Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another Sunny Day! Show tracks for Sat. May 30/15

And the albums just keep coming. Four more tonight with Du Blonde, SPC ECO, Fever Dream and Jamie XX in the LP Session. Add in new singles from Northern Uproar, Hurts Ist Ist, Vangoffey and more. Mixtape Memories has a Sarah Records theme. Download link at the bottom of post as always.

wire - octopus
tomorrows - another life
Ist Ist - one to one
october drift - you are, you are
our girl - our girl
love l.u.v. - maybe baby (buddy holly cover)
false advertising - i don't know
du blonde - raw honey
du blonde - after the show
disraeli gears - cuckoo
kins - young
pins - molly
fever dream - glue
fever dream - dance forever
god damn - deadpan riot
veludo planes - the snows of kilimanjaro
desperate journalist - hesitate
hurts - some kind of heaven
northern uproar - outlaws robbing trains
all this noise - seven billion like you
la shark - aaa
dive in - can't hold me down
-----lp session - jamie xx "in colour"
jamie xx - seesaw (ft. romy)
jamie xx - hold tight
jamie xx - the rest is noise
ffs - call girl
stealing sheep - deadlock
the cribs - orange star rattle
supernaturals - alone with my thoughts
best friends - cold shapes
ozric tentacles - rubbing shoulders with the absolute
-----mixtape memories
another sunny day - you should all be murdered
the field mice - sensitive
st. christopher - all of a tremble
the sea urchins - pristine christine
the wake - carbrain
vangoffey - you you you
frankie & the heartstrings - think yourself lucky
frankie & the heartstrings - save it for tonight
frank & walters - look at us now
stereophonics - c'est la vie
spc eco - let it be always
spc eco - under my skin

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Monthly Indiessential chart for May 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. BORN UNDER SATURN (LP) ... Django Django (Because/Warner)
2. THE MAGIC WHIP (LP) ... Blur (Parlophone)
3. 紫 MURASAKI EP ... Cheatahs (Wichitah)
4. SATURNS PATTERN (LP) ... Paul Weller (Parlophone)
5. NOT REAL (LP) ... Stealing Sheep (Heavenly Recordings)
6. WHY MAKE SENSE? (LP) ... Hot Chip (Domino)
7. BOX FRESH ... The Selecter (DMF)
8. SUCKER ... The Big Moon (Hard Up)
9. LOOK AT US NOW ... Frank & Walters (Fifa)
10. PEANUT BUTTER (LP) ... Joanna Gruesome (Fortuna POP!)
11. MOYAMOYA (LP) ... Fever Dream (Club AC30)
12. PLASTIC PEOPLE ... Yak (Fat Possum)
14. DANGER IN THE CLUB (LP) ... Palma Violets (Rough Trade)
15. VULTURES (LP) ... God Damn (One Little Indian Records)
16. ENGLISH GRAFFITI (LP) ... The Vaccines (Columbia)
17. KISS THE SUN ... The Watchmakers (Loaded Soul Records)
18. JEM (LP) ... Bernard + Edith (Bella Union)
19. CLOSE THE DAM ... SWR(Shaun Ryder) (Something In Construction)
20. IMAGINARY MUSIC (LP) ... La Shark (Tape Music)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for May 2015

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Song For Europe! Show tracks for Sat. May 23/15

Did you figure out the theme? A participation ribbon for figuring out the "Europe" theme.
A gold star if you figured out that it was a theme inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest finals!

the fall - australians in europe
thompson twins - living in europe
the maccabees - marks to prove it
hooton tennis club - kathleen sat on the arm of her favourtie chair
yak - distortion
joanna gruesome - there is no function stacy
joanna gruesome - i don't wanna relax
the clash - safe european home
gengahr - she's a witch
god damn - maladie melodie
god damn - by the wayside
the sound - fall of europe
blanck mass - dead format
ultimate painting - break the chain
sunstack jones - good this time
biff bang pow! - someone stole my wheels
the stranglers - european female
crushed beaks - rising sign
the big moon - sucker
life - go go go
palma violets - 5 gold rings
palma violets - scandal
-----lp session - the vaccines "english graffiti"
the vaccines - want you so bad
the vaccines - radio bikini
the vaccines - give me a sign
deux furieuses - are we sexy enough?
gulf - ocean
john foxx - europe after the rain
lois & the love - pinocchio
ultravox - new europeans
-----mixtape memories
roxy music - a song for europe
psychedelic furs - sister europe
suede - europe is our playground
blur - people in europe
killing joke - europe
cut - this way that way
the fall - dedication not medication
kill it kid - blood stop and run
fight like apes - crouching bees
fight like apes - didya
man made - you never know how it feels
the milltown brothers - hideaway

Download the show here!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hung Up And Hanging Out To Dry! Show tracks for Sat. May 16/15

Busy busy day, little to no time to prep. All that considered it was a hell of a show!

the divine comedy - something for the weekend
happy mondays - 24 hour party people
shaun ryder - close the dam
young fathers - shame
tony allen - go back feat damon albarn
the selecter - box fresh
bernard + edith - crocodiles
bernard + edith - poppy
autobahn - immaterial man
ist ist - rats
captivves - shattered fragments
fehm - hand to mouth
the nightingales - the man that time forgot
the nightingales - stroke of genius
mick jones - spaghetti junktion
hot chip - started right
hot chip - dark night
-----northern soul spotlight
johnny sayles - don't turn your back on me
the ringleaders - baby, what happened to our love?
cicero blake - sad feeling
gwen davis - my man don't think i know
-----lp session - supernaturals "360"
the supernaturals - air hostess
the supernaturals - horse song
the supernaturals - control me
the supernaturals - just love
blur - i broadcast
stealing sheep - sequence
django django - beginning to fade
paul weller - long time
paul weller - i'm where i should be
-----mixtape memories
dexy's midnight runners - this is what she's like
julian cope - soul medley (john peel session)
telegram - aeons
man of moon - the road
white - future pleasures
boys - off to new york city
the frank & walters - look at us now
gwenno - patriachaeth

