Sunday, June 28, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. June 27/09

Special show announcement! Next Saturday will be another special show in the series for our 20 Anniversary year! This show we look at the Brit Pop Years on Cowboys & Indies. Arguably the most productive time in our history, popularity and awards wise. So tune in this Sat. July 4/09 at 9:30pm ET to celebrate the best of the Brit Pop years. Oh yeah, you can stream live online too at

idlewild - readers & writers
eugene mcguinness - moscow state circus
silvery - the nishikado
voluntary butler scheme - tobasco sole
soft toy emergency - critical
four dead in ohio - tastes like the good love
bloc party - one more chance
we have band - you came out
big audio dynamite - v. thirteen
simian mobile disco - audacity of huge w/ chris keating
reverie sound revue - an anniversary away
lovers love haters - sitting still
little girls - imaginary girls
future of the left - throwing bricks at trains
-----lp session la roux "la roux"
la roux - colourless colour
la roux - as if by magic
la roux - fascination
la roux - growing pains (uk bonus track)
slow club - come on youth
lord cut glass - even jesus couldn't love you
florence & the machine - rabbit heart (raise it up)
we were promised jetpacks - quiet little voices
the telegraphs - i don't navigate by you
exile parade - heart into suicide
nine black alps - buy nothing
god help the girl - act of the apostle
adam franklin - big sur
ash - return of white rabbit
cicada - executive feat. tom smith (editors)
bombay bicycle club - always like this
woodhands - dancer
defend moscow - manifesto
scarboro aquarium club - be the stars

Monday, June 22, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. June 20/09

Special show announcement! Saturday July 4/09 will be another special show in the series for our 20th Anniversary year! This show we look at the Brit Pop Years on Cowboys & Indies. Arguably the most productive time in our history, popularity and awards wise. So tune in Sat. July 4/09 celebrate the American Independence Day with best of the Brit Pop years.

I felt I needed to bang my head a little. So with both Spinal Tap and Iron Maiden in the currents I could not resist. I hoped you banged your head as

spinal tap - stonehenge
iron maiden - churchill's speech
iron maiden - aces high
the twang - barney rubble
them:youth - bows and arrows
the big pink - stop the world
noisettes - saturday night
the troubadours - surrender
the gin riots - the polka
flashguns - i do not love you
gloria cycles - chancer
tigers that talked - black heart, blue eyes
pony up! - charles
the high dials - t.v. mystic
sloan - someone i can be true with
cub - por favor
polly scattergood - please don't touch
-----lp session god help the girl "god help the girl"
god help the girl - pretty eve in the tub
god help the girl - funny little frog
god help the girl - perfection as a hipster
god help the girl - i just want your jeans
howling bells - treasure hunt
temper trap - science of fear
the maccabees - no kind words
situationists - calluses
rose elinor dougall - stop/start/synchro
wild beasts - hooting & howling
joy formidable - whirring
manic street preachers - visions blurred (horror's cover)
kyte - no one is angry, just afraid
franz ferdinand - the vaguest of feeling
the xx - crystalised
little boots - symmetry w/phil oakey
idlewild - readers & writers
lord cut glass - even jesus couldn't love you
bricolage - turn u over
fight like apes - something global
little girls - tambourine

Monday, June 15, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. June 13/09

manic street preachers - pretension/repulsion (demo)
band of skulls - i know what i am
british sea power - tiger king
cherbourg - man the
twilight sad - reflection of the television
detroit social club - soldiers
the housemartins - sheep
rumble strips - not the only person
the lodger - i think i need you
merchandise - listen up!
temper trap - sweet disposition
trip - river phoenix
the streets - trust me
lady sovereign - i got the goods
-----lp session the answering machine "another city, another sorry"
the answering machine - another city, another sorry
the answering machine - emergency
the answering machine - the information
the answering machine - oh christina
super furry animals - mt.
empire of the sun - half mast
neils children - sometimes it's hard to let go
the loves - you don't have to
minnaars - essay essay essay
laurel collective - fax of death
theoretical girl - rivals
lord cut glass - even jesus couldn't love you
art brut - dc comics & chocolate milkshakes
metric - satellite mind
marmaduke duke - rubber lover
team waterpolo - room
tiga - turn the night on
bran van 3000 - rose
montag - global (heart) warming
razorlight - hostage of love
jets overhead - no nations
kasabian - vlad the impaler
jarvis cocker - build still
brakes - do you feel the same?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 6/09

