Sunday, March 26, 2017

Interplanetary Class Classics! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 25/17

Voting is now closed for the 2017 CJAM Jammy Awards, Thank you to all who took the time to cast a vote for their fave programmer. Join us on April 7th at Villains Bistro for the awards ceremony complete with live entertainment. It's free so come down and help us celebrate.
Bumper week of releases so there were 4 LP Sessions. Not to mention all the new releases including the 4 brand new Gorillaz tracks. How did we manage to fit it all in.

the darling buds - complicated
pins - bad thing
cast - paper chains
sunstack jones - sun is always
matt cross - nothing seems to please me
39phoenix - slowly raining over orange manchester
dan croll - away from today
starwheel - slow down
-----lp session #1 - desperate journalist "grow up"
desperate journalist - all over
desperate journalist - i try not to
desperate journalist - why are you so boring?
ride - home is a feeling
slowdive - star roving
gorillaz - saturnz barz (spirit house)
gorillaz - we got the power feat jehnny beth
jeb loy nichols - till the teardrops stop
the streets - has it come to this?
saint etienne - heather
laetitia sadier source ensemble - undying love for humanity
rose elinor dougall - all at once
-----lp session #2 - the jesus and mary chain "damage and joy"
the jesus and mary chain - war on peace
the jesus and mary chain - los feliz (blues and greens)
the jesus and mary chain - black and blues feat sky ferreira
black honey - somebody better
the fall - free range
tear - begging
disjoy - divided
the clash - white riot
-----lp session #3 - the moonlandingz "interplanetary class classics"
the moonlandingz - vessels
the moonlandingz - the rabies are back
the moonlandingz - lufthanza man
sundara karma - happy family
black sonic revolver - the way it goes
blindness - born liar
ghost car - missing the old times
-----lp session #4 - formation "look at the powerful people"
formation - drugs
formation - on the board
formation - buy and sell
underground youth - beast (anti war song)

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Singing Rule Britannia! Show racks for Sat. Mar. 18/17

Opening the show to the sad news of John Lever, drummer for The Chameleons, passed away this past Monday. John was a great drummer from a highly under-rated band. A personal favourite of mine. We pay tribute with the opening two songs. RIP John

Then move on the the sad news of the day that rock 'n' roll originator Chuck Berry passed away. To pay tribute we air a special Northern Soul Spotlight featuring his brand of rock genius. RIP Chuck

the chameleons - up the down escalator (r.i.p. john lever)
the chameleons - in shreds
kasabian - you're in love with a psycho
post war glamour girls - organ donor
pins - all hail
sahara - rearranging
year of birds - western splits (after lear)
bad breeding - the more the merrier
dream wife - somebody
ghost car - stuck in the mud
our girl - sad fuzz
the orielles - sugar tastes like salt
public service broadcasting - progress feat tracyanne campbell
alt-j - 3ww (3 worn words)
the xx - replica
goldfrapp - ocean
-----northern soul spotlight - r.i.p. chuck berry
chuck berry - down bound train
chuck berry - jo jo gunne
chuck berry - rock and roll music
chuck berry - little queenie
chuck berry - memphis, tennessee
-----lp session - secret shine "there is only now"
secret shine - burning stars
secret shine - to the well
secret shine - things i said
monster movie - keep the voices distant
temples - mystery of pop
the fiction aisle - outskirts (revisited)
sunstack jones - sun is always
the pale white - deciever
desperate journalist - be kind
feral five - man cat doll machine
rosko - the boys
ginger snaps - number crunching
circa waves - out on my own
circa waves - stuck
manuela - invincible
fickle friends - hello hello
the jacques - no kamikaze
jennifer - i can't grow a new heart
the magic gang - how can i compete
king nun - hung around
jarvis cocker & chilly gonzalez - the other side
jarvis cocker & chilly gonzalez - ice cream as main course

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hips Tits Lips Power! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 11/17

Voting is open for the 2017 CJAM Jammy Awards for short period. Follow the link and vote for your fave shows. It only takes a couple minutes to show some love.

