Saturday, October 29, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 29/11

We're back for 1 week really. Well, next week is the Pledge Drive show. So we go from a week off to special programming for the Pledge Drive. So this year the musical portions of the show will be the best of the year so far. Sort of a Festive 50 preview show.
I hope you tune in with your wallets and cheque books at the ready and you'll hear some great tunes as well.

Tonight was all about fitting in as much new material as possible, including 3 album sessions (well 1 proper album profile and 2 mini sessions). Even manages to fit in some pseudo Halloween tracks. Hope you enjoyed the show.

Remember, CJAM needs your help so I hope you tune in and give generously. And thank you!

duran duran - the chauffeur
veronica falls - found love in a graveyard
we have band - visionary
the ting tings - hang it up
chapter 24 - you said
jesus & mary chain - the hardest walk
cinema red and blue - walkin' to the cemetery
the irrepressibles - in this shirt
the associates - love hangover
the good natured - skeleton
the automatic - monster
bryan ferry - fingerpoppin'
drc music - hallo feat. tout puissant mukalo
graffiti6 - free
lp session spectrals - "bad penny"
spectrals - you don't have to tell me
spectrals - you can't live on love alone
spectrals - luck is here to be pushed
acid house kings feat dan treacy - heaven know I miss him now
the smiths - heaven knows I'm miserable now
best coast feat johnny marr - in your sleep
imaginary friend - lost at sea
the vaccines - tiger blood
mini lp sessions Magazine "No Thyself" & Flashguns "Passion Of A Different Kind"
magazine - the worst of progress
magazine - the burden of a song
flashguns - candles out
flashguns - noah
evans the death - hello seems to be the hardest word
two wounded birds - together forever
dog is dead - hands down
frankie & the heartstrings - everybody looks better (in the right light)
smith & burrows - funny looking angels
andy lewis - a good soul in the good times
the mekons - geeshie

Friday, October 28, 2011

CJAM 99.1FM Pledge Drive time again

Hello friends!

Well it's that time of the year again. Halloween is in the air, the leaves are changing colour and CJAM hits the airwaves for your support. Yes it is time for the annual Pledge Drive. The one time a year that CJAM members ask their families, friends and of course loyal listeners to help support another year of quality alternative programming.

The on-air part of the Pledge Drive starts on Friday, November 4th at noon and runs for one week until Friday, November 11 at noon. This is the what's called the pre-pledge portion, where the volunteers hit up their families and friends for their support. You know I have been the host of Cowboys & Indies, a British indie and alternative show for over 20 years now. It is more important than ever in hard economic times for us to find sources of revenue to keep CJAM functioning 24/7/365. CJAM is a non-profit volunteer led organization. We provide alternatives to the mainstream/commercial radio and news world that is far to prevalent today. From non-mainstream news to ethnic programming representing many different cultures to voices for marginalized people from different backgrounds and of course music that challenges and entertains.

All I am asking you at this time is to make a pledge promise. Just simply send me an message with your address and details and pledge amount. I will do the rest. I will then email you with instructions on how to fulfill your pledge in a couple weeks. No amount is to small. What matters is CJAM staying on air for another year.


You can pay online at the CJAM website ( if you want to pay by credit card or Paypal. Fear not all is secure and your details are and will not be sold to outside parties. Just simply follow the easy instructions. Just drop me a quick message if you choose this method so I can thank you personally.

Thanks for the support,
Marc Cazabon
Cowboys & Indies

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 22/11

As you heard (or about to hear if you download the show), there was a special guest host last night for Cowboys & Indies. Martin Deck, host of CJAM's Wake The Town, graciously agreed to fill in for me last night as I was down at the Colosseum to see Duran Duran. His post punk retrospective was a treat for the ears. Loyal listeners will be familiar with some tracks and hopefully others will be new discoveries. Martin forwarded me the track list so you can check it out. A big thank you to Martin for hosting the show last night!

Remember that the Pledge Drive is coming soon. More info will be provided on this weeks show. I hope you can support us in the 2011 Annual CJAM Pledge Drive.

