Sunday, November 29, 2020

Feeling The Effects Of Saturday Night! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 28/20

  • inspiral carpets - move
    fever - happy hour (live from no.70 grafton st)
    hadda be - slumber
    flyte - i've got a girl
    floral image - why i leave
    babeheaven - jalisco
    jane weaver - the revolution of super visions   
    magazines - pink and blue
    dry cleaning - scratchcard lanyard
    mush - blunt instruments
    yard act - peanuts
    shame - water in the well
    lime - fever
    mealtime - moneybag
    pva - talks   
    fujiya & miyagi - feeling the effects (of saturday night)
    the klf - last train to trancentral (live from the lost continent)
    patawawa - disco video
    feral five - get a grip
    -----lp session - the cribs  'night network'   
    the cribs - screaming in suburbia
    the cribs - under the bus station clock
    the cribs - the weather speaks your name
    glasvegas - a snowflake fell (and it felt like a kiss)
    heartworms - what can i do
    kin - wander & lost
    hanya - monochrome
    wings of desire - be here now
    the institutes - all that you'll ever know
    marquis drive - spaceman
    spyres - i don't care   
    saccades - like everyday
    fauves - spaced out face
    lost horizons feat porridge radio - one for regret
    bitch falcon - test trip
    jesus & mary chain - taste of cindy
    -----lp session - tourists 'another state'   
    tourists - faults
    tourists - blindside
    tourists - perception management   
    candy opera - tell me when the light turns green
    davey woodward and the winter orphans - warm hands
    wedding present - crawl
    gareth sager - those suns of witches were too tightly wrapped
    cabaret voltaire - what’s goin’ on
    the lisbön treaty - tlt001
    blur - the universal
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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Tell Me When We're Having Fun! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 21/20

  • everything everything - arch enemy
    i like trains - desire is a mess
    asylums - the distance between left and right
    django django - glowing in the dark
    new order - be a rebel
    brite spires - heavenly
    88/89 - different stages   
    thrillhouse - the tin man
    teenage fanclub - home
    the twilight sad - tell me when we're having fun
    heavenly - wrap my arms around him
    european sun - favourite day
    jody & the jerms - i knew a boy
    spectres - murder castle
    the wytches - fly inside
    the wytches - everyone's friend
    spacey basement cult - phil, the self centred weatherman
    swine tax - relax
    the banshees - you're wrong
    ------northern soul spotlight   
    linda jones and the whatnauts - so glad i found you
    rosey jones - have love will travel
    timothy wilson - wedding ring
    jeanne napoli - forget that girl
    -----lp session - stats 'powys 1999'   
    stats - on the tip of my tongue
    stats - kiss me like it’s over
    stats - the truth is naked
    glasvegas - keep me a space
    ist ist - under your skin
    siouxsie & the banshees - mirage
    petsematary - heady   
    the jacques - tiny fuzzy parasite
    the jacques - hendrik
    do nothing - glueland
    public body - table manners
    sprints - manifesto
    the pale white - glueland
    the kills - i put a spell on you (demo)
    deux furieuses - gimme some truth (john lennon cover)
    red rum club - the girl is a gun
    professor yaffle - perfect reality
    -----lp session - bitch falcon 'staring at clocks'   
    bitch falcon - i'm ready
    bitch falcon - turned to gold
    bitch falcon - martyr
    the anchoress - show your face
    baby strange - more! more! more!
    sunstack jones - where you gonna go 
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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Popshop! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 14/20

  •  working men's club - outside
    fontaines d.c - i was not born
    idles - kill them with kindness
    liines - sorry
    courting - popshop!
    yard act - peanuts
    black country, new road - science fair
    genn - 23rd march
    dead pony - 23, never me
    vukovi - slo
    tiger mimic - king of machines
    low hummer - take arms
    doves - prisoners
    tv people - string
    the slow readers club - the greatest escape
    the sound - heartland
    yumi and the weather - what will become of the wishing well
    cliché cult - common ground
    david sylvian - the devil's own
    sleaford mods - mork n mindy ft. billy nomates
    billy nomates - supermarket sweep feat jason williamson
    threads - idiot savant
    sinead o'brien - roman ruins
    -----lp session - tiña    'positive mental health music'    
    tiña - buddha
    tiña - growing in age
    tiña - dip
    the luxembourg signal - when all that we hold decays
    firestations - bedford levels
    holy drone - fibres
    bleach lab - never be    
    spc eco - dead
    white flowers - within a dream
    sister wives - wandering along (rwy’n crwydro)
    catherine anne davies & bernard butler - sabotage (looks so easy)
    hms morris - partypooper
    the nix - until now, all is well feat laetitia sadier
    cocteau twins - five ten fiftyfold
    -----lp session - tunng  'tunng presents...dead club'    
    tunng - sdc
    tunng - a million colours
    tunng - tsunami
    the ninth wave - abattoir (dream wife remix)
    the lottery winners - psycho killer (talking heads cover)
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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Pocket Melodies! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 7/20

