Sunday, October 25, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 24/09

Special show reminder:
First edition of Cowboys & Indies Rewind will be on Saturday, November 14, 2009.
The holiday show schedule will be the following;
Saturday, December 19/09 - Cowboys & Indies Rewind
Saturday, December 26/09 - 2009 Festive 50 Part 1
Saturday, January 2, 2010 - 2009 Festive 50 Part 2

the xx - fantasy
cerys matthews - heron
jamie t - hocus pocus
the selector - three minute hero
madness - shame and scandal
the rifles - fall to sorrow
cherbourg - no more flowers
frightened rabbit - swim until you can't see land
boxer rebellion - spitting fire (request)
we are wolves - me as enemy
jarvis cocker - further complications
echo & the bunnymen - shroud of turin
echo & the bunnymen - everlasting neverendless
black swan effect - rat in a cage
lp session #1 screaming lights "like angels"
screaming lights - 21st century
screaming lights - rainmaker
screaming lights - exit wound
bon bon club - sex on fire
arctic monkeys - cornerstone
grammatics - double negative
the cribs - curse this english rain
fuck buttons - phantom limb
russian circles - hexed all
girls - morning light
the heavy - short change hero
foxes! - lover, killer
the voluntary butler scheme - trading things in
two door cinema club - cigarettes in the theater
lp session #2 maps "turning the mind"
maps - valium in the sunshine
maps - papercuts
maps - without you
editors - the big exit
brett anderson - the hunted

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 17/09

Lots of news to share. last week we announced the new special addition to the show called Cowboys & Indies Rewind. Rewind will be a look at the musical history of Cowboys & Indies and it's influences. I can say that the first edition of Cowboys & Indies Rewind will be on Saturday, November 14, 2009.
The holiday show schedule will be the following;
Saturday, December 19/09 - Cowboys & Indies Rewind
Saturday, December 26/09 - 2009 Festive 50 Part 1
Saturday, January 2, 2010 - 2009 Festive 50 Part 2
I don't think there will be many opportunities for sports pre-emptions during this time, but if they turn up I will inform you all straight away (as long as I get

Speaking of sports pre-emptions, despite a little confusion amongst some dj's, we were pre-empted by an exciting yet disappointing overtime football game. So the show was a little shorter than usual:

frank turner - faithful son
the rifles - winter calls
the big pink - golden pendulum
the joy formidable - greyhounds in the slips feat paul draper
white lies - farewell to the fairground
the chemists - something for the weekend
dot allison - i wanna break your heart feat pete doherty
the clientele - graven wood
----lp session #1 editors "in this light & on this evening"
editors - you don't know love
editors - the boxer
editors - walk the fleet road
johnny foreigner - criminals
the longcut - repeated
life in film - get closer
japanese voyeurs - dumb
ash - true love 1980
wild beasts - all the king's men
los campesinos! - the sea is a good place to think of the future
----lp session #2 bad lieutenant "never cry another tear"
bad lieutenant - this is home
bad lieutenant - poisonous intent
bad lieutenant - shine like the sun
rose elinor dougall - another version of pop song
la roux - growing pains

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 10/09

First show back after two pledge drive shows. Thanks again to all who donated their time and money to CJAM.
First show on the new 99.1FM frequency. A concerted effort on my part, after saying 91.5 for 20 years, I only managed a half slip. I caught myself before I said it all. We'll see how next week
For the big news, the announcement you all have been waiting What is new with Cowboys & Indies? I announced last night that after an anniversary year of special broadcasts celebrating 20 years of music on CJAM, that Cowboys & Indies Rewind will keep that celebration going. The new special edition show will celebrate the musical history of the show as well as the music that influenced it. First edition will be coming very soon. I hope to have about 1 a month. The normal Cowboys & Indies show will remain the same brilliant show it's always been.
Busy show as we've been in pledge drive mode for 2 weeks. The albums have been piling up. we took a look a three new albums. As well as a bunch of new releases!
To celebrate the move to 99.1FM we open the show with some special tracks...

kode 9 & the space ape - ghost town
omd - radio waves
manic street preachers - you love us
delphic - alterstate
the klaxons - two receivers
italian love party - just like a guru
i am your autopilot - airside
cowboys & indies rewind theme
the xx - vcr
you say party! we say die! - glory
blue peter - falling
echo & the bunnymen - think I need it too
lp session the cinematics "love and terror"
the cinematics - all these things
the cinematics - new mexico
the cinematics - moving to berlin
the cinematics - you can dance
the joy formidable - greyhounds in the slips feat paul draper
the raveonettes - breaking into cars
the pains of being pure at heart - higher than the stars
screaming lights - hello tomorrow
dinosaur pile-up - summer hit single
the clientele - jennifer and julia
the clientele - share the night
ian brown - in the year 2525
ian brown - vanity kills
codeine velvet club - vanity kills
mumford and sons - little lion man
hurrah! - sweet sanity
the holloways - jukebox sunshine
jamie t - salvador
amusement parks on fire - in our eyes
i like trains - sea of regrets
noah & the whale - instrumental 1

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monthly Indiessential chart for September 2009

Thankfully just short of withdrawals, CJAM is back on the air! New home, 99.1 FM with same amazing programming!


The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene



3. PAPILLON Editors (Kitchenware)

4. IGNORE THE IGNORANT (LP) The Cribs (Wichita)


6. LOVE AND TERROR The Cinematics (TVT)

7. SINK OR SWIM Bad Lieutenant (Triple Echo)

8. READERS & WRITERS Idlewild (Cooking Vinyl)

9. FIRST DAYS OF SPRING (LP) Noah & The Whale (Mercury)

10. JUKEBOX SUNSHINE The Holloways (Snapper)

11. STELLIFY Ian Brown (Polydor)

12. THE MOST POWERFUL EP IN THE WORLD Dinosaur Pile-Up (Friends VS)

13. INVISIBLE REPUBLIC (LP) Young Galaxy (Fontana North)

14. HELLO TOMORROW Screaming Lights (ANTI-)

15. TIN MAN Animal Kingdom (Warner Bros.)

16. RENEE LOVES LOSERS LR Rockets (Ctrl Alt Delete)

17. BILLIONAIRES Your Twenties (Neon Gold)

18. BLACK SWAN (LP) Athlete (Polydor)

19. HARVEST TIME The Clientele (Merge)

20. JUDY SUCKS LEMON FOR BREAKFAST (LP) Cornershop (Ample Play)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for September 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 3/09 Pledge Drive Pt.2

Well, it's official 91.5Fm is off the air. The party last night was great. I think we all realize now how great 99.1FM will be starting tomorrow (Wed.) at noon.
The pledge drive appears to have been a success. The final totals are not in yet, but they seem to indicate that we got very close to our goal for 2009! Thanks to all who pledged at any point through this year's pledge drive!
Sorry for the delay in posting but it was an end to a hectic couple weeks of radio.

So I was thinking what should me first song be on my first show on 99.1FM? I have a couple ideas, but if you have any feel free to post them here before this Saturday. If I pick your song I will send you a free cd or maybe 2.

Well, it seems that the crap email service I use has lost all my drafts. So I can't update the tracks played on the last weeks show. It was the second pledge drive show so there wasn't as much music played as normal. If I can recover them I will post them right away.
Sorry for any inconvenience!