Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jukebox Fury! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 23/13

The albums are piling up, I can't get to them quick enough. And it won't stop next week either with new Johnny Marr, Palma Violets, Theme Park amongst others. Eagerly awaiting the full lengths from Night Works and Bastille. The advance streaming of both have been amazing. Hurry up and release them will ya! New albums in session tonight include Girls Names, Jamie Lidell and Mazes. As well as new tracks from The Primitives, Exit Calm, Stereophonics, Big Deal and the return of The Godfathers.
Hope you enjoyed the show!

the view - hole in the bed
the fratellis - creepin' up the backstairs
the godfathers - i can't sleep tonight
the primitives - lose the reason
veronica falls - shooting star
my bloody valentine - nothing is
the history of apple pie - you're so cool
exit calm - the rapture
johnny marr - the messenger
palma violets - step up for the cool cats
theme park - tonight
stereophonics - indian summer
valentina - wolves
alice russell - heartbreaker
~~lp session - jamie lidell "jamie lidell"
jamie lidell - i'm selfish
jamie lidell - blaming something
jamie lidell - so cold
~~lp session - girls names "the new life"
girls names - pittura infamante
girls names - hypnotic regression
girls names - occultation
mazes - delancey essex
mazes - jaki
big deal - teradactol
daughter - still
mt. wolf - hypolight
bastille - things we lost in the fire (daniel in the den demo)
foals - milk & black spiders
snapped ankles - true ecology (shit everywhere)
casual sex - stroh 80
public service broadcasting - signal 30
public image ltd - annalisa
fear of men - seer
paul weller - lay down your weary burden

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sounds From The Street! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 16/13

omd - metroland
bloc party - truth
cheatahs - coared
heroes of switzerland - clear
spectres - 14 years
loom - i get a taste
bryan ferry orchestra - don't stop the dance
peter gabriel - here comes the flood [for Renee-CJAM's The Oracle]
folks - my mother
the family rain - carnival
xander the great - bloodhound
hurts - miracle
troumaca - clouds (caresser les nuages)
the specials - man at c&a
rhoda dakar - landlord
lp session - foals "holy fire"
foals - late night
foals - out of the woods
foals - providence
the ok social club - little broken bones
the ok social club - diffidence dance
screaming maldini - minor alterations
screaming maldini - four hours from now
king - love & pride
the jam - sounds from the street [request]
snapped ankles - true ecology (shit everywhere)
casual sex - stroh 80
it girl - neon signs
the cribs - leather jacket love song
night works - long forgotten boy
beak> - said it all
london grammar - metal & dust
omega male - you bore me to tears
jamie lidell - you naked
shirley bassey - puh-leeze! mister brown

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Walking The Blue Beat! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 9/13

After trying last week to obtain the MBV lp and surprise the listeners with a lp session, the MBV website crashed and threw a spanner in the works. So we featured the new lp tonight. Opened and closed the show with tracks from their first album in 20+ years. And yes it is worth all the hype. But you can decide for yourself, or at least get an idea with the 3 tracks featured tonight. And this broadcast won't crash!
There were other releases this week too! There are 3 new albums featured tonight and new tracks from Suede, James Blake, Vuvuvultures and Coves.

my bloody valentine - only tomorrow
my bloody valentine - wonder 2
suede - it starts and ends with you
vuvuvultures - stay still
coves - last desire
we've got a fuzzbox and we're going to use it - jackie
the vestals - seventeen
the thespians - under siege
miles kane - give up
blood red shoes - red river
james blake - retrograde
a/t/o/s - a taste of struggle
jack sparrow - good old days
lp sessions - courteeners, veronica falls & frightened rabbit
the courteeners - van der graff
the courteeners - save rosemary in time
veronica falls - broken toy
veronica falls - waiting for something to happen
veronica falls - so tired
frightened rabbit - acts of man
frightened rabbit - the oil slick
kate nash - 3am
the ok social club - gezellig
the heartbreaks - why do you always make me cry?
screaming maldini - summer, somewhere
kirsty maccoll - walking down madison
delphic - memeo
altered images - bring me closer
blow monkeys - walking the blue beat
roxy music - in every dream home a heartache
the joy formidable - silent treatment
the slits - earth beat
my bloody valentine - new you

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 2/13

I was really hoping to feature the new My Bloody Valentine album tonight. But when their site crashed I knew that wasn't going to happen. At least it's actually out. That stops all the jokes about hell freezing over.
There's always next week.

i am kloot - hold back the night
night works - i tried so hard
serafina steer - the removal man
rachel zeffira - star
bat for lashes - horses of the sun
camera obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken
kontiki suite - hollywood
ian skelly - paper sky
kula shaker - grateful when you're dead / jerry was there
the thrills - big sur
winterhours - ocean heart
lp sessions - delphic "collections" & the history of apple pie "out of view"
delphic - changes
delphic - the sun also rises
the history of apple pie - the warrior
the history of apple pie - glitch
the history of apple pie - before you reach the end
colourbox - baby i love you so (12" version)
the blow monkeys - rub-a-dub shanka
flamingods - quesso
new order - recoil
hookworms - form and function
the anteloids - invasion of the cosmic monsters
the chapman family - adult
heroes of switzerland - frantic
suede - barriers
adam ant - vivienne's tears
billy bragg - walk away renee
shirley bassey - they can't take that away from me
sandie shaw - hand in glove

Monthly Indiessential chart for January 2013

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. WOLF'S LAW (LP) ... The Joy Formidable (Warner)
2. ARC (LP) ... Everything Everything (RCA/Sony)
3. STEP UP FOR THE COOL CATS ... Palma Violets (Rough Trade)
4. WRAITH ... Peace (Columbia)
5. {AWAYLAND} (LP) ... Villagers (Domino)
6. WASH THE SINS NOT ONLY THE FACE (LP) ... Esben & The Witch (Matador)
7. BARRIERS ... Suede (Suede Ltd)
8. GOOD TOGETHER ... Chapel Club (Ignition)
9. CHEER UP ... Wolfhounds (Odd Box Records)
10. OUT OF TOUCH IN THE WILD (LP) ... Dutch Uncles (Memphis Industries)
11. STRANGE FRUIT EP ... Virals (Zoo Music)
12. BLACK CHANDELIER ... Biffy Clyro (14th Floor Records)
14. LOST SIRENS (LP) ... New Order (Warner)
15. CRISTINA ... Teleman (Moshi Moshi Singles Club)
16. HARPER LEE EP ... Little Green Cars (Glassnote)
17. FLAGS EP ... Is Tropical (Kitsuné)
18. LET THEM ALL IN (LP) ... I Am Kloot (Shepherd Moon)
19. I HOLD LONELINESS ... Wave Machines (Neapolitan)
20. PLEADING ON DEAF ... Bromheads (Bromheads)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for January 2013