramone, the original drummer and the band's last surviving original member, died on Friday. He was 65.
We open with a Ramones cover track, a track written about them and a couple tracks from the only all girl Ramones cover band in the UK!

On a lighter note, Happy Birthday to Neil Tennant, who turned 60 this week!

the ramonas uk - blitzkrieg bop
the ramonas uk - the kkk took my baby away
the ramones - out of time
motorhead - r.a.m.o.n.e.s.
pet shop boys - love is a bourgeois construct
zoo zero - spinning pretty
factory acts - thirst
klaxons - out of the dark
inspiral carpets - you're so good for me
the rainband - built for change
jubilee courts - under the sand again
holy thursday - hurricane
the hearts - lips
alt-J (∆) - left hand free
many things (mt) - chains
jamie xx - all under one roof raving
juce! - burning up
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the virginia wolves - stay
bobbi lynn - earthquake
the triumphs - i'm coming to your rescue
the glories - i worship you baby
the lorelei - s.t.o.p.
-----lp session - honeyblood "s/t'
honeyblood - fall forever
honeyblood - no spare key
honeyblood - fortune cookie
honeyblood - all dragged up
daughter - amsterdam (live @ air)
the history of apple pie - tame
peace - lost on me
childhood - as i am
superfood - right on satellite
allusondrugs - i'm your man
luvv - free
-----mixtape memories
billy bragg - there is power in a union (live shrewsbury folk festival 2010)
the redskins - kick over the statues
mccarthy - we are all bourgeois now
style council - with everything to lose
andrew montgomery - after the storm
dry the river - everlasting light
girl friend - comforting strangers
young british artists - the lifting sea
happyness - anything i do is all right
crystal ships - something or nothing

Download here!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Whistling In The Dark! Show tracks for Sat. July 5/14

joy division - love will tear us apart (peel session)
new order - in a lonely place (12" version)
the vaselines - one lost year
firestations - never closer
memory maze - like a mirage
childcare - gotta wait
temples - prisms (live in japan)
young british artists - a new language
young british artists - salad days
traams - selma
kult country - trembling moon
the watchmakers - illumination
emily capell - who killed smiley culture?
wonder villains - zola
ballet school - cherish
screaming maldini - solar system
proper ornaments - magazine
proper ornaments - summer's gone
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the vel-vets - i gotta find me somebody
yvonne baker - you didn't say a word
the high keys - living a lie
dean parrish - i'm on my way
the embers - watch out girl
-----lp session - manic street preachers "futurology"
manic street preachers - let's go to war
manic street preachers - sex, power, love and money
manic street preachers - dreaming a city (hugheskova)
manic street preachers - between the clock and the bed feat green gartside
simple minds - constantinople line
david bowie - the secret life of arabia
the tommy drums - savages
bad breeding - burn this flag
the pheromoans - the boys are british
penny orchids - your vacant eyes
bat faced girl - rip it up
-----mixtape memories
talk talk - call in the night boy
the the - i've been waitin' for tomorrow (all my life)
lloyd cole & the commotions - rattlesnakes
easterhouse - whistling in the dark
the sea the sea - captives
looks - everest
jekyll - i do want i can
honeyblood - killer bangs
formes - the power of now part 2


Friday, July 4, 2014

Monthly Indiessential chart for June 2014

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. 48:13 (LP) ... Kasabian (Columbia)
2. LOVE FREQUENCY (LP) ... Klaxons (Red UK)
3. MY FEAR AND ME (LP) ... Bird (Jack To Phono)
4. GET BY (LP) ... Towns (Howling Owl Records)
5. OUT OF BODY EP ... The KVB (a Recordings)
6. WALK ME TO THE BRIDGE ... Manic Street Preachers (Columbia)
7. CREATURE SONGS EP ... Wolf Alice (Dirty Hit)
8. ILLUMINATION ... The Watchmakers (Loaded Soul Records)
9. HERD RUNNERS (LP) ... Cherry Ghost (Heavenly Recordings)
10. ZABA (LP) ... Glass Animals (Wolf Tone/Caroline)
11. HUNGER OF THE PINE ... Alt-J (∆) (Infectious Music)
12. YOUTH CULTURE FOREVER (LP) ... Paws (FatCat Records)
13. TAKE OFF WITH YOU ... Life (Birthday Records)
14. WE MAY YET STAND A CHANCE (LP) ... The Heartbreaks (Nusic Sounds)
15. SUFFERING YOU, SUFFERING ME ... Slow Club (Caroline International)
16. LA PETITE MORT (LP) ... James (Cooking Vinyl)
17. KUNSTWERK IN SPACETIME EP ... Close Lobsters (Shelflife)
18. ENDGAME EP ... Detachments (Polvo Records)
19. BREAKFAST (LP) ... Teleman (Moshi Moshi Records)
20. BODY SNATCHERS ... The Moons (Schnitzel)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Bravest Man In The Universe! Show tracks for Sat. June 28/14

