Saturday, April 23, 2016

When Doves Cry! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 23/16

We open tonight's program with 4 Prince covers by British artists.
RIP Prince, you will be missed.

jesus & mary chain - alphabet street
gary numan - u got the look
simple minds - sign o' the times
mike flowers pops - 1999
travis - radio song
wendy james - indigent blues
the kills - heart of a dog
royal blood - where are you now
beth orton - 1973
french leave - tourist
formation - pleasure
fufanu - ballerina in the rain (damon albarn mix)
bernaccia - awake
sigue sigue sputnik - i could never take the place of your man
pleasure beach - magic moiuntain
september girls - catholic guilt
the isabelles - permanent rewind
sulk - no illusions
-----northern soul spotlight
marlena shaw - let's wade in the water
young holt unlimited - ain't there something money can't buy
the impressions - can't satisfy
jackie day - before it's too late
-----lp session - wire "nocturnal koreans"
wire - dead weight
wire - forward position
wire - pilgrim trade
boxer rebellion - weapon
holy esque - strange
feral love - like the wind
the 1975 - the sound [request]
golden fable - unity
teleman - fall in time
cut ribbons - helen of troy (diy session)
united fruit - where the sun beats down
oranj son - psycho disco face
the assist - nyabinghi
joe strummer - gangsterville
blossoms - getaway
mt. wolf - anacrusis
island - spotless mind
cate le bon - i was born on the wrong day
blanck mass - the great confuso pt 1
kode 9 & space ape - sine of the dub


Thursday, April 21, 2016

RIP Purple One

This year sucks! We are losing way too many quality people this year. We start the year off with the devastating news of David Bowie's passing.
Now we hear Prince has passed as well. Not to mention all the others in between.
Prince was another artist going back to my high school years. First hearing him on the Electrifying Mojo's radio program. Who didn't wear out a cassette copy of 1999? Who didn't see Purple Rain?
Join that amazing concert in the skies Prince. RIP Purple One.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mantra For A State Of Mind! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 16/16

Well, the results are in and we're still losers! LOL Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote for us this year.
Congrats to all the winners of this year's Jammy Awards.

lush - burnham beeches
coves - to the sea
primal scream - mantra for a state of mind
blossoms - you pulled a gun on me
richard ashcroft - hold on
hurricane #1 - i wanna kill you
frightened rabbit - i wish i was sober
pete doherty - the whole world is our playground
pj harvey - the ministry of defence
pj harvey - river anacostia
the coral - holy revelation
minor victories - folk arp
money - hopeless world
little green cars - the garden of death
65daysofstatic - supermoon
sulk - the only faith is love
sulk - past paradise
frankie & the heartstrings - the night
frankie & the heartstrings - do i love you (indeed i do)
james blake - timeless
-----lp session - teleman "brilliant sanity"
teleman - glory hallelujah
teleman - tangerine
teleman - english architecture
tibet - i'll put you in my pocket
the night café - time
tom hingley band - beggar's hand
live//learn - crawl
pins - trouble
fear of men - trauma
cocteau twins - fluffy tufts
september girls - salvation
september girls - jaw on the floor
eagulls - skipping
public image limited - under the house
the pre new - janet vs john the outcome
false advertising - you're too slow
keroscene - just like zero
biffy clyro - wolves of winter
kassassin steet - hand in my pocket
misty miller - happy


Saturday, April 9, 2016

What Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 9/16

Just dawned on me today that I can't attend the Jammy Awards ceremony next Friday, I have concert tickets. Oh well, I'll know by the next show if we won or not. I should host a contest to have someone go and accept the award for us. Naw, if I do that we'll lose for sure!

