Sunday, December 30, 2018

Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 29/18 Festive 50 2018 Part 2 #35 - #1

We made through another year and another year end countdown show. I thought it was a great year for British indie/alternative music and the countdown reflects that. Hope you enjoyed the programs this year and The Festive 50 as well. See you nest week for the first new program of the new year.
Happy New Year everyone. Be safe in your celebrations, the world is a better place with you in it!

Pulp - Countdown (Separations)
#35 Section 25 - You Don't Have To Be Liked To Be Good (Elektra)
#34 Chorusgirl - No Goodbye (Shimmer & Spin)
#33 The Fernweh - Next Time Around (The Fernweh)
#32 She Drew The Gun - Something For The Pain (Revolution Of Mind)
#31 Whyte Horses - Greatest Love In Town (Empty Words)
#30 Mien - Odyssey (Mien)
#29 Tim Burgess - Another Version Of The Truth (As I Was Now)
#28 Softer Still - Wishing Well (Nuances)
#27 Goat Girl - Cracker Drool (Goat Girl)
#26 The Vryll Society - Andrei Rublev (Course Of The Satellite)
#25 Still Corners - Sad Movies (Slow Air)
#24 Estrons - Strangers (You Say I'm Too Much, I Say You're Not Enough)
#23 We Were Promised Jetpacks - Repeating Patterns (The More I Sleep the Less I Dream)
#22 Moderate Rebels - I Love Today (Shared Values)
#21 Cabbage - Gibraltar Ape (Nihilistic Glamour Shots)
#20 Spring King - The Hum (A Better Life)
#19 Accü - Mark on Baby (Echo The Red)
#18 The Joy Formidable - Cicada (Land On Your Back) (Aaarth)
#17 Ill - Bus Shelter (We Are Ill)
#16 Our Girl - I Really Like It (Stranger Today)
#15 Django Django - Champagne (Marble Skies)
#14 Adwaith (Reaction) - Lipstick Coch (Melyn (Yellow))
#13 Suede - Life is Golden (The Blue Hour)
#12 Shame - Friction (Songs Of Praise)
#11 Blossoms - There's A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls) (Cool Like You)
#10 The Good, The Bad & The Queen - Nineteen Seventeen (Merrie Land)
#09 Liines - Disappear (Stop-Start)
#08 Idles - Samaritans (Joy As An Act of Resistance)
#07 Black Honey - Into The Nightmare (Black Honey)
#06 Dream Wife - Act My Age (Dream Wife)
#05 The Orielles - I Only Bought It For The Bottle (Silver Dollar Moment)
#04 Arctic Monkeys - Four Out Of Five (Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino)
#03 The Coral - Reaching Out For A Friend (Move Through The Dawn)
#02 Johnny Marr - Hi Hello (Call The Comet)
#01 Spiritualized - The Morning After (And Nothing Hurt)
#01 Spiritualized - Here It Comes (The Road) Let's Go
#01 Spiritualized - Damaged
#01 Spiritualized - A Perfect Miracle

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Festive 50 2018 Part 1 #50-#36

It's the holidays so that it means it countdown and year end list time again. Due to holiday obligations, timing and special programming this year is a first for Cowboys & Indies. It's the first year that the whole countdown won't be featured on air during the program. This year part one was a mix featured on our Mixcloud page, Extra Time. Here is the list of the first part of this years countdown and the link to listen. Hope you enjoy it! Listen! Like! Share!

#50 The Kooks - Tesco Disco (Let's Go Sunshine)
#49 Danny Goffey - Buzzkiller (Schtick!)
#48 Let's Eat Grandma - Falling Into Me (I'm All Ears)
#47 Menace Beach - Hypnotiser Keeps The Ball Rolling (Black Rainbow Sound)
#46 Gorillaz - Magic City (The Now Now)
#45 Gruff Rhys - Limited Edition Heart (Babelsberg)
#44 Snapped Ankles - Drink And Glide (Drink And Glide)
#43 The Vaccines - Put It On A T-Shirt (Combat Sports)
#42 Hollie Cook - Stay Alive (Vessel Of Love)
#41 Pale Waves - Noises (My Mind Makes Noises)
#40 Starsha Lee - Uncle Nietzsche (Post-God Metaphysics)
#39 Night Flowers - Night Alive (Wild Notion)
#38 77:78 - Compass Pass (Jellies)
#37 Desperate Journalist - Nothing Happens (You Get Used to It)
#36 The KVB - Afterglow (Only Now Forever)

Friday, December 21, 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - December

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. SHARED VALUES (LP) ... Moderate Rebels (Everyday Life Recordings)
2. THE FERNWEH (LP) ... The Fernweh (Skeleton Key)
3. VOTE FOR ME ... The Specials (Uni)
4. LOOK AT YOU NOW ... Sleeper (Gorsky Records)
5. BLOSSOM CRAWLS ... Gemma Ray (Bronzerat)
6. SHIMMER AND SPIN (LP) ... Chorusgirl (Reckless Yes Records)
7. WHAM! BANG! POW! LET'S ROCK OUT! (LP) ... Art Brut (Alcopop!)
8. MOVIES / BE SOMEBODY GOOD ... Circa Waves (PIAS/Prolifica Inc)
9. JOKING ME ... Stealing Sheep (Heavenly Recordings)
10. EX:RE (LP) ... Ex:Re (4AD)
11. MAKE IT WITH YOU ... Rose Elinor Dougall (Vermilion)
12. CONSTANT STATE OF FLUX ... Kite Base (Kite Base)
13. BEACH RIOT EP ... Beach Riot (Vallance Records)
14. JAANUS ... Ilu (Libertino Records)
15. NOT WITH THAT ATTITUDE (LP) ... Fightmilk (Fightmilk)
16. GET UP AND FIGHT ... Red Eye (Trevor Perfect)
17. DRIVING AT NIGHT ... Jaws (Sweet Jane Recordings)
18. PET SHOW ... Feral Five (Primitive Light Recordings)
19. ON REFLECTION (LP) ... Selling (City Slang)
20. SPLIT EP ... Perfect Body / Zac White (Bubblewrap Collective)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for December 2018

Sunday, December 16, 2018

I'm Not A Disco! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 15/18

Next Saturday, Dec. 22nd, Cowboys & Indies will be pre-empted for special Joe Strummer Day programming on CJAM 99.1FM. I will not be able to contribute this year because of family holiday festivities.
Saturday, Dec. 22, Cowboys & Indies Extra Time on Mixcloud will host the first part of The 2018 Festive 50 Countdown. Surf in for placings #50 - #36. There will also be a special Christmas/Holiday mix as well.
Saturday, Dec. 29, we will be back live on CJAM 99.1FM for the second and final part of The 2018 Festive 50 Countdown. The on air show will pick up where the Mixcloud set left off, #35 - #1! Join us to see who gets the coveted #1.

kaiser chiefs - the angry mob
red eye - get up and fight
the clash - clampdown
steve mason - walking away from love
johnny marr & matt johnson - summer in the city
margot - coffee stained scars
lexytron - i'm not a disco
thee mvps - fast cars (buzzcocks cover)
the 1975 - love it if we made it
the 1975 - i always want to die (sometimes)
self esteem - the rat/never leave you (uh ooh, uh ooh)
rose elinor dougall - make it with you
gemma ray - blossom crawls
the zombies - care of cell 44
roxy music - mother of pearl
the cure - jumping someone else's train
radiohead - just
def leppard - mirror, mirror (look into my eyes)
-----northern soul spotlight
the drapers - i know your love has gone away
wally cox - come on home
the laddins - i'll kiss your teardrops away
steve alaimo everyday - i have to cry
-----lp session - selling 'on reflection'
selling - qprism
selling - no reflection
selling - keeping txme
circle 60 - holiday gone wrong
ilu - jaanus
accü - ha-ha higher
gris-de-lin - sprung
gazelle twin - hobby horse
firestations - far future warning
guide dog - dead beat
doe - team spirit
martha - heart is healing
-----lp session - fightmilk 'not with that attitude'
fightmilk - not going anywhere
fightmilk - four star hotel
fightmilk - solving crimes in sweden
primal scream - rocks (original memphis recording)
tim burgess - many clouds
b movie - repetition


Sunday, December 9, 2018

Fiction Romance! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 8/18

We paid tribute to Pete Shelley on the show. Selecting some tracks from The Buzzcocks as well as his solo work. A true punk pioneer! Known as the 'first sensitive punk', he wrote intelligent, gender neutral lyrics at a time when the scene was viewed as the exact opposite. His creations have stayed the test of time and still sound modern today. The true mark of a musical icon.
Our condolences to his family, friends, bandmates and fans. RIP Pete.

