Sunday, November 27, 2016

This Is Sadchester! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 26/16

Total shock this past week to learn that Craig Gill drummer for the Inspiral Carpets had passed away. The Inspirals were a fave of mine and true classy gents when I had the pleasure of meeting them. So tonight we honour his memory with some of the music he helped create. As well as a handful of other music of the time and from his hometown area. RIP Craig

inspiral carpets - this is how it feels to be lonely
inspiral carpets - two worlds collide
inspiral carpets - mermaid
inspiral carpets - spitfire
the stone roses - the hardest thing in the world
happy mondays - freaky dancin'
railway children - a gentle sound
bradford - skin storm
the wonder stuff - a wonderful day
the rain - dry the rain
the milltown brothers - roses
pete doherty - kolly kibber
buffalo sunn - idle man
patchwork quilt - get to rest
teenage fanclub - december
the chadelics - love me again
spiritualized - lay back in the sun
a.r. kane - baby milk snatcher
-----northern soul spotlight
the checkerboard squares - double cookin'
joe tex - show me
j j barnes - (tell me) ain't it the truth
ray merrell - tears of joy
-----lp session - the wolfhounds - "united kingdom
(…or how to come to terms with your culture)"
the wolfhounds - my legendary childhood
the wolfhounds - the stupid poor
the wolfhounds - lucky heather
high hazels - joined at the lip
shanghai blues - run
lullaby - a lie
fehm - i scared, i stiff
the jesus & mary chain - inside me
last shadow puppets - les cactus
sex pistols - anarchy in the uk (wessex studio session)
circa waves - wake up
ohboy - a radio song
the amazons - little something
the bellamys - best friend
-----lp session - the perfect english weather "isobar blues"
the perfect english weather - the sweetest feeling
the perfect english weather - spirited away
the perfect english weather - london in your eyes
the proper ornaments - cremated (blown away)
happyness - falling down
peaness - seafoam islands
the night café - you change with the seasons


Sunday, November 20, 2016

FM Soundtrack To A Generation! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 19/16

Another week and a another musical life lost. This week we lost a soul legend, Sharon Jones, to a battle with cancer. So tonight we celebrate her life and music with a special Northern Soul Spotlight. Instead of the normal offerings we pay tribute with some of Sharon's British music connections. RIP Sharon Jones.

estrons - belfast
yak - heavens above
coquin migale - soft
fuzzbox - let's go supernova!
blue orchids - motorway
tibet - there is a place
white - private lives
blaenavon - my bark is your bite
toy - i'm still believing (c.o.a.m. remix)
cavern of anti-matter - traces
the moonlandingz - drop it fauntleroy
simple minds - chelsea girl
simple minds - new gold dream (81-82-83-84)
human league - being boiled (state of the art mix)
human league - fm (soundtrack to a generation early version)
-----soul spotlight - tribute to sharon jones
sharon jones & the dap kings - wild horses
sharon jones & the dap kings - goldfinger
david byrne & fatboy slim feat sharon jones - dancing together
greyboy feat quantic & sharon jones - got to be a love
-----lp session - romare "love songs, part two"
romare - honey
romare - my last affair
the wave pictures - pool hall
belle & sebastian - like dylan in the movies
prefab sprout - appetite
u2 - until the end of the world
dutch uncles - big balloon
our girl - being around
novella - change of state
liines - disappear
the big moon - formidable
is bliss - morning sun
menace beach - give blood
I heart sharks - walk at night
I heart sharks - the water (feat madeline juno)
dayflower - too you
minor victories - give up the ghost
the empty page - wardrobe malfunction


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tower Of Song! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 12/16

So 2016 drags on and takes another musical life from us. It was just a couple weeks ago we celebrated Leonard Cohen's birthday and his new album release. In the middle of enjoying his latest offering it turned out to be his swan song. We celebrated his contributions a few weeks ago with some Brit indie covers of his works. We do that again tonight in his memory. RIP Leonard Cohen

