Saturday, March 30, 2013

Welcome To The North! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 30/13

I love it when you go record shopping and you get surprised by new releases you didn't know were coming out or cool items on sale. All that happened this week and is represented by the tracks featured tonight. I didn't expect Little Green Cars to go domestic in Canada so fast. I thought for sure that was going to be a mail/internet order title. Then a website put The Music live cd on sale plus Carter USM and Happy Mondays live reunion cds. There was so much more like Cast, The Charlatans and P.I.L. but I'm not made of money so I had to get out before I blew my retirement I've been on a Music kick all week long, so welcome to the north - it's grim up here!

the music - welcome to the north
the justified ancients of mu mu - it's grim up north
british sea power - machineries of joy
frightened rabbit - late march, death march ("faster" rabbit for Tracy P.)
father sculptor - basilica
billy bragg - there will be a reckoning
the good natured - lovers
jessie ware - 110%
james blake - digital lion feat. brian eno
cloud boat - youthern
romare - your love (you give me fever)
lp session - peace "in love"
peace - higher than the sun
peace - float forever
peace - sugarstone
dodgy - waiting for the sun
theme park - a mountain we love
burning beaches - wo'man
jim jones revue - where da money go?
lost souls club - shoot me down
shinies - shuga
spotlight kid - budge up
little green cars - my love took me down to the river to silence me
little green cars - please
toy - my heart skips a beat
girls names - notion
golden grrrls - new pop
the leisure society - the sober scent of paper
the leisure society - fight for everyone
the pastels/tenniscoats - vivid youth
the river cry - september light
carter usm - bloodsport for all
the adverts - one chord wonders

Use these handy links to download the show!
Part One
Part Two

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Talking Loud And Clear! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 23/13

"What happened to the voices of dissent? Getting rich I guess" Bobby Gillespie
No, I don't think they're getting rich but being stifled by the people who are afraid to take chances.
Dissenters and people taking chances, pushing the envelope are being marginalized as trouble makers and extremists.
Thankfully people like Bobby Gillespie and Savages are out there pushing back.
I left Savages' new single out of the show because I feared people would focus on the words "slut"
and "fuck" and not listen to the message of the song. That's why it's being included here.
Don't like the message or the visuals close the page and move on!

duologue - cut & run
puressence - when your eyes close feat. judy collins
the stranglers - who wants the world
house of love - a baby got back on it's feet
post war years - lost winter
wire - doubles & trebles
omd - talking loud and clear
primal scream - 2013
edwyn collins - dilemma
noah & the whale - there will come a time
talk talk - have you heard the news?
lady - hold on
alunageorge - i wanna be like you
fink - walking in the sun
kate nash - cherry pickin'
lp session - daughter "if you leave"
daughter - youth
daughter - lifeforms
daughter - human
suede - dawn chorus
suede - howl
sleeper - vegas [request]
everything everything - kemosabe [request]
chvrches - recover
elia & the low tears - sweet lies
tricky - nothing's changed feat. francesca belmonte
inkliing - sold ma soul
fryars - on your own
little boots - motorway
the primitives - lose the reason
veronica falls - my heart beats
chad valley - evening surrender feat. el perra del mar
the wonder stuff - oh no!
theme park - still life
madness - never knew your name

Use these handy links to download the show!
Part One
Part Two

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dancing Out In Space! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 16/13

david bowie - dancing out in space
david bowie - (you will) set the world on fire
johnny marr - sun and moon
palma violets - chicken dippers
the courteeners - save rosemary in time
delphic - freedom found
the 1975 - chocolate
suede - snowblind
suede - hit me
the ghosts - everything will do
pulp - after you
lady - money
lady - if you wanna be my man
emeli sandé - imagine
lp session - hurts "exile"
hurts - blind
hurts - the road
hurts - mercy
breton - little knives
the river cry - the devil knows
rachel zeffira - break the spell
big deal - in your car
billy bragg - no one knows nothing anymore
james skelly & the intenders - do it again
frightened rabbit - backyard skulls
biffy clyro - biblical
the family cat - tom verlaine
charlie boyer & the voyeurs - things we be
china rats - nip it in the bud
fiction - careful
loom - i get a taste
post war years - glass house
drop out venus - love and desire
clinic - king kong II
jamie lidell - big love

Monday, March 11, 2013

Uh Oh! Jammy voting time again.

Hello friends!
Voting is open for the yearly CJAM awards called The Jammys.

All show are hosted and programmed by volunteers who give freely their time, passion and talent.
Show some love to your fave shows and djs by voting.
Voting is quick and easy, none of your info is needed this year. So vote often for your faves.
Use this handy link to vote today;

All show categories must be filled out for your vote to count.
Voting only open for a short time. Don't miss out.
Thanks for showing us some love!

