Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rebellious Jukebox! Keeping It Peel show tracks for Sat. Oct. 25/14

Hope you enjoyed the show honouring the late, great John Peel! I got so excited I pulled a Peel and played a song twice in the show!

tomorrow - my white bicycle
65daysofstatic - massive star at the end of it's burning cycle
orange juice - falling and laughing
gang of four - history's bunk
blancmange - i would
lotus eaters - love still flows
the pop group - words disobey me
blur - popscene
saloon - have you seen the light
steel pulse - ku klux klan
slowdive - catch the breeze
billy bragg - a new england
the associates - waiting for the love boat
the fall - rebellious jukebox
sham 69 - borstal breakout
nirvana - son of a gun
the cure - 10:15 saturday night
joy division - sound of music
the beloved - the flame
tears for fears - the hurting
david bowie - white light white heat
delta 5 - delta 5
david bowie - white light white heat
gary numan - films
locus - popcorn
new model army - great expectations
happy mondays - freaky dancing
world of twist - lose my way
dexy's midnight runners - breaking down the walls of heartache
the beat - psychedelic rockers
the housemartins - happy hour
the waterboys - out of control
the boomtown rats - mary of the 4th form
moose - in every dream home a heartache
that petrol emotion - can't stop
brian eno & the winkies - the paw paw negro blowtorch
the smith - handsome devil
the redskins - kick over the statues
the slits - vindictive
the small faces - baby don't you do it
the specials - gangsters
the wedding present - felicity
the jam - down in the tube station at midnight
the undertones - top twenty


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Soul Boys Of The Western World! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 18/14

Make sure to join us next week as Cowboys & Indies will be "Keeping It Peel"! As part of the tribute to the late, great John Peel and a celebration of his life and career at Radio 1, we will be featuring Peel Sessions from your favourite bands. Some will be famous and some not so famous. He is an idol of ours and a certain influence on this program. There will also be a ticket giveaway for Peter Hook & The Light performing at The Magic Bag Theater. Don't miss it!

Tonight we partied like it was 1994. Opening tracks and the Mixtape Memories segment were all albums that were released 20 years ago. In three weeks time we will continue this as we celebrate the electronic artists in the Mixtape Memories segment. No cheating, let the selections be a surprise.

gene - sleep well tonight
shed seven - dolphin
supergrass - mansize rooster
noel gallagher's high flying birds - in the heat of the moment
johnny marr - this tension
inspiral carpets - calling out to you
carl barât & the jackals - glory days
the sunshine underground - start
lola colt - driving mr. johnny
james brute - bury yourself
slow chase - exorcism
southern - cool kid
the bulls - come unwound
ballet school - pale saint
andrew montgomery - memento
breton - titan
sohn - the chase
spandau ballet - soul boy
-----northern soul spotlight
billy butler - right track
edwin starr - back street
shirley ellis - soul time
the velvets - i got to find me somebody
the precisions - if this is love
-----lp session - the primitives "spin-o-rama"
the primitives - hidden in the shadows
the primitives - wednesday world
the primitives - velvet valley
the primitives - dandelion seed
flowers - lonely
shampoo - trouble
north atlantic oscillation - elsewhere
mogwai - teenage exorcists
-----mixtape memories
the charlatans - jesus hairdo
dodgy - staying out for the summer
pulp - babies
suede - heroine
these animal men - too sussed
manic street preachers - she is suffering
the coral - the watcher in the distance
escapists - this must be the place
september girls - veneer
the van doos - baby be brutal
lovechilde - séance for saint sebastian
crushed beaks - rising sign

Party like it's 1994!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Crickets In The Rain! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 11/14

Next week we return to our usual start time of 9PM. Tonight's show was an hour shorter due to a Lancers sports broadcast.
Northern Soul and Mixtape Memories segments also return next week.

