Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Heart Is Pumping To A Brand New Beat! Show tracks for Sat. May 31/14

Tonight's Mixtape Memories picks were courtesy of Scott S. He took a little spin on it and used tracks from a tape that was made for him years ago.
It was a collection extraordinaire of early post-punk greats. You can submit your picks too, don't be scared.

house of love - destroy the heart
adorable - homeboy
pete fijalkowski & terry bickers - out of time
ben watt - hendra
black submarine - heart first
morning smoke - blue ribbons
embrace - self attack mechanism
savages - dream baby dream
bird - ghost
climbing boys - conjoining rite
kids on bridges - walls
∴ the acid ∴ - creeper
jungle - time
alpines - zero
jamie xx - sleep sound
superfood - happy (pharrell williams cover)
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
jason knight - our love is getting stronger
billy harner - what about the music
stella starr - bring him back
the playthings - stop what you're doing to me
the five stairsteps & cubie - stay close to me
-----lp session - the soundcarriers "entropicalia"
the soundcarriers - the outsider
the soundcarriers - entropicalia
the soundcarriers - somewhere to land
camera obscura - break it to you gently (4ad session)
stereolab - john cage bubblegum
the wolfmen - needle in a camel's eye
boyband - what happened 2 u (demo)
the subways - my heart is pumping to a brand new beat
the heartbreaks - absolved
the family rain - you should be glad you've got a man
-----mixtape memories (picked by scott s.)
magazine - a song from under the floorboards
gang of four - love like anthrax
the normal - warm leatherette
section 25 - girls don't count
neville staple - hypocrite
neville staple - farmyard connection (dub mix)
hollie cook - ari up
toy & natasha khan - (here comes) dub bride
boy george - my star
archie bronson outfit - mr. dans dead duck dub


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Long After Tonite's Candles Are Blown! Show tracks for Sat. May 24/14

Everything old is new again!
Tonight was the first show at the new (once again) time slot starting at 9PM. Hope you all remembered.
Fitting in with that same theme, tonight was the first in a new segment called Mixtape Memories.
Simply put it's a selection of tracks that you may have used or heard about for the first time via the mixtape.
It's a lost art in today's instant gratification digital music generation. I don't know about you but I've got boxes of old ones that I
will use for this feature unless you send of requests that is.

slowdive - when the sun hits
cheatahs - I
cheatahs - geographic
toy - as we turn
steve mason, emiliana torrini & toy - i go out
temples - colours to life
klaxons - there is no other time
menswe@r - crash '14
spearmint - punctuation
paul heaton & jacqui abbott - moulding of a fool
one thousand violins - please don't sandblast my house
kaiser chiefs - factory gates
peter murphy - eliza
echo & the bunnymen - burn it down
towns - too tired
the horrors - change your mind
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the ad libs - nothing worse than being alone
the inspirations - touch me, hold me, kiss me
linda jones - you hit me like tnt
the ohio players - love slipped through my fingers
jimmy radcliffe - long after tonight is over
-----lp session - broken records "weights & measures"
broken records - ditty (we weren't ready)
broken records - so long, so late
broken records - let's call it a betrayal
broken records - all else can just wait
cherry ghost - the world could turn
blessa - open fields
bird - a war
the sundowners - medicine
broken men - chorus girl
comet gain - long after tonite's candles are blown
-----mixtape memories!
doves - pounding
northside - shall we take a trip
saint etienne - avenue
the wind up birds - the gristle
kult country - trembling moon
stump - tupperware stripper
happyness - leave the party
slowdive - souvlaki space station

Lookie! Lookie! All presented in a single download link!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sunshine State Of Mind! Show tracks for Sat. May 17/14

BIG NEWS! Due to some recent departures the Saturday line-up has been tweaked a little.
Starting next week, Sat. May 24, Cowboys & Indies will start at 9PM and run until midnight every Saturday. You might be asking yourself, self, wasn't C&I at that time slot once before? And you would be correct. Several years ago that was in fact the times for the show. We have come full circle. Add to your calendars so you remember to tune in at 9PM next week.
Starting next week as well, not a coincidence, we will start a new segment. "Mixtape Memories" will feature songs from years past that were people "taped" when mixtapes were all the rage. So if you any suggestions message me and we'll get them on for you.

paws - tongues
honeyblood - killer bangs
september girls - sisters
slow club - complete surrender
paul thomas saunders - in high heels burn it down
the merrylees - for you
loop - arc-lite (sonar)
manic street preachers - europa geht durch mich feat. nina moss
teleman - not in control
boyband - motorcycle boy (demo)
trampolene - alcohol kiss
love l.u.v. - you do something
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
tammy montgomery - it's mine
geraldine hunt - i let myself go
roy hamilton - earthquake
jimmy ricks & the ravers - daddy rollin' stone
the upsetters - jaywalking
-----lp session - sunshine underground "s/t"
the sunshine underground - finally, we arrive
the sunshine underground - nightlife
the sunshine underground - here comes the storm
world of twist - she's a rainbow (12" version)
the probes - sunshine state of mind
the clientele - falling asleep
morrissey - world peace is none of your business
jake bugg - messed up kids
eugene mcguiness - godiva
josef k - it's kinda funny (only fun in town version)
roddy frame - forty days of rain
edwyn collins - in the now
cherry ghost - clear skies ever closer
the wytches - wire frame mattress
the watchmakers - illumination
kill it kid - i'll be there
klaxons - show me a miracle