RIP Bobby Womack. First exposed to his great soul voice almost 30 years ago now. Brought back into the mainstream thanks to Gorillaz. We open with a tribute and include him in the Northern Soul Spotlight as well.

gorillaz - stylo (feat mos def & bobby womack)
bobby womack - love is gonna lift you up
franz ferdinand - walk away
zoot woman - the model
the soundcarriers - signal blue
detachments - endgame
parka - disco dancer
tripwires - total fascination stuff
by the sea - i see a crystal sky
the watchmakers - carpe diem
eighteen nightmares at the lux (enatl) - fishman
menace beach - tennis court
comet gain - sad love
cherry ghost - fragile reign
dry the river - gethsemane
we are catchers - isabella
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
cindy scott - i love you, baby
bobby womack - what is this (original mix)
elbie parker - please keep away from me
bobby paris - i walked away
homer banks - hooked by love
-----lp session - bird "my fear and me"
bird - oh my love
bird - sea of trees
bird - blue
money - hold me forever
elephant - ants
blessa - kindred
esben & the witch - blood teachings
-----mixtape memories
peter gabriel - on the air
catherine wheel - i want to touch you
new model army - green and grey
echo & the bunnymen - villiers terrace
close lobsters - new york city in space
the sun and the moon - adam's song (pour fenella)
the luxembourg signal - distant drive
the leisure society - columbia!
the clientele - falling asleep
little barrie - fuzz bomb

On The Air!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hippy Dippy Pharmaceutically Trippy! Show tracks for Sat. June 21/14

paul haig - hippy dippy pharmaceutically trippy
franz ferdinand - stand on the horizon (tom furse extrapolation)
alt j ∆ - hunger of the pine
hyde & beast - keep moving
the bohicas - crush me
aztecs - ice cream
the amazing snakeheads - nighttime
band of holy joy - when a gift is a curse
sinead o'connor - take me to church
big deal - always boys
slow club - suffering you, suffering me
manic street preachers - walk me to the bridge
kasabian - eez-eh
the courteeners - summer
suede - black or blue
the field mice - sensitive
the orchids - something for the longing
another sunny day - you should all be murdered
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the carolines - can't stop loving the boy
carl spencer - cover girl
wayne anthony - you ain't wrapped too tight
the flirtations - change my darkness into light
kenny ballard & the fabulous soul brothers - i'm losing you
-----lp session - klaxons "love frequency"
klaxons - nvisible forces
klaxons - rhythm of life
klaxons - the dreamers
massive attack - man next door
alexis taylor - elvis has left the building
superfood - right on satellite
happyness - great minds think alike, all brains taste the same
life - take off with you
the mispers - dark bits
blessa - island minding
-----mixtape memories
stone roses - this is the one
james - born of frustration
the waterboys - savage earth heart
roxy music - mother of pearl
formes - the power of now part 1
princess - neverlook

This is the one!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flag Day! Show tracks for Sat. June 14/14

monty python - always look on the bright side of life
elmer bernstein - the great escape
fat les - vindaloo
dizzie rascal ft james corden - shout for england!
summer camp - beyond clueless
sleep thieves - city of hearts
[strangers] - wolf at the door
johnny boy - you are the generation that bought more shoes and you get what you deserve
the kvb - between suns
bloom - daydream
towns - everyone's out
visage - hidden sign
teen brains - annabel
arctic monkeys - snap out of it
wilko johnson/roger daltry - i keep it to myself
paul weller - come on, let's go
lisa stansfield - carry on
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the sharpees - do the 45
the valentines - breakaway
fred hughes - i keep tryin'
didi noel - let the music play
mary silvers - the power of love
-----lp session - kasabian "48:13"
kasabian - bumblebee
kasabian - stevie
kasabian - bow
glass animals - cocoa hooves
klaxons - new reality
eno & hyde - witness
fugiya & miyagi - acid to my alkaline
sunshine underground - here comes the storm
-----mixtape memories
railway children - a pleasure
the beloved - hello
housemartins - flag day (album version)
the wild swans - revolutionary spirit
inspiral carpets - keep the circle around
oasis - columbia
cherry ghost - love will follow you
champs - white satellite
teleman - in your fur