Wow, this show felt like an 8 hour shift at work. Technical problems galore will frustrate the bejesus out of Thankfully the finished audio product didn't show any signs of the problems. I have that solved for next week.
We open the show with a Stone Roses dedication. We lost a friend last year. He is dearly missed by all. He was a huge Stone Roses fan. So we open with So Young, because Peter was too young to go.

stone roses - so young
the dykeenies - sounds of the city
trashcan sinatras - oranges & apples
bricoloage - 6th form poet
polly scattergood - nitrogen pink
pete doherty - last of the english roses
the enemy - don't break the red tape
the king blues - i got love
the rank deluxe - dole queue
london bLaCkMaRkEt - checkmate
lovers love haters - dead end trail
the buffalo jump - what gravity knows
brent randall & his pinecones - bluebirds, flowers & other things
lp session #1 kasabian "the west ryder pauper lunatic asylum"
kasabian - where did all the love go?
kasabian - thick as thieves
kasabian - west ryder silver bullet
kasabian - fast fuse
gallows - london is the reason
the exploited - punk's not dead
the damned - wait for the blackout
pride tiger - the lucky ones
the constantines - credit river
lp session #2 little boots "hands"
little boots - earthquake
little boots - remedy
little boots - tune into my heart
slow club - because we're dead
silhouette - masquerade
kids love lies - count in my head
maximo park - a cloud of mystery
manic street preachers - journal for plague lovers
wake the president - you can't change that boy
wave machines - i go i go i go
rumble strips - london
iggy pop - he's dead/she's alive

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Monthly Indiessential chart for May 2009

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. JOURNAL FOR PLAGUE LOVERS (LP) Manic Street Preachers (Sony)
2. PRIMARY COLOURS (LP) The Horrors (XL)
3. QUICKEN THE HEART (LP) Maximo Park (Warp)
4. NEW IN TOWN Little Boots (679 Recordings)
5. FURTHER COMPLICATIONS (LP) Jarvis Cocker (Rough Trade)
6. WALL OF ARMS (LP) Maccabees (Polydor)
7. SUNSHINE PEOPLE Detroit Social Club (Stranded Soldier)
8. BONKERS Dizzee Rascal (Dirtee Skank)
9. TWITTER EP The Streets (free download)
10. GREY BRITAIN (LP) The Gallows (Warner)
11. MAN OF ARAN (LP) British Sea Power (Rough Trade)
12. MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE (LP) The Enemy (Warner)
13. COME MONDAY NIGHT God Help The Girl (Rough Trade)
14. COUNTERPOINT Delphic (R&S)
15. DUKE PANDEMONIUM (LP) Marmaduke Duke (Warner)
16. CLIFFER Answering Machine (Heist Or Hit)
17. FLOWERS THAT FELL Detachments (Thisisnotanexit)
18. SORROW’S ARMY Graham Coxon (Transgressive)
20. YOU’VE CREATED A MONSTER (LP) Brontosaurus Chorus (PopArt)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for May 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. May 30/09

The first two songs tonight go out to a friend, Marianne, who went through a traumatic few weeks. Her beloved puppy, Eno, went missing. She and friends combed the greater Toronto area, until finally the search was over and he was returned. Due to the kindness of a family who took little Eno in and kept him safe until the reunion. She showed her gratitude to all who helped in the search by having a party. So I dedicated the first two tracks to little Eno and his safe return home.
Special show coming up, so stay tuned for the details.

charlie - spacer woman
brian eno - king's lead hat
sugar crisis - we are here to save you
joy division - no love lost
jesus & mary chain - you trip me up
the legends - seconds away
the airfields - prisoners of our love
ash - return of white rabbit
the big pink - velvet
the plugs - all them witches
tired irie - summertime
doves - compulsion
adam franklin - big sur
will fell - missing madness
-----lp session neils children "x.enc"
neils children - motorcar
neils children - an exchange
neils children - the eyes of a child
neils children - terror at home
god help the girl - come monday night
camera obscura - forests & sands
polly scattergood - other too endless
malcolm middleton - red travellin' socks
the gin riots - the polka
pistola kicks - shoes
arctic monkeys - dancing shoes (at the apollo)
gang of four - outside the trains don't run on time
we are standard - the first girl who got a kiss without a please
engineers - three fact fader
sad day for puppets - blue skies
elephant stone - i am blind
caledonia - burning the day
television personalities - people think that we're strange
pony up - storyteller