Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sunshine State Of Mind! Show tracks for Sat. May 17/14

BIG NEWS! Due to some recent departures the Saturday line-up has been tweaked a little.
Starting next week, Sat. May 24, Cowboys & Indies will start at 9PM and run until midnight every Saturday. You might be asking yourself, self, wasn't C&I at that time slot once before? And you would be correct. Several years ago that was in fact the times for the show. We have come full circle. Add to your calendars so you remember to tune in at 9PM next week.
Starting next week as well, not a coincidence, we will start a new segment. "Mixtape Memories" will feature songs from years past that were people "taped" when mixtapes were all the rage. So if you any suggestions message me and we'll get them on for you.

paws - tongues
honeyblood - killer bangs
september girls - sisters
slow club - complete surrender
paul thomas saunders - in high heels burn it down
the merrylees - for you
loop - arc-lite (sonar)
manic street preachers - europa geht durch mich feat. nina moss
teleman - not in control
boyband - motorcycle boy (demo)
trampolene - alcohol kiss
love l.u.v. - you do something
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
tammy montgomery - it's mine
geraldine hunt - i let myself go
roy hamilton - earthquake
jimmy ricks & the ravers - daddy rollin' stone
the upsetters - jaywalking
-----lp session - sunshine underground "s/t"
the sunshine underground - finally, we arrive
the sunshine underground - nightlife
the sunshine underground - here comes the storm
world of twist - she's a rainbow (12" version)
the probes - sunshine state of mind
the clientele - falling asleep
morrissey - world peace is none of your business
jake bugg - messed up kids
eugene mcguiness - godiva
josef k - it's kinda funny (only fun in town version)
roddy frame - forty days of rain
edwyn collins - in the now
cherry ghost - clear skies ever closer
the wytches - wire frame mattress
the watchmakers - illumination
kill it kid - i'll be there
klaxons - show me a miracle

Last week for the 2 part downloads. One easy link starting next week!
Part One
Part Two

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