savages - strife
iggy pop - sunday
lush - lost boy
beach baby - lost soul
black market karma - where i am needed
ist ist - white swan
dark willow - dolphine
the big moon - cupid
wendy james - bad intentions and a bit of cruelty
she makes war - cold shoulder feat tanya donelly
telegram - taffy come home
black rebel motorcycle club - what happened to my rock 'n' roll (punk song)
massive attack - daydreaming feat shara nelson
the heavy - turn up
the heavy - mean ol' man
arthur beatrice - every cell
-----northern soul spotlight
curtis lee - is she in your town?
bobby womack - what is this
the casualeers - dance dance dance
just brothers - sliced tomatoes
len barry - one two three
-----lp session - ben watt "fever dream"
ben watt - fever dream
ben watt - women's company
ben watt - faces of my friends
kate jackson - the end of reason
the last shadow puppets - miracle aligner
french leave - tourist
stereolab - motoroller scalatron
cavern of anti-matter - echolalia
the vryll society - le jetee
floodhounds - a&e
heavy heart - yellowbird
frightened rabbit - get out
frightened rabbit - die like a rich boy
three trapped tigers - silent earthling
stockholm monsters - national pastime
from apes to angels - one for me
exmagician - kiss that wealth goodbye
the wild swans - young manhood
toothless - terra


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2016 - March

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. DISTANCE INBETWEEN (LP) ... The Coral (Ignition Records)
2. CHAOSMOSIS (LP) ... Primal Scream (1st International)
3. A HUNDRED ROPES ... Minor Victories (Play It Again Sam)
4. HITCH (LP) ... The Joy Formidable (Red UK)
5. OF DESIRE (LP) ... The KVB (Invada Records)
6. BABY'S ALRIGHT ... Inheaven (Epic)
7. ISLAND ... Fear Of Men (Kanine Records)
8. METROPOLIS ... Kate Jackson (Hoo Ha Records)
9. CRYSTAL CAFE (LP) ... Witching Waves (Soft Power Records)
10. EP01 ... Dream Wife (Cannibal Hymns)
11. HEARTBREAK HI ... Avec Sans (Beverly Martel)
13. L.U.V. ... Catholic Action (Virgin EMI)
14. KICKIN' IN ... Cupids (Cupids)
15. MAGNETIC SEASONS (LP) ... Mugstar (Rock Action Records)
16. ONE WAY GLASS ... Innerspace Orchestra (Different Recordings)
17. 30 GOES ROUND THE SUN (LP) ... The Wonder Stuff (IRL)
18. STRANGER THINGS (LP) ... Yuck (Mamé Records)
19. CLOSE YOUR EYES ... The Gaa Gaas (Movement-2 Records)
20. FROM CAPLAN TO BELSIZE (LP) ... The Muncie Girls (Specialist Subject)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for March 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2016

No More Parties In The Attic! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 2/16

Thanks to everyone who voted in this years Jammy Awards. The winners will be announced in a couple weeks time.
I'll definitely let you know if we manage to win this year.

minor victories - a hundred ropes
fear of men - island
wire - internal exile
underworld - santiago cuatro
l u h (lost under heaven) - beneath the concrete
bloc party - virtue
gabriel bruce - metal soul
pumarosa - cecile
big deal - say yes
black honey - all my pride
the joy formidable - the brook
the seahorses - love is the law
divine youth - please pour away those petrol eyes
the mock turtles - wicker man
kidsmoke - heartache
hurricane #1 - just another illusion
-----northern soul spotlight
chuck jackson - hand it over
linda jones - i just can't live my life (without you babe)
bunny sigler - girl don't make me wait
sammy davis jr. - you can count on me
-----lp session - coves "peel"
coves - cadavalier
coves - tripping over lust
coves - so empty
exploded view - no more parties in the attic
låpsley - station
bat for lashes - in god's house
pet shop boys - sad robot world
haelos - pray
glass caves - alive
last shadow puppets - sweet dreams
last shadow puppets - the bourne identity
kingsley chapman & the murder - the children sream
vennart - operate
inheaven - baby's alright
strangelove - sway
blossoms - at most a kiss
black market karma - who what where and why?
desert mountain tribe - take a ride
flowers - my only friend
ulrika spacek - porcelain
marion - sparkle