Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pledge Drive/Halloween 2015 show tracks for Sat. Oct. 31/15

Our pledge drive show for 2015 is tonight! Hope you will tune in for a some Halloween theme tracks as well many reasons for you to support CJAM.
Every dollar we receive goes to keeping CJAM 99.1 FM on the air, accomplishing our mission operating a campus-based community radio station providing music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area.
Super easy, fast and safe to donate to CJAM using this dedicated page for our show.
Check it out and feel free to support volunteer driven campus community radio in Windsor!
Thank you for your support!

the automatic - monster
the wombats - tokyo (vampires & wolves)
the horrors - jack the ripper
the wytches - if not for money
japan - halloween
sun machine - the loudest of them
amy winehouse - you're wondering now
real lies - dab housing
lonelady - mortar remembers you
ian brown - f.e.a.r.
the levellers - the devil went down to georgia
the zutons - moons & horror shows
dodgy - melodies haunt you
the fall - there's a ghost in my house
-----northern soul spotlight
the wigan casino 3 before 8
tobi legend - time will pass you by
jimmy radcliffe - long before the night is over
dean parrish - i'm on my way
pulp - disco 2000
-----lp session - guy garvey "courting the squall"
guy garvey - harder edges
guy garvey - juggernaut
guy garvey - electricity feat jolie holland
ill - ill song
skinny girl diet - silver spoons
siouxsie & the banshees - halloween
curve - horror head
franz ferdinand & sparks - police encounters
outfit - boy
iron maiden - fear of the dark

Monthly Indiessential chart for October 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. ILLUMINATIONS (LP) ... Lusts (1965 Records)
2. SETTLED IN OUR HEARTS EP ... Cat Bear Tree (Cat Bear Tree)
3. THE ANSWER ... Savages (Matador)
4. IN DREAM (LP) ... Editors (Play It Again Sam)
5. PRIESTESS ... Pumarosa (Chess Club Records)
6. REAL LIFE (LP) ... Real Lies (Marathon Artists)
7. SEXWITCH (LP) ... Sexwitch (The Echo Label Limited)
8. SUPER TRANSPORTERREUM EP ... Menace Beach (Memphis Industries)
9. WHAT WE HAVEN'T GOT YET ... Jaws (Bad Co. Records)
10. DREAM SODA (LP) ... Demob Happy (So Recordings/Silva Screen Records)
11. THE BIRTHDAY OF THE WORLD (LP) ... Hatcham Social (Crocodile Records)
12. TIRED EYES ... Gengahr (Transgressive)
13. TAKE YOUR JACKET OFF & GET INTO IT (LP) ... Vangoffey (Distiller Records)
14. ORDINARY BOYS (LP) ... Ordinary Boys (Treat Yourself Records)
15. MIRRORS (LP) ... Reverend & The Makers (Cooking Vinyl)
16. BRING SOME ... Man Made (Soul Kitchen)
17. DIMINISHING RETURNS ... Model Railway Exhibition (model railway exhibition)
18. PARTS PRIMITIVE (LP) ... Primitive Parts (Trouble In Mind Records)
19. IT'S NOT ROCK & ROLL ... Trampolene (Mi7 Records)
20. SURRENDER (LP) ... Hurts (Columbia)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Take Off Your Jacket & Get Into It! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 24/15

Tonight on the eve of the big celebration Cowboys & Indies will be "Keeping It Peel"! October 25 is the anniversary of John's death, one of our musical idols. Tonight some new releases an LP Session and loads of Peel Sessions to celebrate!

Super easy, fast and safe to donate to CJAM during this year's Pledge Drive. The new look page is up and running. Check it out and feel free to support volunteer driven campus community radio in Windsor! Donation page is open now. No need to wait.
Join us Saturday Oct. 31 (yes Halloween) for our annual Pledge Drive show.

mitch benn & the distractions - a minute's noise for John
the undertones - teenage kicks (festive 50 1981)
the fall - rebellious jukebox (peel session)
savages - the answer
pj harvey - victory (peel session)
slow riot - city of colour
holy esque - hexx
jesus & mary chain - some candy talking (peel session)
the chameleons - nostalgia (peel session)
pleasure beach - dreamer to the dawn
the associates - party fears two (peel session)
kissing the pink - big man restless
david bowie - heroes (peel session)
simple minds - ghostdancing
spring king - who are you?
venice trip - said too much
trampolene - it's not rock and roll
vangoffey - alfie loves the birds
vangoffey - spilt milk
the smiths - still ill (peel session)
inspiral carpets - gimme shelter (peel session)
primal scream - crystal crescent (peel session)
the boomtown rats - mary of the 4th form (peel session)
television personalities - a picture of dorian gray (peel session)
dexy's midnight runners - tell me when my light turns green (peel session)
-----lp session - cheatahs "mythologies"
cheatahs - channel view
cheatahs - in flux
cheatahs - freak waves
cheatahs - reverie bravo
the shop assistants - i don't want to be friends with you (peel session)
delta 5 - delta 5 (peel session)
cabaret voltaire - walls of jericho (peel session)
the pop group - words disobey me (peel session)
kerosene - one hundred & twelve
east of eden - northern hemispheres
black sonic revolver - darken my door
sea pinks - depth of field
catholic action - l.u.v.
-----lp session #2 - lusts "illuminations"
lusts - temptation
lusts - bad weekend
lusts - mouthwash
a certain ratio - all night party (peel session)
blur - popscene (live at peel acres)
pulp - common people (peel session)
echo & the bunnymen - over the wall (peel session)


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Disposable Anthems! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 17/15

Very sad. Camera Obscura's Carey Lander succumbed to her battle with cancer. RIP Carey. Condolences to her family, friends, bandmates and fans.
We open the show with a couple Camera Obscura tracks in her memory.

