Sunday, May 22, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. May 21/11

Tonight's show had a special bonus feature - an extra half hour! So if you want to hear that half hour in the archives you have to go to the next show, Planet Funk, and download that to hear it.

Well, since the rapture kinda crapped out (which most of us with a toe in reality expected) we open the show with a track "With Each New Day" from About Group. I toyed with doing a theme show, but surprisingly there just aren't a lot of Brit Indie songs about the apocalypse!

Quick update, we will be pre-empted next week for special Detroit Electronic Music Fest programming. Not a surprise, I did see that coming really. But still disappointed that I won't be able to bring a show next week.
But upon our return the week after, that extra half hour will become permanent. We hope to have the archives sorted by then so that downloading the show will be easy for everyone concerned. So remember starting in June Cowboys & Indies will air from 10pm-12:30am.

about group - with each new day
ladytron - white elephant
chapel club - star
the strange death of liberal england - come on you young philosophers
pete & the pirates - united
new cassettes - televise this
peter hook & the light - pictures in my mind
pope joan - a drowning
strawhouses - malaise
arctic monkeys - brick by brick
girls names - i lose
girls names - séance on a wet afternoon
puressence - burma
the rialto burns - radiate
lp session - friendly fires "pala"
friendly fires - running away
friendly fires - hawaiian air
friendly fires - true love
poly styrene - thrash city
miles kane - kingcrawler
hard fi - good for nothing
the music - ghost hands (request)
fixers - crystals
dutch uncles - the ink
young knives - glasshouse
art brut - lost weekend
anna calvi - first we kiss
digits - rachel marie (cc)
james blake - lindisfarne I & II
planningtorock - the breaks
mammal club - otter
history of apple pie - you're so cool
golden grrrls - wrldpeace
mount kimbie - carbonated

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. May 14/11

Ever had one of those weeks? Actually, it was more like 10 days for me. Having your mind spinning for that long of time can cause some serious concentration

Absolutely love the album in the lp session tonight. Thanks to Bentley for the mp3s that made that possible. Plus loads of new stuff as well. Hope you enjoyed it.

wild palms - carnations
does it offend you yeah? - wrong time wrong planet
gruff rhys - sensations in the dark
boxer rebellion - the runner
guillemots - ice room
noah & the whale - l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n.
frankie & the heartstrings - that postcard
the wave pictures - now your smile comes over in your voice
theme park - milk
the method - take your shot
the leisure society - dust on the dancefloor
the leisure society - although we are all lost
carl barât - this is the song
stalking horse - heathen head, howling heart
funeral suits - colour fade
lp session - help stamp out loneliness "help stamp out loneliness"
help stamp out loneliness - angelyne
help stamp out loneliness - cellophane
help stamp out loneliness - tracy tracy
the proctors - perfect world
just handshakes (we're british) - falling over our fear
these fine galleons - breaking the walls
young british artists - million miles
giana factory - rainbow girl (glasvegas remake)
glasvegas - stronger than dirt
austra - the choke (cc)
suuns - up past the nursery (cc)
gorillaz - detroit
jamie woon - street

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. May 7/11

After another fun Rewind! show, back to regular programming.
Hope you enjoyed it.

the kills - satellite
young legionnaire - nova scotia
hard fi - good for nothing
art brut - lost weekend
los campesinos! - light leaves, dark sees
arctic monkeys - don't sit down 'cause i've moved your chair
brother - high street, low lives
elbow - with love
big deal - talk
edinburgh school for the deaf - orpheus descending
wild beasts - bed of nails
wild beasts - reach a bit further
everything everything - final form
digits - pale green morning (cc)
austra - the future (cc)
lp session - box codax "hellabuster"
box codax - radical plains
box codax - i won't come back
box codax - sandy moffat
sharks - sweet harness
wheels - feel about me
miles kane - counting down the days
the wombats - last night i dreamt…
nico's bike - sharkbait
the history of apple pie - tug
help stamp out loneliness - palma violence
tall ships - plate tectonics
honour before glory - broken bottles, empty hearts

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rewind! show tracks for Sat. Apr. 30/11

As always the Rewind! shows are so much fun to do. So much great music to feature and so little time. We almost always run out of time and we did again last night. We got some top notch tracks in for your enjoyment.
Unfortunately, we open the show with the news that Poly Styrene (Marianne Joan Elliott-Said) lead singer of X-Ray Spex and solo artist in her own right passed away this week from cancer. So we open the show in her honour with her very first solo single and a track from X-Ray Spex. RIP Poly, you will be missed.

Cowboys & Indies returns next week in regular format with new releases, current faves and a lp session. Same indie time, same indie place! Every Saturday night 10pm-midnight only on CJAM 99.1FM and

x-ray spex - identity
mari elliot (poly styrene) - silly billy
nick lowe - cracking up
lou johnson - (there's) always something there to remind me
milltown brothers - which way should i jump?
the tweeds - i need that record
ladytron - playgirl
roxy music - ladytron
the spoons - talk back (cc)
martha & the muffins - paint by number heart (cc)
flesh for lulu - postcards from paradise (request)
primal scream - i'm losing more than i'll ever have
primal scream - loaded
the rolling stones - i don't know why
shriekback - everything that rises must converge
echo & the bunnymen - do it clean
suede - to the birds
the icicle works - in the cauldron of love
kate bush - the big sky
the box - l'affaire dumoutier (say to me) (cc)
m - keep it to yourself
art of noise - beat box
the lucy show - ephemeral (this is no heaven) (cc)
the wake - on our honeymoon / give up
language of flowers - if it's not you
the beloved - a hundred words