Today is also the anniversary of John Lennon's untimely death and also Jim Morrison's birthday. Jim would have been 75 today. The opening set is a short tribute marking the days importance in history.

travis - gimme some truth (john lennon cover)
ride - i don't wanna be a soldier (john lennon cover)
echo & the bunnymen - people are strange (doors cover)
sleeper - look at you now
bloxx - sea blue
starsha lee - antogonistic she
calva louise - tug of war
swervedriver - the lonely crowd fades in the air
beach riot - medicate for success
drenge - bonfire of the city boys
fat earthers - letter bomb
yak - fried
nasari - spoilt milk
feral five - pet show
the specials - vote for me
dub colossus - a spy in the house of dub
-----pete shelley tribute
buzzcocks - fast cars
buzzcocks - nostalgia
buzzcocks - i don't know what to do with my life
pete shelley - i don't know what it is
pete shelley - telephone operator
-----lp session - the fernweh 'the fernweh'
the fernweh - hand me down
the fernweh - a leaf didn't move
the fernweh - one hundred flowers bloom
white lies - finish line
the ninth wave - sometimes the silence is sweeter
public image limited - public image
-----lp session - gorgeous bully 'closure'
gorgeous bully - i'll be true
gorgeous bully - patience
gorgeous bully - inertia
jon fratelli - dreams don't remember your name
team picture - clone you
sway - haven
palace - no other
-----lp session - ex:re 'ex:re'
ex:re - the dazzler
ex:re - i can't keep you
ex:re - 5am
the japanese house - follow my girl
anteros - fool moon
zuzu - can't be alone
nikki & the waves - rose petal push


Sunday, December 2, 2018

Constant State Of Flux! Show tracks for Dec. 1/18

kagoule - magnified
the orielles - bobbi's second world
salad - the selfishness of love
toy - you make me forget myself
the fernweh - brightening in the west
rose elinor dougall - make it with you
lusts - stayin' alive
ladytron - far from home
omd - almost
mega emotion - laura
kite base - constant state of flux
----lp session - moderate rebels 'shared values'
moderate rebels - stranded in brazil
moderate rebels - you want to fight?
moderate rebels - eye in the sky
the charlatans - then
inspiral carpets - move
a certain ratio - mickey way (the candy bar)(12" version)
-----northern soul spotlight
the profiles - take a giant step
the valentinos - lookin' for love
the squires - don't accuse me
anna belle caesar & lionel hampton - little annie
----lp session - art brut 'wham! bang! pow! let's rock out!'
art brut - good morning berlin
art brut - schwarzfahrer
art brut - veronica falls
arctic monkeys - anyways
the good, the bad & the queen - the poison tree
ex:re - romance
stealing sheep - joking me
perfect body - getting cold
zac white - spent on you
island - just that time of night
leif erikson - matter
circa waves - be somebody good
lucia - summertime
waves of dread - levity
----lp session - chorusgirl 'shimmer and spin'
chorusgirl - demon baby
chorusgirl - stuck
chorusgirl - stitches
the lillies - and david seaman will be very disappointed about that
jaws - driving at night
moses - river thames


Friday, November 30, 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - November

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. MERRIE LAND (LP) ... The Good, The Bad & The Queen (Studio 13)
2. EVERLASTING YOURS ... Piroshka (Bella Union)
3. CEDARS ... Desperate Journalist (Fierce Panda)
4. STRANGE ENTERTAINMENT (LP) ... Kagoule (Alcopop! Records)
5. MY NAME IS SAFE IN YOUR MOUTH (LP) ... Liela Moss (Bella Union)
6. ROBOT ... Silent Forum (Libertino Records)
7. NUANCES (LP) ... Softer Still (Label Fandango)
8. BOBBI'S SECOND WORLD ... The Orielles (Heavenly)
9. DEATH DRIVE ... HMLTD (Ouroboros)
10. CALL OF THE VOID (LP) ... Lusts (Blinky Watts)
11. THE SELFISHNESS OF LOVE ... Salad (Three Bean Records)
12. YAWN (LP) ... Bill Ryder-Jones (Domino Records)
13. CRUEL INTENTIONS ... Crewel Intentions (Big Score)
14. TO MY DEAD FRIEND ... Average Sex (O Genesis Recordings)
15. THERE IS A STORY I TELL ABOUT MY LIFE ... Stats (Memphis Industries)
16. TOO REAL ... Fontaines D.C. (Partisan Records)
17. CHEAP TALK ... Lucia (Sweet Jane Recordings)
18. PECULIAR FORM OF SLEEP ... Wovoka Gentle (Nude)
19. REAL ESTATE ... Life Model (Double A-Side Records)
20. LUXURY HITS (LP) ... Free Love (Full Ashram)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for November 2018

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Allé Sauvage! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 24/18

The response for last weeks CJAM Birthday show has been amazing! Thanks to all who enjoyed it and to all your kind appreciative words. It was a blast doing a show like that. I promise it won't take so long to do another one.

johnny marr - spectral eyes
the vaccines - all my friends are falling in love
moderate rebels - the value of shares
swervedriver - drone lover
my bloody valentine - several girls galore
the twilight sad - vtr
blood red shoes - howl
the selecter - too much pressure
the 101ers - letsagetabitarockin'
spinn - bliss
somedays - knockout
thyla - blue
stereo honey - what makes a man
demons of ruby mae - synesthesia
demons of ruby mae - young blood
lump - may i be the light
the beatles - dear prudence
gemma ray - blossom crawls
the kinks - starstruck
richard ashcroft - that's how strong
-----lp session - softer still 'nuances'
softer still - new age
softer still - continental girl
softer still - wishing well
bauhaus - some faces
public image limited - the suit
tubeway army - dream police
fresh - daytime
life model - real estate
fontaines d.c. - the cuckoo is a-callin'
silverbacks - just in the band
-----lp session - the good, the bad & the queen 'merrie land'
the good, the bad & the queen - the great fire
the good, the bad & the queen - the truce of twilight
the good, the bad & the queen - the last man to leave
these new puritans - into the fire
clean cut kid - deafening
vanity fairy - loverman
beak> - allé sauvage
-----lp session - lusts 'call of the void'
lusts - heavy thoughts
lusts - lost highway
lusts - ten years
average sex - to my dead friend
ilu - jaanus
black honey - crowded city
fur - angel eyes
the calls - the night the world stood still


Sunday, November 18, 2018

I Wanna Be Adored! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 17/18

CJAM turnied 35 on the FM dial on November 14th. CJAM went live on FM in 1983 with Ghost Town by The Specials being the first song broadcast. Tonight we celebrated by playing 35 years of British indie & alternative tunes on CJAM by going back to the starting point. Happy Anniversary CJAM! Here's to many more.

