Saturday, November 26, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 26/11

Wishing I was at the Madness House Of Fun Weekender. The lottery just isn't co-operating so that I can jet off and do these kind of But, we celebrate a little here anyways opening the show with some of the weekend attractions including a little Madness. Before you ask, the reason I didn't play House Of Fun is because I forgot the cd alright.

missing andy - the way we're made (made in england)
mr scruff & quantic - it's dancing time
madness - on the town
spectrals - doing time
standard fare - argument
dems - house
the pipettes - boo shuffle
mark ronson - stop me w/daniel merriweather
man without country - closet addicts anonymous
bastille - overjoyed
red kite - montreal
pure reason revolution - valour
ultrasound - welfare state
brett anderson - i count the times
lp session #1 - my sad captains "fight less win more"
my sad captains - orienteers
my sad captains - resolutions
my sad captains - heavy lifting
the rialto burns - while you sleep
engineers - to an evergreen
city reign - making plans
letters - flash! lights
los campesinos! - to tundra
the early years - the computer voice
star slinger - dumbin' feat reggie b (diplo remix)
rizzle kicks - down with the trumpets (star slinger remix)
elephant - shipwrecked
dusty springfield - natchez trace
drc music - hallo
lp session #2 - johnny foreigner "johnny foreigner vs everything"
johnny foreinger - hulk hoegaarden, gin kinsella, david duvodkany, etc
johnny foreinger - electricity vs the dead
johnny foreinger - what drummers get
chapter 24 - spindle
totem terrors - empty parties
the wombats - girls/fast cars
zun zun egui - fandango fresh

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 19/11

We open up tonight's show on a sour note. Jackie Leven, the great Scottish songwriter and folk artist died this past week from a long battle with lung cancer. He was in a criminally under appreciated post punk/new wave band called Doll By Doll. They released 4 great albums in a short 3 year period between 1979-1982. We open up the show with the epic The Palace Of Love from the brilliant debut Remember.

The mysterious No Ceremony are back with another free download. Follow the link to grab it for free while you can.

We close out the proceedings with the staggering beautiful new single from Bishi. Not the normal Cowboys & Indies track by any stretch of the imagination. But it has mesmerized me and I hope you will check it out.

doll by doll - the palace of love
the maccabees - pelican
trophy wife - canopy shade
delorentos - did we really ever try?
fixers - trans love
bastille - laura palmer
summer camp - brian krakow
summer camp - last american virgin
the big pink - hit the ground (superman)
no ceremony - deliver us
florence & the machine - lover to lover
edgar jones free peace thing - shake it loose
the stairs - weed bus
the who - the punk and the godfather
lp session - spotlight kid "disaster tourist"
spotlight kid - april
spotlight kid - creeps
spotlight kid - lifeline
out side room - don't sit down cause i feel good inc.
the kick inside - ever the optimist
coastal cities - think tank
orange juice - l.o.v.e. love
the bees - gaia
the fall - taking off
the fall - laptop dog
dead sons - you're not as smooth as me
thee spivs - tv screen
chapter 24 - 4454
golden fable - the chill pt.2
weird dreams - holding nails
standard fare - darth vader
trailer trash tracys - wish you were red
2:54 - scarlet
bishi - dia ti maria

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 12/11

Another show, another dollar! Thank you to all the people who called during our pledge drive last week. The show raised at least $405 for CJAM this year. It may be more because we the djs don't see the online pledges. All of CJAM thanks you for your support this year.

With the special show last week some new releases were put back until this show. Loads of new tracks and it will probably be the same next week. Hope you enjoy them. And don't forget you can always request a song anytime. Just make a comment/message here or at

