Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monthly Indiessential chart for August 2009

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. HUMBUG (LP) Arctic Monkeys (Domino)
2. DOMINOS The Big Pink (4AD)
3. XX (LP) The XX (Young Turks/XL)
4. ONE MORE CHANCE .. Bloc Party (Polydor)
5. THAT GOLDEN RULE Biffy Clyro (14th Floor Recordings)
6. FRENCH KISS IN THE CHAOS (LP) Reverend & The Makers (Wall Of Sound)
7. THIS MOMENTARY Delphic (Kitsune)
8. I BECAME A PROSTITUTE The Twilight Sad (Fat Cat)
9. CHEAT ON ME The Cribs (Wichita)
10. TWO DANCERS (LP) Wild Beasts (Domino)
11. IF I WAS Young Rebel Set (Ignition)
12. DANCE IN TIME The Cordels (Slippery People)
13. DIVIDED (LP) Theoretical Girl (Memphis Industries)
15. THE WORTHING SONG Bleech (Billie Records)
16. CONDITIONS (LP) Temper Trap (Infectious)
17. SUPERHUMAN TOUCH Athlete (Polydor)
18. EUGENE MCGUINNESS (LP) Eugene McGuinness (Domino)
19. JEWELLERY QUARTER (LP) The Twang (B-Unique)
20. REVAMPER The Pheromoans (Convulsive)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for August 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 29/09

Pretty uneventful week really...nothing much to say but:

northern uproar - from a window
hatcham social - so so happy making
manic street preachers - me and stephen hawking (british sea power remix)
british sea power - no lucifer
manic street preachers - doors closing slowly (the horrors remix)
the horrors - do you remember
bad lieutenant - sink or swim
ian brown - stellify
james - not so strong
the charlatans - here comes a soul saver
arctic monkeys - sketchead
inward eye - you know i know
eight legs - i understand
-----lp session #1 the twang "jewellery quarter"
the twang - put it on the dancefloor
the twang - back where we started
the twang - live the life
vv brown - game over
florence & the machine - drumming song
rose elinor dougall - another version of pop song
the pipettes - i think we're alone now
the twilight sad - i became a prostitute
maps - i dream of crystal
the big pink - dominos
-----lp session #2 wild beasts "two dancers"
wild beasts - all the king's men
wild beasts - when i'm sleepy
wild beasts - the empty nest
athlete - superhuman touch
the maccabees - dinosaurs
editors - papillon
madness - rainbows
secret broadcast - splendid isolation
bleech - the worthing song
bloc party - one more chance

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 22/09

So I'm working on the big secret that will coincide with the launch of CJAM at 99.1 FM. There will be a little tweek to the program, that's all I'm going to say for now. I'll let the anticipation drive you nuts until then! lol

madness - dust devil
jack peƱate- tonight's today
jamie jones - summertime
subway - monochrome (request)
zoot woman - we won't break
the big pink - dominos
the horrors - scarlet fields (request)
maps - let go of the fear
black poets - mistakes
the hidden cameras - underage
secret broadcast - out of control
young galaxy - oh sister
-----lp session arctic monkeys "humbug"
arctic monkeys - my propeller
arctic monkeys - dangerous animals
arctic monkeys - cornerstone
arctic monkeys - dance little liar
sondre lerche - good luck (dedication: bon voyage Monica)
the holloways - jukebox sunshine
the duckworth lewis method - the age of revolution
cornershop - who fingered rock 'n' roll
athlete - superhuman touch
young rebel set - if i was
the cribs - cheat on me
the cordels - dance in time
reverend & the makers - professor pickles
v v brown - shark in the water
foxes! - who killed rob?
the xx - basic space
florence & the machine - howl
the cinematics - love and terror
kasabian - where did all the love go?
bleech - the worthing song

Monday, August 17, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 15/09

Not much other to say that the EPL started Saturday morning. Thanks for small It could have started better for Everton though. I hope this is not omenous of a rough year. We open up with 2 footie songs. One from Pistola Kicks that has been featured in an Umbro tv ad. And the other a classic from yesteryear and a fave of mine
Thousand Yard Stare.

pistola kicks - friday nights
thousand yard stare - 0 - 0 a.e.t.
young rebel set - if i was
noah & the whale - blue skies
marina & the diamonds - obsessions
skint & demoralised - red lipstick
delphic - this momentary
pure reason revolution - victorious cupid
biffy clyro - that golden rule
new model army - today is a good day
ian brown - stellify
arctic monkeys - red right hand (live web transmission)
the ruling class - sleeping beauty
lp session #1 the xx "the xx"
the xx - heart skips a beat
the xx - fantasy
the xx - shelter
the xx - night time
la roux - i'm not your toy
patrick wolf - vulture
carbon dating service - mountain crime
young galaxy - queen drums
dinosaur pile-up - summer hit single
detroit social club - soldiers
four dead in ohio - taste like the good love
the cordels - dance in time
hatcham social - dissected
lp session #2 theoretical girl "divided"
theoretical girl - the boy i left behind
theoretical girl - dancehall deceit
theoretical girl - the biggest mistake
the soundcarriers - volcano
wolf gang - pieces of you
jamie t - sticks 'n' stones
eugene mcguinness - jacqueline
eugene mcguinness - judy is a punk

