Saturday, August 9, 2014

Just How Long Can You Stare? Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 9/14

Big news this week for the Detroit area is the announcement that Slowdive will be playing The Majestic Theater in October. Tickets are on sale now.
Next week C&I will take part in CJAM's week long celebration The History Of Punk. Doing what we do best we will focus on the Brit punk scene touching on some sub-genres as well. That starts next Saturday and runs through the week on CJAM 99.1FM.
On Sat. Aug. 30 C&I will celebrate it's anniversary with a special themed show with cd and concert ticket giveaways. More news in the next couple weeks.

echo & the bunnymen - ocean rain
slowdive - catch the breeze
2:54 - orion
arctic lake - just how long can you stare
wyldest - wanders
phoria - emanate
grumbling fur - lightinsisters
tim burgess - oh men (grumbling fur reworking)
pete fij & terry bickers - parallel
mogwai - helps both ways
pale seas - different for once
love l.u.v. - lily anne
flowers - joanna
doe - julia survived
september girls - heartbeats
-----northern soul spotlight
saxie russell - psychedelic soul (part 1)
johnny & lilly - suffering city
the whispers - remember me
sandy wynns - the touch of venus
kelly brothers - love time
-----lp session - engineers "always returning"
engineers - it rings so true
engineers - drive your car
engineers - a million voices
black rivers - the ship
wilderness hymnal - phosphor
thought forms - your bones
esben & the witch - no dog
-----mixtape memories
comsat angels - independence day
the chameleons - up the down escalator
the sound - new dark age
red lorry yellow lorry - hollow eyes
-----lp session - childhood "lacuna"
childhood - you could be different
childhood - sweeter preacher
childhood - tides
april - ten miles high
jaws - swim


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