Sunday, December 30, 2018

Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 29/18 Festive 50 2018 Part 2 #35 - #1

We made through another year and another year end countdown show. I thought it was a great year for British indie/alternative music and the countdown reflects that. Hope you enjoyed the programs this year and The Festive 50 as well. See you nest week for the first new program of the new year.
Happy New Year everyone. Be safe in your celebrations, the world is a better place with you in it!

Pulp - Countdown (Separations)
#35 Section 25 - You Don't Have To Be Liked To Be Good (Elektra)
#34 Chorusgirl - No Goodbye (Shimmer & Spin)
#33 The Fernweh - Next Time Around (The Fernweh)
#32 She Drew The Gun - Something For The Pain (Revolution Of Mind)
#31 Whyte Horses - Greatest Love In Town (Empty Words)
#30 Mien - Odyssey (Mien)
#29 Tim Burgess - Another Version Of The Truth (As I Was Now)
#28 Softer Still - Wishing Well (Nuances)
#27 Goat Girl - Cracker Drool (Goat Girl)
#26 The Vryll Society - Andrei Rublev (Course Of The Satellite)
#25 Still Corners - Sad Movies (Slow Air)
#24 Estrons - Strangers (You Say I'm Too Much, I Say You're Not Enough)
#23 We Were Promised Jetpacks - Repeating Patterns (The More I Sleep the Less I Dream)
#22 Moderate Rebels - I Love Today (Shared Values)
#21 Cabbage - Gibraltar Ape (Nihilistic Glamour Shots)
#20 Spring King - The Hum (A Better Life)
#19 Accü - Mark on Baby (Echo The Red)
#18 The Joy Formidable - Cicada (Land On Your Back) (Aaarth)
#17 Ill - Bus Shelter (We Are Ill)
#16 Our Girl - I Really Like It (Stranger Today)
#15 Django Django - Champagne (Marble Skies)
#14 Adwaith (Reaction) - Lipstick Coch (Melyn (Yellow))
#13 Suede - Life is Golden (The Blue Hour)
#12 Shame - Friction (Songs Of Praise)
#11 Blossoms - There's A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls) (Cool Like You)
#10 The Good, The Bad & The Queen - Nineteen Seventeen (Merrie Land)
#09 Liines - Disappear (Stop-Start)
#08 Idles - Samaritans (Joy As An Act of Resistance)
#07 Black Honey - Into The Nightmare (Black Honey)
#06 Dream Wife - Act My Age (Dream Wife)
#05 The Orielles - I Only Bought It For The Bottle (Silver Dollar Moment)
#04 Arctic Monkeys - Four Out Of Five (Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino)
#03 The Coral - Reaching Out For A Friend (Move Through The Dawn)
#02 Johnny Marr - Hi Hello (Call The Comet)
#01 Spiritualized - The Morning After (And Nothing Hurt)
#01 Spiritualized - Here It Comes (The Road) Let's Go
#01 Spiritualized - Damaged
#01 Spiritualized - A Perfect Miracle

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Festive 50 2018 Part 1 #50-#36

It's the holidays so that it means it countdown and year end list time again. Due to holiday obligations, timing and special programming this year is a first for Cowboys & Indies. It's the first year that the whole countdown won't be featured on air during the program. This year part one was a mix featured on our Mixcloud page, Extra Time. Here is the list of the first part of this years countdown and the link to listen. Hope you enjoy it! Listen! Like! Share!

