Sunday, September 25, 2016

Screamadelica! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 24/16

lush - 500 (shake baby shake)
the fall - hey! student
embrace - love is a basic need
ulrika spacek - lady godiva's operation
the early years - nocturne
colour of spring - snow
bloc party - stunt queen
kite base - soothe
black needle noise feat kendra frost - warning sign
the mission - tyranny of secrets
baltic fleet - the dear one
avec sans - perth
sugar for sugar - bizarre love triangle
primal scream - slip inside this house
david bowie - who can i be now
-----northern soul spotlight
nancy wilson - the end of our love
sam dees - lonely, for you baby
the tempos - countdown here i come
earl grant - hide nor hair
-----lp session - still corners "dead blue"
still corners - currents
still corners - crooked fingers
still corners - the fixer
kagoule - magnified
telegram - you said you saw us
god damn - ghost
sisteray - who r ya?
scarlet rascal - strange
black honey - hello today
catholic action - breakfast
kidsmoke - see the world
the vultures - ballad of the werewolf
honeyblood - sea hearts
field music - how we gonna get there now?
the house of love - marble
the big moon - beautiful stranger
young legionnaire - disappear
-----lp session - the lucid dream "compulsion songs"
the lucid dream - stormy waters
the lucid dream - the emptiest place
the lucid dream- 21st century
boz boorer feat eddie argos - girl from atlanta
hooton tennis club - katy-anne bellis
luxury death - i feel your pain


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Everything's Groovy! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 17/16

I hope you enjoyed the repeat performance featuring what is probably best compilation released this year. Join us next week live for more of great music and album selections!

Tonight we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the influential C86 release with an extended LP Session of the new C87 compilation. Created by Cherry Red Records with the idea in mind of what if the NME revisited their indie compilation a year later.
Most of the music featured on these compilations are the reason why Scott & I started this show over 25 years ago. Enjoy the trip down memory lane.
Just for good measure there a few new releases as well.

the wedding present - my favourite dress
the wolfhounds - the anti-midas touch
the primitives - we found a way to the sun
baby strange - friend
inheaven - all there is
seawitches - skylight
fickle friends - cry baby
two door cinema club - bad decisions
one thousand violins - please don't sandblast my house
the sea urchins - pristine christine
the soup dragons - hang ten!
the motorcycle boy - big rock candy mountain
phil wilson - 10 miles
pop will eat itself - sweet sweet pie
mccarthy - frans hal
the wonder stuff - it's not true…
stump - tupperware stripper
massive attack - the spoils feat hope sandoval
beaty heart - raw gold
blaenavon - let's pray
french leave - walking away
inspiral carpets - now you're gone (demo)
laugh - paul mccartney
I, ludicrous - my baby's got jet lag
biff bang pow! - in a morning town
this poison! - poised over the pause button
and also the trees - your guess
mark burgess & the sons of god - happy new life
puressence - palisades
house of love - real animal
a house - kick me again jesus
kitchens of distinction - escape!
the brilliant corners - please please please
gaye bikers on acid - everything's groovy
sahara - scratch
coquin migale - pt. 2
pretty vicious - cave song
the big moon - silent movie susie
the vaselines - son of a gun
talulah gosh - talulah gosh
the heart throbs - i, the jury
mighty mighty - built like a car
the boy hairdressers - golden shower
the flatmates - i could be in heaven
Listen again!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

