Saturday, January 25, 2014

Longest Day Of The Year Blues! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 25/14

If this "arctic vortex" doesn't stop soon, I'm going to hibernate. Just sayin'! It felt like a really long week, partly because I didn't leave the house from Thursday after work until tonight for the
Loads of great new music tonight to take your minds off the weather. A solid show if I do say so myself.

outfit - thank god I was dreaming
patterns - our ego
maxïmo park - lydia, the ink will never dry
fanfarlo - landlocked
the crookes - play dumb
los campesinos! - let it spill
johnny foreigner - le sigh
blood red shoes - an animal
the spectres - the sky of all places
peggy sue - longest day of the year blues
chain of flowers - death's got a hold of me
damon albarn - everyday robots
breton - s four
alpines - oasis
out cold - synchronised
lp session - the rifles "none the wiser"
the rifles - go lucky
the rifles - you win some
the rifles - the hardest place to find me
the rifles - under and over
dumb - super sonic love toy
coves - cast a shadow
racing glaciers - new country
september girls - green eyed
the battles of winter - a blackout for the bloodsuckers
keel her - don't look at me
east india youth - hinterland
east india youth - looking for someone
halls - forlesket
gloss rejection - male multiple
arthur beatrice - midland
gallon drunk - before the fire

Here to hear!
Part One
Part Two

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Going To A Go-go! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 18/14

The legendary Smokey Robinson made a stop at Caesar Casino Thursday night. An amazing show, he was in fine form. So we decided to pay tribute Cowboys & Indies style, play Brit artists covering some of his tracks (written and/or performed). There were some obvious ones and some not so obvious. Got to keep you on your toes!

japan - i second that emotion
the beat - tears of a clown
ub40 - tracks of my tears
elbow - fly boy blue / lunette
french wives - younger
lion bark - longhorns
the magic gang - shallow
lily allen - air balloon
elephant - elusive youth
the twang - larry lizard
holy esque - silences
the proclaimers - get ready
small faces - you've really got a hold on me
elvis costello & the attractions - head to toe
tack>>head - don't let me down
lp session - mogwai "rave tapes"
mogwai - hexon bogon
mogwai - repelish
mogwai - blues hour
temples - sun structures (ctrl-in-situ session)
toy - you won't be the same
september girls - another love song
september girls - someone new
the bohicas - xxx
love buzzard - oh!
black manilla - all for you
pastel colours - hands like silk
the jesus & mary chain - my girl
massive attack & tracey thorn - the hunter gets captured by the game
the undertones - save me
the heartbreaks - hey hey lover!
childhood - pinballs
the mispers - brother
towns - marbles
secret affair - going to a go-go (live)

Get Ready! Download the show here;
Part One
Part Two

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm Going To See The Stars! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 11/14

Welcome to the first new show of 2014! Back to business.

camera obscura - new year's resolution (4ad session)
mint royale - ring feat willem dafoe
francis lung - a selfish man
bombay bicycle club - luna
lyla foy - feather tongue
jane horrocks - life is a pigsty
the delays - promise pt. 1 (demo)
reverend & the makers - your girl
hard fi - move over
kaiser chiefs - bows and arrows
maxïmo park - brain cells
808 state - pacific 202
m.i.a. - unbreak my mixtape
kwes - hives
lp session - patterns "waking lines"
patterns - blood
patterns - broken trains
patterns - street fires
patterns - climbing out
tack>>head - i'm afraid of americans
tom furse - i'm going to see the stars (or what's left of the stars)
by the sea - alone together
half loon - reverie
the anecdotes - bleached
fickle friends - swim
cheatahs - get tight
girl band - lawman
the hipshakes - bevo
life - crawling
climbing boys - bone house
fossil collective - wolves
champs - down like gold

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 Festive 50 Countdown Pt. 2 #25 - 1! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 4/14

It's what you've been waiting all year for The Festive 50 countdown. Yes, it is named after our idol John Peel's legendary countdown. But ours counts back artists where as his was a fan voted song countdown. So all the comments, inquiries and requests you made all year long are tabulated into a top 50 and played back for you over the holidays.
We kick off the show where we left off last week with #26. With time left over at the end we featured a handful of other notable albums from the year.
See you next week with the first new show for 2014!

#26 manic street preachers - show me the wonder
#25 casual sex - stroh 80
#24 chapel club - fruit machine
#23 editors - hyena
#22 johnny marr - upstarts
#21 everything everything - undrowned
#20 joy formidable - little blimp
#19 exit calm - when they rise
#18 grass house - i was a streetlight
#17 the pastels - come to the dance
#16 bastille - things we lost in the fire
#15 neils children - never could be any other way
#14 suede - nothing can stop us
#13 toy - frozen atmosphere
#12 peace - lovesick
#11 kitchens of distinction - disappeared
#10 traams - demons
#9 camera obscura - fifth in line to the throne
#8 my bloody valentine - new you
#7 veronica falls - broken toy
#6 franz ferdinand - evil eye
#5 arctic monkeys - arabella
#4 palma violets - step up for the cool cats
#3 primal scream - turn each other inside out
#2 foals - providence
#1 temples - keep in the dark
#1 temples - colours to life

notable albums for 2013

david bowie - love is lost
hookworms - preservation
vision fortune - xiv
wire - love bends
disclosure - when a fire starts to burn

Festive 50 Part Two
Other Notable Albums