Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Big Music - A St. Andrew's Day Celebration! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 30/13

Tonight we alter the show a little to feature the best of the Scottish indie/alternative scene to celebrate St. Andrew's Day.
Found there were far to many bands to include in one show so I hope I played your favourite. Even got a few requests in.
Don't worry I didn't try my Scottish accent, because frankly, it sucks!
royal scots dragoon guards - scotland the brave
danny bhoy - bagpipes
the waterboys - the big music
travis - all i want to do is rock
josef k - sorry for laughing (postcard 7" version)
the supernaturals - the day before yesterdays man
strawberry switchblade - let her go
the pastels - speeding motorcycle
bill drummond - julian cope is dead (for mike d.)
the skids - into the valley
endgames - first, last for everything (club version) (for joakim)
spirea x - chlorine dream
the soup dragons - soft as your face
the bluebells - i'm falling
the blue nile - a walk across the rooftops
altered images - pinky blue
teenage fanclub - everything flows
the shop assistants - i don't want to be friends with you
primal scream - higher then the sun
trash can sinatras - circling the circumference
urusei yatsura - eastern youth
the orchids - underneath the window, underneath the sink
orange juice - felicity
mogwai - hassenheide
geneva - into the blue
the vaselines - oliver twisted
belle & sebastian - legal man
the jesus & mary chain - upside down
simple minds - new gold dream (81-82-83-84)
biff bang pow! - love's going out of fashion
jesse garon & the desperadoes - splashing along
cocteau twins - lorelei
the associates - party fears two (for craig m.)
camera obscura - do it again
lloyd cole & the commotions - lost weekend
captain america - flame on
aztec camera - oblivious
primal scream - velocity girl

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ronco Revival Sound! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 23/13

THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR! Despite the telly viewing today the show still managed somehow to be produced. We open the show with a special tribute to Doctor Who on their 50th Anniversary. Very excited over the new material from Chameleons Vox, Temples, Maxïmo Park, Iva G Moskovich, Casual Sex, Paradise and Young Knives in the LP Session.

Saturday, November 30 is St. Andrew's Day. St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland. To join in the day long festivities of a nation and it's glorious people, Cowboys & Indies will dedicate an entire show to the indie/alternative musical history of Scotland. Tune in on Saturday, November 30 at 10pm on CJAM 99.1FM for 2 1/2 hours of Scottish musical treasures. After all, if it's no Scottish it's crap!

the timelords - doctorin' the tardis
mansun - witness to a murder (part two) feat tom baker
culture club - starman
the chameleons vox - sycophants
bastille - of the night
paradise - i can feel your love
the courteeners - are you in love with a notion?
temples - mesmerise
neils children - the highs and lows
vision fortune - basic ways to crack a whip
rosie lowe - me and your ghost
kwes - broke
beady eye - soul love
jake bugg - slumville sunrise
the rifles - minute mile
the bordellos - ronco revival sound
lp session - young knives "sick octave"
the young knives - owls of athens
the young knives - bella bella
the young knives - bed warmer
casual sex - bastard beat
wire - love bends
maxïmo park - brain cells
vuvuvultures - epurrar/pixar
iva g moskovich - for your love
woman's hour - darkest place
david bowie - atomica
joanna gruesome - tugboat (galaxie 500 cover)
exit calm - promise
calories - mausoleum
little boots - broken record (nocturnal version)

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Absence Of The Noise! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 16/13

Lily takes aim again! Go Lily! I get the point of the subject matter, she never backs down and good for her. People need to concentrate on the message and a little less on the delivery method. But then again people will always find some reason to bitch!

white lies - i would die 4 u
david bowie - friday on my mind
toy - endlessly
rose elinor dougall - future vanishes
veronica falls - need you around
chad valley - real time
telegram - follow
alfa 9 - el morocco
the strypes - c.c. rider (live)
johnny marr - generate! generate!
edwyn collins - love's been good to me
grace jones - she's lost control
bananarama - na na hey hey (kiss him goodbye) na (dub) hey
dubblestandart - i got to live & love feat caron wheeler
mad professor - john peel dub (peel session)
lp session - los campesinos! "no blues"
los campesinos! - for flotsam
los campesinos! - cemetery gaits
los campesinos! - glue me
psapp - wet salt
superfood - melting
roman remains - this stone is starting to bleed
formes - absence of the noise
backyards - underbank hall
the kvb - run away
morrissey - satellite of love (live)
dreadzone - too late feat mick jones
breton - envy
gorillaz - whirlwind (plastic beach session)
no ceremony/// - lstldr
metronomy - i'm aquarius
metronomy - the bay
candy says - lord's mistake

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Garage Recordings! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 9/13

