Saturday, June 25, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. June 25/11

Sitting here trying to think of something to say. Thank god the music has been really good, speaking for the show, because I can't think of a damn thing to say.

metronomy - the bay
wild palms - swirling shards
the kooks - saboteur
gomez - song in my heart
the wave pictures - hear the ferries mooring
young rebel set - walk on
florence & the machine - not fade away (buddy holly cover)
the good natured - skeleton
the young knives - human again
bastille - flaws
jamie xx - far nearer
rox - my baby left me
ossie & the sweet boys - brixton boo-ga-loo
wild beasts - reach a bit further
lp sessions - the feeling & japanese popstars
from "together we were made"
the feeling - searched every corner
the feeling - a hundred sinners (come and get it)
from "controlling your allegiance"
japanese popstars - take forever feat robert smith
japanese popstars - shells of silver feat james vincent mcmorrow
brother - new year's day (old video version)
andy lewis & paul weller - are you trying to be lonely?
the tony cannan set - suzie on a summer's day
miles kane - rearrange
chad valley - now that i'm real
song of return - shackles
puressence - magisterial
the kill van kulls - lost and found
the bookhouse boys - with you
[strangers] - it was a sin
the midway state - atlantic (cc)
boxer rebellion - secret handshake
houdini dax - robin you lie
toddla t w/roots manuva - watch me dance

Monday, June 20, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. June 18/11

Sorry for the delay in posting everyone. Had some serious internet connection problems. Let's just say that I hate routers!

kronenbourg 1664 - slow the pace w/ madness baggy trousers
madness - baggy trousers
morrissey - the kid's a looker (live radio session)
alex turner - hiding tonight
arctic monkeys - black treacle
jon fratelli - sex, love, money & death
joss stone - don't cha wanna ride
midnight lion - sleeping in the woods (ally mccrae session)
the heartrates - midnight crisis
retraplayer - drinks in helsinki
polly scattergood - silver lining
the primitives - breakaway
toni basil - i'm 28
poly styrene - kitsch
gaggle - i hear flies
lp sessions - hollie cook, is tropical & wu lyf
from hollie cook - "hollie cook"
hollie cook - sugar water
hollie cook - shadow kissing
from is tropical - "native to"
is tropical - south pacific
is tropical - i'll take my chances
from wu lyf - "go tell fire to the mountain"
wu lyf - spitting blood
wu lyf - dirt
locomotives - play (don't work all day)
tribes - we were children
gross magic - sweetest touch
male bonding - weird feelings
the tamborines - sally o'gannon
golden grrrls - beaches
the proctors - perfect world
jamiroquai - seven days in sunny june
vv brown - bottles
the horrors - still life
club smith - young defeatists
beau & the arrows - one last summer
lloyd cole - oh genevieve
frank turner - one foot before the other

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. June 11/11

Just when I thought June was going to be a little slow on the new releases. We get major new songs in the last 2 weeks from The Horrors, Male Bonding And Kasabian.
The show is packed with new stuff. Some top tunes.

Boy initial comments/reviews are polarizing on this new Kasabian. Fans of Club Foot are loving it and fans of West Ryder aren't. Just as I expected. Personally, I think Switchblade Smiles is bangin'!

the guillemots - i must be a lover
glasvegas - you
kasabian - switchblade smiles
new order - hellbent
midnight lion - all greatness stands firm
kaiser chiefs - child of the jago
insect guide - reason to exist
the primitives - the witch
sons & daughters - breaking fun
fixers - another lost apache
pete & the pirates - cold black kitty
pete & the pirates - blood gets thin
the method - whip around
the heavy - oh no! not you again!
lp session - the wild swans "the coldest winter for a hundred years"
the wild swans - falling to bits
the wild swans - glow in the dark
the wild swans - lost at sea
airship - kids
tall ships - hit the floor
mozart parties - wish my thoughts away
cat's eyes - over you
jamie woon - wayfaring stranger
the duke spirit - procession
towns - fields
the loose salute - run out of morning
anna calvi - desire
i like trains - sirens
male bonding - bones
british sea power - living is so easy (request)
young legionnaire - mortgage rock
mazes - bowie knives
ash - running to the ocean
undertones - got to have you back (request)
star slinger - mornin'
pleasurebeach - smells like teen spirit