Cowboys & Indies

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Misogyny Drop Dead! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 9/13

Hope you enjoyed the International Women's Day programming on CJAM this week.
Cowboys & Indies paid tribute to the women of the British indie/alternative scene.
We featured female artists and female fronted bands from 60s pop, post-punk, C86,
soul to the indie of today. We even threw in a little fromage gem from the 90s.

the selector - mother knows best
sandie shaw - message understood
poppy & the jezebels - sign in, dream on, drop out!
anita harris - london life
duffy - rain on your parade
kim wilde - water on glass
silverfish - rock on
marianne faithful - sister morphine
saint etienne - only love can break your heart
planningtorock - misogyny drop dead
siouxsie & the banshees - dazzle
transvision vamp - tell that girl to shut up
belle stars - the clapping song (12" version)
swing out sister - mama didn't raise no fool
kirsty maccoll - there's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's elvis
the primitives - lose the reason
pj harvey - 50ft queenie
curve - ice that melts the tips
the blanche hudson weekend - blood and butter
altered images - song sung blue
talulah gosh - talulah gosh
blessa - pale
savages - husbands
bananarama - what a shambles
we've got a fuzzbox and we're going to use it - love is the slug
shampoo - trouble
toyah - echo beach
billie piper - because we want to
amy winehouse - will you still love me tomorrow?
shirley bassey - fools rush in
section 25 - looking from a hilltop (restructured)
strawberry switchblade - jolene
young marble giants - final day
the raincoats - fairytale in the supermarket
throbbing gristle - hot on the heels of love

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Let's Make This Precious! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 2/13

The wave of new albums continues as a couple of highly anticipated ones hit this week. We feature Palma Violets in the full LP session as well featuring tracks from Johnny Marr and Theme Park. Why not throw a couple tracks in from Golden Grrrls and Steve Mason to boot. New tracks from the new and old including Section 25, UK Decay to Velcro Hooks and Drop Out Venus. Nothings to good for you listeners.

Make sure to tune in next week as we put the women of British indie/alternative front and center to celebrate International Women's Day. An entire show dedicated to female artists and female fronted bands featuring Shirley Bassey to Savages and Talulah Gosh to Amy Winehouse.
Send any ideas or requests my way, I would love to incorporate them into the show.

tricky - nothing's changed feat. francesca belmonte
alunageorge - attracting flies
steve mason - fight them back
steve mason - oh my lord
father sculptor - lowlands
unkle bob - cold water
the 1975 - chocolate
esben & the witch - slow wave
fossil collective - under my arrest
delays - unsung
blessa - unfurl
dexy's midnight runners - t.s.o.p.
dexy's midnight runners - let's make this precious
johnny marr - i want the heartbeat
johnny marr - upstarts
lp session - palma violets "180"
palma violets - all the garden birds
palma violets - tom the drum
palma violets - johnny bagga donuts
palma violets - fourteen
the sound - monument
section 25 - inner drive
inca babies - my sick suburb
uk decay - killer
steve harris - us against the world
drop out venus - love and desire
drenge - bloodsports
velcro hooks - a love song for t.s. eliot
golden grrrls - past tense
golden grrrls - we've got…
cougar springs - me and mine
the magic gang - bruises
theme park - a place they'll never know
theme park - ghosts
the family cat - steamroller

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Monthly Indiessential chart for February 2013

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. M B V (LP) ... My Bloody Valentine (mbv)
2. HOLY FIRE (LP) ... Foals (Warner)
3. WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN (LP) ... Veronica Falls (Slumberland)
4. LOSE THE REASON ... The Primitives (Elefant)
5. THE NEW LIFE (LP) ... Girls Names (Tough Love)
6. OUT OF VIEW (LP) ... The History of Apple Pie (Marshal Teller)
7. JAMIE LIDELL (LP) ... Jamie Lidell (Warp)
8. ADULT ... The Chapman Family (free download)
9. ANNA (LP) ... The Courteeners (V2)
10. PEDESTRIAN VERSE (LP) ... Frightened Rabbit (Atlantic)
11. NO EASY WAY OF BEING EP ... Heroes of Switzerland (MondoTunes)
12. COLLECTIONS (LP) ... Delphic (Polydor)
13. SEVENTEEN ... The Vestals (Killing Moon Records)
14. ORES & MINERALS (LP) ... Mazes (Fatcat Records)
15. THE RAPTURE ... Exit Calm (Club AC30)
16. I CAN'T SLEEP TONIGHT ... The Godfathers (Godfathers' Recordings)
17. NOTHING IN COMMON (LP) ... The OK Social Club (Platform Records)
18. SCREAMING MALDINI (LP) ... Screaming Maldini (Hiphiphip)
19. HAND ON HEART EP ... The Heartbreaks (Nusic Sounds)
20. THE MOTHS ARE REAL (LP) ... Serafina Steer (Stolen Recordings)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for February 2013