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 8/09

Not much to say this week, except congrats to Erika from Royal Oak on winning the Fucking Awesome Fest passes.
We open the show with a couple tracks from Ferris Bueller's Day Off soundtrack in memory of John Hughes passing away this pass week. Could have done a whole show on the great music he had in his movies. Every thing that was cool about the 80s like The Smiths, Psychedelic Furs, Dream Academy, Killing Joke, Oingo Boingo, General Public/English Beat, BAD, Yello, OMD, Lords Of The New Church, Kim Wilde, Wall Of Voodoo, INXS, New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen.....I better stop because I could go on and you also get the

sigue sigue sputnick - love missle f1-11 (a clockwork sputnik)
dream academy - please please please let me get what i want
arctic monkeys - pretty visitors (live web transmission)
pistola kicks - intellectual
biffy clyro - that golden rule (radio rip)
the cribs - cheat on me
art brut - am i normal?
manic street preachers - peeled apples
the pheromoans - revamper
alvarez kings - despair on two stairs
delphic - this momentary
boxer rebellion - semi automatic
we were promised jetpacks - roll up your sleeves
-----lp session #1 reverend & the makers "french kiss in the chaos"
reverend & the makers - hidden persuaders
reverend & the makers - no wood just trees
reverend & the makers - long long time
reverend & the makers - mermaids
the blue ox babes - east to west
the rumble strips - dem girls
madness - sugar & spice
connett - song for swingers
subway - persuasion
little hands - remedy
autoerotique - gladiator
la roux - fascination
-----lp session #2 temper trap "conditions"
temper trap - rest
temper trap - down river
idlewild - these wooden ideas
jets overhead - always a first time
future of the left - chin music
god help the girl - hiding neath my umbrella
reverie sound revue - we are the opposite of thieves
franz ferdinand - katherine hit me dub (no you girls)
eugene mcguinness - fonze

Monday, August 3, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 1/09 Y2:UK The Best of 2000-2008

The last in the special shows for our anniversary year. Y2:UK celebrated The Best of Cowboys & Indies from 2000-2008. Hope you enjoyed the selection of tracks. I knew I was going to run out of time to include everything and I did. So I'll include the few things that I ran out of time for in next weeks show.
Congrats to Bronwen from Winnipeg for winning the free cd giveaway, Kasabian "The West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum". That cd will mailed out tomorrow.
Stay tuned this weekend for another free giveaway. This Saturday, a weekend pass to the Fucking Awesome Fest at The Majestic Theater is up for grabs. This festival features a ton of bands including Art Brut, Deastro, Adult and so much more.

bloc party - pioneers
the automatic - monster
the rain band - knee deep and down
the open - bring me down
the stills - allison krausse
futureheads - radio heart
the long blondes - separated by motorways
the fratellis - creepin' up the backstairs
the zutons - valerie
the thrills - one horse town
mull historical society - how 'bout i love you more
lily allen - ldn
the pipettes - pull shapes
you say party! we say die! - teenage hit wonder
the pigeon detectives - romantic type
the rakes - work, work, work (pub, club, sleep)
hard-fi - middle eastern holiday
gorillaz - 5/4
the music - the people
kasabian - l.s.f (lost souls forever)
franz ferdinand - michael
arctic monkeys - fake tales of san francisco
dead 60s - riot radio
duke spirit - love is an unfamiliar name
the horrors - sheena is a parasite
camera obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken
belle & sebastian - funny little frog
the delays - long time coming
the upper room - all over this town
editors - munich
arcade fire - intervention
doves - m62 song
the libertines - i get along
kaiser chiefs - everything is average nowadays
maximo park - apply some pressure
british sea power - remember me
the dears - don't lose the faith
the coral - jaqueline

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Monthly Indiessential chart for July 2009

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene


1. WELCOME TO THE WALK ALONE (LP) The Rumble Strips (Island)

2. THREE FACT FADER (LP) Engineers (K Scope)

3. LUNGS (LP) Florence & The Machine (Island)

4. SILENCE IS TALKING . Reverend & The Makers (Wall Of Sound)

5. LORD CUT GLASS (LP) Lord Cut Glass (Chemikal Underground)

6. THE FIRST DAYS OF SPRING Noah & The Whale (

7. I HAD THE BLUES BUT I SHOOK THEM LOOSE (LP) Bombay Bicycle Club (Island)

8. BARNEY RUBBLE The Twang (B-Unique)

9. STOP THE WORLD The Big Pink (4AD)

10. THE CROWN JEWELS EP Marina & The Diamonds (679 Recordings)

11. THESE FOUR WALLS (LP) We Were Promised Jetpacks (FatCat)

12. HOOTING & HOWLING Wild Beasts (Domino)

13. YEAH SO? (LP) . Slow Club (Moshi Moshi)

14. STOP/START/SYNCHRO Rose Elinor Dougall (Elefant)

15. WE WERE ABORTED The Cribs (

16. REWILD (LP) Amazing Baby (V2)

17. WAXING GIBBOUS (LP) Malcolm Middleton (Full Time Hobby)

18. CRITICAL Soft Toy Emergency (ROM)

19. REVERIE SOUND REVUE (LP) Reverie Sound Revue (Boompa)

20. BABY DARLING DOLL FACE HONEY (LP) Band Of Skulls (Artist First)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for July 2009