Saturday, November 8, 2014

Music For The Jilted Generation! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 8/14

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Tonight's show can be summed up in one phrase - The Return Of The Ordinary Boys!
The return of Northern Soul Spotlight and Mixtape Memories. We finish the special look at 20th anniversary albums, this week electronic artists (sort of).

ficiton - lonely planet
new order - every little counts
the ordinary boys - awkward
childcare - gotta wait
superfood - pallasades
superfood - like a daisy
billy bragg - waiting for the great leap forwards (live)
menace beach - come on give up
wild smiles - the gun
wild smiles - figure it out
jim valentine - hello
bruising - honey
spring king - can i?
fur blend - alley pally
allo darlin' - bright eyes
the primitives - follow the sun down
the orchids - something's going on
-----northern soul spotlight
james fountain - seven days lover
towanda barnes - you don't mean it
franki valli - the night
lou pride - i'm com'un home in the morn'un
gwen owens - just say (you're wanted and needed)
-----lp session - 2:54 "the other i"
2:54 - sleepwalker
2:54 - the monaco
2:54 - raptor
hookworms - beginners
inspiral carpets - let you down w/john cooper clarke
the pop group - she is beyond good and evil (original version)
-----mixtape memories
orbital - crash & carry
prodigy - voodoo people
primal scream - jailbird
massive attack - karmacoma
portishead - glory box
trampolene - newcastle brown love song
baxter dury - petals
ultimate painting - rolling in the deep end
comet gain - (all the) avenue girls
romare - jimmy
david bowie - sue (or in a season of crime)


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