Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monthly Indiessential chart for April 2011

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\ (LP) ... Glasvegas (Columbia)
2. WALK THE RIVER (LP) ... Guillemots (Geffen)
3. JEALOUS, DON'T YOU KNOW ... The Heartbreaks (Tri-Tone)
4. CAT'S EYES (LP) ... Cat's Eyes (Polydor)
5. I NEED THAT RECORD ... The View (Record Store Day)
6. LIVE THOSE DAYS TONIGHT ... Friendly Fires (XL)
7. MIDNIGHT WAVE EP ... Two Wounded Birds (Moshi Moshi)
8. ORNAMENTS FROM THE SILVER ARCADE (LP) ... Young Knives (Gadzook)
9. PASSIONS OF A DIFFERENT KIND ... Flashguns (Friends Vs Records)
10. GHOST HANDS ... The Music (The Music)
11. STREAMS / FEATHERS ... A Grave With No Name (No Pain In Pop)
12. GOOD MORNING CAPTAIN EP ... The Wildhouse (17 Seconds)
13. COME DOWN ... The Polysonic (The Polysonic)
14. ON A WIRE ... 2:54 (Republic of Music)
15. THE ENGLISH RIVIERA (LP) ... Metronomy (Because)
16. UP, GUARDS AND AT 'EM (LP) ... The Pigeon Detectives (Dance To The Radio)
17. THIS PHANTOM LIFE ... The Leisure Society (Full Time Hobby)
18. STATIC IN TRANSMISSION (LP) ... Spoons (Universal)
19. STRANGERS EP ... The Paris Riots (Queen Street Records)
20. CHAPTER, VERSE ... Young Legionnaire (Co-operative Music)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for April 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 23/11

Happy long weekend. That's what I'm calling it because some people don't celebrate it. So Happy long weekend!
The new releases are coming fast and furious again. I keep running out of time to play everything I want for you. It's funny to think that 2 hours isn't enough. Well it's better than me playing the same ole every week.
Oh btw, Rewind! is next week. I've got some great new remasters to share and other great tracks too.
The request are starting to come in again, which is great. There was a little lull where there wasn't any at all. Remember I will try to play anything in the British indie/alternative style.

noah & the whale - just me before we met
erland & the carnival - i wish, i wish
the music - ghost hands
the polysonic - come down
morning parade - under the stars (request)
tripwires - cinnamon
wild beasts - albatross
friendly fires - live those days tonight
club smith - young defeatists
young galaxy - open your heart (cc)
the wave pictures - blink back a tear
the wave pictures - pale thin lips
two wounded birds - midnight wave
glasvegas - you
the vaccines - wolf pack
digits - lost dream (cc)
lp session - the guillemots "walk the river"
the guillemots - vermillion
the guillemots - ice room
the guillemots - i must be a lover
cat's eyes - the lull
a grave with no name - streams
wildhouse - go
purity ring - ungirthed (cc)
arctic monkeys - don't sit down 'cause i've moved your chair
the sharks - the joys of living
alvarez kings - patience is strength
league - two wild hearts
armistice - jeb rand (cc)
gorillaz - revolving doors
dub spencer & trance hill - magnificent seven

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 16/11

I was thinking, let's do another Rewind! soon. So how 2 weeks sound for you? Yep Sat. Apr. 30 will be another Rewind! for your dose of music from yesteryear.

Another Record Store Day in the books. Being a fan of British indie/alternative music it doesn't mean that much being here in Canada. No stores, at least here in Windsor, carry or can even get the good releases. The View's official anthem "I Need That Record" was nowhere to be found.
Maybe it's the cynic in me but I'm starting to wonder how this is a day for the fans when the releases are so bloody hard to find. I know it's mainly because I'm in a small market in Canada, but still it would have been nice to get my hands on some of the releases like The View and Arctic Monkeys. Thanks to Dr Disc I was able to get the double 7" from British Sea Power.
But thanks to some friends I was able to feature them on the show. The wonders of modern technology save the day again.

the view - i need that record
arctic monkeys - don't sit down 'cause i've moved your chair
miles kane - a girl like you
the heartbreaks - jealous, don't you know
edwyn collins - in your eyes w/the drums
the wave pictures - little surprise
poly styrene - virtual boyfriend
the milk - (all i wanted was) danger
two wounded birds - night patrol
the vaccines - blow it up
nightbox - pyramid
metronomy - everything goes my way
metronomy - she wants
digits - lost dream (cc)
junior boys - ep (cc)
lp session - young knives "ornaments from the silver arcade"
young knives - woman
young knives - everything falls into place
young knives - silver tongue
the wombats - anti-d
beau & the arrows - fix
the flashguns - passions of a different kind
the joy formidable - cradle
dum dum girls - there is a light that never goes out
a genuine freakshow - hopscotch machine gun madness
the leisure society - this phantom life
sons & daughters - silver spell
bravestation - white wolves (cc)
ladytron - ace of hz

