Sunday, June 27, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. June 26/10 - Glastonbury Special

I decided during the week to have a little special Glastonbury show. As I went through the line-up I realized that this show would resemble half regular show and half Rewind! show.
Plus it gave me the freedom to play artists that I would not have other wise been able to play. I really dug that Gorillaz/Souljazz Orchestra/Stevie Wonder/Kode 9 set. I was groovin'.
It turned out to be the best show I have done in weeks from a behind the scenes production point of view. Sometimes a show that sounds great over the radio or the interwebs is a pain behind the scenes as things go wrong. It happens. But this one was great. Hope you enjoyed it.
We open with the classic festival song in the UK;

pulp - sorted for e's & wizz
steve mason - all come down
the bees - chicken payback
the crazy world of arthur brown - fire
detroit social club - chemistry
two door cinema club - i can talk
gang of four - natural's not in it
the beat - can't get used to losing you
levellers - far from home
gorillaz - on melancholy hill (she is danger remix)
souljazz orchestra - state terrorism
stevie wonder - boogie on reggae woman
kode 9 - you don’t' wash (dub)
the big pink - dominoes
the drums - best friend
tegan & sara - red bell
nick lowe - i knew the bride (when she used to rock 'n' roll)
new model army - stupid questions
the stranglers - retro rockets
foals - this orient
mystery jets - the girl is gone
billy bragg - a new england
louis eliot & the embers - head held high
ellie goulding - starry eyed
crystal castles - celestica
villagers - the pact (i'll be your fever)
broken social scene - forced to love
wild beasts - the devil's crayon
the woodentops - everyday living (adrian sherwood mix)
tony allen - alutere
goldheart assembly - under the waterway
broken bells - your head is on fire
the national - anyone's ghost
delphic - counterpoint
we have band - you came out
the joy formidable - 9669

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. June 19/10

foals - miami
delphic - halcyon
the coral - 1000 years
bubblegum lemonade - caroline's radio
i am arrows - green grass
villagers - ship of promises
club smith - the green room
delays - unsung
young galaxy - invisible republic
mystery jets - show me the light
mystery jets - lady gray
metric - waves
martha & the muffins - danseparc (everyday it's tomorrow)
crystal castles - baptism
----lp session #1 kele okereke "the boxer"
kele okereke - on the lam
kele okereke - the other side
kele okereke - yesterday
this many boyfriends - i don't like you (cuz you don't like the pastels)
the vaselines - i hate the 80s
bromheads - blinkers on
airship - algebra
the pipettes - call me
cha-cha - cherokee
the moons - it's taking over
noisettes - ever fallen in love
feeder - call out
the like - release me
----lp session #2 teenagersintokyo "sacrifice"
teenagersintokyo - new day
teenagersintokyo - long walk home
teenagersintokyo - talk to the fire
the pains of being pure at heart - say no to love
my luminaries - welcome to the family
safari - folio
we have band - oh!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. June 12/10

So the World Cup is under way. England's first match disappointing only in the way the goal wen in. Result was not devastating. They created many chances, 2-3 really good ones. Makes the group some work now, which is good. Besides anyone who thought the Americans were going to be a cakewalk were sadly mistaken. They're overated but still a quality side. Here's to a week of great football.
We'll be opening up up each show during the World Cup with some footie songs.
Oh yeah Monday is the most important day of the year, so celebrate

the squad - three lions 2010
rooney tunes - engerland (fabio the daddyo)
the orchids - she's my girl
the lodger - the end of the affair
peter parker - pretty living
camera obscura - the nights are cold
safari - quicksand
all the damn kids - echoes
klaxons - flashover
crystal castles - suffocation
insect guide - wasted
the radio dept. - memory loss
gemma ray - rosemary's baby vs drunken butterfly
hot hot heat - implosionatic
----lp session the wave pictures "susan rode the cyclone"
the wave pictures - sweetheart
the wave pictures - i just want to be your friend
the wave pictures - marie again
the wave pictures - susan rode the cyclone
shit browne - electronics
two door cinema club - this is the life
paul weller - aim high
kate nash - pickpocket
my luminaries - parasol
mystery jets - dreaming of another world
the rags - a national light
les cox (sportifs) - reduction strategies
the hussy's - aftershave
stars - wasted daylight
japandroids - younger us
the shills - sweet inertia
let's buy happiness! - works better on paper
school of seven bells - babelonia
wild nothing - chinatown

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. June 5/10

The city is a mess! Streets under construction or inches of water after last nights storm. Streets closed for Red Bull Air Races and Art In The Park. Glad I'm staying at home today. In fact as I was leaving the studio last night I waded through an inch of water on the student centre floor. Nuts!
Hope everyone enjoyed the Rewind! show lat week. We'll do another one soon.
Back to business for this week;

futureheads - i can do that
joy formidable - cradle
everything everything - schoolin'
dutch uncles - the ink
eight legs - best of me
elephants - strong arms
klaxons - flashover
kele okereke - tenderoni
hurts - mother nature
we have band - honey trap
the good natured - your body is a machine
marina & the diamonds - i am not a robot
paul weller - fast car / slow traffic
peggy sue - careless talk costs lives
----lp session #1 the school """loveless unbeliever"""
the school - valentine
the school - is it true?
the school - the one who left me
the school - hoping & praying
the souvenirs - what do you know
the cinematics - mountain farm girl
farrah - swings & roundabouts
the blueskies - matthew
visions of trees - kings
school of seven bells - windstorm
kyte - you're alone tonight
delphic - this momentary
tender trap - do you want a boyfriend?
the like - release me
the neat - in youth is pleasure
----lp session #2 detroit social club """existence"""
detroit social club - northern man
detroit social club - chemistry
detroit social club - prophecy
fjord rowboat - we both know
broken social scene - chase scene
arcade fire - month of may
the acorn - on the line

Friday, June 4, 2010

Monthly Indiessential Chart for May 2010

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. BLOOD & FIRE (LP) Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster (Black)

2. TOTAL LIFE FOREVER (LP) Foals (Warner)


4. WE ARE… (LP) Cha-Cha (Pop Noodle)

5. BUTTERFLY HOUSE The Coral (The Coral)

6. THE PARSON Frank & Walters (Good Seed PR)

7. BOYS OUTSIDE (LP) Steve Mason (Double Six)

8. FLASHBACKS (LP) The Lodger (This Is Fake DIY)


10. DEEP DIVE Wild Palms (One Little Indian)

11. MY BEST FRIEND IS YOU (LP) Kate Nash (Polydor)

12. IS HE REALLY COMING HOME? The School (Elefant)

13. THE BOOKS STOP HERE All The Damn Kids (Elvis Lives)

14. KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY Black Box Recorder (BBR Records)

15. WON’T GET UP AGAIN Young Rebel Set (Our Broadcast)

16. IT’S A BEAUTIFUL LIFE (LP) Freebass (Hacienda)

17. FIVE TREES Chapel Club (Polydor)

18. WORLD WON’T WAIT Little Death (lovelittledeath)

19. LATIN (LP) Holy Fuck (XL/Young Turks)

20. RUINS O.Children (Deadly People)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for May 2010