Last week for the 2 part downloads. One easy link starting next week!
Part One
Part Two

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Anti-Midas Touch! Show tracks for Sat. May 10/14

I realize I haven't been very chatty lately. But I usually let the music do the talking anyways. I'll let you know now that there will be a special show coming soon when the C86 Box Set comes out. We'll do a whole show on the period that was very influential on Scott & I starting the show.
I've included the Savages new song on video for your sonic pleasure because the bureaucratic censors head would explode if I played it on air. Enjoy!

elbow - my sad captians
echo & the bunnymen - is this a breakdown?
james - moving on
gaz coombes - this time tomorrow
the heartbreaks - absolved
ben watt - hendra
paul weller - landslide
savages - dream baby dream
climbing boys - conjoining rite
the probes - marrakech (dub)
paws - owls talons clenching my heart
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the m.v.p.'s - turning my heartbeat up
morris chestnut - too darn soulful
the van dykes - save my love for a rainy day
rose valentine - i gotta know tight now
david ruffin & eddie kendricks - i couldn't believe it
-----lp session - morning parade & fujiya and miyagi
morning parade - autoinjector
morning parade - sharing cigarettes
fujiya & miyagi - rayleigh scattering
fujiya & miyagi - vagaries of fashion
embrace - a thief on my island
jamie xx - girls
tim burgess - oh men
metronomy - reservoir
london grammar - sights
brian eno & karl hyde - the satellites
hollie cook - looking for real love
lily allen - somewhere only we know
lucky t. jackson - this particular girl
the hollies - king midas in reverse
the wolfhounds - anti-midas touch
mansun - inverse midas/anti everything

Download with these!
Part One
Part Two

Sunday, May 4, 2014

We Came To Dance! Show tracks for Sat. May 3/14

coves - wake up
fear of men - inside
manic street preachers - walk me to the bridge
formes - lights
embrace - i run
embrace - at once
peace - money
the 2 bears - angel (touch me)
paul weller - brand new toy
temple songs - point of origin
life - money
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
lou johnson - magic potion
lee dorsey - ride your pony
major lance - it's the beat
shirley ellis - soul time
sandi sheldon - you're gonna make me love you
-----lp session - the horrors "luminous"
the horrors - first day of spring
the horrors - change your mind
the horrors - sleepwalk
toy - left to wander dub
kasabian - eez-eh
damon albarn - heavy seas of love
tom vek - sherman (animals in the jungle)
ultravox - we came to dance
china crisis - no more blue horizons (fool fool fool)
elephant - ants
elephant - tv dinner
girl one & the grease guns - the nightmare room
duran duran - planet earth (night version)
allusondrugs - nervous
band of skulls - i guess i know you fairly well

Eez-eh download links!
Part One
Part Two

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Monthly Indiessential chart for April 2014

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. LOOM (LP) ... Fear Of Men (Kanine Records)
2. SOFT FRIDAY (LP) ... Coves (Nettwerk Records)
3. NIGHT FLOWERS EP ... Night Flowers (Dirty Bingo Records)
4. MONEY ... Peace (Columbia)
5. ALCOHOL KISS EP ... Trampolene (Mi7 Records)
6. MONEY / CRAWLING ... Life (Birthday Records)
7. PORNO ... The Savage Nomads (Republic Of Music)
8. SEE (LP) ... Pete Williams (Basehart Recordings)
9. BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION (LP) ... Paul Thomas Saunders (Atlantic)
10. SOUTHERN SKIES EP ... Yuck (Yuck)
11. BRAND NEW TOY ... Paul Weller (Virgin EMI)
12. NO LONGER SPELLBOUND EP ... Girl One & The Grease Guns (Squirrel Records)
13. LIGHTS ... Formes (EmuBands)
14. THINK TOO MUCH, FEEL TOO LITTLE ... Jaws (Rattlepop Records)
15. NEONTWANG (LP) ... The Twang (Jump The Cut Records)
16. WHERE THE WILD ARE ... Southern (Marathon Artists)
17. POINT OF ORIGIN ... Temple Songs (RIP Management)
18. ATTACK OF THE MUTANT 50FT KEBAB (LP) ... Space (Hug Records)
19. I FEEL A FALL COMING ... The Urchins (Platform Records)
20. EVE OF THE ISLE ... Mourning Birds (The Preservation Society Presents)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for April 2014