Sunday, August 30, 2020

It's All So Incredibly Loud! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 28/20


  •  doves - prisoners  
    andy bell - love comes in waves
    sunship balloon - a4 life
    idles - model village
    king of the slums - faux faux la bardot
    tv priest - this island
    gallus - eye to eye   
    leg puppy - (detroit) bitter sweet social distancing
    dream wife - homesick
    thyla - fade
    liela moss - the individual
    the psychedelic furs - wrong train
    blossoms - the keeper
    glass animals - it's all so incredibly loud   
    all we are - how you get me
    all we are - deliver it
    sea girls - shake
    candy opera - these days are ours
    iLiKETRAiNS - dig it
    iLiKETRAiNS - new geography
    denise sherwood - let me in
    working men's club - valleys   
    -----lp session - james dean bradfield 'even in exile'   
    james dean bradfield - thirty thousand milk bottles
    james dean bradfield - without knowing the end (joan's song)
    james dean bradfield - the last song
    glasvegas - keep me a space
    pillow queens - holy show
    the vcr - wonderland
    the roly mo - control yourself   
    jim bob - jo's got papercuts
    the cribs - running into you
    carla j easton (feat honeyblood) - weirdo
    jumbo - platypus
    pelts - throwing sticks
    indigos - out of body
    twisted ankle - a bag of pasta
    squid - clapping music
    -----lp session - paul molloy 'the fifth dandelion'   
    paul molloy - andromeda
    paul molloy - hey ho jack of diamonds
    paul molloy - talacre lighthouse
    -----john peel 81st birthday tribute   
    new order - homage (western works demo)
    the undertones - teenage kicks
    the wedding present - felicity (peel session)
    billy bragg - a new england (peel session)
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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Super Sonics! Show track listing for Sat. Aug. 22/20


 I hope you enjoyed the special anniversary show as we celebrated the start of our fourth decade on CJAM airwaves. If you joined us recently, been with us for a decade or been with us the 30+ years, we would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and support, without you listening none of this would have been possible. Our trip isn't finished yet, come with us, and let's enjoy the best of the British indie & alternative scene for another decade!

  • mansun - stripper vicar
    silver sun - golden skin
    bennet - mum's gone to iceland
    posh - rough lover
    powder - afrodisiac
    shampoo  - we don't care
    the weekenders - inelegantly wasted in papa's penthouse pad in belgravia
    warm jets - never never
    heavenly - trophy girlfriend
    s*m*a*s*h - real surreal
    these animal men - speed king
    heavy stereo - sleep freak
    david devant and his spirit wife - pimlico
    urusei yatsura - phasers on stun
    nancy boy - deep sleep motel
    gay dad - now always and forever   
    menswe@r - sleeping in
    kinky machine - supernatural giver
    rialto - monday morning 5:19
    minty - plastic bag
    orlando - just for a second
    sexus - the official end of it all
    plastic fantastic - fantastique no.5   
    dexdexter - another car, another car crash
    the young offenders - that's why we lose control
    the candyskins - feed it
    strangelove - beautiful alone
    the supernaturals - the day before yesterday's man
    my life story - 12 reasons why i love her
    huggy bear - her jazz
    voodoo queens - supermodel superficial   
    mambo taxi - do you always dress like that in front of other peoples boyfriends?
    showgirls - so small
    the delgados - monica webster
    charlie's angels - it's never gonna happen to me
    geneva - into the blue
    linoleum - marquis
    salad - drink the elixir
    ballroom - take it
    longpigs - she said   
    bis - icky-poo air raid
    space - female of the species
    duffy - london girls
    me me me - hanging around
    kenickie - come out 2nite
    peepshow - charlotte's party
    velocette - strip polka
    pimlico - revolve
    spearmint - goldmine
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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Doing It For The Kids! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 15/20