Christmas is soon upon us. At least that what the stores at the mall are telling us with their earlier than ever displays. But that means something else here at Cowboys & Indies. That means it's Festive 50 time. The year end show so big it takes 2 weeks/shows to count them all down. If you've been digging something that I've played during the year and want it recognized in the Festive 50 just message me. Don't say I didn't give you a

arctic monkeys - evil twin
band of skulls - the devil takes care of his own
field music - (i keep thinking about) a new thing
david ford - making up for lost time
caan - now hear this my friends
the lea shores - karoline
the early years - complicity
exile parade - hello blue
manic street preachers - this is the day
la shark - magazine cover
rainband - the prodigal feat. rowetta
broken vinyl club - i want you girl
andy lewis - the words otis sang
vv brown - children feat. chiddy bang
roots manuva - banana skank
lp session - los campesinos! "hello sadness'"
los campesinos! - songs about your girlfriend
los campesinos! - hate for the island
los campesinos! - baby i got the death rattle
the history of apple pie - mallory
the blanche hudson weekend - union square blackout
the bookhouse boys - forever lullaby
the louche fc - back bedroom casualty
the horrors - suffragette city
the duke spirit - damage case
the chapman family - army dreamers
born blonde - radio bliss
remember remember - hey zeus
polarsets - morning
kele - goodbye horses
aunt nelly - daytrippin'
them - baby please don't go
thee vicars - every day
club smith - call to harm
elephant - assembly
beaty heart - slush puppy

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 5/11

Another year, another pledge drive show. Thanks to all the people who called in and supported CJAM. If you haven't yet, there is still time. The 2011 CJAM 99.1FM Pledge Drive will run until noon this coming Friday. And the website accepts donations year round.
The theme for the special show was a Festive 50 preview. Basically, looking at some of the better releases from the first part of this year. Obviously, there wasn't time to play everything. I probably brought enough music to fill 5 I managed to play more than I thought I would.

remember remember - scottish widows
dylan bernard - remember remember the 5th of november
cast - bad waters (demo)
frank turner - if ever i stray
nick lowe - checkout time
imelda may - mayhem
noel gallagher & the high flying birds - soldier boys & jesus freaks
the joy formidable - it's over
the vaccines - if you wanna
glasvegas - shine like stars
male bonding - what's that scene?
the horrors - wild eyed
we were promised jetpacks - picture of health
the primitives - rattle my cage
comet gain - an arcade from the warm rain that falls
help stamp out loneliness - angeline
friendly fires - hawaiian air
james blake - the wilhelm scream
jamie woon - night air
wu lyf - concrete gold
wild palms - carnations
gang of four - you'll never pay for the farm
hard fi - fire in the house
the wild swans - liquid mercury
young rebel set - measure of a man
frankie & the heartstrings - possibilities
cats eyes - over you
hollie cook - milk and honey
ladytron - altitude blues

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monthly Indiessential chart for October 2011

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. IN THE PIT OF THE STOMACH (LP) ... We Were Promised Jetpacks (Fatcat)
2. CREATURES OF AN HOUR (LP) ... Still Corners (Sub Pop)
3. PROCEED, ADVANCE / LAZY BABY HURRICANE ... Pistola Kicks (Pistola Kicks)
4. PALAIS ROYAL-BLUE ... Leopard Of Honour (Transparent)
5. BAD PENNY (LP) ... Spectrals (Slumberland)
6. YOU ALWAYS LOVED VIOLENCE (LP) ... The Blanche Hudson Weekend (Squirrel)
7. WEARME ... NO CEREMONY/// (CPR Agency)
8. INSECURITIES ... The Polysonic (The Polysonic)
9. BLACK RAINBOWS (LP) ... Brett Anderson (BA Songs)
10. LIGHTS OUT (LP) ... Big Deal (Mute)
11. FEET FALL HEAVY (LP) ... Kill It Kid (One Little Indian)
12. THIS IS THE DAY ... Manic Street Preachers (Columbia/Sony)
13. THE BIG MORE EP ... The Joy Formidable (Canvasback/Atlantic)
14. DECONSTRUCTION ... Fanfarlo (Canvasback/Atlantic)
15. POST GOSPEL BLUES ... Escapists (Secret Dinosaur)
16. SIRENS (NOVOCAINE) ... Visions Of Trees (Deadly People)
17. CAROUSEL (LP) ... Pocketbooks (Odd Box Records)
18. ONE WAY STREET ... The Broken Vinyl Club (Acid Jazz)
19. AWAKE ... The Dykeenies (EmuBands)
20. BOOM BOOM EP ... Dead Sons (Dead Sons)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2011