sugarcubes - birthday (jim & william reid christmas eve mix)
the specials - ghost town (extended version)
1983 aztec camera - walk to winter (live)
1984 echo & the bunnymen - the killing moon
1985 the jesus & mary chain - never understand
1986 the smiths - there is a light that never goes out
1987 the wedding present - shatner
1988 the house of love - christine
1989 stone roses - i wanna be adored
1990 happy mondays - step on
1991 primal scream - higher than the sun
1991 my bloody valentine - sometimes
1992 stereo mcs - connected
1993 suede - metal mickey
1994 blur - parklife
1994 oasis - supersonic
1995 pulp - common people
1996 manic street preachers - a design for life
1997 spiritualized - electricity
1998 massive attack - inertia creeps
1999 mogwai - punk rock
2000 doves - here it comes
2001 elbow - powder blue
2002 streets - let's push things forward
2003 british sea power - carrion
2004 franz ferdinand - michael
2005 gorillaz - dare
2006 arctic monkeys - i bet you look good on the dancefloor
2007 klaxons - golden skans
2008 glasvegas - geraldine
2009 horrors - three decades
2010 foals - this oreint
2011 pj harvey - the glorious land
2012 alt-j - tesselate
2013 savages - strife
2014 temples - shelter song
2015 jamie xx - stranger in a room
2016 steve mason - water bored
2017 wolf alice - st. purple & green
2018 johnny marr - spiral cities


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Life In The Gladhouse! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 10/18

django django - winter's beach
toy - energy
the kvb - violet moon
piroshka - everlastingly yours
lush - de-luxe
modern english - life in the gladhouse
moose - uptown invisible
ride - drive blind
noctorum - a girl with no love
the church - tantalized
tc&i - scatter me
the hannah barberas - no mystery
crewel intentions - cruel intentions
afghan sand gang - glistener
x-ray spex - let's submerge
the clash - tommy gun
bob marley - punky reggae party
the beat feat ranking roger - maniac
the good, the bad & the queen - gun to the head
the the - the sinking feeling
-----lp session - liela moss 'my name is safe in your mouth'
liela moss - subequal
liela moss - moon
liela moss - hidden sea
the orielles - bobbi's second world
lucia - cheap talk
salad - the selfishness of love
softer still - a sadder sound
corasandel - blenefill
silent forum - robot
international teachers of pop - another brick in the wall (the re-moaner mix)
gengahr - atlas please
hmltd - death drive
queen zee - hunger pains
aprilmen - dead of the night
free love - tomorrow could be heaven
free love - synchronicity
berlin blondes - framework (12" remix)
audiobooks - mother hen
black honey - hello today
comet gain - if not tomorrow


Sunday, November 4, 2018

Strange Entertainment! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 3/18

steve mason - stars around my heart
the coral - reaching out for a friend
crewel intentions - youth in overload
desperate journalist - cedars
saint etienne - camel coat
chorusgirl - in dreams
lusts - true romance
morrissey - back on the chain gang
brix & the extricated - alaska
brix & the extricated - unrecognisable
the nightingales - wrong headed man
blue orchids - incandescent artillery
gareth sager & the hungry ghosts - come share my world
the police - so lonely
the jam - in the crowd
adam & the ants - jolly roger
the raincoats - the void
-----northern soul spotlight
crown heights affair - every beat of my heart
shelly black - no turning back
larry saunders - on the real side
-----lp session - bill ryder-jones "yawn"
bill ryder-jones - there's something on your mind
bill ryder-jones - recover
bill ryder-jones - don't be scared, i love you
amusement parks on fire - no fission
pale rider - the move
beach riot - good to know (that i'm still on your mind)
sundara karma - one last night on this earth
suede - wastelands
the orchards - drama king
wovonka gentle - peculiar form of sleep
stats - there is a story i tell about my life
brian eno - third uncle
adam & elvis - nuwave hippy
-----lp session - kagoule "strange entertainment"
kagoule - magnified
kagoule - repent! said the insect man
kagoule - strange was the time
beak> - king of the castle
exploded view - sleepers
prodigy - resonate
b.e.d. - fly away
b.e.d. - only my honesty matters


Friday, November 2, 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - October Albums

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. YOU SAY I'M TOO MUCH, I SAY YOU'RE NOT ENOUGH (LP) ... Estrons (Gofod Records)
2. MELYN (LP) ... Adwaith (Libertino Records)
3. REVOLUTION OF MIND (LP) ... She Drew The Gun (Skeleton Key)
4. ECHO THE RED (LP) ... Accü (Libertino Records)
5. ONLY NOW FOREVER (LP) ... The KVB (Invada Records)
6. OLYMPUS SLEEPING (LP) ... Razorlight (Atlantic Culture)
7. ROCKPOOL BLUE (LP) ... Sea Pinks (CF Records)
8. THESE PEOPLE (LP) ... Richard Ashcroft (BMG)
9. DIAGRAMS (LP) ... Paul Smith (Billingham Records)
10. ACTUALISATION (LP) ... The Lucid Dream (Holy Are You Recordings)
11. BREAKING STATE (LP) ... Brix & The Extricated (Grace Records)
12. NIGHT WALKS (LP) ... Sarah Nixey (Black Lead Records)
13. THE STARS, THE OCEANS & THE MOON (LP) ... Echo And The Bunnymen (BMG)
14. BROKEN POLITICS (LP) ... Neneh Cherry (Neneh Cherry)
15. GOOD TO GO (LP) ... Glen Matlock (Peppermint)
16. PERISH THE THOUGHT (LP) ... The Nightingales (Tiny Global Productions)
17. RIGHTEOUS HARMONY FIST (LP) ... Blue Orchids (Tiny Global Productions)
18. GROW INTO IT (LP) ... Doe (Big Scary Monsters)
19. PSYCHIC DATA (LP) ... TVAM (Psychic Data)
20. NEW BAD NEWS (LP) ... The Fabricators (The Fabricators)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - October Singles

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. MERRIE LAND ... The Good, The Bad and The Queen (Studio 13)
2. MARY WINTER ... Swervedriver (Rock Action Records)
3. WHITE STAR LINER EP ... Public Service Broadcasting (Test Card Recordings)
4. STARS AROUND MY HEART ... Steve Mason (Double Six Records)
5. AUTONOMY EP ... Drenge (Infectious Music)
6. SWIMMING AT NIGHT ... Django Django (Because Music)
7. YOUTH IN OVERLOAD ... Crewel Intentions (Big Score)
8. CHURCHSIDE INN ... MeMe Detroit (SoulRock Central Records)
9. ETCH ... Scrounge (Fierce Panda Records)
10. HORMONE ... The Mysterines (Pretty Face Recordings)
11. DESTROY THE EVIDENCE ... The Peach Fuzz (Skeleton Key)
12. VICTORIA PARK ... The Red Telephone (Spinnup)
13. PASSAGE EP ... Private World (Burning Rose)
14. RISING SUN ... Kidsmoke (Kidsmoke)
15. WHAT DO GIRLS WANT? ... Lauran Hibberd (Be-Known)
16. ROAD TRIP ... 180dB feat. Meredith Graves & Nick Zinner (Midnight Feast)
17. WIDE EYES ... County Line Runner (Paper Thin Hotel)
18. BABY'S GOT IT BAD / CAN'T GET OVER YOU ... Tracyanne & Danny (Merge Records)
19. ICARUS ... Stereo Honey (Lab Records)
20. FEELING FUNNY ... Rubber Jaw (Creation23)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2018

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Double Denim Hop! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 27/18

With the live programming segment of this year's pledge drive now over, I would like to thank the supporters who donated through our little show this year. Your donations and words of support mean the world to me. And also thank you to all who supported CJAM and donated this year! You're part of the reason why this station is so great!
It's never to late pledge, if you missed out! Donate here!

the undertones - teenage kicks (demo 78)
the fall - rebellious jukebox (peel session)
the wedding present - felicity (peel session 2)
the good, the bad & the queen - merrie land
youth of the apocalypse - in the future
neneh cherry - shot gun shack
the lucid dream - no sunlight dub
snapped ankles - drink and glide
toy - sequence one
swervedriver - mary winter
palace - heaven up there
white lies - believe it
private world - power spot
razorlight - brighton pier
razorlight - iceman
white room - shoot
kidsmoke - rising sun
buzzard buzzard buzzard - double denim hop
kagoule - it's not my day
self esteem - rollcut
-----lp session - accü "echo the red"
accü - ha ha higher
accü - bonnie be real
accü - mark on baby
pretty vicious - are you entertained?
manic street preachers - new art riot
vanities - she's shambolic
berries - discreetly
yonaka - creature
bloxx - lay down
pussyliquor - my body. my choice.
the van t's - suis-je cool?
this mortal coil - song to the siren
colourbox - tarantula
this mortal coil - the jeweller
public service broadcasting - the unsinkable ship
-----lp session - paul smith "diagrams"
paul smith - the public eye
paul smith - syrian plains
paul smith - head for fugures
crewel intentions - youth in overload
77:78 - copper nail
tvam - psychic data
tvam - porsche majeure


