Sunday, July 30, 2017

Crooked Calypso! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 29/17

cabbage - celebration of a disease
meatraffle - brother (vito edit)
ben gibbard - the concept
teenage fanclub - your love is the place where i come from
youmi zuma - some might say
kelly stoltz - do it clean
-----lp session - paul heaton & jacqui abbott "crooked calypso"
paul heaton & jacqui abbott - i gotta praise
paul heaton & jacqui abbott - she got the garden
paul heaton & jacqui abbott - blackwater banks
-----2017 mercury music prize spotlight
blossoms - honey sweet
the big moon - something beautiful
glass animals - life itself
alt-j - in cold blood
kate tempest - lionmouth door knocker
the xx - i dare you
dinosaur - living, breathing
bronski beat - no more war/it ain't necessarily so
jamiroquai - automaton
-----lp session - the fall "new facts emerge"
the fall - fol de sol
the fall - second house now
the fall - gibbus gibson
the cribs - rainbow ridge
stereophonics - all in one night
dead naked hippies - i can't wait
seawitches - absolve
spiritualized - electricity
oddfellow's casino - down in the water
softer still - 1993
palm honey - hot simian weather
swimming girls - 2 kids
-----lp session - pete fij & terry bickers "we are millionaires"
pete fij & terry bickers - if the world is all we have
pete fij & terry bickers - over you
pete fij & terry bickers - sometime soon
the coral - dreaming of you
the hummingbirds - moving on
beth orton - concrete sky
madonnatron - tron


Sunday, July 23, 2017

She Tastes Like Summer! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 22/17

pins - all hail
jitterz - one good song
omd - the punishment of luxury
blancmange - what's the time?
the ninth wave - reformation
cult with no name - when i was a girl (feat kelli ali of sneaker pimps)
m!r!m - grand dutchy of tuscany
ummagma - lama (robin guthrie mix)
ethan & the reformation - free from everything
amusement parks on fire - flashlight planetarium
red kite - take care of your own
editors - fingers in the factories
orange soul - the haze
my sad captains - extra curricular
spilt milk society - she tastes like summer
the japanese house - saw you in a dream
patience - white of an eye
-----northern soul spotlight
lorraine silver - lost summer love
the ferris wheel - number one guy
timebox - soul sauce
leonard whiting - that's what mama say
the javells feat nosmo king - goodbye (nothing to say)
-----lp session - childhood "universal high"
childhood - cameo
childhood - too old for my tears
childhood - universal high
beach riot - slackers
idles - slow savage
goat girl - crow cries
meatraffle - love hz
dorothy valens - hate, pain, suffering (we still have the music)
heavy on the magic - hot day in the uk
swedish death candy - oh my
baby strange - young team
the amazons - black magic
the velvet hands - games
fever dream - youth (is wasted on the old)
tigercub - divided states of us
-----lp session the death of pop "fed up"
the death of pop - pain is needless
the death of pop - busy with the boys
the death of pop - like always
elbow - firebrand & angel
the charlatans - there will be chances
superfood - unstoppable


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Still Pumping Up The Volume! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 15/17

On the anniversary of Steven Young's (Colourbox/MARRS) untimely passing we featured an encore performance of last year's tribute show.
RIP Steven Young founder of Colourbox and M/A/R/R/S/. The debut Colourbox album was huge for me in my teens. So we open the show with some tracks in his honour. And feature some more through out the show.

colourbox - the moon is blue
colourbox - baby i love you so
manuela - cracks in the concrete
sugarthief - new ends
cold pumas - a change of course
clowwns - love vigilantes
soft riot - lovers in a dangerous time
ultimate painting - bills
bosco rogers - googoo
bad family - real fast car
the lapelles - grab life by
the ramona flowers - skies turn gold
deux furieuses - now you're gonna listen
deux furieuses - the party of shaitaan
beach baby - u r
fears chella - cool
palace - break the silence
factory floor - ya
m/a/r/r/s/ - pump up the volume (uk version)
colourbox - just give 'em whiskey
feeder - universe of life
biffy clyro - herex
-----lp session - lola colt "twist through the fire'
lola colt - eagle
lola colt - bones
lola colt - at war
eagulls - velvet
honeyblood - ready for the magic
fear of men - sane
semantics - games
heavy heart - high dive
war waves - horses
wolf girl - don't ask me questions (i can't even answer the phone)
-----lp session - climbing trees "borders"
climbing trees - tracks
climbing trees - set in stone
climbing trees - fall
travis - animals
m/a/r/r/s/ - anitina
colourbox - looks like we're shy one horse/shoot out


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Party In The Dark! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 8/17

the cribs - in your palace
loom - get a taste
mogwai - party in the dark
catholic action - propaganda
wyldest - hitchhiker
sundara karma - lakhey
inheaven - world on fire
kaimikaze girls - lights & sounds
the charlatans - different days
david bowie - the stars (are out tonight)
blaenavon - i will be the world
darkside - waiting for the angels
house of love - christine
ghostpoet - freakshow
wolf alice - don't delete the kisses
yassassin - cherry pie
pumarosa - honey
-----northern soul spotlight
rimshots - do what you feel
frankie crocker - ton of dynamite
retta young - you beat me to the punch
the sapphires - gotta have your love
willie & the mighty magnificents - check it baby
-----lp session - public service broadcasting "every valley"
public service broadcasting - people will always need coal
public service broadcasting - all out
public service broadcasting - turn no more feat james dean bradfield
unkle - sunrise (always comes around) feat liela moss
the orielles - sugar tastes like salt (andrew weatherall dub mix pt1)
toy - dream orchestrator (tvam remix)
boys - dreamland
gentlemen - corner of your eye
the graphites - emerald boy
cocteau twins - cherry-coloured funk
kele okereke - streets been talkin'
the indelicates - top of the pops
the telescopes - you can't reach what you hunger
the telescopes - down on me
sunshine frisbee laserbeam - sink or swim
honey joy - floreana
ghost//signals - start families; avoid hip parties
ghosts of dead airplanes - delaware