  • silver sun - golden skin
    silver sun - i'll see you around
    silver sun - you can't kill rock 'n' roll
    rose gray - save your tears
    katie wood - where have you been?
    lauran hibberd - boy bye
    coach party - really ok on my own
    black honey - i like the way you die
    hot chip - straight to the morning (feat. jarvis cocker)
    a certain ratio - yoyogrip (small) feat. jacknife lee & maria uzor
    union of knives - a tall tale feat helen marnie of ladytron
    mogwai - dry fantasy
    b-movie - promenade
    spandau ballet - to cut a long story short
    roxy music - whirlwind
    pulp - something changed
    the clockworks - enough is never enough
    cat sfx - reunite
    generation - suicidal champagne
    famous - nice while it lasted
    -----northern soul spotlight   
    jimmy helms - romeo and juliet
    larry saunders - on the real side
    chocolate syrup - you’ve got a lot to give
    the moments - i dig your act
    -----lp session    - ghostlawns  'motorik'
    ghostlawns - motorik
    ghostlawns - friday sky
    ghostlawns - pen mae'r adar yn canu (heed the birds song)
    bradford - down faced doll
    geneva - fault lines
    malady - london, i love you but you're bringing me down
    yore - open lights (feat. milan monk)
    mint field - contingencia
    philip parfitt - don't wait (until i am dead before you tell me that you love me)
    philip parfitt - john clare
    kaiser chiefs - zombie prom
    buzzard buzzard buzzard - 30,000 megabucks
    mel - cusco
    pregoblin - snakes & oranges
    -----lp session - the moons  'pocket melodies'   
    the moons - today
    the moons - tunnel of time
    the moons - the lone wolf
    88/89 - virginia
    tokky horror - demonoid phenomenon
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CJAM 99.1 FM 2020 Fall Fundraiser

  • It's pledge drive time at CJAM once again, you know pumpkin spice and donations go hand in hand. It's been a tough year on everyone and everything from personal finances, job situations, health concerns as well the financial well being of businesses small and large. It is a particular stress on a campus/community volunteer organization like CJAM, who rely on fundraising as part of its yearly budget in the best of times. I ask that if you support local music, arts, etc. consider a donation to CJAM, whose mission is to bring you music, talk, news from segments of the population ignored by the mainstream.
    Or even if you support my love of British indie/alternative music, which we have been bringing to the masses for over 30 years now, consider supporting our show and a make a pledge now! Not even a pandemic can stop me, the show has been fresh & new every week since the middle of March, recorded from my home studio.
    With the year that 2020 is, the pledge drive is properly social distant. No phone numbers or human contact, it's as simple as a web page and some info (which is totally safe!) and you're done. Check out the CJAM 99.1FM ( webpage for info on this year's pledge incentives.
    Support local volunteer campus/community radio by following this link.  
    Thank you for your support, Marc C.  Cowboys & Indies Radio Show

Monday, November 2, 2020

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2020 - October Albums

  • The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

    1. WORKING MEN'S CLUB  (LP)  ...  Working Men’s Club  (Heavenly)
    2. THE VIEW FROM HALFWAY DOWN  (LP)  ...   Andy Bell  (Sonic Cathedral)
    3. AMANITA PANTHERINA  (LP)  ...  Cabbage  (Brassica Records)
    4. IN WAITING  (LP)  ...  Pillow Queens  (Pillow Queens Records)
    5. ACR LOCO  (LP)  ...  A Certain Ratio  (Mute)
    6. GOLDEN REPAIR  (LP)  ...  Sunstack Jones  (Mai 68 Records)
    7. ENCRYPTED CONTEMPORARY NARRATIVES  (LP)  ...  King Of The Slums  (SLR Records)
    8. 91 DAYS IN ISOLATION  (LP)  ...  The Slow Readers Club  (SRC Records)
    9. THE LONG NOW  (LP)  ...  The Luxembourg Signal  (Spinout Nuggets)
    10. WEIRD FEELINGS  (LP)  ...  Magick Mountain  (Magick Mountain Records)
    11. DARK SEA  (LP)  ...  Man Of Moon  (Cosmic Pool)
    12. CULT CASUAL  (LP)  ...  Heavy Salad  (Dipped In Gold Recordings)
    13. GIRLHOOD  (LP)  ...  Girlhood  (Team Talk)
    14. THE HOLLOW OF HUMDRUM  (LP)  ...  Red Rum Club  (Modern Sky)
    15. THIS ROAD  (LP)  ...  Denise Sherwood  (Evergreen Recordings)
    16. FANIMAL ARMS  (LP)  ...  Gad Whip  (Gad Whip Recordings)
    17. EUROPEAN SUN  (LP)  ...  European Sun  (Where Its At Is Where You Are)
    18. RÓISÍN MACHINE  (LP)  ...  Róisín Murphy  (Skint Record Ltd.)
    19. ELEMENTAL  (LP)  ...  Pauline Murray  (Polestar Records/Singing Light Music)
    20. WHERE DOES IT GO  (LP)  ...  Denise Johnson  (Adassa)

    Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2020

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2020 - October Singles

  • The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

    1. KILL ME / ARTIFICE  ...  Sundara Karma  (Chess Club Records)
    2. SAD COWBOY  ...  Goat Girl  (Rough Trade)
    3. REALLY OKAY ON MY OWN / CAN'T TALK, WON'T  ...  Coach Party  (Chess Club Records)
    4. SAVE YOUR TEARS / NOTHING CAN STOP US  ...  Rose Gray  (On The Blue Line)
    5. BORN TO BE RIGHT EP  ...  T Truman  (TTruman)
    6. INTO THE OUTER LIGHT  ...  Juliper Sky  (Records DK2)
    7. OUT ON A LIMB EP  ...  Iwan Gronow  (Humans & Other Animals)
    8. STRAIGHT TO THE MORNING  ...  Hot Chip Feat. Jarvis Cocker  (Domino)
    9. MEAN ROCK N ROLLER  ...  MeMe Detroit  (SoulRock Central Records)
    10. SO WHAT / OLL KORRECT  ...  Memes  (Fierce Panda Records)
    11. BEACH BODY  ...  Blanketman  (PIAS)
    12. INTERCONTINENTAL RADIO WAVES  ...  Traams  (Fatcat Records)
    13. THE WHOLE WORLD'S GOING CRAZY (FOR LOVE)  ...  Pynch  (Chillburn Recordings)
    14. IF IT'S IMPORTANT  ...  Thrillhouse  (Flawed Design Records)
    15. TRIAL  ...  Calva Louise  (FRKST Records/300 Entertainment)
    16. THE STATE OF THINGS EP  ...  Lucia & The Best Boys  (Sweet Jane Recordings)
    17. ALPHA OMEGA  ...  Lost Under Heaven  (
    18. LIFETIME  ...  Romy  (Young Turks Records)
    19. TALKS  ...  PVA  (Big Dada)
    20. I DON'T REALLY LIKE IT  ...  Panic Shack  (Clwb Creative Records)

    Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2020

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Mean Rock N Roller! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 31/20

  • the spencer davis group - keep on running
    halloweens - lady
    japan - halloween
    james dean bradfield - without knowing the end (joan's song)
    sundara karma - artifice
    meme detroit - mean rock n roller
    jody and the jerms - since yesterday (strawberry switchblade cover)
    pynch - the whole world's going crazy (for love)   
    the magic gang - somebody like you
    the luxembourg signal - take it back
    the luxembourg signal - mourning moon
    this is the kit - found out
    teenage fanclub - i need direction
    young marble giants - salad days
    cabbage - leon the pig farmer
    crass - sheep farming in the falklands pt.3   
    memes - oll korrect
    west wickhams - the ghosting effect
    the wedding present - kennedy
    dub pistols - dark days dark times (feat. mc navigator & seanie t)
    dub pistols - stand together (feat. rhoda dakar)
    denise sherwood - uncertain times
    gorillaz - how far (feat. tony allen and skepta)
    -----lp session - girlhood  'girlhood'   
    girlhood - fever sweat
    girlhood - keep on
    girlhood - the love i need
    stay lunar - not your fight
    swallow cave - cold moon
    doves - forest house
    man of moon - silver linings
    little man tate - boy in the anorak   
    slow readers club - everything i own
    slow readers club - like i wanted to
    parade - a fear of living
    u2 - an cat dubh
    king of the slums - quicksand ray
    curve - ten little girls
    cha cha cohen - trick or treat
    arctic monkeys - i bet you look good on the dancefloor   
    -----lp session - magick mountain  'weird feelings'   
    magick mountain - bart cobain
    magick mountain - stranger danger
    magick mountain - the shitty beattles
    still corners - crying
    pj harvey - a place called home
    siouxsie & the banshees - halloween
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