Saturday, February 25, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 25/12

After three weeks of special shows for Black History month we return to our regular format. Which is only bringing you the best British indie & alternative music around!
So much new music tonight too. There was 3 new albums from Jonquil, Band Of Skulls and Hysterical Injury in mini lp sessions. Loads of new singles too.

We open the show with a couple from Blur after being given The Outstanding Contribution To Music Brit award on Tuesday. We also featured the Critics Choice Brit winner, Emeli Sandé. She has to drop her first name, which is Adele, for obvious reasons.

I want a pair of the new Gorillaz Chuck Taylor's ! I hope stores will be selling them close by so I can try them on.. I would really like to know I can actually wear them before I pay for them online.
To coincide with the Jamie Hewlett designed Chuck Taylors is a great new track from Gorillaz w/ James Murphy & Andre 3000 as part of Converse's “Three Artists, One Song” series. Download the track for free here;

That mysterious band from Manchester, NO CEREMONY/// are back with another free download. Get it from their website while you can, it's a corker!

blur - on your own
blur - the universal
gorillaz - do ya thing feat james murphy & andre 3000
no ceremony - heartbreaker
2 bears - increase your faith
alpines & maya jane coles - why
in isolation - film noir scandal
ultravox - slow motion
the duke spirit - procession (remix by gary numan)
gary numan - dead sun rising
we have band - after all
the chap - better place
graffiti6 - annie you save me
jonquil - swells
jonquil - run
vinyl jacket - lucky soldiers
emeli sandé - heaven
the birthday kiss - choking
shrag - tendons in the nights
allo darlin' - capricornia
this many boyfriends - starling
wedding present - you jane
band of skulls - wanderluster
band of skulls - you're not pretty but you got it goin' on
exile parade - moviemaker
the afternoons - moving city
phil wilson - ten miles
hysterical injury - icebreak
hysterical injury - the works
model railway exhibition - jennifer's brother
fixers - swimmhaus san diego
zulu winter - we should be swimming
django django - default
alt j - fitzpleasure
cabaret voltaire - digital rasta

BTW, Thank you Phil Wilson for being so generous!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 18/12

We continue with our celebration of Black History Month this week with an infusion of Northern Soul. We probably shouldn't wait until next February to do another Northern Soul special. I think a Northern Soul special Rewind! is in order soon.
Even though most of the music played during the all-nighters back in the day was American, particularly from Tamla/Motown, we featured some British contributions tonight. As well as some of the classic stompers from the heyday like the "3 before 8" from The Wigan Casino.
Just a quick note, I filled in the last 15 minutes of Coolest Jazz Spot in the Rose City (the show before me) as he had to leave early. So I started the Northern Soul early to set the mood with;

r. dean taylor - there's a ghost in my house
dobie gray - out on the floor
tami lynn - i'm gonna runaway from you
the contours - just a little misunderstanding
edwin starr - 25 miles

As we have the last two weeks, we also brought you new releases as well. I'm so glad to see new tracks from The Heartbreaks and Evans The Death! Plus an LP Session from Field Music. Hope you enjoyed the show. We return next week with a normal installment of the show.

gloria jones - tainted love
tony clarke - landslide
lou johnson - (there's) always something there to remind me
eugene mcguiness - shotgun
summer camp - losing my mind
the pipettes - boo shuffle
petula clark - a sign of the times
nita rossi - here i go again
the heartbreaks - winter gardens
the cribs - chi-town
evans the death - telling lies
former lover - he doesn't have to know about you
nature set - if you lived here you'd be home by now
tobi legend - time will pass you by
jimmy radcliffe - long after tonight is over
dean parrish - i'm on my way
frank wilson - do i love you (indeed i do)
lp session - field music "plumb"
field music - guillotine
field music - who'll pay the bills?
field music - from hide and seek to heartache
field music - ce soir
theme park - two hours
casablanca - i needed to know
edwyn collins - losing sleep
jimmy james - this heart of mine
geno washington - she shot a hole in my heart
errors - the village
s.c.u.m. - 568
the chap - what did we do?
maccabees - went away
the big pink - stay gold
trailer trash tracys - dies in 55
exile parade - hello blue
the hysterical injury - visions of trees
we have band - steel in the groove
jackie trent - you baby
lorraine silver - lost summer love