#50 The Kooks - Tesco Disco (Let's Go Sunshine)
#49 Danny Goffey - Buzzkiller (Schtick!)
#48 Let's Eat Grandma - Falling Into Me (I'm All Ears)
#47 Menace Beach - Hypnotiser Keeps The Ball Rolling (Black Rainbow Sound)
#46 Gorillaz - Magic City (The Now Now)
#45 Gruff Rhys - Limited Edition Heart (Babelsberg)
#44 Snapped Ankles - Drink And Glide (Drink And Glide)
#43 The Vaccines - Put It On A T-Shirt (Combat Sports)
#42 Hollie Cook - Stay Alive (Vessel Of Love)
#41 Pale Waves - Noises (My Mind Makes Noises)
#40 Starsha Lee - Uncle Nietzsche (Post-God Metaphysics)
#39 Night Flowers - Night Alive (Wild Notion)
#38 77:78 - Compass Pass (Jellies)
#37 Desperate Journalist - Nothing Happens (You Get Used to It)
#36 The KVB - Afterglow (Only Now Forever)

Friday, December 21, 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - December

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. SHARED VALUES (LP) ... Moderate Rebels (Everyday Life Recordings)
2. THE FERNWEH (LP) ... The Fernweh (Skeleton Key)
3. VOTE FOR ME ... The Specials (Uni)
4. LOOK AT YOU NOW ... Sleeper (Gorsky Records)
5. BLOSSOM CRAWLS ... Gemma Ray (Bronzerat)
6. SHIMMER AND SPIN (LP) ... Chorusgirl (Reckless Yes Records)
7. WHAM! BANG! POW! LET'S ROCK OUT! (LP) ... Art Brut (Alcopop!)
8. MOVIES / BE SOMEBODY GOOD ... Circa Waves (PIAS/Prolifica Inc)
9. JOKING ME ... Stealing Sheep (Heavenly Recordings)
10. EX:RE (LP) ... Ex:Re (4AD)
11. MAKE IT WITH YOU ... Rose Elinor Dougall (Vermilion)
12. CONSTANT STATE OF FLUX ... Kite Base (Kite Base)
13. BEACH RIOT EP ... Beach Riot (Vallance Records)
14. JAANUS ... Ilu (Libertino Records)
15. NOT WITH THAT ATTITUDE (LP) ... Fightmilk (Fightmilk)
16. GET UP AND FIGHT ... Red Eye (Trevor Perfect)
17. DRIVING AT NIGHT ... Jaws (Sweet Jane Recordings)
18. PET SHOW ... Feral Five (Primitive Light Recordings)
19. ON REFLECTION (LP) ... Selling (City Slang)
20. SPLIT EP ... Perfect Body / Zac White (Bubblewrap Collective)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for December 2018

Sunday, December 16, 2018

I'm Not A Disco! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 15/18

Next Saturday, Dec. 22nd, Cowboys & Indies will be pre-empted for special Joe Strummer Day programming on CJAM 99.1FM. I will not be able to contribute this year because of family holiday festivities.
Saturday, Dec. 22, Cowboys & Indies Extra Time on Mixcloud will host the first part of The 2018 Festive 50 Countdown. Surf in for placings #50 - #36. There will also be a special Christmas/Holiday mix as well.
Saturday, Dec. 29, we will be back live on CJAM 99.1FM for the second and final part of The 2018 Festive 50 Countdown. The on air show will pick up where the Mixcloud set left off, #35 - #1! Join us to see who gets the coveted #1.

kaiser chiefs - the angry mob
red eye - get up and fight
the clash - clampdown
steve mason - walking away from love
johnny marr & matt johnson - summer in the city
margot - coffee stained scars
lexytron - i'm not a disco
thee mvps - fast cars (buzzcocks cover)
the 1975 - love it if we made it
the 1975 - i always want to die (sometimes)
self esteem - the rat/never leave you (uh ooh, uh ooh)
rose elinor dougall - make it with you
gemma ray - blossom crawls
the zombies - care of cell 44
roxy music - mother of pearl
the cure - jumping someone else's train
radiohead - just
def leppard - mirror, mirror (look into my eyes)
-----northern soul spotlight
the drapers - i know your love has gone away
wally cox - come on home
the laddins - i'll kiss your teardrops away
steve alaimo everyday - i have to cry
-----lp session - selling 'on reflection'
selling - qprism
selling - no reflection
selling - keeping txme
circle 60 - holiday gone wrong
ilu - jaanus
accü - ha-ha higher
gris-de-lin - sprung
gazelle twin - hobby horse
firestations - far future warning
guide dog - dead beat
doe - team spirit
martha - heart is healing
-----lp session - fightmilk 'not with that attitude'
fightmilk - not going anywhere
fightmilk - four star hotel
fightmilk - solving crimes in sweden
primal scream - rocks (original memphis recording)
tim burgess - many clouds
b movie - repetition


