Sunday, March 25, 2018

Your Love Is My Favourite Band! Show tracks for Sat. Mar 24/18

It's that time of year again - The Jammys!
This year the Jammys are being held on April 20th at Villains Beastro (256 Pelissier St, Windsor) Doors at 8pm, Jammys officially begin at 9pm.
Admission is FREE so bring your friends, partner, or family.

Voting is open NOW!

Cowboys & Indies is in the "Group Of Death" this year, Best Indie/Classic Rock Show.
Just like the World Cup, there is always a group where every entrant is quality and can win.
Following that analogy vote UK, vote British Indie, vote Cowboys & Indies!

purest - waiting for
wylderness - peripheral vision
the fernweh - next time around
section 25 - floating sun
girl ray - the way we came back
let's eat grandma - falling into me
montauk hotel - hands
the lucid dream - sx1000
artificial pleasure - on a saturday night
blur - birthday
danny goffey - buzzkiller
the fall - hey! student (peel session)
sorry - 2 down 2 dance
-----lp session - cavern of anti-matter "hormone lemonade"
cavern of anti-matter - make out fade out
cavern of anti-matter - outerzone jazs
cavern of anti-matter - feed me magnetic rain
fuzzy sun - want love
mastersystem - the enlightenment
altered hours - on my tongue
purple heart parade - painting pictures
proletariat - nervous energy
table scraps - takin' out the trash
violet - jaded
-----lp session - the magic gang "the magic gang"
the magic gang - oh, saki
the magic gang - jasmine
the magic gang - i'll show you
green seagull - they just don't know
night flowers - hey love
flyte - moon unit
whyte horses - ecstasy song
the vaccines - your love is my favourite band (live session)
chad valley - impartial
kate nash - life in pink
frank turner - blackout
-----lp session - fickle friends "you are someone else"
fickle friends - bite
fickle friends - in my head
fickle friends - rotation
fickle friends - midnight
the alarm - the deceiver (demo version)
candy opera - happy to be the plot but not the crime
the cure - like cockatoos
simple minds - citizen (dance of youth)


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fake Protest Songs! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 17/18

stephen hawking & monty python - galaxy song
the chameleons - home is where the heart is
air formation - vanishing act
manic street preachers - dylan & caitlin
gang of four - lucky
the vaccines - surfing in the sky
the waterfront - normandy (on the beach)
the high - say it now
tim burgess - inspired again
gengahr - is this how you love
gengahr - burning air
sea girls - eat me whole
prefab sprout - king of rock 'n' roll
django django - beam me up
madonnatron - mermaids
the cure - the caterpillar
77:78 - love said (let's go)
-----northern soul spotlight
voice box - baby, baby don't you knpw
kell osborne - you can't outsmart a woman
bob & earl - just one look in your eyes
billy storm - i just want to dream again (there is a garden)
-----lp session - whyte horses "empty words"
whyte horses - counting down the years
whyte horses - greatest love in town
whyte horses - fake protest song
elvis costello - lip service
the damned - devil in disguise
professor & the madman - faces
the jjohns - so alone
the fratellis - laughing gas
the fratellis - advaita shuffle
thyla - i was biting
kim wilde - kandy krush
breakfast muff - crocodile
ulrika spacek - lord luck
beach riot - serial scruff
-----lp session - table scraps "autonomy"
table scraps - takin' out the trash
table scraps - my obsession
table scraps - do it all over again
candy opera - fever pitch
the jazz butcher - southern mark smith (big return)
starsha lee - even god doesn't know your name
editors - cold
editors - nothingness


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Typical Girls! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 10/18

Happy International Women's Week!
"Typical Girls - 50 Years Of Women In British Music"
British Invasion to Shoegazing , Punk to New Wave, C86 to Brit Pop!

the slits - typical girls
toyah - echo beach
voice of the beehive - i walk the earth
veronica falls - nobody there
sandy edmonds - georgy girl
maximum joy - let it take you there
hollie cook - survive
savages - t.i.w.y.g.
ill - hysteria
nouvelle vague - the american
tracey thorn - guitar
tracey thorn - go
the submarines - boys don't cry
lush - de-luxe
shopping - suddenly gone
marianne faithfull - the sha la la song
sleeper - what do i do now?
strawberry switchblade - let her go
yassassin - mermaidistic personality disorder
-----northern soul spotlight
dusty springfield - what's it gonna be?
cilla black - (love is like a) heat wave
pp arnold - everything's gonna be alright
birds of a feather - all god's children got soul
beryl marsden - break-a-way
-----lp session - starsha lee "post-god metaphysics"
starsha lee - people are horrible
starsha lee - used to the bruise
starsha lee - glass diamonds
daisy chainsaw - i feel insane
renegade soundwave - women respond to bass
lily allen - higher
curve - ten little girls
superorganism - it's all good
superorganism - nobody cares
the mo-dettes - white house disco
the primitives - thru the flowers
ghost car - stuck in the mud
siouxsie & the banshees - helter skelter
pins - serve the rich
vivien goldman - private armies dub
-----lp session - martha ffion "sunday best"
martha ffion real love
martha ffion record sleeves
martha ffion baltimore
poly styrene - virtual botfriend
cocteau twins - sugar hiccup
dream nails - vagina police
altered images - insects
transvision vamp - tell that girl to shut up


