Sunday, June 8, 2014

Some Of My Best Friends Are Songs! Show tracks for Sat. June 7/14

Couldn't be happier that the C86 resurgence is continuing. New tracks from some of the bands at the forefront of the movement. Plus, I found out today that the C86 Box Set is en route. So barring any shenanigans from the post office, like delaying delivery for 6 weeks, the special show is very near.

new order - world in motion
baddiel, skinner & the lightning seeds - three lions (football's coming home)
traams - giddy
eagulls - nerve endings
the wytches - wire frame mattress
paws - narcissist
paws - great bear
close lobsters - now time
mighty lemon drops - sympathise with us
mighty lemon drops - take my heart
the wolfhounds - anthem
the woodentops - every step of the way
the heartbreaks - man overboard
the heartbreaks - this is not entertainment
the moons - body snatchers
len price 3 - swing like a monkey
slow club - suffering you, suffering me
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
lynn randell - stranger in my arms
robert knight - branded
the uptights - shy guy
lou edwards & today's people - talkin' 'bout poor folks thinkin' 'bout my folks
the philly devotions - i just can't say goodbye
-----lp session - james "la petite mort"
james - curse curse
james - interrogation
james - all i'm saying
peace - world pleasure
the kvb - all around you
the kvb - from afar
peter murphy - hang up
-----mixtape memories
trashcan sinatras - obscurity knocks
the pale fountains - jean's not happening
the wendys - pulling my fingers off
kissing the pink - big man restless
towns - get me there
towns - just everything
money - bluebell fields
detachments - endgame
glass animals - pools
movie - ads

Hear here!

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