Sunday, October 21, 2018

Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 20/18

Well, that's another pledge drive show in the books. Thank you for the support of CJAM through our little show. Fear not, the pledge drive continues all week. So if you have yet to donate won't you take a couple minutes to support non-profit, volunteer driven campus community radio with a pledge. In a world of ever growing conglomerate commercial radio and media, CJAM stands as a beacon of independent, under represented and marginalized voices in your area. Whether it is music, views or news CJAM has been your outlet for 35 years. You can donate now, safely and quickly, by following the link. Thank you again for your support. Pledge Here!

grace brothers - are you being served?
pet shop boys - opprotunities (let's make lots of money) (latino version)
johnny marr - easy money
the wedding present - go out and get 'em boy!
the wedding present - (the moment before) everything's spoiled again
cinerama - the name of the game
simple minds - pleasantly disturbed
ultravox - reap the wild wind
richard ashcroft - a man in motion
richard ashcroft - money money
madness - one step beyond
madness - night boat to cairo
the specials - nite klub
-----lp session - adwaith "melyn"
adwaith - under the layers
adwaith - the best
adwaith - oshen
swervedriver - red queen arms race
idlewild - everyone says your so fragile
david bowie - v-2 schneider
human league - seconds
-----lp session - estrons
estrons - killing your love
estrons - strangers
estrons - aliens
bauhaus - ziggy stardust
soft cell - memorobilia


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Repeating Patterns! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 13/18

Next Saturday's show will be our annual Pledge Drive show. The one time a year where we ask our listeners/supporters to donate to help fund our campus/community station for another year. But you don't have to wait, you can donate now by clicking the link. Thanks for supporting our little shoe and great station for another year. DONATE

hookworms - ullswater
we were promised jetpacks - repeating patterns
sundara karma - illusions
ladytron - the island
lauran hibberd - what do girls want?
du blonde - buddy
lexytron - blackmail
richard ashcroft - that's when i feel it
lloyd cole & the commotions - forest fire
tracyanne & danny - can't get over you
razorlight - carry yourself
the orb - doughnuts forever
the orb - easy on the onions
primal scream - everybody needs somebody (original memphis recording)
primal scream - memphis groove (improvised song jam)
-----northern soul spotlight
rosey jones - have love will travel
timothy wilson - wedding ring
jeanne napoli - forget that girl
retta young - my man is on his way
-----lp session - the kvb 'only now forever'
the kvb - afterglow
the kvb - violet noon
the kvb - cerulean
brix & the extricated - sleazebag
scrounge - etch
the nightingales - chaff
glen matlock - speak too soon
glen matlock - cloud cuckoo land
the fabricators - cryptocurrency
carter the unstoppable sex machine - bloodsport for all
bilk - next weekend
the peach fuzz - destroy the evidence
placebo - you don't care about us
-----lp session - sarah nixey 'night walks'
sarah nixey - the zeppelin
sarah nixey - merry england
sarah nixey - tiger woman
trampolene - the one who loves you
yak - bellyache
garden party pills - heartstrings


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Revolution Of Mind! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 6/18

Announcing the arrival of Cowboys & Indies Extra Time!
Extra Time is now on Mixcloud. The basic idea is that there is always too much great new music for the weekly radio show to handle. So check out the Mixcloud feed for bonus sets of new music, themes and whatever else comes to mind. I hope you enjoy it. As always drop me any hints or suggestions for future sets.
Like it! Follow it! Recommend it!

our girl - josephine
spiritualized - the morning after
steve mason - stars around my heart
stereo honey - icarus
county line runner - wide eyes
traceyanne & danny - baby's got it bad
liela moss - memories and faces
180dB - road trip
meme detroit - churchside inn
duende & david j - out of my dreams
barbarella's bang bang - cowboy job
kirsty maccoll - big boy on a saturday night
brix & the extricated - prime numbers
kate bush - the dreaming
accü - crash to kill
joe strummer - over the border feat jimmy cliff
joe strummer - london is burning
mark stewart & the mafia - paranoia
-----lp session - she drew the gun 'revolution of mind'
she drew the gun - something for the pain
she drew the gun - wolf and bird
she drew the gun - ocean song
art brut - hospital
drenge - autonomy
the kooks - kids
private world - outside
the mysterines - hormone
weirds - supersymmetry
moderate rebels - faith & science
red telephone - victoria park
adwaith - y diweddaraf (update)
carw (deer) - feathers
calva louise - i heard a cry
the twistettes - concrete
-----lp session - sea pinks 'rockpool blue'
sea pinks - bioluminescence
sea pinks - grown up kids
sea pinks - versions of you
a certain ratio - make it happen
echo & the bunnymen - how far?
whenyoung - given up
moscow youth cult - lux


Monday, October 1, 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - September Albums

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. AND NOTHING HURT (LP) ... Spiritualized (Bella Union)
2. A BETTER LIFE (LP) ... Spring King (Uni/Island)
3. BLACK HONEY (LP) ... Black Honey (Foxfive Records)
4. JOY AS AN ACT OF RESISTANCE (LP) ... Idles (Partisan Records)
5. COLUMBIA (LP) ... The Blinders (Modern Sky)
6. AAARTH (LP) ... The Joy Formidable (Hassle Records)
7. THE MORE I SLEEP THE LESS I DREAM (LP) ... We Were Promised Jetpacks (Big Scary Monsters)
8. MY MIND MAKES NOISES (LP) ... Pale Waves (Dirty Hit)
9. THE BLUE HOUR (LP) ... Suede (Suede Ltd/Warner)
10. LET'S GO SUNSHINE ... (LP) ... The Kooks (Lonely Cat)
11. BLACK RAINBOW SOUND (LP) ... Menace Beach (Memphis Industries)
12. TRUE MEANINGS (LP) ... Paul Weller (Parlophone)
13. FAMILY OF ALIENS (LP) ... Teleman (Moshi Moshi Records)
14. A STRANGE PLAY (LP) ... The Twistettes (Traffic Cone Records)
15. >>> (LP) ... Beak> (Invada Records)
16. OBEY (LP) ... Exploded View (Sacred Bones Records)
17. THERE IS NO ELSEWHERE (LP) .. Haiku Salut (PRAH Recording)
18. AS I FELL (LP) ... Curse of Lono (Submarine Cat Records)
19. FOR EVER (LP) ... Jungle (XL Recordings)
20. MONSTERS EXIST (LP) ... Orbital (ACP Recordings)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for September 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - September Singles

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. THE WILLO / ENERGY ... Toy (Tough Love Records)
2. NO GOODBYE ... Chorusgirl (Reckless Yes Records)
3. TURTLE BAY ... Softer Still (Label Fandango)
4. TIME TO GIVE ... White Lies ([PIAS] Recordings)
6. ️LOSE YOUR HEAD ... Nova Twins (Nova Twins Music)
7. WRECKLESS ... Yassassin (Babelogue)
8. AFTER DARK ... International Teachers Of Pop (Desolate Spools)
9. IGGY POP ... Poppycock (German Shepherd Records)
10. AM SÊR ... Accü (Libertino)
11. BUSINESS MAN ... Fews (Play It Again Sam)
12. 1,000 OPERA SINGERS WORKING IN STARBUCKS ... Wovoka Gentle (Nude)
13. THE DIAL ... Squid (Speedy Wunderground)
14. FALL ASLEEP ... Big Joanie (Blank Editions)
15. AVEZ-VOUS DEJA ... Gently Tender (Big Score)
16. RARE ... Dead Naked Hippies (Clue Records)
17. LONESTAR EP ... Purple Heart Parade (Club AC30)
18. FACEPLANT EP ... Cheerbleederz (Alcopop! Records)
19. GO GET HER, GO GETTER ... Llovers (Modern Sky)
20. HELL IN HEELS ... Peach Club (Peach Club)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for September 2018