Business as usual this week. After 2 weeks of Halloween tracks, Velvet Underground covers and a pledge drive, we get back to basics this week. Loads of new tracks have been stockpiling over the last two weeks. No way I'll get to them all. But there's always next week.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the pledge drive this year. The station managed to raise over $20,000 and there are still some late pledges coming in. You can still pledge if you haven't and want to. If you did, CJAM thanks you!

the invisible - surrender
jessie ware - love thy will be done
the rifles - minute mile
the heartbreaks - ¡no pasarán!
david bowie - god bless the girl
bombay bicycle club - carry me
snowbird - porcelain
mogwai - remurdered
young knives - we could be blood
you say party - the misunderstanding (omd cover)
ebony bones - what difference does it make? (ft. the new london children's choir)
the hics - tangle
reeves & mortimer - brian eno & rick wakeman pt.1
denim - here is my song for europe
is tropical - dancing anymore
lp session - black hearted brother "stars are our home"
black hearted brother - ufo
black hearted brother - take heart
black hearted brother - i'm back
peace - wraith
veronica falls - nobody there
man without country - claymation
paradise - stars shine bright
candy says - dreamers
the fauns - seven hours
the big pink - stay gold (for clara)
circa waves - get away
jubilee courts - room with a view
mazes - hayfever wristband
grass house - of haste and art
grass house - tasteless but taciturn
b.e.f. feat. glenn gregory - perfect day
reeves & mortimer - brian eno & rick wakeman pt.2

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

All Tomorrow's Parties! Pledge Drive show tracks for Sat. Nov. 2/13

Another one bites the dust as they say. The pledge drive show is in the can for another year. Thanks to Clara for sitting in with me. Clara rocks and she made the time fly by. I hope she enjoyed the show. Thanks to Sarah for helping on those busy pledge phone lines. Most importantly thanks to Andrew, Sharon, Adrian and Roger for their generous donation to the cause. Also, to everyone who may have pledged online, I don't have your names or I would have mentioned you as well.
There is still plenty of time to pledge. Surfing on into the station's website you can pay by credit card through Paypal. Use this link here; Pledge 2013! Or tune into any of the fine programming still to come thus week.

We took care of a little business in opening the show. Featuring James Blake from his 2013 Mercury Prize winning album Overgrown. Then we got into the musical theme for this year's pledge drive show which was the music of Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground. Done in the British indie/alternative style by featuring cover versions of some of your fave VU tracks by your fave British artists.
A little less music featured because of the increased voice time on air. But I think we managed to hit all the best tracks.
Back to regular business next week with 2 weeks worth of new releases.

james blake - to the last
lou reed - satellite of love
duran duran - perfect day
spaceman 3 - ode to street hassle
ride - new age
david bowie - waiting for the man (bbc session)
the dylans - who loves the sun
james - sunday morning
japan - all tomorrow's parties
the wedding present - she's my best friend
the primitives - i'll be your mirror
the hot rats - i can't stand it
chapterhouse - lady godiva's operation
the telescopes - candy says
echo & the bunnymen - foggy notion
hurrah! - sweet jane
simple minds - street hassle
teenage fanclub - femme fatale
strawberry switchblade - sunday morning

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Monthly Indiessential chart for October 2013

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. FOLLY (LP) ... Kitchens Of Distinction (3 Loop Music)
2. GLOW & BEHOLD (LP) ... Yuck (Virgin EMI/Mercury)
3. BLUSH EP ... Wolf Alice (Chess Club)
4. I CAN'T LOOK AFTER YOU / SHE'S AWAY ... Temple Songs (RIP Management)
5. CUT THE GRASS ... Cheatahs (Wichita)
6. DON'T YOU WANT TO BE MINE? ... The History Of Apple Pie (Marshall Teller)
7. THE FUTURE ISN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE (LP) ... Exit Calm (Club AC30)
8. JACLYN ... Jingo (yr mums 1)
9. WE NEED MEDICINE (LP) ... The Fratellis (BMG)
10. THE SEA EP ... Fanfarlo (New World)
11. CITY FORGIVENESS (LP) ... The Wave Pictures (Moshi Moshi)
12. THUNDER LIZARD REVISITED EP ... The Wytches (Hate Hate Hate)
13. RUN AWAY ... The KVB (Ample Play)
14. TRAVEL WILD - TRAVEL FREE (LP) ... Steve Cradock (Proper Records)
15. SHAPESHIFTER ... Elephant (Memphis Industries)
16. WE WERE HERE (LP) ... Turin Brakes (Cooking Vinyl)
17. LET'S GO FLY A KITE ... Big Sister (Crocodile)
18. COSMO EP ... Cosmo (Polydor)
19. CRYSTAL ... As Elephants Are (Once Upon A Time Records)
20. HEAD UP HIGH (LP) ... Morcheeba ([PIAS] Recordings)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2013