Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rewind! show tracks for Sat. May 29/10

God I have so much fun doing these Rewind! shows. I love playing this old stuff. Makes me feel young I'd love to play some of the bigger hits in some cases, but getting in trouble makes it not worth it. Too bad. Still I hope you had as much fun listening as I did spinning them for you. We'' do i all again real soon.
Opened with a couple electronic tracks because of the DEMF going on over in Detroit. Couldn't think of a better track than Cowgirl to start the proceedings;

underworld - cowgirl
lo fidelity allstars - disco machine gun
charged gbh - city baby attacked by rats
queen - sheer heart attack (request)
king adora - bionic
echo & the bunnymen - crocodiles
rolling stones - shine a light
the mission - dream on
marion - toys for boys
tenpole tudor - wunderbar
the buggles - i am a camera
the wannadies - might be stars
haircut 100 - fantastic day
jazz butcher - spooky
nick cave & the bads seeds - deanna
siouxsie & the banshees - belladonna
loop - cinnamon girl
lowgold - counterfeit
talulah gosh - talulah gosh
toyah - echo beach
the wood children - happens everyday
farrah - terry
longview - further (request)
the beloved - hello
tears for fears - memories fade
plasterscene replicas - we can walk
the lotus eaters - the first picture of you
chapterhouse - pearl
darling - automatic
the associates - boys keep swinging
the vapours - waiting for the weekend
crashland - new perfume
teardrop explodes - pure joy
tetra splendour - pollen fever
lloyd cole - chelsea hotel

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. May 22/10

The holiday weekends are here! That's right I said weekend's" plural. Canadian holiday (Victoria Day or The May 24 as it's affectionately known) this weekend and the US Memorial Day next weekend.
So next week will be another episode of Rewind!, Cowboys & Indies retro show for lack of a better word. It is the weekend for the great Detroit Electronic Music Festival so I figured I would air an alternative to the thumping bass beats that will prevail next weekend. Just in case there are people out there who don't like or care that the DEMF is happening. Tune in next Saturday at 9:30 for the best British music of the 80s, 90s and noughts!

Now for the goods;

the joy formidable - whirring
codeine velvet club - vanity kills
camera obscura - the nights are cold
richard hawley - shallow brown feat smoke fairies
laura marling - devil's spoke
mystery jets - dreaming of another world
elephant stone - lies lies lies
the heartbreaks - come home katie
brilliant mind - leave your friends behind
delays - find a home
the coral - butterfly house
turin brakes - sea change
steve mason - the letter
wave pictures - come on daniel
----lp session 80s matchbox b-line disaster "blood & fire"
80s matchbox b-line disaster - mission from god
80s matchbox b-line disaster - riptin
80s matchbox b-line disaster - i hate the blues
80s matchbox b-line disaster - don't ask me to love you
the souvenirs - what do you know?
cha-cha - second chances
tokyo police club - wait up (boots of danger)
crystal castles - celestica
the cinematics - guernica
ideals - lungs
babeshadow - sea serpents
the foxes! - something about you
shrag - erratic fiction
miaoux miaoux - pixellated
the blueskies - royal blood
wild nothing - summer holiday
black box recorder - keep it in the family
the pipettes - stop the music
jamie lidell - big drift
frog eyes - the sensitive girls

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. May 15/10

biffy clyro - bubbles
athlete - magical mistakes
kele okereke - tenderoni
pin me down - ticking
wild palms - deep dive
exlover - wicked game
shrag - rabbit kids
hot club de paris - free the pterodactyl 3
the wave pictures - just like a drummer
little death - world won't wait
the foxes! - get me
elephant stone - strangers
hannah georgas - thick skin
---lp session #1 cha-cha "we are cha-cha"
cha-cha - cherokee
cha-cha - seventies casuality
cha-cha - flashlight
all the damn kids - echoes
team ghost - echoes
some velvet morning - how to start a revolution
teenagersintokyo - peter pan
babyshambles - side of the road
gloria cycles - vegas
florence & the machine - cosmic love
kate nash - i've got a secret
the coral - butterfly house
frank & walters - the parson
my latest novel - learning lego (request)
---lp session #2 freebass "it's a beautiful life"
freebass - not too late
freebass - world won't wait
freebass - stalingrad
ash - kamakura
new pornographers - if you can't see my mirrors
the fall - bury pts 2 + 3