Hear here!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Some Of My Best Friends Are Songs! Show tracks for Sat. June 7/14

Couldn't be happier that the C86 resurgence is continuing. New tracks from some of the bands at the forefront of the movement. Plus, I found out today that the C86 Box Set is en route. So barring any shenanigans from the post office, like delaying delivery for 6 weeks, the special show is very near.

new order - world in motion
baddiel, skinner & the lightning seeds - three lions (football's coming home)
traams - giddy
eagulls - nerve endings
the wytches - wire frame mattress
paws - narcissist
paws - great bear
close lobsters - now time
mighty lemon drops - sympathise with us
mighty lemon drops - take my heart
the wolfhounds - anthem
the woodentops - every step of the way
the heartbreaks - man overboard
the heartbreaks - this is not entertainment
the moons - body snatchers
len price 3 - swing like a monkey
slow club - suffering you, suffering me
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
lynn randell - stranger in my arms
robert knight - branded
the uptights - shy guy
lou edwards & today's people - talkin' 'bout poor folks thinkin' 'bout my folks
the philly devotions - i just can't say goodbye
-----lp session - james "la petite mort"
james - curse curse
james - interrogation
james - all i'm saying
peace - world pleasure
the kvb - all around you
the kvb - from afar
peter murphy - hang up
-----mixtape memories
trashcan sinatras - obscurity knocks
the pale fountains - jean's not happening
the wendys - pulling my fingers off
kissing the pink - big man restless
towns - get me there
towns - just everything
money - bluebell fields
detachments - endgame
glass animals - pools
movie - ads

Hear here!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Monthly Indiessential chart for May 2014

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. LUMINOUS (LP) ... The Horrors (XL Records)
2. FUCKERS / DREAM BABY DREAM ... Savages (Matador Records)
3. GIRL / SLEEP SOUND ... Jamie XX (Young Turks/ XL Recordings)
4. METEORITES (LP) ... Echo & The Bunnymen (Caroline International)
5. EMBRACE (LP) ... Embrace (Cooking Vinyl)
6. CONJOINING RITES ... Climbing Boys (Birthday Records)
7. ABSOLVED ... The Heartbreaks (Nusic Sounds)
8. TWICE (LP) ... Hollie Cook (Mr Bongo)
9. SKY SWIMMING (LP) ... Elephant (Memphis Industries)
10. SYNESTHESIA EP ... The Probes (Porcupine Records)
11. EVERYDAY ROBOTS (LP) ... Damon Albarn (Parlophone)
12. KILLER BANGS ... Honeyblood (FatCat Records)
13. ENTROPICALIA (LP) ... The Soundcarriers (Ghost Box)
14. ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS (LP) ... Fujiya And Miyagi (Yep Roc Records)
15. COMPLETE SURRENDER ... Slow Club (Wichita Recordings)
16. THE SUNSHINE UNDERGROUND (LP) ... The Sunshine Underground (Lovers)
17. WEIGHTS & PULLEYS (LP) ... Broken Records (J Sharp Records Ltd)
18. HAND PRINTS EP ... As Elephants Are (Once Upon A Time Records Ltd)
19. MEDICINE EP ... The Sundowners (Skeleton Key Records)
20. PURE ADULTERATED JOY (LP) ... Morning Parade (So Recordings)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for May 2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Heart Is Pumping To A Brand New Beat! Show tracks for Sat. May 31/14

Tonight's Mixtape Memories picks were courtesy of Scott S. He took a little spin on it and used tracks from a tape that was made for him years ago.
It was a collection extraordinaire of early post-punk greats. You can submit your picks too, don't be scared.

house of love - destroy the heart
adorable - homeboy
pete fijalkowski & terry bickers - out of time
ben watt - hendra
black submarine - heart first
morning smoke - blue ribbons
embrace - self attack mechanism
savages - dream baby dream
bird - ghost
climbing boys - conjoining rite
kids on bridges - walls
∴ the acid ∴ - creeper
jungle - time
alpines - zero
jamie xx - sleep sound
superfood - happy (pharrell williams cover)
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
jason knight - our love is getting stronger
billy harner - what about the music
stella starr - bring him back
the playthings - stop what you're doing to me
the five stairsteps & cubie - stay close to me
-----lp session - the soundcarriers "entropicalia"
the soundcarriers - the outsider
the soundcarriers - entropicalia
the soundcarriers - somewhere to land
camera obscura - break it to you gently (4ad session)
stereolab - john cage bubblegum
the wolfmen - needle in a camel's eye
boyband - what happened 2 u (demo)
the subways - my heart is pumping to a brand new beat
the heartbreaks - absolved
the family rain - you should be glad you've got a man
-----mixtape memories (picked by scott s.)
magazine - a song from under the floorboards
gang of four - love like anthrax
the normal - warm leatherette
section 25 - girls don't count
neville staple - hypocrite
neville staple - farmyard connection (dub mix)
hollie cook - ari up
toy & natasha khan - (here comes) dub bride
boy george - my star
archie bronson outfit - mr. dans dead duck dub


