Sunday, September 30, 2018

Rockin' To The Beats! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 29/18

black honey - blue romance
softer still - turtle bay
menace beach - (like) rainbow juice feat brix smith
johnny marr - jeopardy
toy - energy
the pale white - wisdom tooth
private world - diamond vision
italia90 - new factory
richard ashcroft - born to be strangers
echo & the bunnymen - bring on the dancing horses (transformed)
suede - as one
the smiths - last night i dreamt somebody loved me
the japanese house - lilo
marianne faithfull & nick cave - the gypsy faerie queen
gruff rhys - selfies in the sunset feat lily cole
vinyl staircase - feel it
oranj son - (it might) never happen
the kvb - on my skin
-----northern soul spotlight
barbara jean english - i'm living a lie
chocolate syrup - you've got a lot to give
the moments - i dig your act
linda jones & the whatnauts - so glad i found you
-----lp session - the joy formidable "aaarth"
the joy formidable go loving
the joy formidable all in all
the joy formidable caught on a breeze
the perfect english weather - rockin' to the beat
the mighty lemon drops - something happens
international teachers of pop - after dark
doe - my friends
doe - team spirit
-----lp session - the twistettes "a strange play"
the twistettes - on the table
the twistettes - state of affairs
the twistettes - trick of the trade
depeche mode - never let me down again
pet shop boys - yesterday when i was mad
-----lp session - exploded view "obey"
exploded view - open road
exploded view - gone tomorrow
exploded view - come on honey
lush - out of control
pj harvey - a perfect day elise
fuzzy sun - heavy


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Last Train North! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 22/18

wolf alice - space & time
september girls - jaw on the floor
honeyblood - sea hearts
white lies - time to give
public service broadcasting - white star liner
blancmange - not a priority
primal scream - (i'm gonna) cry myself blind
poppycock - iggy pop
wovoka gentle - 1000 opera singers working in starbucks
haiku salut - occupy
haiku salut - we are all matter
meggie brown - 10 out of 6
adwaith - gartref (james dean bradfield remix)
mien - odyssey (django django last train north remix)
beak> - birthday suit
beak> - when we fall
-----northern soul spotlight
eloise laws - love factory
jimmy helms - romeo and juliet
larry saunders - on the real side
-----lp session - suede "the blue hour"
suede - as one
suede - cold hands
suede - all the wild places
six by seven - devil
teenage fanclub - what you do to me
hannah's little sister - 20
rascalton - police
the blinders - hate song
the blinders - rat in a cage
big joanie - fall asleep
guttfull - tits and nails
peach club - hell in heels
cheerbleederz - cabin fever
d o l l s - pink bones
-----lp session - black honey "black honey"
black honey - what happened to you?
black honey - blue romance
black honey - crowded city
the buzzcocks - nostalgia
vulgarians - dead people are easier to love
voodoos - stockholm
oskar's drum - hotel


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Not The Drugs Talking! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 15/18

spring king - the hum
black sonic revolver - wish away
django django - swimming at night
kele okereke - not the drugs talking
baxter dury, etienne crécy & delilah holliday - white coats
orbital - hoo hoo ha ha
orbital - buried deep within
whyte horses - i saw the light (todd rundgren cover)
clean cut kid - emily
the honey hahs - forever
the honey hahs - rain falls down
the keep cats - olivia
richard ashcroft - surprised by the joy
yassassin - wreckless
estrons - body
she drew the gun - resistor reprise
bloxx - monday
black honey - into the nightmare
massive attack - angel
jungle - smile
jungle - cosurmyne
-----lp session - paul weller "true meanings"
paul weller - the soul searchers
paul weller - bowie
paul weller - white horses
simple minds - new gold dream (german 12" mix)
manic street preachers - international blue
pale waves - came in close
pale waves - drive
chorusgirl - no goodbye
the twistettes - juliette
the pearl harts - different kinda girl
the joy formidable - the better me
toy - the willo
-----lp session - we were promised jetpacks "the more i sleep the less i dream"
we were promised jetpacks - impossible
we were promised jetpacks - someone else's problem
we were promised jetpacks - when i know more
gorillaz - tranz
exploded view - dark stains
echo & the bunnymen - the killing moon (transformed)


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Hypnotiser Keeps The Ball Rolling! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 8/18

Today's anecdote - If at first the machinery doesn't succeed, try, try again!