Sunday, December 9, 2018

Fiction Romance! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 8/18

We paid tribute to Pete Shelley on the show. Selecting some tracks from The Buzzcocks as well as his solo work. A true punk pioneer! Known as the 'first sensitive punk', he wrote intelligent, gender neutral lyrics at a time when the scene was viewed as the exact opposite. His creations have stayed the test of time and still sound modern today. The true mark of a musical icon.
Our condolences to his family, friends, bandmates and fans. RIP Pete.

Today is also the anniversary of John Lennon's untimely death and also Jim Morrison's birthday. Jim would have been 75 today. The opening set is a short tribute marking the days importance in history.

travis - gimme some truth (john lennon cover)
ride - i don't wanna be a soldier (john lennon cover)
echo & the bunnymen - people are strange (doors cover)
sleeper - look at you now
bloxx - sea blue
starsha lee - antogonistic she
calva louise - tug of war
swervedriver - the lonely crowd fades in the air
beach riot - medicate for success
drenge - bonfire of the city boys
fat earthers - letter bomb
yak - fried
nasari - spoilt milk
feral five - pet show
the specials - vote for me
dub colossus - a spy in the house of dub
-----pete shelley tribute
buzzcocks - fast cars
buzzcocks - nostalgia
buzzcocks - i don't know what to do with my life
pete shelley - i don't know what it is
pete shelley - telephone operator
-----lp session - the fernweh 'the fernweh'
the fernweh - hand me down
the fernweh - a leaf didn't move
the fernweh - one hundred flowers bloom
white lies - finish line
the ninth wave - sometimes the silence is sweeter
public image limited - public image
-----lp session - gorgeous bully 'closure'
gorgeous bully - i'll be true
gorgeous bully - patience
gorgeous bully - inertia
jon fratelli - dreams don't remember your name
team picture - clone you
sway - haven
palace - no other
-----lp session - ex:re 'ex:re'
ex:re - the dazzler
ex:re - i can't keep you
ex:re - 5am
the japanese house - follow my girl
anteros - fool moon
zuzu - can't be alone
nikki & the waves - rose petal push


Sunday, December 2, 2018

Constant State Of Flux! Show tracks for Dec. 1/18

kagoule - magnified
the orielles - bobbi's second world
salad - the selfishness of love
toy - you make me forget myself
the fernweh - brightening in the west
rose elinor dougall - make it with you
lusts - stayin' alive
ladytron - far from home
omd - almost
mega emotion - laura
kite base - constant state of flux
----lp session - moderate rebels 'shared values'
moderate rebels - stranded in brazil
moderate rebels - you want to fight?
moderate rebels - eye in the sky
the charlatans - then
inspiral carpets - move
a certain ratio - mickey way (the candy bar)(12" version)
-----northern soul spotlight
the profiles - take a giant step
the valentinos - lookin' for love
the squires - don't accuse me
anna belle caesar & lionel hampton - little annie
----lp session - art brut 'wham! bang! pow! let's rock out!'
art brut - good morning berlin
art brut - schwarzfahrer
art brut - veronica falls
arctic monkeys - anyways
the good, the bad & the queen - the poison tree
ex:re - romance
stealing sheep - joking me
perfect body - getting cold
zac white - spent on you
island - just that time of night
leif erikson - matter
circa waves - be somebody good
lucia - summertime
waves of dread - levity
----lp session - chorusgirl 'shimmer and spin'
chorusgirl - demon baby
chorusgirl - stuck
chorusgirl - stitches
the lillies - and david seaman will be very disappointed about that
jaws - driving at night
moses - river thames