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Rockin' To The Beats! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 29/18

black honey - blue romance
softer still - turtle bay
menace beach - (like) rainbow juice feat brix smith
johnny marr - jeopardy
toy - energy
the pale white - wisdom tooth
private world - diamond vision
italia90 - new factory
richard ashcroft - born to be strangers
echo & the bunnymen - bring on the dancing horses (transformed)
suede - as one
the smiths - last night i dreamt somebody loved me
the japanese house - lilo
marianne faithfull & nick cave - the gypsy faerie queen
gruff rhys - selfies in the sunset feat lily cole
vinyl staircase - feel it
oranj son - (it might) never happen
the kvb - on my skin
-----northern soul spotlight
barbara jean english - i'm living a lie
chocolate syrup - you've got a lot to give
the moments - i dig your act
linda jones & the whatnauts - so glad i found you
-----lp session - the joy formidable "aaarth"
the joy formidable go loving
the joy formidable all in all
the joy formidable caught on a breeze
the perfect english weather - rockin' to the beat
the mighty lemon drops - something happens
international teachers of pop - after dark
doe - my friends
doe - team spirit
-----lp session - the twistettes "a strange play"
the twistettes - on the table
the twistettes - state of affairs
the twistettes - trick of the trade
depeche mode - never let me down again
pet shop boys - yesterday when i was mad
-----lp session - exploded view "obey"
exploded view - open road
exploded view - gone tomorrow
exploded view - come on honey
lush - out of control
pj harvey - a perfect day elise
fuzzy sun - heavy


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Last Train North! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 22/18

wolf alice - space & time
september girls - jaw on the floor
honeyblood - sea hearts
white lies - time to give
public service broadcasting - white star liner
blancmange - not a priority
primal scream - (i'm gonna) cry myself blind
poppycock - iggy pop
wovoka gentle - 1000 opera singers working in starbucks
haiku salut - occupy
haiku salut - we are all matter
meggie brown - 10 out of 6
adwaith - gartref (james dean bradfield remix)
mien - odyssey (django django last train north remix)
beak> - birthday suit
beak> - when we fall
-----northern soul spotlight
eloise laws - love factory
jimmy helms - romeo and juliet
larry saunders - on the real side
-----lp session - suede "the blue hour"
suede - as one
suede - cold hands
suede - all the wild places
six by seven - devil
teenage fanclub - what you do to me
hannah's little sister - 20
rascalton - police
the blinders - hate song
the blinders - rat in a cage
big joanie - fall asleep
guttfull - tits and nails
peach club - hell in heels
cheerbleederz - cabin fever
d o l l s - pink bones
-----lp session - black honey "black honey"
black honey - what happened to you?
black honey - blue romance
black honey - crowded city
the buzzcocks - nostalgia
vulgarians - dead people are easier to love
voodoos - stockholm
oskar's drum - hotel


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Not The Drugs Talking! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 15/18

spring king - the hum
black sonic revolver - wish away
django django - swimming at night
kele okereke - not the drugs talking
baxter dury, etienne crécy & delilah holliday - white coats
orbital - hoo hoo ha ha
orbital - buried deep within
whyte horses - i saw the light (todd rundgren cover)
clean cut kid - emily
the honey hahs - forever
the honey hahs - rain falls down
the keep cats - olivia
richard ashcroft - surprised by the joy
yassassin - wreckless
estrons - body
she drew the gun - resistor reprise
bloxx - monday
black honey - into the nightmare
massive attack - angel
jungle - smile
jungle - cosurmyne
-----lp session - paul weller "true meanings"
paul weller - the soul searchers
paul weller - bowie
paul weller - white horses
simple minds - new gold dream (german 12" mix)
manic street preachers - international blue
pale waves - came in close
pale waves - drive
chorusgirl - no goodbye
the twistettes - juliette
the pearl harts - different kinda girl
the joy formidable - the better me
toy - the willo
-----lp session - we were promised jetpacks "the more i sleep the less i dream"
we were promised jetpacks - impossible
we were promised jetpacks - someone else's problem
we were promised jetpacks - when i know more
gorillaz - tranz
exploded view - dark stains
echo & the bunnymen - the killing moon (transformed)


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Hypnotiser Keeps The Ball Rolling! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 8/18

Today's anecdote - If at first the machinery doesn't succeed, try, try again!

the twilight sad - videograms
still corners - dreamlands
the lucid dream - zenith (part 2)
shadowparty - marigold
the fall - hey! student
shame - friction
idles - gram rock
rubber jaw - feeling funny
drenge - fades to black
rubber velvet - dry up my mind
gengahr - atlas please
echo & the bunnymen - seven seas (transformed)
klammer - coast to coast
klammer - human clay
house of love - christine
thousand yard stare - buttermouth
spiritualized - let's dance
spiritualized - she kissed me (it felt like a hit)
-----northern soul spotlight
soul generation - key to your heart
the hearststoppers - marching out of your life
the carstairs - it really hurts me girl
cookie woodson - i'll be true
-----lp session - menace beach "black rainbow sound"
menace beach - mutator
menace beach - hypnotiser keeps the ball rolling
menace beach - watermelon
bill ryder-jones - and then there's you
purple heart parade - lonestar
dmmyy - the hush
the estevans - 2 minutes from the lincoln
nova twins - lose your head
sisteray - rumour mill
belle & sebastian - the boy with the arab strap
no violet - she goes her own way
paul weller - can you heal us (holy man)
the ninth wave - a wave goodbye to the people who said i'd win
siouxsie & the banshees - carousel
-----lp session - teleman "family of aliens"
teleman - between the rain
teleman - somebody's island
teleman - fun destruction
the cure - just say yes (curve remix)
anna calvi - don't beat the girl out of my boy
the seamonsters - sunshine criminal
mogwai - donuts


Monday, September 3, 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - August

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. MOVE THROUGH THE DAWN (LP) ... The Coral (Ignition Records)
2. STRANGER TODAY (LP) ... Our Girl (Cannibal Hymns)
3. WHAM! BANG! POW! LET’S ROCK OUT ... Art But (Alcopop!)
4. COURSE OF THE SATELLITE (LP) ... The Vryll Society (Deltasonic Records)
5. SLOW AIR (LP) ... Still Corners (Wrecking Light Records)
6. BEYOND HIDDEN WORDS / I LOVE TODAY ... Moderate Rebels (Everyday Life Recordings)
7. ELEKTRA (LP) ... Section 25 (Klangalerie)
8. RESISTER ... She Drew The Gun (Skeleton Key)
9. MELODIE EP ... Average Sex (O Genesis)
10. HOW I FAKED THE MOON LANDING ... Silent Forum (Libertino)
11. 10 / 6 ... Meggie Brown (Hate Hate Hate Records)
12. LIVING IN EXTRAORDINARY TIMES (LP) .. James (Infectious Records)
13. A COMPLETE HISTORY OF WITCHCRAFT ... The Vega Bodegas (Libertino)
14. ALL GOOD WISHES (LP) ... Gulp (E.L.K Records)
15. HANDCUFFED HEART (LP) ... Swoone (Saint Marie Records)
16. SONGS YOU MAKE AT NIGHT (LP) ... Tunng (Full Time Hobby)
17. I NEVER LEARN ... The Orchids (wiaiwya)
19. COUP DE GRACE (LP) ... Miles Kane (Virgin/EMI)
20. TELEVISION ... The Golden Age of TV (Come Play With Me)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for August 2018