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Put It On A T-Shirt! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 3/18

belle & sebastian - best friend
peace - power
spinn - who you are
the rainkings - searcher
flyte - victoria falls
the vaccines - put it on a t-shirt
blossoms - i can't stand it
gengahr - where wilderness grows
ladytron - the animals
the ninth wave - new kind of ego
ride - keep it surreal
-----lp session - go-kart mozart "mozart's mini mart"
go-kart mozart - anagram of we sold apes
go-kart mozart - relative poverty
go-kart mozart - big ship
go-kart mozart - knickers on the line by 3 chord fraud
pj harvey & harry escott - an acre of land
dream wife - act my age
adwaith - change
ist ist - preacher's warning
snapped ankles - cia man (nsa man violation)
the kills - list of demands (reparations)
the cure - want
-----lp session - embrace "love is a basic need"
embrace - never feat kerri watt
embrace - where you sleeping
embrace - my luck comes in threes
david bowie & lou reed - waiting for the man (live)
damian o'neill & the monotones - sweet 'n' sour
the undertones - jimmy jimmy
u2 - seconds
simple minds - chelsea girl
cabbage - preach to the converted
shed seven - she left me on friday
franz ferdinand - feel the love go
soft cell - bedsitter
everything everything - the mariana
dan lyons - big moon
----lp session - the lovely eggs "this is eggland"
the lovely eggs - hello i am your son
the lovely eggs - i shouldn't have said that
the lovely eggs - return of witchcraft
whyte horses - the best of it feat la roux
vinyl staircase - last i heard
boys - hollywood
himalayas - if i tell you


Friday, March 2, 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - February Albums

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. SILVER DOLLAR MOMENT (LP) ... The Orielles (Heavenly)
2. MICROSHIFT (LP) ... Hookworms (Domino)
3. VESSEL OF LOVE (LP) ... Hollie Cook (Merge)
4. ALWAYS ASCENDING (LP) ... Franz Ferdinand (Domino)
5. INSECURE MEN (LP) ... Insecure Men (Fat Possum)
6. WALK BETWEEN WORLDS (LP) ... Simple Minds (BMG)
7. MINIATURE WORLD (LP) ... Phobophobes (Ra-Ra Rok Records)
8. THE GOLDEN AGE OF NOT EVEN TRYING (LP) ... Dead! (Infectious)
9. KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW (LP) ... Marmozets (Roadrunner)
10. EVERYTHING BUT THE HERE & NOW (LP) ... Happy Accidents (Alcopop!)
11. THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME (LP) ... The Rainband (Strawberry Moon)
12. BEAUTIFUL DESPAIR (LP) ... Television Personalities (Fire Records)
14. OPEN HERE (LP) ... Field Music (Memphis Industries)
15. MAISIEWORLD (LP) ... The Monochrome Set (Tapete Records)
16. INVISIBLE STORM (LP) ... Turin Brakes (Cooking Vinyl)
17. DIFFERENT! (LP) ... Black Sonic Revolver (BSR Records)
18. TRUNKS (LP) ... Seazoo (Seazoo)
19. BROKEN SCULPTURES (LP) ... This Is The Bridge (TONN Recordings)
20. EVERYTHING IS RECORDED (LP) ... Richard Russell (XL Recordings)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for February 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - February Singles

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. TOMORROW'S SHORE EP ... Ride (Wichita)
2. BOYS IN THE BETTER LAND / CHEQUELESS RECKLESS ... Fontaines DC (Trigger Party Records)
3. VICTIM AGE ... Queen Zee (Sasstone Records)
4. SHALLOW ... Liines (Reckless Yes Records)
5. IT GETS BETTER ... Desperate Journalist (Fierce Panda)
6. UNCLE NIETZSCHE ... Starsha Lee (Syndicol Music)
8. POWER ... Peace (Ignition Records)
9. THE MAN ... Goat Girl (Rough Trade)
10. CRUEL WIND / LOSING THE LIGHT ... Night Flowers (Dirty Bingo Records)
11. OUR GIRL ... Our Girl (Cannibal Hymns)
12. HOT PINK ... Let's Eat Grandma (Transgressive)
13. NOVOCAIN ... Bloxx (Chess Club)
14. EMPTY WORDS ... Whyte Horses (CRC Music)
15. PERIPHERAL VISION ... Wylderness (Succulent Recordings)
16. KAPOW! ... 485C (Fierce Panda Records)
17. SEND IN THE ROSES ... Towers Of London (Big Shades Productions
18. JUST LUST ... Llovers (Llovers)
19. CHERRY ... Vinyl Staircase (Vinyl Staircase)
20. TOXIC LOVE ... King No-One (Kut Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for February 2018