Sunday, August 29, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 28/10

The brain was certainly not in gear last night. Was having way to many senior moments for not being a Hey you young whipper-snapper where's my old age pills?

tender trap - suddenly
mystery jets - show me the light
klaxons - echoes
the cribs - housewife
the domino state - we must not shut ourselves away
the vaccines - if you wanna
egyptian hip hop - wild human child
does it offend you, yeah! - we are the dead
ou est le swimming pool - jackson's last stand
civil civic - fuck youth
i am arrows - nice try
fyfe dangerfeild - when you walk in the room
land of talk - cloak and cipher
bishop morocco - last year's disco guitars
----lp session everything everything "man alive"
everything everything - qwerty finger
everything everything - suffragette suffragette
everything everything - nasa is on your side
summer camp - round the moon
still corners - don't fall in love
rose elinor dougall - come away with me
laura marling - the needle and damage done (live)
the draymin - we will fall
yuck - daughter
polka party - korean cinema
pull in emergency - everything is the same
young legionnaire - colossus
wolf parade - palm road

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 21/10

Tragic news from Friday as Charles Haddon, the lead singer for Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, committed suicide after a festival appearance in Belgium. It is tragic when any life is taken so young, he was only 22. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
We'll pay tribute in coming weeks if/when the bands scheduled releases come out.

marina & the diamonds - shampain
fyfe dangerfield - firebird
ou est le swimming pool - dance the way i feel
the ting tings - hands
mirrors - ways to an end
memoryhouse - the waves
frankie & the heartstrings - ungrateful
the frank & walters - let it go
hatcham social - new york girl
answers on postcards - i'm the mystery
manic street preacher - i'm leaving you for solitude
teen daze - neon
soundcarriers - broken sleep
grasscut - passing
----lp session the klaxons "surfing the void"
the klaxons - the same space
the klaxons - venusia
the klaxons - twin flames
the klaxons - future memories
the strange death of liberal england - rising sea
stornoway - watching birds
esben & the witch - marching song
suuns - disappearance of the skyscraper
pull in emergency - 15 years
i am arrows - hurricane
young empires - rain of gold (demo)
violet youth - carla's song
unkle bob - so sorry
bombay bicycle club - evening morning

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 14/10

Slightly pre-empted for the second week in a row, this time for Phog Fest broadcasting.
But get used to this new start time. It seems the powers that be at CJAM have be'ed and they have decided to take away that half hour permanently.
So Cowboys & Indies will now officially start at 10pm and run until midnight.
Believe me I am not a happy camper about this. In fact, to say I am severely disappointed is an understatement.
But as a result of the shorter slot a few things about the show will have to be modified.
From this point on there will only be 1 lp session and it will be shorter. We will have to wait and see how this new time will affect the Festive 50. It is already a 2 episode event, if it looks like it will take 3 to do it I may have to revise it or drop it all together.
Don't panic, we'll just wait and see how this all plays out and go from there.
Cowboys & Indies will continue to be your home for the best in the British Indie/Alternative scene.

stornoway - watching birds
peggy sue - watchman
the cribs - housewife
paul smith - north atlantic drift
mutineers - infidelity
the seahorses - 1999 (request)
strawberry whiplash - summershine
the westfield mining disaster - not everybody gets to be a rolling stone
northern portrait - life returns to normal
dolly mixture - everything and more
hurts - happiness
arcade fire - half light 1
stars - i died so i could haunt you
steve mason - understand my heart
----lp session sky larkin "kaleide"
sky larkin - tiny heist
sky larkin - spooktacular
sky larkin - smarts
twilight sad - the wrong car
o children - malo
manic street preachers - (it's not war) just the end
pull in emergency - everything is the same
silvery - the naked & the dead
beat the radar - by the sea
the hoosiers - choices
black mountain - the hair song
delays - rhapsody
everything everything - my kz, ur bf
bombay bicycle club - fairytale lullabye

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 7/10

Hope you enjoyed the Rewind! presentation last week. Always a blast to do those shows. And speaking of blasts, it was a pleasure to cover for Alex on Earwax. Hope you enjoyed the old skool punk/hardcore. To see the playlist for last weeks Earwax, it is posted at the bottom of last weeks Rewind! playlist.