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 11/12

As Black History month continues, in week 2 we celebrate dub music and it's influence on British indie & alternative music. From the kings of British dub at On-U Sound to the onset of dubstep, it's permeated it's way into British indie music through remixes, dub versions and influencing original compositions. I wish we had more time to feature many more examples but we had lots new indie/alternative releases for you too.
Next week, Northern Soul is front and center. Although most Northern Soul is actually American in origin (mainly based around releases from Tamla/Motown), it certainly spawned a huge scene in the UK. And a handful of British artists took up the mantle and made contributions. In fact, Northern Soul helped give birth to one of the most recognizable British pop culture movements of all time, the Mods.

bombay bicycle club - lights out, words gone (rub a dub version)
steve mason & dennis bovell - dub outside
the wedding present - you jane
tribes - when my day comes
feeder - borders
little barrie - i can't wait
fever dream - this waste
british sea power - lullaby for what you are
big deal - cool like kurt
kinnie the explorer - scissor dance
alt-j ∆ - fitzpleasure
hard fi - cash converter (dub machine part 2)
the ting tings - soul killing
renegade soundwave - women respond to bass
spacemonkeyz versus gorillaz - p45
lp session - the twilight sad "no one can ever know"
the twilight sad - alphabet
the twilight sad - don't move
the twilight sad - don't look at me
errors - the village
the maccabees - ayla
the big pink - jump music
stephen duffy - london girls
this many boyfriends - starling
fire island pines - oh therese
johnny & the giros - the day friction overcame fun
the cherry action - dreaming of sonya
the barmy army - mind the gap
dub syndicate - fringe on top dub
lp session - django django "django django"
django django - hail bop
django django - hand of man
django django - life's a beach
turnpike glow - the turn, the pike and the glow
primal scream - dub in vain
dead 60s - police radio dub
burial - street halo

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 4/12

To kick off the start of Black History Month, we feature some British reggae, ska and artists influenced by reggae. Not bad for no prep time for the show this week (it was a crazy week!). I did decide to do portions of each show in February as opposed to 1 special show. An upcoming show will spotlight Northern Soul artists, so make sure you catch that one.
If you have any requests for Black History Month please message me and I will do my best get them on.

the specials - monkey man
massive attack - one love
dodgy - what became of you
pale seas - something or nothing
the ghosts - enough time
the rialto burns - for the asking
perhaps contraption - cousin / grandma
m.i.a. - paper planes
the clash - police & thieves
the kills - satellite
model railway exhibition - future perfect
trailer trash tracys - i love how you love me in the flesh
the colourfield - castles in the air
lp session - the 2 bears "be strong"
the 2 bears - take a look around
the 2 bears - heart of the congos
the 2 bears - get together
we have band - watertight
islet - this fortune
anothers blood - lonesome tonight
clock opera - belongings
kill it kid - send me an angel down
the equators - baby come back
madness - the harder they come (live)
the belle stars - the clapping song
desmond dekker - please don't bend
the bodysnatchers - 007
fun boy three - lunatics (have taken over the asylum)
errors - tusk
errors - barton spring
golden fable - motorcycle emptiness
joe strummer & the mescaleros - redemption song
ub40 - i think it's going to rain today

Friday, February 3, 2012

Monthly Indiessential chart for January 2012

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. YOU'RE SO GOOD FOR ME ... Inspiral Carpets (Cow Records)
2. SPLIT CASSETTE EP ... Former Lover & Nature Set (Naked Under Spacesuit)
3. ESTER (LP) ... Trailer Trash Tracys (Double Six/Domino)
4. FUTURE THIS (LP) ... The Big Pink (4AD)
5. GIVEN TO THE WILD (LP) ... The Maccabees (Fiction/Universal)
6. ARCANE EFFIGIES ... Sharks (Rise Records)
7. BABY (LP) ... Tribes (Universal/Island)
8. SLEEPING IN THE WOODS ... Midnight Lion (Universal/Island)
9. THE DISTRACTIONS EP ... Rose Elinor Dougall (free download)
10. MIRACLES ... †Hymns† (Big Scary Monsters)
11. BLACK LIGHT (LP) ... Diagrams (Full Time Hobby)
13. (I KEEP THINKING ABOUT) A NEW THING ... Field Music (Memphis Industries)
14. STARLIGHT, STARLIGHT ... Exlovers (Young & Lost)
15. LEFT MYSELF BEHIND ... Toy (Heavenly)
16. CITY LIGHTS ... Mull Historical Scoiety (Xtra Mile Recordings)
17. EYES ... The Kabeedies (Fierce Panda)
18. SILICON ... Sound Of Guns (Distiller Records)
19. THE SWEETEST THING ... The Rifles (Right Hook Records)
20. BLACK HEARTED POSTER BOY ... The Afternoons (Saturday Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for January 2012