The Slits - In The Beginning There Was Rhythm
Public Image Limited - Public Image
Throbbing Gristle - United
Scritti Politti - Hegemony
Gang Of Four - Producer
The Higsons - Put The Punk Back Into Funk
Dexys Midnight Runners - Thankfully Not Living In Yorkshire It Doesn't Apply
Attila The Stockbroker - A Bang And A Wimpey
A Certain Ratio - Knife Slits Water
The Fall - The Man Whose Head Expanded
Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Spasticus Autisticus
The Birthday Party - Hair Shirt
Killing Joke - Almost Red
The Pop Group - Springer
The Pop Group - We Are Time
Pigbag - Wiggling
Rip Rig & Panic - Alchemy In This Cemetery
Rent Boys Inc - Look Up
Suicide - Ghost Rider
Television - Friction (Alternate Version)
Devo - Praying Hands
Pere Ubu - Non-Alignment Pact
L-Seven - Insanity
Wire - I Am The Fly
The Ruts - S.U.S.
The Swell Maps - Read About Seymour
Television Personalities - Part Time Punks
The Raincoats - No Side To Fall In
Flux (Of Punk Indians) - Nothing Is Not Done
Liliput - Igel
Shriekback - My Spine Is The Bassline
League of Gentlemen - Heptaparaparshinokh
ABC - Poison Arrow
Public Image Limited - Fodderstompf

To download Part 1 -
To download Part 2 -

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 15/11

We're coming up on that time of year again, pledge drive time. The first week of November will be the annual CJAM FM Pledge Drive. This year the theme is Staying Alive...yes I know it's an awful disco song, the sentiment rings true. We need your help to keep broadcasting in the Windsor/Detroit area. You'll be hearing more in coming days/weeks. Stay tuned for the info. Drop me a line here if you would like to donate to CJAM FM and I will help you out.

Just a quick reminder that there will be a guest host for Cowboys & Indies nest Saturday night. Martin Deck, the host of Wake The Town (also on CJAM FM) was kind enough to fill in so I could go see Duran Duran at the Coliseum here in Windsor. He has hinted that he will be featuring a post-punk spotlight. Enjoy the change of pace and I will see in 2 weeks.

So because I'm not going to be here next week I wanted to feature as much new material as possible.
See you in 2 weeks!

the kooks - eskimo kiss
slow club - beginners
the joy formidable - anemone
bos angeles - beach slalom
the horrors - the best thing i never had (beyonce cover)
toy - left myself behind
pistola kicks - lazy baby hurricane
the paris riots - i only love you when i'm drunk
locomotives - carnival
noel gallagher & the high flying birds - alone on the rope
still corners - the white season
still corners - submarine
gemma ray - rescue me
star slinger - dumbin' (feat reggie b)
lp session - the blanch hudson weekend "you always loved violence"
the blanche hudson weekend - the bitterest clash
the blanche hudson weekend - coming home
the blanche hudson weekend - getting faster
club smith - call to harm
dead sons - shotgun woman
leopard of honour - good wives
the heavy - that kind of man (apogee version)
graffiti6 - free (edit)
los campesinos! - hello sadness
cuba cuba - golden grounds
moth & the mirror - hope is an anchor
zulu winter - let's move back to front
breton - the commission
jamie xx - progress
radiohead - bloom (jamie xx remix)
esben & the witch - hexagons II (the flight)
fanfarlo - deconstruction
the dykeenies - awake
aunt nelly - day trippin'
veronica falls - stephen