Sorry for the short notice, but the show was slightly pre-empted due to special Pride Day programming. If you're downloading the show and don't want to hear the special programming, fast forward a half hour until 10pm. Sorry for the short notice.
To make up for the shorter show we played as many of the new releases as we could.

grinderman - heathen child
blood red shoes - heartsink
frank & walters - let it out
the barlights - a good night's sleep
lonely tourist - patron saint procrastinate
edwyn collins - losing sleep
manic street preachers - (it's not war) just the end
o children - dead disco
these ghosts - luna
the aliens - sitting on a toadstool
cosmetics - sleepwalking
still corners - endless summer
suuns - disappearance of the skyscraper
teen daze - four more years
----lp session the soundcarriers "celeste"
the soundcarriers - step outside
the soundcarriers - rolling on
the soundcarriers - there only once
the soundcarriers - signals
foals - alabaster
mystery jets - flash a hungry smile
bombay bicycle club - evening morning
2:54 - on a wire
arcade fire - ready to start
parallels - counterparts
kele - rise
mia - teqkilla

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rewind! show tracks for Sat. July 31/10 + Earwax bonus

Long night last night but it didn't feel like it. I also filled in for Alex on Earwax. Got to play a slew of tracks I don't normally get to play on my show. The time flew by. The track listing for that show will follow mine.

blur - bank holiday
sham 69 - if the kids are united
western promise - promised land
ultravox - western promise
morrissey - the ordinary boys
the alarm - where were you hiding when the storm broke?
julian cope - reynard the fox
the supernaturals - i wasn't built to get up
real life - catch me i'm falling
808 state - pacific 202
television personalities - i know where syd barrett lives
syd barrett - octopus
the pastels - truck train tractor
pete shelley - homosapien
house of love - real animal
madness - michael caine
madness - house of fun
plasterscene replicas - we can walk
heavenly - orange corduroy dress
the charlatans - polar bear
spoons - smiling in winter
prescription - selsey green
the specials - too hot
style council - how she threw it all away
nancy boy - johnny chrome & silver
the fizzbombs - sign on the line
chalk circle - this mourning
mansun - she makes my nose bleed
mansun - closed for business
magazine - burst
furniture - brilliant mind
rough trade - fashion victim
kissing the pink - big man restless
spandau ballet - to cut a long story short
lost patrol - comanche

Earwax fill-in
husker du - you're a soldier
mc5 - rocket reducer no. 62
the plasmatics - test tube babies
motorhead - bomber (live)
rocket from the crypt - fat lip
black flag - gimmie gimmie gimmie
the replacements - we're comin out
the clash - what's my name
blondie - rip her to shreds
talking heads - thank you for sending me an angel
patti smith - redondo beach
minutemen - black sheep
charged gbh - no survivors
iron maiden - the trooper
the exploited - mucky pup
descendents - i don't want to grow up
subhumans - oh canaduh
ramones - now i wanna sniff some glue
killing joke - we have joy
the stooges - real cool time
dry heaves - portable
the diodes - behind those eyes
the cramps - garbageman
the slits - spend spend spend
dead 60s - ghostfaced killer
bad brains - big take over
the ordinary boys - little bitch
dead kennedys - let's lynch the landlord
red hot chili peppers - police helicopter
faith no more - a small victory
the dickies - the banana splits (tra la la song)
the didjits - plate in my head
minor threat - salad days
gallows & lethal bizzle - staring at the rude bois
d.o.a. - the prisoner
forgotten rebels - surfin' on heroin
manic street preachers - repeat
feeder - helium
angelic upstarts - police oppression
anit-nowhere league - streets of london
slaughter & the dogs - situations