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Music When the Lights Go Out! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 1/18

the pooh sticks - i know someone who kmows someone who knows alan mcgee quite well
the orchids - what will we do next
our girl - two life
razorlight - japanrock
the kooks - tesco disco
the kooks - initials for gainsburg
the trend - can tanner
gently tender - avez-vous déjà
softer still - turtle bay
dubstar - you were never in love
anteros - call your mother
ladytron - the island
black honey - midnight
yak - white male carnivore
idles - i'm scum
idles - cry to me (solomon burke cover)
blinders - brave new world
orbital - tiny foldable cities
underworld & iggy pop - trapped
pop will eat itself - wise up! sucker
-----lp session - spiritualized "and nothing hurt"
spiritualized - on the sunshine
spiritualized - damaged
spiritualized - the prize
squid - the dial
dead naked hippies - rare
the boo radleys - i hang suspended
jesus & mary chain - nine million rainy days
glasvegas - daddy's gone
the wombats - bee-sting
sea pinks - rockpool blue
blue orchids - get bramah
mull historical society - wakelines
-----lp session - spring king "a better life"
spring king - let's drink
spring king - echo chamber
spring king - have you ever looked up into the sky?
paul weller - i didn't mean to hurt you
the libertines - music when the lights go out
the cure - the catepilar
morningface & slipstream - i don't wanna know


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Songs You Make At Night! Anniversary show tracks for Sat. Aug. 25/18

Tonight we celebrated our anniversary (actual date was last Saturday) of being on CJAM's airwaves for 29 years! Tonight's tracklist will feature some new releases, a LP Session and a plethora of tracks from the newly released C89 box set. The box set resembles a typical show of ours when we first started all those many years ago. Hope you've enjoyed all the years and will stay with us for all those to come!

altered images - happy birthday
the family cat - tom verlaine
carter the unstoppable sex machine - sheriff fatman
bang bang romeo - cemetery
the popguns - waiting for the winter
fuzzwalker - mindblow #53
the charlottes - how can you say you really feel?
mansun - being a girl, pt.1
black rebel motorcycle club - stop
the la's - come in come out
curse of lono - valentine
curse of lono - blackout fever
the seers - freedom trip
teenage fanclub - god knows it's true
the stone roses - going down
the charlatans - the only one i know
the mock turtles - wicker man
inspiral carpets - this is how it feels
new fast automatic daffodils - lions
soft cell - northern lights
disclosure - love can be so hard
yazoo - situation (richard x remix)
depeche mode - more than a party
-----lp session - tunng "songs you make at night"
tunng - dream in
tunng - sleepwalking
tunng - evaporate
another sunny day - you should all be murdered
trash can sinatras - obscurity knocks
echo & the bunnymen - the somnambulist
manic street preachers - if you tolerate this your children will be next
fews - business man
menace beach - satellite
stereolab - i'm going out of my way
king of the slums - bombs away on harpurhey
korova milk bar - do it again
the cure - push
milltown brothers - which way should i jump
the snapdragons - dole boys on futons
kitchens of distinction - elephantine
the rainkings - break the strain
the rain - seven red apples


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Terrestrial Changeover Blues! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 18/18

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Aretha Franklin RIP

jetstream pony - self-destruct reality
jeph - harry
bugeye - is this love
ladytron - the island
moderate rebels - i love today
accü - am sêr
squid - terrestrial changeover blues 2007-2012
whyte horses - the best of it (the go! team remix)
suede - life is golden
johnny marr - bug
the coral - reaching out for a friend
the kooks - chicken bone
sun mahshene - tales of fiction
yonaka - teach me to fight
pale waves - black
paul smith - silver rabbit
the 1975 - too time too time too time
-----northern soul spotlight "aretha franklin tribute"
aretha franklin - rock steady
aretha franklin - i say a little prayer
aretha franklin - soulville
aretha franklin - satisfaction
aretha franklin - since you've been gone
-----lp session - our girl "stranger today"
our girl - josephine
our girl - sub rosa
our girl - heat
stereophonics - a thousand trees
silent forum - how i faked the moon landing
elbow - fugitive motel
-----lp session - still corners "slow air"
still corners - welcome to slow air
still corners - whisper
still corners - long goodbyes
drenge - outside
idles - great
the angel makers - never going back again
meggie brown - coming back again
-----lp session - swoone "handcuffed heart"
swoone - terminal
swoone - set me free
swoone - room 56
the cure - hot hot hot!!
average sex - u suck
peluché - figure me out
the golden age of tv - television


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 11/18

mike garry & joe duddell - st. anthony (an ode to anthony h. wilson)
joy division - transmission (peel session 1979)
art brut - wham! bang! pow! let's rock out!
hmltd - proxy love
a certain ratio - dirty boy feat barry adamson
orbital - tiny foldable cities
teleman - song for a seagull
spinn - shallow
battery operated orchestra - strange goodbye
this is the bridge - i become
b-movie - stalingrad
miles kane - silverscreen
miles kane - something to rely on
sisteray - wannabes
the vega bodegas - a complete history of witchcraft
false advertising - you said
-----northern soul spotlight
odds and ends - yesterday my love
the continental - what you gave up
lezli valentine - i won't do anything
debbie taylor - no deposit, no return
-----lp session - the coral "move through the dawn"
the coral - she's a runaway
the coral - love or solution
the coral - outside my window
the orchids - i never learn
the the - the sinking feeling
pink floyd - matilda mother
swoone - the sun has died
-----lp session - the vryll society "course of the satellite"
the vryll society - glows and spheres
the vryll society - when the air is hot
the vryll society - shadow of a wave
liela moss - wild as fire
llovers - go get her, go getter
she drew the gun - resister
maggie brown - 10 out of 6
crows - silver tongues
-----lp session - gulp "all good wishes"
gulp - i dream of your song
gulp - following rain
gulp - ride
wire - a question of degree
the cure - jumping someone else's train
simple minds - citizen (dance of youth)
public image limited - death disco (12" remix)


Sunday, August 5, 2018

Pink Light Vibing! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 4/18

shadowparty - taking over
drenge - before the war begins
spring king - the hum
spiritualized - here it comes (the road) let's go
the coral - after the fair
paul weller - moving on
honey moon - (why do you think you're so) special
pretty vicious - move
pop will eat itself - sweet sweet pie
pop will eat itself - can u dig it?
black honey - midnight
yonaka - waves
girl one & the grease guns - good morning, mr.x
average sex - melodie
kate bush - hounds of love
first aid kit - running up that hill (live at werchter festival)
jenna freeman & the cosmic something - whole wide world
textbeak & mark stewart - forever now
neneh cherry - kong
jungle - heavy, california
jungle - cherry
andy weaver feat remy jude - pink light vibing
-----lp session - james "living in extraordinary times"
james - coming home pt.2
james - many faces
james - moving car (demo)
sleaford mods - stick in a five and go
snapped ankles - tailpipe
estrons - cameras
fehm - the sea to come
meme detroit - get down on with me
fortuna pop! all-stars - you can hide your love forever
international teachers of pop - age of the train
sarah nixey - coming up for air
blancmange - distant storm
-----lp session - section 25 "elektra"
section 25 - chase the blue
section 25 - it don't get
section 25 - the greatest thing
whimsical - a strange day (the cure cover)
the blue orchids - in the acid garden


Friday, August 3, 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - July

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. JELLIES (LP) ... 77:78 (Heavenly Recordings)
2. HANGING IN ... We Were Promised Jetpacks (Big Scary Monsters)
3. I'M NOT HERE [MISSING FACE] ... The Twilight Sad (Rock Action Records)
4. GOTTA LET GO ... The RPMs (Xtra Mile Recordings)
5. HERE WE GO LOVE (LP) ... The English Beat (Here We Go Records)
6. PAPER THIN EXCUSES ... The Irenes (The Irenes)
7. SUNSTACK JONES (LP) ... Sunstack Jones (Deltasonic)
8. GRAFFITI HEN EWROP ... Ilu (Libertino Records)
9. SHADOWPARTY (LP) ... ShadowParty (Mute)
10. ACROSS THE MERIDIAN (LP) .. Pram (Domino Records)
11. ADORE ... The Nightmares (Pretty Hate Records)
12. GATREF ... Adwaith (Libertino Records)
13. LUCY AND THE RATS (LP) ... Lucy And The Rats (Dirty Water Records)
14. 2 CHORDS GOOD ... Gently Tender (Big Score)
16. SELF-DESTRUCT REALITY ... Jetstream Pony (Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)
17. LUCKYUCKER EP ... Childcare (Elephant Records)
18. HEY BABY / HARRY ... Jeph (Stephanie Norris)
19. TAKING OVER ... Lyerr (Spinnup)
20. SINCERELY, S. LOVE X (LP) ... Simon Love (Tapete Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for July 2018