To download show, follow the next links;
pt.1 (10pm - midnight)
pt.2 (midnight - 12:30am)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. June 4/11


Well, that was Get a week off and all hell breaks lose on the first week
Since we were off last week, we open with a quick tribute to the genius of Gil Scott-Heron.
We're losing too many great ones, in all genres.

Please follow the link above to buy my version of the new Kaiser Chiefs album. It's really good, I promise!

Remember, if you want to download the last half hour of the show you have to go to the Sunday archives and download
it separately. The technicians are hard at work to make it all one download soon. I'll try to add it to the download feature here on this page but you may have to do it from
Lots of great tracks tonight so enjoy.

gil scott-heron & jamie xx - running
smoove - the revolution will be televised
the vaccines - if u wanna
horrors - still life
yuck - milkshake
morning parade - a&e
beau & the arrows -
club smith - no friend of mine
friendly fires - running away
mazes - summer hits
strawhouses - batteries
art brut - martin kemp welch five-a-side football rules!
[strangers] - if i found love
adele - rumour has it
lp sessions - arctic monkeys "suck it and see"
arctic monkeys - the hellcat spangled shalalala
arctic monkeys - piledriver waltz
lp sessions - kaiser chiefs ""the future is medieval"
kaiser chiefs - little shocks
kaiser chiefs - out of focus
the wild swans - liquid mercury
young rebel set - fall hard
gallops - guns of brixton
alice gold - orbiter
get people - away
tribes - hands up for the hipsters (blank studio session)
the black ships - rain down on me
munich - all sussed out
trembling blue stars - between stations
girls names - no more words
the wombats - 1996
the laurel collective - sunshine buddy
big deal - talk
hudson mohawke - joy fantastic feat. olivier daysoul

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monthly Indiessential chart for May 2011

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. PALA (LP) ... Friendly Fires (XL)
2. SMOTHER (LP) ... Wild Beasts (Domino)
3. DON'T SIT DOWN 'CAUSE I'VE MOVED YOUR CHAIR ... Arctic Monkeys (Domino)
4. HELP STAMP OUT LONELINESS (LP) ... Help Stamp Out Loneliness (Where Its At Is Where You Are)
5. GOOD FOR NOTHING ... Hard Fi (Atlantic)
6. STILL HERE / FLY BY NIGHTS ... Brother (A&M / Octone Records)
7. BEER IN THE BREAKERS (LP) ... The Wave Pictures (Republic of Music)
8. INTO THE MURKY WATER (LP) ... The Leisure Society (Full Time Hobby)
9. NEON TRUTH / SHE IS THE ONE ... Various Cruelties (Almanac Recordings)
10. COLOUR OF THE TRAP (LP) ... Miles Kane (Columbia)
11. HELLABUSTER (LP) ... Box Codax (Republic of Music/FAB)
12. DEAD TO ME (LP) ... Girls Names (Tough Love/FAB)
13. THE JOYS OF LIVING 2008-2010 (LP) ... Sharks (Rise Records)
14. FEEL IT BREAK (LP) ... Austra (Domino)
15. UNITED ... Pete & The Pirates (Stolen Recordings)
16. SHARKBAIT ... Nico's Bike (Bubblegum Records)
17. CADENZA (LP) ... Dutch Uncles (Memphis Industries)
18. CRISIS WORKS (LP) ... Young Legionnaire (Wichita/Republic of Music)
19. THE AU EP ... Mammal Club (Everybodys Stalking)
20. ORPHEUS DESCENDING ... Edinburgh School For The Deaf (Bubblegum Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for May 2011