the twilight sad - videograms
still corners - dreamlands
the lucid dream - zenith (part 2)
shadowparty - marigold
the fall - hey! student
shame - friction
idles - gram rock
rubber jaw - feeling funny
drenge - fades to black
rubber velvet - dry up my mind
gengahr - atlas please
echo & the bunnymen - seven seas (transformed)
klammer - coast to coast
klammer - human clay
house of love - christine
thousand yard stare - buttermouth
spiritualized - let's dance
spiritualized - she kissed me (it felt like a hit)
-----northern soul spotlight
soul generation - key to your heart
the hearststoppers - marching out of your life
the carstairs - it really hurts me girl
cookie woodson - i'll be true
-----lp session - menace beach "black rainbow sound"
menace beach - mutator
menace beach - hypnotiser keeps the ball rolling
menace beach - watermelon
bill ryder-jones - and then there's you
purple heart parade - lonestar
dmmyy - the hush
the estevans - 2 minutes from the lincoln
nova twins - lose your head
sisteray - rumour mill
belle & sebastian - the boy with the arab strap
no violet - she goes her own way
paul weller - can you heal us (holy man)
the ninth wave - a wave goodbye to the people who said i'd win
siouxsie & the banshees - carousel
-----lp session - teleman "family of aliens"
teleman - between the rain
teleman - somebody's island
teleman - fun destruction
the cure - just say yes (curve remix)
anna calvi - don't beat the girl out of my boy
the seamonsters - sunshine criminal
mogwai - donuts


Monday, September 3, 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - August

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. MOVE THROUGH THE DAWN (LP) ... The Coral (Ignition Records)
2. STRANGER TODAY (LP) ... Our Girl (Cannibal Hymns)
3. WHAM! BANG! POW! LET’S ROCK OUT ... Art But (Alcopop!)
4. COURSE OF THE SATELLITE (LP) ... The Vryll Society (Deltasonic Records)
5. SLOW AIR (LP) ... Still Corners (Wrecking Light Records)
6. BEYOND HIDDEN WORDS / I LOVE TODAY ... Moderate Rebels (Everyday Life Recordings)
7. ELEKTRA (LP) ... Section 25 (Klangalerie)
8. RESISTER ... She Drew The Gun (Skeleton Key)
9. MELODIE EP ... Average Sex (O Genesis)
10. HOW I FAKED THE MOON LANDING ... Silent Forum (Libertino)
11. 10 / 6 ... Meggie Brown (Hate Hate Hate Records)
12. LIVING IN EXTRAORDINARY TIMES (LP) .. James (Infectious Records)
13. A COMPLETE HISTORY OF WITCHCRAFT ... The Vega Bodegas (Libertino)
14. ALL GOOD WISHES (LP) ... Gulp (E.L.K Records)
15. HANDCUFFED HEART (LP) ... Swoone (Saint Marie Records)
16. SONGS YOU MAKE AT NIGHT (LP) ... Tunng (Full Time Hobby)
17. I NEVER LEARN ... The Orchids (wiaiwya)
19. COUP DE GRACE (LP) ... Miles Kane (Virgin/EMI)
20. TELEVISION ... The Golden Age of TV (Come Play With Me)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for August 2018

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Music When the Lights Go Out! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 1/18

the pooh sticks - i know someone who kmows someone who knows alan mcgee quite well
the orchids - what will we do next
our girl - two life
razorlight - japanrock
the kooks - tesco disco
the kooks - initials for gainsburg
the trend - can tanner
gently tender - avez-vous déjà
softer still - turtle bay
dubstar - you were never in love
anteros - call your mother
ladytron - the island
black honey - midnight
yak - white male carnivore
idles - i'm scum
idles - cry to me (solomon burke cover)
blinders - brave new world
orbital - tiny foldable cities
underworld & iggy pop - trapped
pop will eat itself - wise up! sucker
-----lp session - spiritualized "and nothing hurt"
spiritualized - on the sunshine
spiritualized - damaged
spiritualized - the prize
squid - the dial
dead naked hippies - rare
the boo radleys - i hang suspended
jesus & mary chain - nine million rainy days
glasvegas - daddy's gone
the wombats - bee-sting
sea pinks - rockpool blue
blue orchids - get bramah
mull historical society - wakelines
-----lp session - spring king "a better life"
spring king - let's drink
spring king - echo chamber
spring king - have you ever looked up into the sky?
paul weller - i didn't mean to hurt you
the libertines - music when the lights go out
the cure - the catepilar
morningface & slipstream - i don't wanna know