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Napalm Bubblegum! Show tracks for Sat. July 28/18

traceyanne & danny - the honeymooners
gruff rhys - oh dear!
ilu - graffiti old europe
cornershop - double denim
yazoo - don't go (bbc session)
colour me wednesday - edge of everything
stealing sheep - lush 2 barracuda by heart
childcare - big man
bugeye - is this love
kagoule - egg hunt
doe - heated
the flux capacitors - telephone triage assessment
the rpms - gotta let go
asylums - when we wake up
asylums - napalm bubblegum
silent forum - how i faked the moon landing
the coral - don't think you're the first
beta band - dr. baker
-----northern soul spotlight
the four voices - your love is getting stronger
the del tours - sweet and lovely
robert tanner - sweet memories
george lemons - fascinating girl
lou pride - it's a man's world
the cashmeres - show stopper
-----lp session - the english beat "here we go love"
the english beat - redemption time
the english beat - the love you give
the english beat - drive me away
pale waves - eighteen
blossoms - between the eyes
still corners - the photograph
the irenes - paper thin excuses
idles - samaritans
vigilantes - don't speak
the zephyrs - the witches
feral five - algorithm prison reconstructed feat sisteray
tvam - these are not your memories
johnny marr - my eternal
ist ist - diversion
-----lp session - shadowparty "shadowparty"
shadowparty - marigold
shadowparty - present tense
shadowparty - the valley
chrysalism - elon musk
lips - walls


Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Hum! Show tracks for Sat. July 21/18

moderate rebels - beyond hidden words
desperate journalist - it gets better
madonnatron - mermaids
the joy formidable - the wrong side
blood red shoes - call me up victoria
we were promised jetpacks - hanging in
twilight sad - i'm not here (missing face)
fehm - scarborough warning
johnny marr - actor attractor
section 25 - this is the love
suede - don't be afraid if nobody loves you
gulp - claudia
-----lp session - the nextmen vs gentlemen's dub club "pound for pound"
the nextmen vs gentlemen's dub club - highs and lows feat joe dukie
the nextmen vs gentlemen's dub club - spooky feat hollie cook
the nextmen vs gentlemen's dub club - holla my name feat chali 2na & p diggs
scritti politti - word girl
gorillaz - sorcerez
beak>> - brean down
the prodigy - need some1
-----lp session - pram "across the meridian"
pram - thistledown
pram - wave of translation
pram - sailing stones
the honey has - stop him
gulp - claudia
felt - she lives by the castle
jeph - hey baby
super furry animals - venus & serena
tempesst - doomsday
gently tender - 2 chords good
the mocking jays - edge of your knife
the nightmares - adore
yonaka - fired up
menace beach - crawl in love
-----lp session - super 8 "turn around or..."
super 8 - hey! mr. policeman
super 8 - serious drugs
super 8 - callin' out!
the cure sleep - when i'm dead
where we sleep - the first one
spring king - the hum


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Music Of A Werewolf! Show tracks for Sat. July 14/18

shame - lampoon (songs of praise)
shopping - my dad's a dancer (the official body)
the orielles - i only bought it for the bottle (silver dollar moment)
accu - did you count your eyes? (echo the red)
black honey - i only hurt the ones i love (black honey)
spring king - us vs them (a better life)
slowcoaches - found down (found down)
towers of london - green eyes (super sounds of k-town)
dose - furniture (furniture/opaque)
pil - fff (compact album)
poptone - lions (poptone)
artificial pleasure - wound up tight (the bitter end)
77:78 - situations (jellies)
mien - odessey (mien)
the fernweh - is this man bothering you? (is this man bothering you?)
vryll society - light at the edge of the world (course of the satellite)
underworld & iggy pop - get your shirt (teatime dub encounters)
the orb - i wish i had a pretty dog (no sounds are out of bounds)
-----northern soul spotlight
the mvp's - turning my heartbeat up
shirley ellis - soul time
bobby hebb - love, love, love
sammy davis jr - you can count on me
yvonne baker - you didn't say a word
-----lp session - lucy & the rats "lucy & the rats"
lucy & the rats - lose my mind (lucy & the rats)
lucy & the rats - night comes (lucy & the rats)
lucy & the rats - hold on me (lucy & the rats)
the clouded lights - borrowed hearts (night of the underdog)
pelts - another place (who could love me now?)
haiku salut - cold to crack the stones (cold to crack the stones)
still corners - black lagoon (slow air)
10 o'clock chemical - dinosaur (it's not the 80s) (favours for the wicked)
the suncharms - tranquil day (the suncharms)
the sound - iron years (thunder up)
klammer - spiral girl (soiral girl)
the cure - young americans (an xfm compilation album)
art trip and the static sound - kerplunk (kerplunk ep)
youth man - i don't know
blue orchids - music of a werewolf (singing a song in prison)
talkboy - mother (mother)
s t f u - vanishing (y u m 1)
s t f u - am i wrong (y u m 1)
the orchards - drama king (losers/lovers)
red light effect - empress (empress)
calva louise - outrageous (outrageous)
let's eat grandma - cool & collected (i'm all ears)

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Night Café! Show tracks for Sat. July 7/18

baddiel & skinner & the lightning seeds - three lions (football's coming home)
the popguns - red white and blue
spiritulized - a perfect miracle
gruff rhys - no profit in pain
the coral - eyes like pearls
adwaith - gatref
ilu - graffiti old europe
my life story - 24 hour deflowerer
lucy & the rats - melody
johnny kills - who's counting?
muncie girls - falling down
dott - bleached blonde
stfu - infection
the kvb - above us
the lucid dream - alone in fear
----lp session - simon love "sincerely s love x"
simon love - god bless the dick who let you go
simon love - joey ramone
simon love - golden boy
the primitives - stop killing me (part time punks session)
the primitives - nothing left (part time punks session)
the wolfhounds - disgusted e7 (peel session)
the wolfhounds - anti-midas touch (peel session)
-----lp session - 77:78 "jellies"
77:78 - if i'm anything
77:78 - e.s.t.w.d.
77:78 - the wagon
the suncharms - red dust
lusts - lost highway
purple heart parade - mission hills
the cure - play for today
the night café - i'm fine
average sex - ne m'oublie pas (do not forget me)
jetstream pony - self-destruct reality
the catenary wires - what about the rings
fuzzwalker - f.o.n.
lyerr - taking over
april - open mind
-----lp session - sunstack jones "sunstack jones"
sunstack jones - always something up
sunstack jones - end at the start
sunstack jones - stay awhile
hello operator - i created a monster
kyle falconer - poor me
pram - shimmer and disappear


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - June Albums

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. CALL THE COMET (LP) ... Johnny Marr (New Voodoo Records)
2. THE NOW NOW (LP) ... Gorillaz (Parlophone)
3. SCHTICK (LP) ... Danny Goffey (Distiller)
4. BABELSBURG (LP) ... Gruff Rhys (Rough Trade Records)
5. I'M ALL EARS (LP) ... Let's Eat Grandma (Transgressive)
6. COLT (LP) ... Hilary Woods (Sacred Bones)
7. NO SHAME (LP) ... Lily Allen (Parlophone)
8. LUMP (LP) ... Lump (Dead Oceans)
9. STAINS ON SILENCE (LP) ... Girls Names (Tough Love Records)
10. 1, 2, KUNG FU! (LP) ... Boy Azooga (Heavenly)
11. LAS DUNAS (LP) ... Beach Skulls (Pnk Slm)
12. GOOD LOVE BAD LOVE (LP) ... Salad Undressed (Three Bean Records)
13. TELEVISION/SWEET (LP) ... Holy Esque (Beyond The Frequency)
14. A COMPACT CASSETTE (LP) ... Drahla (Blank Ad)
15. COUNTING PENNIES IN THE AFTERLIFE (LP) ... Colour Me Wednesday (Dovetown)
16. WHY ANYTHING? WHY THIS? (LP) ... Shriekback (Shriek-Related Products)
17. POPTONE (LP) .. Poptone (Cleopatra Records)
18. STRANGERS (LP) ... The Ramona Flowers (Distiller)
19. NO SOUNDS ARE OUT OF BOUNDS (LP) ... The Orb (Cooking Vinyl)
20. BLAZE AWAY (LP) ... Morcheeba (Fly Agaric Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - June Singles