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Show tracks Sat. May 8/10

I am discovering that I don't adapt to new technologies well. More so when the new technologies aren't very user friendly. I hope this isn't a sign of getting old. Because I know my eyesight reminds me of that almost

So let's say that the next episode of Rewind! will be the American Memorial holiday weekend. I know that coincides with the Detroit Electronic Music Fest but I think it will give an option for people who don't like or participate in that weekend for some quality music. So mark that date on your calendars, Cowboys & Indies Rewind! Sat. May 29/10

the lodger - welcome to my world
kate nash - take me to a higher plane
unkle - ever rest
flying lotus - …and the world laughs with you
fuck buttons - rough steez (white hot heat remix)
nedry - squid cat battle
futureheads - local man of the world
two door cinema club - come back home
pin me down - time crisis
these new puritans - 5
hurts - better than love
ac newman - take on me
cha-cha - phonographic love
the big pink - sweet dreams
----lp session #1 foals "total life forever"
foals - blue blood
foals - miami
foals - alabaster
foals - total life forever
the boy least likely to - a fairytale ending
the acorn - no ghost
wolf parade - ghost pressure
young rebel set - won't get up again
james - it's hot
viv albertine - never come
black box recorder - keep it in the family
luke haines - love letter to london
80s matchbox b-line diasater - monsieur cutts
----lp session #2 steve mason "boys outside"
steve mason - am i just a man
steve mason - i let her in
steve mason - stress position
exlovers - starlight
lonelady - early the haste comes
my sad captain - you talk all night
holy fuck - sht mtn

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. May 1/10

Hmmm, I'm thinking maybe we'll do another Rewind! soon. Keep your eyes here or your ears on the radio for the date. Sometime in May I'm thinking, there are 2 holiday weekends this month (1 Canadian & 1 American).
Here's the tracks for another great show, if I do say so

the courteeners - last of the ladies
doves - black & white town
fuck buttons - olympians (spaceman vs the olympians remix)
holy fuck - stilettos
archie bronson outfit - you have a right to a mountain wife
divorce - the 29 steps to achieve personal actualism
codeine velvet club - i am the resurrection
the frank & walters - the parson
the minotaurs - anyone who had a heart
allo darlin' - dreaming
yuck - suicide policeman
the eighties matchbox b-line disaster - love turns to hate
all the damn kids - the books stop here
----lp session the lodger "flashbacks"
the lodger - time to wait
the lodger - welcome to my world
the lodger - lost
the lodger - stand up!
hurts - better than love
monarchy - the phoenix alive
editors - last day
interpol - lights
futureheads - bricks & stones
foals - this orient
two door cinema club - something good can work
kate nash - take me to a higher plane
steve mason - lost & found
united nations of sound - third eye (columbus circle)
goldheart assembly - king of rome
louis eliot & the embers - 25th of the 12th
chapel club - five trees
o children - ruins
frog eyes - the sensitive girls
hannah georgas - bang bang you're dead

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Monthly Indiessential Chart for April 2010

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. POPINJAY The Joy Formidable (The Joy Formidable)


3. FOOL’S DAY Blur (Parlophone)

4. WHB (LP) We Have Band (Naive)

5. THE CHAOS (LP) Futureheads (Nul/Dovecote)

6. KISS THE SUN EP Detroit Social Club (Polydor)

7. DEAD WAVES (LP) Kyte (Kids)

8. ADMISSION (LP) Black Swan Effect (Real World)


10. LIAR, MY DEAR The Heartbreaks (Seven Sevens)

11. FOUND LOVE IN A GRAVEYARD Veronica Falls (Trouble)

12. STOP THE MUSIC The Pipettes (Fortuna Pop)

13. NERVE UP (LP) Lonelady (Warp)

14. CONDORS (LP) Nedry (Monotreme)

15. PIN ME DOWN (LP) Pin Me Down (Animalized)

16. THE FELLOWSHIP Cha-Cha (Pop Noodle)

17. GHOST TRAIN Summer Camp (Republic Of Music)

18. FOSSILS & OTHER PHANTOMS (LP) Peggy Sue (Wichita)

19. ARE YOU LISTENING? Bleech (bleechmusic)

20. OUT OF TIME NewIslands (youWILLBEfollowing)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for April 2010