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - June Albums

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. WEATHER DIARIES (LP) ... Ride (Wichita)
2. SUNNY HILLS (LP) ... All We Are (Double Six / Domino)
3. WATERCOURSE (LP) ... Sea Pinks (CF Records)
4. SEAFOAM (LP) ... Kamikaze Girls (Big Scary Monsters)
5. HOME COUNTIES (LP) ... Saint Etienne (Heavenly Recordings)
6. AETHERLIGHT (LP) ... Mt. Wolf (CRC Music)
7. STRANGE WORDS AND WEIRD WARS (LP) ... Marnie (Disco Piñata)
8. MODERN ENGLISH DECORATION (LP) ... Ulrika Spacek (Tough Love Records)
9. SUGAR KISSES (LP) ... The Popguns (Matinée Recordings)
10. ANARCHY AND ALCHEMY (LP) ... Echobelly (Echobelly)
11. RELAXER (LP) ... Δ Alt-J (Infectious)
12. THE AMAZONS (LP) ... The Amazons (Fiction)
13. SUPER NATURAL (LP) ... Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind (Hound Gawd!)
14. SONGS OF HER'S (LP) ... Her's (Heist Or Hit Records)
15. INFINITE GAMES (LP) ... Zola Blood (Pond Life Songs)
16. I'M NOT YOUR MAN (LP) ... Marika Hackman (Sub Pop)
17. LOOM (LP) ... Loom (Silent Cult)
18. TRUTH IS A BEAUTIFUL THING (LP) ... London Grammar (Ministry of Sound Recordings
19. ABSENCE (LP) ... Zoot Woman (ZWR)
20. INTO THE FLOPHOUSE (LP) ... Tangerines (RIP Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - June Singles

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. MACHINE ... The Horrors (Wolf Tone Limited/Caroline)
2. SLEEPING POWDER ... Gorillaz (Parlophone)
3. SILENCED BY THE ROAR ... Deux Furieuses (deux furieuses)
4. LOVE'S GOING TO GET YOU ... Pete Fij / Terry Bickers (Broadcast Recordings)
5. FOREVER FACES ... Softer Still (Label Fandango)
6. FRESH MEAT ... The Van T's (Lab Records)
7. EDEN MACHINE ... Trailer Trash Tracys (Double Six / Domino)
8. LUNAR DAYS ... The Clientele (Tapete Records)
9. CAN'T DO ... Everything Everything (Sony)
10. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL ... Blackwaters (Scrubs Records)
11. DON'T POKE THE BEAR ... Paul Draper (Kscope)
12. BROTHER ... Meatraffle (Moshi Moshi Records)
13. NORTH OF ANYWHERE ... Jack Cooper (Trouble In Mind Records)
14. FIXATION / WHITE WALLS EP ... The KVB (Invada Records)
15. FELICITY ... The Night Café (The Night Café)
16. OPEN ... Endless Peaks (Spinnup)
17. LOST AND FOUND ... La Bête Blooms (Adult Teeth)
18. WOULDN'T WANNA BE YA ... Yonaka (Atlantic)
19. DENY TIL YOU DIE PART ONE EP ... Bad Mannequins (Bad Mannequins)
20. COMPASS ... Esper Scout (Bomb the Twist)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June 2017

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Echo Beach! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 1/17

Happy Canada 150 Day!
Happy International Reggae Day!

loop - cinnamon girl (neil young cover)
james - so long marianne (leonard cohen cover)
starsailor - listen to your heart
the mission - like a hurricane (neil young cover)
ride - cali
cast - birdcage
pete fij & terry bickers - love's going to get you
jagara - real love
toyah - echo beach (martha & the muffins cover)
hollie cook - superstar
the clash - robber dub
gorillaz (2d) - sleeping powder
black grape - pop voodoo
the horrors - machine
the confederate dead - carousel
trailer trash tracys - eden machine
saint etienne - only love can break your heart (neil young cover)
mogwai - coolverine
-----lp session - jah wobble & the invaders of the heart "the usual suspects"
jah wobble & the invaders of the heart - becoming more like god
jah wobble & the invaders of the heart - how much are they?
jah wobble & the invaders of the heart - invaders of the heart
siouxsie & the banshees - this wheel's on fire (the band cover)
the beat - rough rider
the rolling stones - cherry oh baby
the stereophonics - fiddler's green (tragically hip cover)
amy winehouse - you're wondering now
berries - wild vow
the primitives - i'm not saying (gordon lightfoot cover)
girl ray - don't go back at ten
travis - the urge for going (joni mitchell cover)
atlas wynd - eyes fixed on the sun
tack>>head - feel the beat
tack>>head - one thousand overdubs
the slits - man next door
steel pulse - handsworth revolution
sid vicous - my way (paul anka cover)

Listen again!