british sea power - remember me
lemon jelly - the staunton lick
the xx - on hold
clarence clarity - vapid feels are vapid
fickle friends - brooklyn
kate tempest - europe is lost
jaws - on the sunshine
inheaven - treats
childcare - film club
jennifer - jennifer
king nun - speakerface
beach skulls - sante fe
spring king - rectifier
sundara karma - olympia
jagara - let me go
blossoms - across the moor
whenyoung - actor
house of love - who by fire
the lilac time - bird on a wire
james - so long marianne
beth orton - sisters of mercy
-----lp session - palace "so long forever"
palace - bitter
palace - family
palace - holy smoke
the moonlandingz - black hanz
grace jones - me! i disconnect from you
the orb - 9 elms over river eno (channel 9)
the baltic fleet - turns
black needle noise - this kind of road feat kendra frost
kite base - soothe
los campesinos! - i broke up in amarante
the extons - i won't leave lonely
the fables - not for me
shame - the lick
-----lp session - oskar's drum "a cathedral of hands"
oskar's drum - green-veiled mirror ghost
oskar's drum - quartz
oskar's drum - arms of the dark
city yelps - now
modo stare - wake up telescope
t.o.y. - spellbound


Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Brief Escape From Life! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 5/16

Another year, another pledge drive. Thank you to all of you who supported CJAM during this years drive. If you still haven't contributed you still can even all the live pledge shows have concluded. The donation link is still active on the website and will be for the rest of the year. Simply click and fill out the form, it's so easy. It takes but 2 minutes and you can help fund non-profit community radio in Windsor/Detroit for another year.

my bloody valentine - when you sleep
dead rabbits - someday
cavern of anti-matter - i'm the unknown
formation - powerful people
hms morris - from the neck down
jagara - let me go
artificial pleasure - i'll make it worth your while
my vitriol - we've lost our way
black mamba fever - feeling the strain
goat girl - country sleaze
duke spirit - serenade
muse - new kind of kick
the severed limb - bela lugosi
kaiser chiefs - happen in a heartbeat
isla - standing on the shoulders of giants
white lies - summer didn't change a thing
bauer - (feels like) heaven
-----northern soul spotlight
howard guyton - i watched you slowly slip away
roy hamilton - crackin' up over you
the spinners - what more could a boy ask for
the apollas - mr. creator
-----lp session - honeyblood "babes never die"
honeyblood - love is a disease
honeyblood - sister wolf
honeyblood - hey, stellar
on dead waves - blackbird
escapists - animals
joy formidable - sleep is day
pink floyd - vegetable man
yuck - because
estrons - belfast
fuzzbox - spirit in the sky
jitterz - one good song
blackwaters - so far out
the shrives - madnight
our girl - no big deal
king nun - tulip
-----lp session - jaws "simplicity"
jaws - cast
jaws - on the sunshine
jaws - a brief escape from life
heavy heart - teenage witch
superglu - dreams
plaza - youth
the blinders - swine


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2016 - October

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. CERTAINTY .... Temples (Heavenly Recordings)
2. HELLO TODAY ... Black Honey (Foxfive Records)
3. CLEAR SHOT (LP) ... Toy (Heavenly Recordings)
4. GAMESHOW (LP) ... Two Door Cinema Club (Parlophone)
5. OLYMPIA ... Sundara Karma (RCA)
6. SOOTHE ... Kite Base (Flashback Records)
7. BOUNCE (LP) ... The Beat feat. Ranking Roger (DMF Music)
8. II (LP) ... The Early Years (Sonic Cathedral)
9. DUSK (LP) ... Ultimate Painting (Trouble In Mind Records)
10. HOLLOW ... Desperate Journailst (Fierce Panda)
11. BIG BOX OF CHOCOLATES (LP) ... Hooton Tennis Club (Heavenly Recordings)
12. HARDER FROM HERE EP ... Hidden Charms (Deltasonic Records Ltd)
13. A PERFECT RHYTHM ... The Vryll Society (Deltasonic Records Ltd)
14. THE WORLD IS A GUMBALL ... Heavy Heart (
15. APRICITY (LP) ... Syd Arthur (Harvest Records)
16. ALL YOUR HAPPY LIFE (LP) ... The Wytches (Heavenly Recordings)
17. DRAG ... Slowcoaches (Leisure & District)
18. STAY TOGETHER (LP) ... Kaiser Chiefs (Caroline)
19. FRIENDS (LP) ... White Lies (BMG)
20. AWAKE BUT ALWAYS DREAMING (LP) ... Hannah Peel (My Own Pleasure)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2016