One Step Beyond! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 10/16

RIP Cecil "Prince Buster" Campbell

hannah peel - all that matters
the big moon - silent movie susie
madness - mr. apples
the jam - start!
the pop group - zipperface
the tuts - let go of the past
the tuts - rudie can't fail
talulah gosh - talulah gosh
pop will eat itself - sweet sweet pie
toy - i'm still believing
the veils - iodine & iron
pumarosa - honey
phobophobes - human baby
the wedding present - little silver
white lies - come on
the ramona flowers - run like lola
still corners - bad country
prince buster - judge dread
prince buster -madness
madness - one step beyond
the beat - rough rider
the specials - too hot
-----lp session - teenage fanclub "here"
teenage fanclub - the darkest part of the night
teenage fanclub - i have nothing more to say
teenage fanclub - it's a sign
m.i.a. - bird song (diplo remix)
wild beasts - dreamliner
the charlatans - judas
white - recreational tv
lust - falling through
beach baby - powderbaby
dayflower - big blue
colour of spring - snow
spc eco - favourite colour
-----lp session - dodgy "what are we fighting for"
dodgy - is this goodbye
dodgy - where shall i begin
dodgy - what are we fighting for
kula shaker - 2styx
thing - carousel
showstar - everyday is like sunday

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Shaking Their Bits To The Hits! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 3/16

stone roses - all for one
factory floor - upper left
the courteeners - no one will ever replace us
coquin migale - socrata
thing - catcall
the shanklins - tell me
heavy heart - fever dream
dodgy - california gold
tim burgess & peter gordon - oh men
tim burgess & peter gordon - say
shearwater - yassassin (turkish for long live)
suede - beautiful ones
kasabian - me plus one
boredom - turn your head
still corners - lost boys
shvllows - zurich
-----northern soul spotlight
the ambers - potion of love
levi jackson - this beautiful day
dena barnes - if you ever walk out of my life
the olympics - i'll do a little bit more
ben aiken - satisfied
-----lp session - the wedding present "going going"
the wedding present - two bridges
the wedding present - little silver
the wedding present - kill devil hills
the wedding present - lead
ultimate painting - song for brian jones
the kills - impossible tracks
urusei yatsura - slain by elf (evening session)
urusei yatsura - phasers on stun (evening session)
the pearl harts - go hard
catholic action - rita ora
beach baby - smoke won't get me high
beach baby - bug eyed and blonde
tokyo tea room - like a drug
aathens - i wanna be a totem
-----lp session - the divine comedy "foreverland"
the divine comedy - to the rescue
the divine comedy - i joined the foreign legion (to forget)
the divine comedy - a desperate man
everything everything - i believe it now
autoheart - love is the cure
this is the bridge - being nothing
the spitfires - open my eyes


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2016 - August

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. BLOSSOMS (LP) ... Blossoms (Virgin EMI)
2. VIOLA BEACH (LP) ... Viola Beach (Fuller Beans Records)
3. FAST SILVER ... Toy (Heavenly)
4. MUNRO (LP) ... Coquin Migale (Fierce Panda)
5. I'M JUST A STAR ON A DEMOCRATIC FLAG ... Pink Flames (The Vinyl Factory)
6. C-SIDE ... The Wytches (Heavenly)
7. I'M JUST A STAR IN MY OWN RIGHT ... The Lucid Dream (Holy Are You Recordings)
8. BOY KING (LP) ... Wild Beasts (Domino)
9. AVOID THE OBVIOUS ... The Beat (DMF Music)
10. BIG LIFE (LP) ... The Rifles (Cooking Vinyl)
11. BEGIN ... Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon (O Genesis)
12. HOW TO BE A HUMAN BEING (LP) ... Glass Animals (Wolf Tone/Caroline)
13. PSYCHIC EP ... Psychic Shakes (Hail Hail Records)
14. ONE DAY ALL OF THIS WON'T MATTER ANY MORE (LP) ... Slow Club (Moshi Moshi Records)
15. HAVE FAITH ... Palace (Fiction)
16. SOCIAL POLITICS ... Yassassin (Enate Records)
17. I WANT RADIO / PINK DOGS ... Cross Wires (Cross Wires)
18. TEMPEST / SKYLIGHT ... Seawitches (Emerald Eye Recordings)
19. TILL THE TOMB (LP) ... Beaty Heart (NUA Entertainment)
20. THE HANGING VALLEY (LP) ... Cold Pumas (Faux Discx / Gringo Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for August 2016