Sunday, September 27, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 26/09 Pledge Drive Pt.1


After all the hullabaloo of the pledge drive and frequency switch, we will be debuting a new aspect of our show. The weekly show will remain the same as always, but there is a special addition coming soon. It's still a secret. We'll announce it on our fist show on 99.1FM.

The pledge drive is under way for 2009. Our first of two pledge drive shows was a success raising just under $300. Thanks to all people who pledged their support to CJAM! There is still more time for you to do the very same thing. You also have one more chance to pledge during Cowboys & Indies this coming Saturday night.

The show was a little less music orientated this week because of all the talking. The same thing will happen next week. Because of pre-emptions, the pledge drive, etc there will be only 1 "normal" show in over a month. I do apologize for that, but pledge drives are necessary. We opened the proceedings with a track named for our Pledge Drive this year, Movin' On Up, little did Primal Scream know that they wrote a track for out Pledge Drive some 18 years

primal scream - movin' on up
editors - papillon
jamie t - chaka demus
codeine velvet club - hollywood
northern portrait - new favourite moment
dizzee rascal - bonkers
bad lieutenant - sink or swim
madness - nw5
the action - tv's on the blink
the spores - narcs in my pants

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 19/09

Actually, three things are coming.

CJAM needs your Support!
CJAM Annual Pledge Drive September 25 - October 5

CJAM is moving to 99.1FM!
Oct. 5/09 at midnight after the Pledge Drive closes for this year, CJAM will go off the air for a few days while the switch 99.1FM is concluded. So by that Saturday, October 10, our show should be on 99.1FM.

After all the hullabaloo of the pledge drive and frequency switch, we will be debuting a new aspect of our show. The weekly show will remain the same as always, but there is a special addition coming soon. It's still a secret. We'll announce it on our fist show on 99.1FM.
Well, now that all the announcements are done, time to get down to business. The show was slightly pre-empted by Lancer football. I feared on my way in that I didn't bring enough material, but the quickly ran out of time. We'll see you next week for the first in our pledge drive shows. So save your pennies and call in.

band of skulls - death by diamonds & pearls
florence & the machine - my boy builds coffins
the kinks - situation vacant
blur - london loves
the clash - hateful
jamie t - the man's machine
ash - true love 1980
wild beasts - when i'm sleepy
everything everything - my kz ur bf
your twenties - billionaires
codes in the clouds feat paul mullen - don't go awash in this digital landscape
i am your autopilot - airside
the vowels - sonny
-----lp session noah & the whale "first days of spring"
noah & the whale - i have nothing
noah & the whale - love of an orchestra
noah & the whale - stranger
noah & the whale - slow glass
screaming lights - volts
arctic monkeys - potion approaching
reverend & the makers - no soap (in a dirty war)
the rifles - the great escape
i like trains - sea of regrets
the big pink - at war with the sun
amusement parks on fire - in our eyes
animal kingdom - tin man
dinosaur pile-up - opposites attract

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 12/09

I actually have some news to share with you this week.
Firstly, a programming note, nest weeks show will be slightly shorter because of a football pre-emption. I am expecting the show to start around 10pm or shortly there after. Make a mental note for next week, start will be 1/2 hour later or so. BTW this will happen again October but I will remind you later.
There was a secondly, but CJAM has yet to update their homepage. It features the dates for the long awaited switch to our new frequency at 99.1 FM and the pledge drive. It all happens at the end of September, start of October. I will have fixed dates for you next week.
So school is back in full swing and as always we welcome students of all ages with the annual playing of The Fall's Hey Student.

the fall - hey student!
get back guinozzi! - go back to school
speech debelle - wheels in motion w/ roots manuva
massive attack - splitting the atom
the orb - suburban smog
xx teens - how to reduce the chances of becoming a terror victim
arctic monkeys - secret door
the stone roses - elephant stone
elephant stone - blood from a stone
theoretical girl - never good enough
the pains of being pure at heart - higher than the stars
the clientele - harvest time
-----lp session #1 jamie t "kings and queens"
jamie t - hocus pocus
jamie t - emily's heart
jamie t - earth, wind & fire
jamie t - british intelligence
los campesinos! - the sea is a good place to think of the future
frYars - olive eyes
zoot woman - live in my head
maps - i dream of crystal
the cribs - hari kari
frank turner - the fastest way back home
athlete - the awkward goodbye
manic street preachers - virginia state epileptic colony (demo)
-----lp session #2 the big pink "a brief history of love"
the big pink - too young to love
the big pink - at war with the sun
the big pink - tonight
young galaxy - oh sister
hidden cameras - kingdom come
the twilight sad - seven years of letters

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 5/09

kasabian - secret alphabets
simple minds - rockin' in the free world
jamie t - chaka demus
calvin harris - ready for the weekend w/ mary pearce
la roux - reflections are protection
simian mobile disco - off the map w/ jamie lidell
editors - papillon
the cinematics - love and terror
good shoes - the way my heart beats
pocketbooks - camera angles
bad lieutenant - sink or swim
what she said - to the top (demo)
woodhands - dancer
-----lp session #1 the cribs "ignore the ignorant"
the cribs - we share the same skies
the cribs - last year's snow
the cribs - emasculate me
the cribs - victim of mass production
codes in the clouds - don't go awash in this digital landscape
we were promised jetpacks - an almighty thud
malcolm middleton - made up your mind
frank turner - the road
the angel hurricane - strange dreams sad memories
idlewild - readers & writers
the rumble strips - sweetheart hooligan
the popes - outlaw heaven w/ spider stacey
katsen - lets build a city
little boots - symmetrty w/ phil oakey
-----lp session #2 athlete "black swan"
athlete - the getaway
athlete - don't hold your breath
lr rockets - renee loves losers
biffy clyro - that golden rule
plastiscines - camera
the jezebels - old little girls