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 9/11

I can't think of anything to tell you about, I guess the work week was too long for me. It was another good show though.
As always download the show from the blog here or from

wire - smash
fugiya & miyagi - pills
the view - underneath the lights
locomotives - don't give me rock 'n' roll (demo)
the young knives - love my name
the guillemots - the basket
the paris riots - strangers
beady eye - three ring circus (request)
polysonic - home
brother - still here (request)
the heartbreaks - jealous, don't you know
various cruelties - neon truth
help stamp out loneliness - torvil & dean
slow down tallahassee - tricks
bearsuit - princess, you're a test
lp session - pigeon detectives "up, guards and at 'em!"
pigeon detectives - need to know this
pigeon detectives - turn out the lights
pigeon detectives - go at it completely
club smith - no friend of mine
detachments - audio video
does it offend you, yeah? - pull out my insides
what would jesus drive - fragile mansions
the spoons - imperfekt (cc)
david's lyre - in arms
a grave with no name - feathers
duffy & the doubters - metal detector (cc)
cat's eyes - i'm not stupid
cat's eyes - bandit
cajun dance party - run to the fun
yuck - shook down

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 2/11

The streak is in tact! Whenever I attend the Jammy ceremony we lose and when I don't we Well I attended this year and we lost. Congrats to all the Jammy winners especially Tom Fleming of The Freedom Principle for his Lifetime Achievement Jammy. It was overdue and well deserved. Congrats Tom!

It's so exciting to find a band that you end up just loving. Frankly, it's why I have been doing the show for so long. It's exciting finding new bands and being able to bring them to you. Even if I wasn't doing the show I would still be excited about a new band I played for the first time tonight. So you'll most likely be hearing from Help Stamp Out Loneliness quite a bit over the next little while. Don't worry I won't wear them out.

We open the show with a little Rough Rider from The Beat who were just in town. They put on a great 2 hour show and didn't disappoint. Dave even pulled out a couple General Public tracks.

the beat - rough rider
hollie cook - that very night
pete & the pirates - come to the bar
the birthday kiss - starting to come back to life
help stamp out loneliness - record shop
two wounded birds - all we wanna do
matthew c h tong - present and correct
young legionnaire - chapter, verse
2:54 - on a wire
wildhouse - palatine
the spoons - you light up (cc0
mstrkrft - beards again (cc)
hot panda - mindlessnesslessness (cc)
lp session - glasvegas "euphoric /// heartbreak \\\"
glasvegas - shine like stars
glasvegas - whatever hurts you through the night
glasvegas - change
polarsets - sunshine eyes
the go! team - buy nothing day
fenech-soler - lies
the streets - blip on a screen
gil scott-heron & jamie xx - i'm new here
the guillemots - walk the river
king creosote - missionary
the gold lions - elsie's house
bibio - take off your shirt

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Monthly Indiessential chart for March 2011

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. BUILD A ROCKET BOYS! (LP) ... Elbow (Fiction)
2. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FROM THE VACCINES? (LP) ... The Vaccines (Columbia)
3. LAST NIGHT ON EARTH (LP) ... Noah & The Whale (Mercury)
4. NEVER KILL A SECRET EP ... The Primitives (Fortuna POP!)
5. UNTIL SPRING (LP) ... Wild Palms (One Little Indian)
6. BREAD & CIRCUSES (LP) ... The View (Columbia)
7. BROKEN GLASS EP ... Cat's Eyes (Polydor)
8. DONE IN SECRET ... Pigeon Detectives (Dance To The Radio)
9. BRICK BY BRICK ... Arctic Monkeys (Domino)
10. UNPROFESSIONAL WRESTLING ... Art Brut (Cooking Vinyl)
11. BURN YOUR TOWN (LP) ... The Chapman Family (Electric Toaster)
12. I WANT YOU ... Summer Camp (This Is Fake DIY)
13. CARNIVAL ... Locomotives (Locomotives UK)
14. NIGHTINGALE (LP) ... Erland & The Carnival (Full Time Hobby)
15. COME TO THE BAR ... Pete & The Pirates (PIAS)
16. FIX ... Beau & The Arrows (Happy Release)
17. DARLING BUDS OF MAY ... Brother (Polydor)
18. WHAT THE HEART POURS INTO ... Nat Johnson & The Figureheads (Damaged Goods)
19. AVALANCHE ... Seeräuber Jenny (Faith & Hope)
20. ARMISTICE ... Armistice (Distribution Select)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for March 2011