Start to save your coins and bills as the 2014 CJAM Pledge Drive is in 3 weeks time. More details to follow.

telegram - regatta
gengahr - powder
manic street preachers - futurology
johnny marr - back in the box
childhood - blue velvet
paul weller - things get better (live)
paul weller & micky moody - i take what i want (live)
allo darlin' - we come from the same place
allo darlin' - crickets in the rain
the night vi - heroine
slow club - everything is new
the staves - open
tim wheeler - vigil
james - curse curse
basement jaxx - power to the people
-----lp session - we were promised jetpacks "unravelling"
we were promised jetpacks - i keep it composed
we were promised jetpacks - night terror
we were promised jetpacks - moral compass
escapists - ocean of noise
the wave pictures - pea green coat
white sands - the wait
slowcoaches - surface observations
trash kit - medicine
demob happy - succubus
swim mountain - ticket
gulf - emitter

Sorry, no download of the show due to the sports broadcast.
That will return next week as well.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fanfare In The Garden! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 4/14

Next weeks show will be slightly pre-empted by sports programming on CJAM.
So the start time for next Saturday night is 10PM. Because of the shortened show we will forgo the Northern Soul and Mixtape Memories segments.
All will return back to normal the week after.

the horrors - i see you
the wytches - burn out the bruise
the charlatans - talking in tones
the coral - the curse of love
oasis - headshrinker (for Miki)
the smiths - jeanne (request)
carl barât & the jackals - glory days
the vaselines - the lonely lp
the vaselines - earth is speeding
we were promised jetpacks - safety in numbers
black rivers (ex-doves) - voyager 1
hilary woods - flames
andrew montgomery - sorry someday
baxter dury - palm trees
oceaán - grip
alunageorge - supernatural
-----northern soul spotlight
cobblestone - trick me, treat me
the originals - suspicion
lada edmund jr - the larue
willie hutch - the duck
vickie baines - country girl
-----lp session - inspiral carpets "inspiral carpets"
inspiral carpets - a to z of my heart
inspiral carpets - forever here
inspiral carpets - let you down feat john cooper clarke
michael a grammar - the day i come alive
broadcast - michael a grammar
september girls - veneer
the debutantes - gentlemans wash
ultimate painting - ten street
the history of apple pie - special girl
the history of apple pie - ordinary boy
-----mixtape memories
wah! heat - 7,000 names of wah!
essential logic - fanfare in the garden
the specials - raquel
the buzzcocks - i look alone
-----lp session - johnny marr "playland"
johnny marr - dynamo
johnny marr - candidate
johnny marr - speak out, reach out
splashh - colour it in
mogwai - teenage exorcists
slowcoaches - raw dealing


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Monthly Indiessential chart for September 2014

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. LOST ON ME ... Peace (Columbia)
2. SPIN-O-RAMA ... The Primitives (Elefant)
3. AVA ... Famy (Transgressive Records)
4. ON LEAVING ... Hookworms (Weird World/Domino)
5. THIS IS ALL YOURS (LP) ... Alt-J (∆) (Infectious/Warner)
6. SHE SEEMS QUITE FREE EP ... The June Brides (Occultation Recordings)
7. ALARMS IN THE HEART (LP) ... Dry The River (Transgressive/Sony)
8. HAIL LUCID STATE (LP) ... Dark Horses (Last Gang Records)
9. LAST JANUARY ... The Twilight Sad (FatCat Records)
10. MAKE YOU MINE ... Jim Valentine (Jim Valentine Music)
11. BE SLOWLY (LP) ... Jaws (Rattlepop)
12. WOODEN AQUARIUM (LP) .. Mazes (FatCat Records)
13. ENDLESS DAYS CRYSTAL SKY (LP) ... By The Sea (War Room Records/Tri-Tone)
14. DO WHAT YOU WANT TO (LP) ... Flowers (Fortuna Pop!)
15. THE COMEBACK EP ... Pale (free download)
16. NIGHT EP ... Hilary Woods (Hilary Woods Music)
17. I WEAR YOU ... All We Are (Double Six Records)
18. THE SOUL CRUSH EP ... The Fratellis (free download)
19. ALL OF TIME ... Avec Sans (Little World)
20. IT KNOWS IT ... Kagoule (Earache)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for September 2014