Saturday, June 27, 2015

Home Is Where The Heart Is! Show tracks for Sat. June 27/15

Decisions, decisions!
Go see Ride on Oct. 1 in Detroit?
Go see Chameleons Vox Oct. 1 in Detroit?
I already have tickets to Ride (no pun intended) but do I skip to see The Chameleons?
Tough one! What say you?

the chameleons - home is where the heart is
the lucid dream - cold killer
paul weller - phoenix
hyde & beast - hard times good times
frank turner - the next storm
the carraways - orange juice dreams
saint raymond - don't fail me now
holy esque - fade
it hugs back - endless drive
it hugs back - everything's ok
pins - got it bad
wolf alice - silk
prinzhorn dance school - education
boxed in - false alarm
la priest - lady in trouble with the law
little boots - no pressure
-----northern soul spotlight
sue lynne - don't pity me
robert knight - branded
the persuaders - i'm so glad i got you
beverly ann - you've got your mind on other things
-----lp session - everything everything "get to heaven"
everything everything - get to heaven
everything everything - the wheel (is turning now)
everything everything - no reptiles
ffs - johnny delusional
the vryll society - deep blue skies
black honey - spinning wheel
venice trip - look forward
california carpool - lucid dreamin'
deux furieuses - are we sexy enough?
-----mixtape memories
peter murphy - all night long
duran duran - hold back the rain
kate bush - kite
general public - cheque in the post
the specials - man at c&a
the jacques - down and out in london and tokyo
hidden charms - dreaming of another girl
beach baby - u r
mourning birds - the last thing (i need)
housewives - new dance
velvet morning - blue jean baby
ash - bring back the summer


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Before We Forgot How To Dream! Show tracks for Sat. June 20/15

girls names - reticence
sundara karma - flame
foals - what went down
the maccabees - something like happiness
editors - marching orders
blur - ong ong
outfit - new air
outfit - happy birthday
bloodflower - run
radiohead - let down
spiritualized - broken heart
prinzhorn dance school - reign
soak - blud
xam - coke float
-----northern soul spotlight
jackie wilson - the who who song
willie mitchell - that driving beat
johnny johnson & the bandwagon - (blame it) on the pony
gloria edwards - lonely girl
little richard - i don't want to discuss it
-----lp session - wolf alice "my love is cool"
wolf alice - turn to dust
wolf alice - silk
wolf alice - freazy
wolf alice - fluffy
sarah cracknell - nothing left to talk about feat nicky wire
stephen hero - his judas tree
the seahorses - round the universe
love & the family tree - phoneys & freaks (show me the truth)
the selecter - it never worked out
the selecter - karma
-----mixtape memories
the jam - set the house ablaze
the damned - ignite
buzzcocks - i don't what to do with my life
stiff little fingers - nobody's heroes
ffs - little guy from the suburbs
gengahr - embers
kid wave - honey
cruising - safe corridor
the darkness - roaring waters

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Postcards From Paradise! Show tracks for Sat. June 13/15

Since the last 2 shows were pre-recorded some events didn't get mentioned on air in a timely manner.
Tonight we celebrate Nick Marsh of Flesh For Lulu as he lost his battle with cancer. He was 53. So the first 2 songs opening tonight's show are in memory of him. RIP Nick.
Hard to believe that I Should Coco is 20 years old! Didn't that just age some of the people who read that. Still one of my fave summer albums was released in late May 1995.
Just for the hell of it we continued that Brit Pop theme into the Mixtape Memories segment.

flesh for lulu - subterraneans
flesh for lulu - baby hurricane
supergrass - lose it
gulf - out here
black sonic revolver - bring yourself down for me
telegram - needles in the camel's eye
loom - hate
kagoule - glue
sarah cracknell - take the silver
summer camp - drive past my house (live at the victoria in june 2015)
spector - kyoto garden
pins - dazed by you
pins - if only
stephen hero (patrick fitzgerald) - golden feat tanya donelly
django django - slow west
hatcham social - bucket of blood
the rolling stones - moonlight mile
-----northern soul spotlight
gloria edwards - my love keeps getting stronger
just brothers - sliced tomatos
gia mateo - if you can't say anything nice
tyrone davis - turn back the hands of time
charlie rich - love is after me
-----lp session - gengahr " a dream outside"
gengahr - dizzy ghosts
gengahr - where i lie
gengahr - fill my gums with blood
gengahr - lonely as a shark
blanck mass - atrophies
white noise sound - can't you see it?
sewer rats - skint
table scraps - space invader
table scraps - vampyre's bite
-----mixtape memories
my life story - sparkle
bennet - mum's gone to iceland
lightning seeds - ready or not
gene - olympian
mansun - wide open space
ash - free
ash - dispatch
keroscene - regret
the maccabees - something like happiness
dot dash - rainclouds
the selecter - breakdown


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Free download of Hidden Charms "It's Time"

Promised to include this in the show posting from yesterday. Download for free while you can. Follow them where you can.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Shake A Tail Feather! Show tracks for Sat. June 6/15

temples - ankh
teenage fanclub - neil jung
girls names - reticence
the vaccines - 20/20 re-imagined
sundara karma - flame
the earlies - abandon
formation - hangin
fehm - eyes full
autobahn - immaterial man
outfit - on the water on the way
telegram - aeons
young romance - never learn
black doldrums - dreamcatcher
kid wave - baby tiger
kid wave - freeride
the spook school - burn masculinity
demob happy - young & numb
-----northern soul spotlight
james & bobby purify - shake a tail feather
robert knight - love on a mountain top
barbara acklin - am i the same girl
laura greene - moonlight, music & you
judy street - what
-----lp session - franz ferdinand & sparks "ffs"
ffs - dictator's son
ffs - so desu ne
ffs - the man without a tan
ffs - the power couple
paul smith & the imitations - coney island (4th of july)
lone wolf - crimes
the fratellis - me and the devil
british sea power feat ecstasy of st. theresa - a lovely day tomorrow
postcards from jeff - suburban girl
-----mixtape memories
the futureheads - park inn
wire - kidney bingos
human league - almost medieval
scritti politti - skank bloc bologna
essential logic - aerosol burns
the jacques - artful dodger
du blonde - hunter
coquin migale - socotra
chorusgirl - dream on, baby blue
hidden charms - it's time
evans the death - sledgehammer
the jackals - ghost soul traffic
bryan ferry - lost