Monday, July 27, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. July 25/09

This Saturday is the last in the series of special shows for our 20th Anniversary year. Saturday August 1st will be Cowboys & Indies Y2:UK. As you can tell by the clever name, it will feature all the best of the British indie/alternative scene since the world didn't end at the start of the new century, so 2000-2008.

simple minds - rockets
malcolm middleton - subset of the world
the twang - barney rubble
the ruling class - marian shrine
reverend & the makers - silence is talking
the rumble strips - london
the smiths - what she said
blancmange - waves
metric - waves
the big pink - stop the world
marina & the diamonds - i am not a robot (starsmith 24 carat remix)
the soundcarriers - time will come
soft toy emergency - critical

-----barclaycard mercury prize 2009 nominees
the horrors - new ice age
glasvegas - go square go
kasabian - swarfiga
bat for lashes - pearl's dream
florence & the machine - kiss with a fist
la roux - quicksand
the invisible - london girls

slow club - because we're dead
polly scattergood - unforgiving arms
ida maria - i like you so much better when you're naked
will fell - missing madness
rose elinor dougall - stop start synchro
the decimals - retreat
art brut - alcoholics unanimous
twilight sad - i became a prostitute
we were promised jetpacks - tiny little voices
what she said - we go out all night (demo)
what she said - waves (demo)
the jezebels - disco biscuit love

Monday, July 20, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. July 18/09

The last in the series of special shows for our 20th Anniversary year will be during the Canadian holiday weekend in August. Saturday August 1st will be Cowboys & Indies Y2:UK. As you can tell by the clever name, it will feature all the best of the British indie/alternative scene since the world didn't end at the start of the new century.

jarvis cocker - homewrecker!
broken records - if the news makes you sad, don't watch it
madness - we are london
the race - rude boy
the rifles - the great escape
the rakes - 1989
the stills - i'm with you
fiction factory - (feels like) heaven
martha & the muffins - echo beach
the housemartins - i smell winter
lily allen - not fair
boxer rebellion - move on
longview - when you sleep
engineers - hang your head
-----lp session #1 the rumble strips "welcome to the walk alone"
the rumble strips - daniel
the rumble strips - sweetheart hooligan
the rumble strips - dem girls
the rumble strips - raindrops
arctic monkeys - crying lightning
mongrel - better them than us
franz ferdinand - be afraid (dream again dub)
franz ferdinand - dream again
noah & the whale - the first days of spring
ant - time i was gone
eugene mcguinness - fonz
marina & the diamonds - i am not a robot
pony! up - power of 8
pure reason revolution - avo
-----lp session #2 bombay bicycle club "i had the blues but i shook them loose"
bombay bicycle club - evening/morning
bombay bicycle club - ghost
lord cut glass - big time teddy
the bicycles - paris be mine
little girls - venom
the airfields - rocket flare
pete doherty - a little death around the eyes

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. July 11/09

Well, we're back to the normal format after last weeks special show. Lots of positive feedback on the special show which was great. It was a blast doing it and it brought back lots of great memories of doing the Brit night at the Loop many moons ago. Stay tuned for the news on the next special show in August.
We often make the joke "Is anyone listening?" We know that's not true but last night I did wonder. With Festival Epicure, Phog Fest and Kiss at the Casino last night, that was probably more a true statement than a
Regeneration Tour was a complete joke this year. Bands canceling left and right. That left Detroit with 3 bands instead of the scheduled 5. Don't get me started. I was really disappointed the way it turned out and will certainly think twice about next year. But ABC were great so we open up with them.

abc - 4 ever 2 gether
reverie sound revue - you don't exist if I don't see you
kasabian - underdog
wedding present - interstate 5
we were promised jetpacks - ships with holes will sink
jets overhead - sure sign
joy division - shadowplay
white lies - est
amazing baby - kankra
arctic monkeys - crying lightning
the cribs - we were aborted
reverend & the makers - silence is talking
-----lp session #1 florence & the machine "lungs"
florence & the machine - i'm not calling you a liar
florence & the machine - girl with one eye
florence & the machine - cosmic love
florence & the machine - my boy builds coffins
bombay bicycle club - dust on the ground
art brut - the passenger
decimals - retreat
bloc party - one more chance
little boots - stuck on repeat
blancmange - living on the ceiling
la roux - bulletproof
elephant stone - a morning song
broken social scene - capture the flag
shortwave - whatcha get
-----lp session #2 engineers "three fact fader"
engineers - song for andy
engineers - the fear has gone
engineers - be what you are
lord cut glass - i'm a great example to the dogs
broken records - until the earth begins to part
band of skulls - bomb
peggy sue - lover gone
future of the left - that damned fly

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. July 4/09 "The Brit Pop Years"

What a blast I had doing the special show last night. It brought back a lot of memories of doing the Brit Night at the Loop all those years ago. I hope you enjoyed all the Brit Pop faves. I hope I didn't miss any, and yes before you look, I played Oasis. Stay tuned for the next special show in the series celebrating our 20th anniversary year.

saint etienne - join our club
suede - the drowners
blur - popscene
elastica - line up
catatonia - you've got a lot to answer for
cast - finetime
stereophonics - a thousand trees
gene - london, can you wait?
longpigs - she said
echobelly - great things
sleeper - nice guy eddie
showgirls - lackadaisical
posh - mermaid
divine comedy - something for the weekend
space - female of the species
my life story - sparkle
dubstar - not so manic now
shed seven - she left me on friday
pure - spiritual pollution (cancon)
cub - my flaming red bobsled (cancon)
maow - party tonight (cancon)
salad - drink the elixir
pulp - common people
railto - monday morning 5:19
mansun - wide open space
marion - toys for boys
supergrass - alright
ash - kung fu
menswear - stardust
supernaturals - the day before yesterdays man
dodgy - good enough
bluetones - slight return
thurman - she's a man
bran ban 3000 - trees (cancon)
moist - day (cancon)
silver sun - golden skin
bennet - mum's gone to iceland
oasis - acquiesce

Friday, July 3, 2009

Monthly Indiessential chart for June 2009

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

2. HANDS (LP) Little Boots (679/Atlantic)
3. LA ROUX (LP) La Roux (Polydor)
5. RABBIT HEART (RAISE IT UP) Florence & The Machine (Uni/Island)
6. ANOTHER CITY, ANOTHER SORRY (LP) The Answering Machine (Heist Or Hit)
7. INTO THE DARK EP Cherbourg (Chess Club)
8. SCIENCE OF FEAR Temper Trap (Infectious)
9. I THINK I NEED YOU The Lodger (Elefant)
10. GOD HELP THE GIRL (LP) God Help The Girl (Rough Trade)
11. X.ENC (LP) Neils Children (Structurally Sound)
12. RIVALS Theoretical Girl (Memphis Industries)
13. MATCHING HEARTS, SIMILAR PARTS EP Flashguns (Blue Flowers)
14. PISTOLA KICKS EP Pistola Kicks (Pistola Kicks)
15. SEVEN SEAS (LP) Elephant Stone (Elephants On Parade)
16. ROOM 44 Team Waterpolo (Epic)
17. HEART INTO SUICIDE Exile Parade (Suburban)
18. GRAZIE INFINITE EP Situationists (Tough Love)
19. ANGEL OF DEATH Slow Down Tallahassee (Thee SPC)
20. WAR SUCKS Spectrum (Mind Expansion)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June 2009