Download here

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Box Fresh! Show tracks for Sat. May 9/15

Album mania again tonight. Features new LPs from La Shark, Bristol, Stealing Sheep and Palma Violets in the proper LP Session.
The next album mania show might be in June as June 15th looks to be a major release day. As long as I get them, you'll hear them!

ride - twisterella
temples - sun structures
tim burgess - tracks of my past
noel gallagher's high flying birds - riverman
johnny marr - please, please, please let me get what i want (live)
blur - my terracotta heart
sarah cracknell - on the swings
stealing sheep - sequence
stealing sheep - greed
saltwater sun - habit on my mind
bristol - safe from harm
bristol - 6 underground
the selecter - box fresh
paul weller - saturn's pattern
django django - reflections
-----northern soul spotlight
the profiles - take a giant step (walk on)
the valentinos - lookin' for love
the squires - don't accuse me
anna belle caesar & lionel hampton - little annie
the drapers - i will kiss your teardrops away
-----lp session - palma violets "danger in the club"
palma violets - girl, you couldn't do much better on the beach
palma violets - coming over to my place
palma violets - the jacket song
palma violets - gout! gang! go!
everything everything - regret
the watchmakers - kiss the sun
cheatahs - 3d milk
the kvb - fields
crispy ambulance - rain without clouds
la shark - world wide babes
la shark - imaginary music
-----mixtape memories
aztec camera - oblivious (langer/winstanley remix)
the specials - doesn't make it alright
maximum joy - white & green place (extraterrestrial mix)
julian cope - reynard the fox (david jensen session)
lovely eggs - magic onion
lovely eggs - cilla's teeth
wire - blogging
real lies - seven sisters
the go! team - waking the jetstream
zac curran - still there


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Monthly Indiessential chart for April 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. CULTURE OF VOLUME (LP) ... East India Youth (XL)
2. WIRE (LP) ... Wire (Pinkflag)
3. PISS OFF ... F F S (Domino)
5. YOUNG CHASERS (LP) ... Circa Waves (Virgin/EMI)
6. IT'S ALWAYS THERE ... Pretty Vicious (Ignition Records)
7. THEY'RE COMING AFTER YOU EP ... Spring King (Handsome Dad Records)
8. NEW AIR ... Outfit (Memphis Industries)
9. HAND TO MOUTH ... Fehm (Fehm)
10. FAST FOOD (LP) ... Nadine Shah (Apollo Records)
11. LONE DRIVER ... Southern (Marathon Artists)
12. ALL I WANT FROM YOU IS EVERYTHING EP ... The School (Elefant)
13. BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO DIE ... Autobahn (Tough Love Records)
14. UNDERTOW (LP) ... Drenge (Infectious)
15. GLITTERBUG (LP) ... The Wombats (14th Floor Records)
16. RESONATE ... Avec Sans (Gravity Wins)
17. WHITE WATER (LP) ... The Slow Show (Haldern Pop Recordings)
18. COUNTRY MUSIC (LP) ... Vision Fortune (ATP/Recordings)
19. NO SAD SONGS (LP) ... The Lilac Time (Tapete Records)
20. GIRL YOU MUST BE DREAMING ... The Seagulls (Sandtrap Recording Company)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for April 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015

One Great Song And I Could Change The World! Show tracks for Sat. May 2/15

Back from Chicago and an amazing Spandau Ballet show. The lads still got it! Opened up the show with the tracks Spandau played in their tribute to Steve Strange. Hope you enjoyed the encore performance last week. Lots of new stuff this week, including some RSD releases. For not making an effort to go on that Saturday I did really well. As much as I want that Creation box set, I am NOT paying $100 for it. Yikes!

spandau ballet - reformation
spandau ballet - confused
johnny marr - i feel you
the charlatans - let the good times be never ending
swim deep - one great song and i could change the world
gulf - tell me again
blur - thought i was a spaceman
blur - ghost ship
the special aka - the lonely crowd
the mothmen - change direction
the big moon - sucker
jaws - bad company
the vaccines - minimal affection
ultimate painting - jane
elbow - what time do you call this?
-----northern soul spotlight
liz lands - one man's poison
the showmen - the wrong girl
the admirations - wait til i get to know you
lucky laws - who is she?
-----lp session- django django "born under saturn"
django django - shake and tremble
django django - vibrations
django django - high moon
a certain ratio - lucinda
hot chip - burning up
chemical brothers - sometimes i feel so deserted
avec sans - resonate
feral five - neurotrash
editors - no harm
feverdream - nightcrawling
-----mixtape memories
siouxsie & the banshees - playground twist
crispy ambulance - say shake
happy mondays - dennis & lois
pulp - death goes to the disco
the clientele - 6am morningside
belle & sebastian - get me away from here, i'm dying
the school - i will see you soon
lightning in a twilight hour - night traveller
saint raymond - come back to you
fight like apes - pretty keen on centerfolds