To download Part 1
To download Part 2

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 8/11

I really miss going to the record store and buying the latest releases. I'm not trying to offend any of the local record stores that I frequent but the selection of British bands in this city is really pitiful. I know that I'm really impatient and can't (or won't) wait for releases to be ordered because I need them right away for the show. But having to wait sometimes weeks for domestic releases drives me loopy. I don't like ordering off the interwebs. I guess I'm old skool and want to hold the new releases and go right home and play them. Playing some older artists tonight made me reminisce I


kasabian - let's roll just like we used to
the mekons - space in your face
the rifles - long walk back home
madness - michael caine
the belle stars - iko iko
the noisettes - every now and then
the whip - movement
human league - egomaniac
magazine - holy dotage
pengu!ns - hate male
evans the death - threads
jim reid - black and blues
the notes - no idea
fanzine - roman holiday
lp session - we were promised jetpacks "in the pit of the stomach"
we were promised jetpacks - circles and squares
we were promised jetpacks - hard to remember
we were promised jetpacks - sore thumb
no ceremony - wear me
trophy wife - wolf
othello woolf - i'm not scared of love
adele - lovesong
sade - still in love with you
bombay bicycle club - lights out, words gone
the guillemots - tigers
sons & daughters - the beach
leisure society - better written off (than written down)
the foxes! - something about you
born blonde - solar
james blake - enough thunder
quantic - time is the enemy
peter murphy - seesaw sway
s.c.u.m. - faith unfolds
(i know, i announced summon the sound but i was distracted by the incoming dj and played the wrong track. i'll play the proper track next week)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 1/11

LP Session part deux! For a second week we feature extra mini-lp sessions. This time the mini sessions are more indie in nature. Bands that aren't as well known but deserve to be heard none the less. After all that's what the show is all about, bringing you the British music other stations can't or won't.

the big pink - stay gold
mirrors - ways to an end
pistola kicks - proceed advance
hard fi - bring it on
beau & the arrows - levy
prince edward island - like bouncers we stand
prince edward island - i've been to a city
we were promised jetpacks - medicine
kill it kid - pray on me
primal scream - i'm losing more than i'll ever have
the feelnores - feeling
aunt nelly - waiting for alex
the broken vinyl club - one way street
the dynamite pussy club - under the groove
lp session - brett anderson "black rainbows"
brett anderson - unsung
brett anderson - actors
brett anderson - thin men dancing
pocketbooks - sparklers
pocketbooks - five day forecast
fire island pines - bratislava
jonquil - mexico
zulu winter - never leave
no ceremony - hurt love
saturday night gym club - the ballroom scene
polysonic - insecurities
the chevin - champion
big deal - swoon
big deal - seraphine
clock opera - lesson no. 7
the heavy - colleen feat. the dap-kings horns
toddla t - do it your way
baxter dury - trellic
la decadanse - night rhythms
mogwai - get to france

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Monthly Indiessential chart for September 2011

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. THREADS / I'M SO UNCLEAN ... Evans The Death (Fortuna Pop!)
2. WELFARE STATE / SOVEREIGN ... Ultrasound (Label Fandango)
3. VELOCIRAPTOR! (LP) ... Kasabian (Columbia)
4. A DIFFERENT KIND OF FIX (LP) ... Bombay Bicycle Club (Universal/Island)
5. FREEDOM RUN (LP) ... The Rifles (Right Hook Records)
6. VERONICA FALLS (LP) ... Veronica Falls (Slumberland)
7. YOUNG LOVERS GO POP! ... This Many Boyfriends (Angular)
8. MEDICINE ... We Were Promised Jetpacks (Fatcat)
9. GRAVITY THE SEDUCER (LP) ... Ladytron (Nettwerk)
10. HEART RESTED WITH YOU ... Kill It Kid (One Little Indian)
11. JUNK OF THE HEART (LP) ... The Kooks (EMI)
12. BRUISER (LP) ... The Duke Spirit (Fiction)
13. STARLITE ... Paul Weller (Universal/Island)
14. KING COMPLEX EP ... Man Without Country (Lost Balloon)
15, TWO ISLANDS / VEHICLES ... Outfit (Double Denim)
16. PARADISE (LP) ... Slow Club (Moshi Moshi)
17. OTHELLO WOOLF (LP) ... Othello Woolf (Othello Woolf)
18. TRIBES ... Hook & The Twin (Hook & The Twin)
19. WATCH ME DANCE (LP) ... Toddla T (Ninja Tune)
20. MONEY & CELEBRITY (LP) ... The Subways (Cooking Vinyl)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for September 2011