Saturday, January 29, 2011

The would-be track list for Sat. Jan. 29/11

Well, since we are pre-empted tonight by something or another, doesn't really matter does I thought I would share some of the stuff I had planned for the show tonight.
Yuck released Coconut Bible the b-side of the Holing Out single for free, grab it while you can here;

Exlovers new b-side to the excellent Blowing Kisses, Moth-Eaten Memories. Download for free here,

A little now and then set featuring Milltown Brothers & Sixtyfivemiles and Black Wire & Televised Crimewave.

Televised Crimewave Help the Girl Single 1 Help the Girl by Cowboys & Indies Radio

In anticipation of the new PJ Harvey lp two new tracks streaming online

Oh what the hell, you know I would have played this

Some more Get People (man I do love this single!)

More from the Minnaars, Polysonic and Little Comets.
New material from classic post-punkers Wire & Gang Of Four.

And hell if time permitted; (they wouldn't let me embed it)

And the rest I will use in the next show so you'll have to tune in next week.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 22/11

I'm finding how much we rely on computers. You only notice it when you don't have one. Managed to sort out all the new releases. I really miss buying new records/cd singles. It was so much fun going to the store on new release day and getting a handful of new singles. Indeed, the digital age is upon us. I know, I'm a bit slow on the uptake
So, loads of new stuff this week. Very excited about the new Glasvegas and Joy Formidable. Glad to see a new single from The Minnaars, I was a huge fan of Tired Irie. Ah hell, who am I kidding not a weak track in the show tonight, if I do say so

esben & the witch - marching song
british sea power - georgie ray
glasvegas - the world is yours
chapel club - surfacing
white lies - is love
polysonic - the sun
fenech-soler - demons
pete & the pirates - winter 1
jenn grant - getcha good (cc)
the brute chorus - birdman
zoey van goey - extremities
exlovers - blowing kisses
the gaa gaas - hypnoti(z)ed
the minnaars - anstrad lions
the go! team - buy nothing day w/ bethany from best coast
lp session - the joy formidable "the big roar"
the joy formidable - the magnifying glass
the joy formidable - a heavy abacus
the joy formidable - llaw = wall
city reign - out in the cold
trophy wife - microlite
the sand band - all through the night
erland & the carnival - my name is carnival
televised crimewave - help the girl
guitaro - come get sums (cc)
women - bullfight (cc)
fair ohs - jeanneret
cold pumas - the french note
friendo - pass times (cc)
freebass - not too late

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 15/11

First show for the new year after the holiday festivities and my computer goes all to hell. F-in thing...where's my sledgehammer? So that messed up some of the new releases for tonight's show. So they will be played next week.
We started the show off with a couple of tributes. Firstly, Ari Up's birthday is Monday. We lost her too earlier to cancer last October. Secondly, we lost Trish Keenan, lead singer of Broadcast, yesterday from complications due to pneumonia. Both talented ladies are gone to soon. We open up with tracks from The Slits and Broadcast in tribute.
Congrats to Mike from Tecumseh, ON for winning the British Sea Power cd giveaway. It will be in the mail asap.

gold panda - after we talked
the slits - fm
broadcast - tears in the typing pool
jonquil - pillow quest
screaming maldini - restless hearts & silent pioneers
get people - odyssey
elbow - lippy kids (at blueprint studios)
the maccabees - walking in the air
mogwai - san pedro
white noise sound - fire in the still sea
jon fratelli - rhythm doesn't make you a dancer
orange juice - consolation prize
tango in the attic - sketch by quentin blake
charly coombes & the new breed - jungles & tides
lp session - british sea power "valhalla dancehall"
british sea power - who's in control?
british sea power - mongk II
british sea power - heavy water
the chapman family - all fall
the duke spirit - everybody's under your spell
suuns - up past the nursery (cc)
freebass - dub starr
young galaxy - cover your tracks (cc)
zoey van goey - cake and eating it
bearsuit - a train wreck
fixers - who says boys
porcelain raft - have a heart (lonely galaxy cover)
chromeo - hot mess feat. la roux (cc)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Jan 8/11 The 2010 Festive 5o Pt. 2

Another year and Festive 50 in the books. I hope you enjoyed this year's countdown.
I was really pleased with the way it turned out. I was concerned that the new slightly shorter
show time would affect the countdown. But all the selections fit.
Tune in next week for a regular version of Cowboys & Indies, the first of the new year!
Here's your final 25 in the 2010 Festive 50;

teen daze - cold house (cc)
#25 new young pony club - dolls
#24 northern portrait - crazy
#23 frightened rabbit - nothing like you
#22 the joy formidable - popinjay
#21 egyptian hip hop - wild human child
#20 frankie & the heartstrings - ungrateful
#19 80s matchbox b-line disaster - love turns to hate
#18 the courteeners - good times are calling
#17 rose elinor dougall - come away with me
#16 allo darlin' - woody allen
#15 sky larkin - still windmills
#14 stereolab - so is cardboard clouds
#13 belle & sebastian - i'm not living in the real world
#12 we have band - divisive
#11 frank & walters - let it out
#10 futureheads - struck dumb
#9 hurts - better than love
#8 mystery jets - dreaming of another world
#7 everything everything - schoolin'
#6 the coral - walking in the winter
#5 the klaxons - valley of the calm trees
#4 these new puritans - fire-power
#3 two door cinema club - kids
#2 foals - total life forever
#1 gorillaz - on melancholy hill
bishop morocco - white city (cc)
memoryhouse - caregiver (cc)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Jan 1/11 The 2010 Festive 5o Pt. 1

Well, the new year is here. Hope you all had a safe celebration. Since it's a new year, what better time to take a look back at the old one with the 2010 Cowboys & Indies Festive 50.
This is where we take a look at the top 50 artists featured on the program this year.
We will fill any remaining time with the top Canadian artists featured this year.
Here's part 1;

crystal castles - celestica (cc)
#50 still corners - endless summer
#49 villagers - the meaning of the ritual
#48 the bees - tired of loving
#47 summer camp - ghost train
#46 edwyn collins - do it again w/a.kapranos & n.mccarthy
#45 cha-cha - cherokee
#44 chapel club - bodies
#43 the school - all i wanna do
#42 manic street preachers - all we make is entertainment
#41 club smith - courtyard
#40 young rebel set - measure of a man
#39 goldheart assembly - king of rome
#38 veronica falls - found love in a graveyard
#37 strange death of liberal england - rising sea
#36 the vaccines - wreckin' bar (ra ra ra)
#35 delays - rhapsody
#34 the soundcarriers - broken sleep
#33 the heartbreaks - liar, my dear
#32 delphic - doubt
#31 phil wilson - i own it
#30 detroit social club - silver
#29 i am arrows - nun
#28 yuck - georgia
#27 pull in emergency - 15 years
#26 ou est le swimming pool - dance the way i feel
arcade fire - the suburbs (cc)