Tune in next week for some special Keeping It Peel programming!

camera obscura - let me go home
camera obscura - the sweetest thing
stranglers & simple minds - (get a) grip (on yourself)
chain of flowers - crisis
esper scout - in foreign
the spook school - books and hooks and movements
novella - sentences
the kooks - creatures of habit
the names - stranger than you
youth club - pressure
hurts - lights
hurts - kaleidoscope
friendly fires - blue cassette
last shadow puppets - standing next to me
the vaccines - give me a sign
the zombies - chasing the past
the libertines - time for heroes
-----northern soul spotlight
marvin smith - have more time
erma franklin - whispers (getting louder)
johnny moore - walk like a man
susan barrett - what's it gonna be
the artistics - nothing but heartaches (keep haunting me)
-----lp session - the ordinary boys "ordinary boys"
the ordinary boys - losing my cool
the ordinary boys - almost ready
the ordinary boys - disposable anthem
the maccabees - ribbon road
the anchoress - popular
guy garvey - unwind
peace - perfect skin
ride - polar bear
real lies - one club town
real lies - naked ambition
deux furieuses - can we talk about this (feral five remix)
duran duran - danceophobia
little boots - desire
chvrches - keep you on my side
clinic - tape for jase
cheatahs - su-pra
gengahr - face to black
younghusband - better times
sahara - say the right thing
otherkin - love's a liability

Download the show!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

People On The High Line! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 10/15

Shorter days, longer nights, cooler temps and Halloween is days away. So all this can only mean one thing! CJAM Pledge Drive is near. Think how you can help Windsor's only campus community volunteer driven radio station. New changes will make donating easier and quicker! Stay tuned. WE ARE CJAM!

johnny marr - i fought the law (live)
jaws - what we haven't got yet
bloc party - the love within
public service broadcasting - korolev
nzca lines - persephone dreams
new order - people on the high line
public image limited - i'm not satisfied
the smiths - jeane
unkle bob - the long way home
ride - vapour trail (trail mix by robert smith)
the charlatans - polar bear
swim deep - fueiho boogie
reverend & the makers - amsterdam
reverend & the makers - something to remember
reverend & the makers - mr glasshalfempty
-----northern soul spotlight
erma franklin - gotta find me a new lover
the charmaines - eternally
the insiders - i'm just a man
billy butler - right track
tyrone davis - one way ticket
-----lp session - hatcham social "the birthday of the world"
hatcham social - wondrous place
hatcham social - our love will carry us through the stars (song for joanna)
hatcham social - darling
yak - no
johnny foreigner - flooding
shopping - private party
otherkin - 20 to 11
oasis - roll with it
blossoms - charlemagne
lusts - illuminations
the vryll society - coshh
kid wave - i'm trying to break your heart
the 1975 - love me
famy - ava
hurts - some kind of heaven
this is the bridge - dissatisfaction (version)
campag velocet - to lose la trek
the duke spirit - blue and yellow light
cat bear tree - in actual fact
menswe@r - crash '14
is tropical - lights on


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Leave Them All Behind! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 3/15

Ride were amazing at St. Andrew's Hall last Thursday night! Still upset the The Chameleons were the same night and I had to miss them. Probably the last time for them, especially in Detroit. But at least Ride didn't disappoint.
And now Lush join the like of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Swervedriver and Ride and reunite for a show. True it is only 1 show and it is in the UK but that's how all reunion tours start. Attention Lush, Ride, Slowdive did tremendously well in the Motor City so you can come on over too!

ride - paralysed
lush - superblast!
man made - bring some
gengahr - tired eyes
the big moon - nothing without you
sahara - ask me again
shopping - passing through
guy garvey - angela's eyes
noel gallagher's high flying birds - the girl with the x-ray eyes (david holmes rework)
childcare - omega grey
cat bear tree - adult
girls names - desire oscillations
sexwitch - war in peace
visage - seven deadly sins (part two)
human league - the things that dreams are made of (original dub edit)
siouxsie & the banshees - the killing jar
serpent power - lucifer's dream box
-----lp session - demob happy "dream soda"
demob happy - summer cash in
demob happy - summoner
demob happy - underneath your tree
the la's - timeless melody
the clientele - on a summer trail
belle & sebastian - the power of three
the darling buds - let's go round there
baby strange - pleasure city
the jesus & mary chain - april skies
terminal gods - road of the law
hey colossus - hop the railings
hey colossus - memories of wonder
coquin migale - luv
model railway exhibition - diminishing returns
jesuits - dinner jazz
the hoo has - yankee
prom - touch me
beach baby - limousine
desperate journalist - good luck
daughter - doing the right thing