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Long After Tonite's Candles Are Blown! Show tracks for Sat. May 24/14

Everything old is new again!
Tonight was the first show at the new (once again) time slot starting at 9PM. Hope you all remembered.
Fitting in with that same theme, tonight was the first in a new segment called Mixtape Memories.
Simply put it's a selection of tracks that you may have used or heard about for the first time via the mixtape.
It's a lost art in today's instant gratification digital music generation. I don't know about you but I've got boxes of old ones that I
will use for this feature unless you send of requests that is.

slowdive - when the sun hits
cheatahs - I
cheatahs - geographic
toy - as we turn
steve mason, emiliana torrini & toy - i go out
temples - colours to life
klaxons - there is no other time
menswe@r - crash '14
spearmint - punctuation
paul heaton & jacqui abbott - moulding of a fool
one thousand violins - please don't sandblast my house
kaiser chiefs - factory gates
peter murphy - eliza
echo & the bunnymen - burn it down
towns - too tired
the horrors - change your mind
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the ad libs - nothing worse than being alone
the inspirations - touch me, hold me, kiss me
linda jones - you hit me like tnt
the ohio players - love slipped through my fingers
jimmy radcliffe - long after tonight is over
-----lp session - broken records "weights & measures"
broken records - ditty (we weren't ready)
broken records - so long, so late
broken records - let's call it a betrayal
broken records - all else can just wait
cherry ghost - the world could turn
blessa - open fields
bird - a war
the sundowners - medicine
broken men - chorus girl
comet gain - long after tonite's candles are blown
-----mixtape memories!
doves - pounding
northside - shall we take a trip
saint etienne - avenue
the wind up birds - the gristle
kult country - trembling moon
stump - tupperware stripper
happyness - leave the party
slowdive - souvlaki space station

Lookie! Lookie! All presented in a single download link!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sunshine State Of Mind! Show tracks for Sat. May 17/14

BIG NEWS! Due to some recent departures the Saturday line-up has been tweaked a little.
Starting next week, Sat. May 24, Cowboys & Indies will start at 9PM and run until midnight every Saturday. You might be asking yourself, self, wasn't C&I at that time slot once before? And you would be correct. Several years ago that was in fact the times for the show. We have come full circle. Add to your calendars so you remember to tune in at 9PM next week.
Starting next week as well, not a coincidence, we will start a new segment. "Mixtape Memories" will feature songs from years past that were people "taped" when mixtapes were all the rage. So if you any suggestions message me and we'll get them on for you.

paws - tongues
honeyblood - killer bangs
september girls - sisters
slow club - complete surrender
paul thomas saunders - in high heels burn it down
the merrylees - for you
loop - arc-lite (sonar)
manic street preachers - europa geht durch mich feat. nina moss
teleman - not in control
boyband - motorcycle boy (demo)
trampolene - alcohol kiss
love l.u.v. - you do something
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
tammy montgomery - it's mine
geraldine hunt - i let myself go
roy hamilton - earthquake
jimmy ricks & the ravers - daddy rollin' stone
the upsetters - jaywalking
-----lp session - sunshine underground "s/t"
the sunshine underground - finally, we arrive
the sunshine underground - nightlife
the sunshine underground - here comes the storm
world of twist - she's a rainbow (12" version)
the probes - sunshine state of mind
the clientele - falling asleep
morrissey - world peace is none of your business
jake bugg - messed up kids
eugene mcguiness - godiva
josef k - it's kinda funny (only fun in town version)
roddy frame - forty days of rain
edwyn collins - in the now
cherry ghost - clear skies ever closer
the wytches - wire frame mattress
the watchmakers - illumination
kill it kid - i'll be there
klaxons - show me a miracle

Last week for the 2 part downloads. One easy link starting next week!
Part One
Part Two