Sunday, February 23, 2020

Greetings From Planet Weatherall! Show tracks from Sat. Feb. 22/20

mike garry & joe duddell - st. anthony: ode to anthony h. wilson (andrew weatherall remix)
-----andrew weatherall tribute
primal scream - come together (andrew weatherall 7" mix)
happy mondays - hallelujah (andrew weatherall remix)
saint etienne - only love can break your heart (a mix of two halves)
beth orton - anywhere (two lone swordsmen remix)
the asphodells - a love from outer space
one dove - why don't you take me?
james - come home (skunk funk remix)
andrew weatherall - saturday international
my bloody valentine - soon (andrew weatherall remix)
jah wobble & youth - a very british coup (andrew weatherall remix)
madness - death of a rude boy (andrew weatherall remix)
leftfield - open up (sabres of paradise open dub)
twilight sad - videograms (andrew weatherall remix)
-----Listen to tribute here
pins - bad girls forever
coach party - breakdown
the flatmates - you held my heart
hanya - cement
white flowers - portra
shopping - body clock
bloxx - coming up short
marthagunn - we don't need each other
-----lp session - peggy sue 'vices'
peggy sue - i wanna be your girl
peggy sue - souvenirs
peggy sue - slow fade
john foxx & the maths - howl
toy - happy in the hollow
membranes - nocturnal
humanist feat mark gardener - when the lights go out
pale saints - you tear the world in two
sports team - here's the thing
talk show - stress
the lottery winners - deadlock
purest - give up
ist ist - black
pictish trail - double sided
pictish trail - slow memories

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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Performance Space Number One! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 15/20

blossoms - like gravity
girl ray - friend like that
buzzcocks - gotta get better
gang of four - the dying rays (2020)
julian cope - your facebook, my laptop
boomtown rats - trash glam baby
lions of dissent - dreams like drugs
lexytron -- tell the vein
kissing the pink - love lasts forever
the passions - i'm in love with a german film star
sigue sigue sputnik - love missile f1-11
the distant minds - blasphemy
summer camp - barefoot in the park
summer camp - you complete me
pins - hot slick
tim burgess - empathy for the devil
-----london is the place for me
lord beginner - sons and daughters of africa
dai dai simba - modern telephone
the mighty terror - life is like a puzzle
the lion - highway code
-----lp session - mush '3d routine'
mush - fruits of the happening
mush - gig economy
mush - no signal in the paddock
the house of love - road
ride - black nite crash
jesus and mary chain - never understand
primal scream - kill all hippies
the illicits - what i need
the shambolics - sandra speed
harkin - nothing the night can't change
catholic action - another name for loneliness
shopping - follow me
working men's club - white rooms & people
buzzard buzzard buzzard - john lennon is my jesus christ
human pet - automated
-----lp session - psycho comedy 'performance space number one'
psycho comedy - standin'
psycho comedy - sleepwalking
psycho comedy - the hangman
mystery jets - a billion heartbeats
the pale white - polaroid
drug store romeos - frame of reference
hot minute - drive


Sunday, February 9, 2020

Counting Fireflies! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 8/20

wire - hung
deep tan - constant inconsistencies
baxter dury - i'm not your dog
es - chemical
ist ist - you're mine
mush - existential dread
meggie brown - boys boys boys
sinead o'brien - taking on time
dry cleaning - goodnight
jehnny beth - flower
saint agnes - and they all fall down
pj harvey - down by the water
penniless cove - silence sits like a boom
nadine shah - ladies for babies (goats for love)
public image limited - f f f
the stranglers - no more heroes
elastica - waking up
la roux - 21st century
la roux - everything i live for
-----london has a place for me
lord beginner - the dollar and the pound
the mighty terror - women police in london
king timothy - football calypso
rupert nurse's calypso band - calypso rhythm dance
-----lp session - shopping 'all or nothing'
shopping - initiative
shopping - no apologies
shopping - lies
adwaith - lan y mor (seaside)
hms morris - babanod (babies)
isobel campbell - just for today
isobel campbell - counting fireflies
bugeye - don't stop
lucia & the best boys - city of angels
marquis drive - proud
the clockworks - stranded in stansted
the institutes - alleyways
silverbacks - drool
the mysterines - love's not enough
the golden age of tv - me, you and a dog
-----lp session - hmltd 'west of eden'
hmltd - to the door
hmltd - why?
hmltd - nobody stays in love
editors - upside down
ladytron - tower of glass
foals - like lightning
gengahr - fantasy


Monday, February 3, 2020

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2020 - January

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. WALKING LIKE WE DO (LP) ... The Big Moon (Fiction)
2. STAGES (LP) ... The Electric Soft Parade (Chord Orchard)
3. MIND HIVE (LP) ... Wire (Pink Flag)
4. HARD TIMES (LP) ... Whyte Horses (CRC Records)
5. TRASH GLAM BABY ... The Boomtown Rats (BMG)
6. EVERYTHING ELSE HAS GONE WRONG (LP) ... Bombay Bicycle Club (Mmm...Records)
7. SWEET ... Porridge Radio (Secretly Canadian)
8. MORE. AGAIN. FOREVER. (LP) ... Courteeners (Ignition Records)
9. REGENERATE ... Hester & The Heathens (Heathen Productions)
10. I'LL DO IT TOMORROW ... Hanya (Outré Disque)
11. BANG BANG BANG ... Lauran Hibberd (Be-Known)
12. SPACE SAMBA (DISCO VOLADOR THEME) ... The Orielles (Heavenly Recordings)
13. REVISING MY FEE ... Mush (Memphis Industries)
14. TELL A VEIN ... Lexytron (Persian Punk Records)
15. BEAT HOTEL (LP) ... Beat Hotel (Occultation Recordings)
16. OVER THE MOOR ... Glass Violet (Glass Violet)
17. NOT MYSELF ... The Red Telephone (Spinnup)
18. PURPLE HEART ... The Proper Ornaments (Tapete Records)
19. MOTHER MACHINE ... Demob Happy (SO Recordings / Silva Screen Records)
20. MAKING A NEW WORLD (LP) ... Field Music (Memphis Industries)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for January 2020

Sunday, February 2, 2020

I Found That Essence Rare! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 1/20

the big moon - a hundred ways to land
bombay bicycle club - eat, sleep, wake (nothing but you)
cross wires - transfer movement
psychedelic furs - don't believe
ist ist - wolves
electric soft parade - saturday
morrissey - love is on it's way out
noel gallagher's high flying birds - blue moon rising
these new puritans - the mirage
smoke fairies - chocolate rabbit
smoke fairies - don't you want to spiral out of control?
polly scattergood - red
gorillaz - momentary bliss feat slowthai & slaves
kate tempest - unholy elixir
youth meets jah wobble - a very british coup feat mark stewart, keith levine
-----andy gill tribute
gang of four - damaged goods
gang of four - history's bunk!
gang of four - i found that essence rare
gang of four - outside the trains don't run on time
gang of four - sleepwalker
-----lp session - blossoms 'foolish loving spaces'
blossoms - my swimming brain
blossoms - romance, eh?
blossoms - like gravity
cornershop - st. marie under canon
hot chip - positive
metronomy - up, higher
gengahr - atlas please
gengahr - you're no fun
paul weller - in another room
thousand yard stare - schism algorithm
european sun - the future's female
savage mansion - karaoke
violet - shiver
stereo honey - ladders to the sun
-----lp session - vukovi 'fall better'
vukovi - aura
vukovi - i'm sorry
vukovi - white lies
shopping - for your pleasure
valeras - hear me out!
genn (gennata) - duda dance
the vitrines - to come close
sorry - more