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. A PERFECT MIRACLE / I'M YOUR MAN ... Spiritualized (Fat Possum)
2. F.W.T.B. ... Yonaka (Asylum Records)
3. VEINS ... Where We Sleep (Where We Sleep)
4. BLACK LAGOON ... Still Corners (Wrecking Light Records)
5. SHAME ON YOU ... Bang Bang Romeo (Five Seven Music)
6. BLACK RAINBOW SOUND ... Menace Beach (Ft. Brix Smith) (Memphis Industries)
7. ABOVE US ... The KVB (Invada Records)
8. LILAC ... Estrons (Gofod Records)
9. IN MY HEAD ... Our Girl (Cannibal Hymns)
10. WATCH ... Float (Float)
11. THE INVISIBLES ... Suede (Warner)
12. WHO COULD LOVE ME NOW? / ANOTHER PLACE ... Pelts (Iffy Folk Records)
13. COLOSSUS / DANNY NEDELKO ... Idles (Partisan Records)
14. SECOND OPINION ... Bloxx (Chess Club)
15. DID YOU COUNT YOUR EYES? ... Accü (Libertino)
16. IT'S NOT GETTING BETTER ... Spinn (Modern Sky UK)
17. PRETTY LITTLE THING ... Indian Queens (Cool Thing Records)
18. I AM ... Lacuna Bloome (Lacuna Bloome)
19. REMAINS THE SAME ... The Spitfires (Hatch Records)
20. WEIRD ME ... The Twistettes (Traffic Cone Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June 2018

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Playground Twist! Show tracks for Sat. June 30/18

ist ist - emily
float - watch
black honey - i only hurt the ones i love
yonaka - f.w.t.b.
bang bang romeo - shame on you
the twistettes - hate hate
lauran hibbard - call shotgun
bloxx - second opinion
embrace - adrenalin
miles kane - cry on my guitar
the kooks - fractured and dazed
james - coming home pt.2
johnny marr - hey angel
shriekback - wriggle and drone
shriekback - church of the louder light
hilary woods - kith
flowers - long song (radio edit)
77:78 - chilli live '75 (dubwood allstars re-dub)
jungle - house in la
barney artist - something true
-----lp session - gorillaz "the now now"
gorillaz - tranz
gorillaz - kansas
gorillaz - magic city
the undertones - here comes the summer
magazine - recoil
simple minds - chelsea girl
the fall - the man whose head expanded
siouxsie & the banshees - playground twist
the human league - being bolied
pale waves - noises
spinn - it's not getting better
the coral - eyes like pearls
the kinks - sunny afternoon
stereo honey - don't speak
lacuna bloome - i am
-----lp session - let's eat grandma "i'm all ears"
let's eat grandma - whitewater
let's eat grandma - snakes and ladders
let's eat grandma - ava
moderate rebels - beyond hidden words
seatbelts - song for vonnegut
the orielles - blue suitcase (disco wrist) (jez kerr remix)
the cure - accuracy


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Outerzone Jazz! Show tracks for Sat. June 23/18

james - better than that
the charlatans - indefintely in your debt
johnny marr - spiral cities
underworld & iggy pop - i'll see big
the orb - rush hill road feat hollie cook & brother culture
hollie cook - superstar
the spitfires - the new age
the vryll society - light at the edge of the world
the magic gang - all i want is you
dan lyons - gargoyle
django django - marble skies
cavern of anti-matter - outerzone jazs
hazel o'connor - writing on the wall
ultravox - sleepwalk
new musik - sanctuary
poptone - mirror people
poptone - ball of confusion
-----northern soul spotlight
the flirtations - nothing but a heartache
clyde mcphatter - baby you got it
elkie brooks - the way you do the things you do
brotherhood of man - reach out your hand
-----lp session - danny goffey "schtick"
danny goffey - let it happen
danny goffey - i can't leave it alone
danny goffey - psychomental
danny goffey - i'm done (trying to be young)
primal scream - ivy ivy ivy
verve - sun, the sea
kasabian - put your life on it
house of love - love in a car
salad undressed - moonshine
salad undressed - hyacinth
accü - did you count your eyes?
our girl - in my head
patawawa - lie
pelts - who could love me now?
still corners - black lagoon
talk talk - today
the cure - doing the unstuck
hotel lux - berlin wall
float - watch


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Black Rainbow Sound! Show tracks for Sat. June 16/18

barmy army - england 2 yugoslavia 0
new order - world in motion
thousand yard stare - 0-0 a.e.t.
spiritualized - i'm your man
spiritualized - a perfect miracle
beach skulls - soma holiday
afghan sand gang - scribe
menace beach - black rainbow sound feat brix smith
slaves - cut and run
indian queens - pretty little thing
muncie girls - picture of health
asylums - millenials
-----lp session - lily allen "no shame"
lily allen - what you waiting for
lily allen - lost my mind
lily allen - cake
the kooks - fractured and dazed
the smiths - vicar in a tutu
that petrol emotion - it's a good thing
only shadows - cold shoulder
half man half biscuit - every time a bell rings
half man half biscuit - renfields afoot
-----lp session - johnny marr "call the comet"
johnny marr - rise
johnny marr - new dominion
johnny marr - actor attractor
estrons - lilac
the stranglers - who wants the world?
manic street preachers - from despair to where
the house of love - never
-----lp session - boy azooga "1,2, kung fu!"
boy azooga - breakfast epiphany
boy azooga - losers in the tomb
boy azooga - sitting on the first rock from the sun
tempesst - a little bit of trouble
the ramona flowers - if you remember
arctic monkeys - the ultracheese
-----lp session - girls names "stains on silence"
girls names - haus proud
girls names - the impaled mystique
girls names - fragments of a portrait
swoone - this bullet never kills
the cure - prayers for rain
gorillaz - fire flies


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Walking With The Boss! Show tracks for Sat. June 9/18

liines - cold
ill - bus shelter
witch fever - toothless
suede - the invisibles
miles kane - coup de grace
pulp - this is hardcore
arctic monkeys - one point perspective
idles - i, colossus
idles - danny nedelko
amusement parks on fire - all the new ends
where we sleep - crawl
-----lp session - salad "the lost album vol 1"
salad - big monkey girl
salad - cut and cover
salad - ok again
black honey - bad friends
yonaka - f.w.t.b.
-----northern soul spotlight
james blake - don't miss it
shirley ellis - soul time
margie joseph - i can't move no mountain
dusty springfield - what's it gonna be?
-----lp session - gruff rhys "bablesburg"
gruff rhys - oh dear!
gruff rhys - take that call
gruff rhys - negative vibes
tracyanne & danny - it can't be love unless it hurts
gorillaz - sorcerez
beth orton & chemical brothers - i never asked to be your mountain
starling - profiteroles
-----lp session - holy esque "television/sweet"
holy esque - image of man
holy esque - give me your stillness
holy esque - he, special electra
the charlatans - standing alone
embrace - one big family
saltwater sun - hot mess
the ego ritual - chakra maraca
the cure - lament (flexipop version)
-----lp session - hilary woods "colt"
hilary woods - take him in
hilary woods - jesus said
hilary woods - limbs
bloxx - second opinion
the twistettes - weird me
quinn - all the best