silverfish - big bad baby pig squeal
savages - strife
slowcoaches - living out
elastica - blue
pj harvey - sheila-na-gig
deux furieuses - now you're gonna listen
rubella ballet - false promises
the tuts - dump your boyfriend
mekons - ghosts of american astronauts
felt - primitve painters
lush - hypocrite
young marble giants - brand new life
gloss - lost in paris
strawberry switchblade - let her go
toyah - echo beach
darling buds - hit the ground
we've got a fuzzbox and we're gonna use it - xx sex
transvision vamp - baby i don't care
sinéad o'connor - the emperor's new clothes
lisa stansfield - never, never gonna give you up
swing out sister - stoned soul picnic
altered images - don't talk to me about love
the school - do i love you?
dubstar - not so manic now
sleeper - statuesque
echobelly - great things
the pipette - because it's not love (but it's still a feeling)
the passions - bachelor girls
essential logic - aerosol burns
the mo'dettes - white mice
sacred paws - empty body
the slits - typical girls
vivien goldman - launderette
selecter - three minute hero
the fizzbombs - sign on the line
talulah gosh - talulah gosh
shop assistants - safety net
the flatmates - so in love with you
dolly mixture - how come your such a hit with the boys jane?
the kamikaze pilots - sharon signs to cherry red
siouxsie & the banshees - christine
the raincoats - no one's little girl
x-ray spex - oi! bondage up yours!
kirsty maccoll - a new england
whyte horses - the snowfalls
amy winehouse - you know i'm no good

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dangerous Rhythms! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 4/17

The 2017 CJAM Jammy Awards are here! Voting is now open, using the handy link, to vote for your fave CJAM shows. Voting is only open for a short period and takes only a couple minutes. So show some love to a CJAM volunteer programmer by voting today.

british sea power - keep on trying (sechs freunde)
the moonlandingz - strangle of anna feat rebecca taylor
the darling buds - complicated
avec sans - we are
coasts - heart starts beating
safe to swim - struggling
sleeptalking - professional dreamer
maxïmo park - what did we do to you to deserve this?
kaiser chiefs - why do you do it to me?
two door cinema club - are we ready? (wreck)
roddy woomble - like caruso
sleaford mods - moptop
sleaford mods - i feel so wrong
lo fidelity allstars - darkness rolling
the woodentops - wheels turning (adrian sherwood remix)
sherwood & pinch - itchy face
vivien goldman - private armies dub
jupiter-c - locust
salford sorcerers - regal sounds
the tates - electric girl
-----lp session - temples "volcano"
temples - (i want to be your) mirror
temples - open air
temples - roman god-like man
sundowners - great beauty
ulrika spacek - mimi pretend
loom - hate
black market karma - melody signal
kid wave -everything changes
wire - diamonds in cups
ultravox! - dangerous rhythm
japan - lovers on main street
artificial pleasure - all i got
-----lp session - s*m*a*s*h "goodbye welwyn garden city"
s*m*a*s*h - art therapy
s*m*a*s*h - erin
s*m*a*s*h - secret bruise
hmltd - to the door
sahara - skyline
spinn - home
the vultures - suicide


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - February

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. LITTLE FICTIONS (LP) ... Elbow (Universal)
3. FOR YOU ... Secret Shine (Saint Maire Records)
4. CHANGE OF STATE (LP) ... Novella (Sinderlyn)
5. DRAGONFLY ... Pumarosa (Fiction)
6. KISS? ... Childcare (Lost in the Manor)
7. BIG BALLOON (LP) ... Dutch Uncles (Memphis Industries)
8. TRANSITION ... Kite Base (little something)
9. THE STRANGLE OF ANNA ... The Moonlandingz (Transgressive)
10. LOCUS (LP) ... Great Ytene (Faux Discx)
11. MASQUERADE ... Tourists (℗© 2017 Tourists)
12. ECHOES / VICTORIA FALLS ... Flyte (Uni/Island)
13. RESTART ... BNQT (Bella Union)
14. THE PACE OF THE PASSING (LP) ... Toothless (Uni/Island)
15. SHOULDN'T STRAY FROM THE SHADOWS ... Monster Movie (Graveface Records)
16. BROKEN GLANCES (LP) ... The Pigeon Detectives (Dance To The Radio)
17. A BIG BAD BEAUTIFUL NOISE (LP) ... The Godfathers (Godfathers Recordings2)
18. STRIKE A MATCH (LP) ... Sacred Paws (Rock Action Records)
19. VENN (LP) ... Clock Opera (League Of Imaginary Nations)
20. HEARTLAND ... Deadwall (Hatch Recordings)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for February 2017