Saturday, August 2, 2014

Who Wants To Be The Disco King? Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 2/14

the horrors - sleepwalk
dark horses - live on hunger
damon albarn - sister rust
laetitia sadier - then i will love you again
the proper ornaments - step into the cold
adult jazz - hum
the island club - ecstasy
the school - when i fall in love
the history of apple pie - tame
villiers - nowhere left to run
lovats - fiction
hollie cook - tiger balm
neville staple - the farmyard connection
hudson mohawke - chimes
jungle - busy earnin'
the acid - creeper
-----northern soul spotlight
bobby day - over and over
little hank - mister bang bang man
derrick & patsy - housewive's choice
sonny knight - confidential
bessie banks - go now
-----lp session - the wytches "annabel dream reader"
the wytches - burn out the bruise
the wytches - weights and ties
the wytches - part time model
southern - where i want to be
bird - rain song
neon waltz - bare wood aisles
dark star - i am the sun
gentlemen - saturday noir
david bowie - abdulmajid
-----mixtape memories
the wonder stuff - who wants to be the disco king?
sultans of ping f.c. - where's me jumper?
frank and walters - happy busman
thousand yard stare - 0-0 a.e.t.
the snapdragons - dole boys on futons
mirrorhall - decoder
fire island pines - candy streets
fire island pines - years
slow club - paraguay and panama
johnny lloyd - pilgrims
sohn - lights

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