  • catholic action - (go away) four guitars (for scottish independence)
    courting - david byrne's badside
    godno! - canada goose
    cabbage    get - outta my brain
    mush - dead beat
    spqr - fantasy romantasy
    bonny lass - test card girl
    post ironic state - grin and bear
    hallan - modern england
    bitch falcon - gaslight
    fontaines d.c. - sorry
    just mustard - seven (part time punks live session)
    silverbacks - pink tide
    the jasmine minks - cut me deep
    the house of love - christine
    primal scream - all fall down    
    felt - ballad of the band
    biff bang pow! - she paints
    my bloody valentine - cigarette in my bed
    -----northern soul spotlight    
    al hudson & the soul partners - when you're gone
    joe anderson - you and i
    fred waters - singing a new song
    smallwood brothers - day before tomorrow
    -----lp session - liela moss 'who the power'    
    liela moss - always sliding
    liela moss - white feather
    liela moss - suako
    david newton & thee mighty angels - the kids are not alright
    t truman - rock 'n' roll
    bull - disco living
    meadow meadow - twotwo    
    red rum club - eleanor
    private world - birdy
    odd morris - your four walls
    the chameleons - second skin
    indigos - silhouette of you
    circe - ten girls
    tricky - thinking of feat. marta    
    honey joy - pain
    ----    lp session - billy nomates 'billy nomates'
    billy nomates - modern hart
    billy nomates - happy misery
    billy nomates - fat white man
    billy nomates - escape artist
    patawawa - adadadadeya
    a certain ratio - yo yo gi
    the waterboys - postcard from the celtic dreamtime
    the pogues - billy's bones
    the brixtons - too little too late
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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Don't Fight It, Feel It! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 8/20


  • primal scream - don't fight it, feel it (7" edit)
    a certain ratio - turn me on (7" edit)
    denise johnson - rays of the rising sun (original mix)
    iLiKETRAiNS - a steady hand
    everything everything - violent sun
    spectral - virus    
    fern ford - match
    fuzzy sun - eve (acoustic version)
    fur - 17 to 8
    ian skelly - spirit plane
    daniel blumberg - sidestep summer
    róisín murphy - something more
    talk show - atomica
    home counties - dad bod     
    walt disco - hey boy (you're one of us)
    deaf surf - strangers
    dream nails - vagina police 2.0
    calva louise - i wish
    leopard rays - brother   
    -----northern soul spotlight    
    bobby womack - give it up
    willie hutch - let's try it over again
    bettye lavette - you'll wake up wiser
    whirlwind - don't let him get the best of you
    -----lp sssion - psychedelic furs 'made of rain'    
    psychedelic furs - the boy who invented rock & roll
    psychedelic furs - this will never be like love
    psychedelic furs - turn your back on me
    psychic shakes - suddenly
    siouxsie & the banshees - lunar camel
    editors - all sparks
    the lucies - sapphire
    the lucies - winter
    t truman - holiday
    gardening - second sight
    cat ryan - blessed through the tv
    bugeye - shake and bake
    bugeye - sunday morning
    the vitrines - out of my mind
    the jacques - swift martin    
    fontaines d.c. - a lucid dream
    fontaines d.c. - living in america    
    mealtime - teef
    love fame tragedy - my cheating heart
    john foxx & the maths - my ghost
    empty days club - saccharine days
    eades - make it outside
    milky wimpshake - you make a nice piece of art 
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Sunday, August 2, 2020

The Menace Of Mechanical Music! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 1/20

sports team - feels like fun
porridge radio - don't ask me twice
lanterns on the lake - blue screen beams
sinead o'brien - strangers in danger
muck spreader - carnal tongues
yard act - fixer upper
laundromat - off
sunstinger - nothing's alright, leave me alone
inhaler - fade into you (mazzy star cover)
ed harcourt - drowning in dreams
the wytches - a love you'll never know
dead pony - sharp tongues
pleasure heads - cosmopolis
creeper - poisoned heart
bloxx - off my head
sleeper - delicious
pj harvey - victory (demo)
bow wow wow - c-30, c-60, c-90, go
the waterboys - the soul singer
paul weller - old father tyme
galaxians - over it
jamiroquai - cosmic girl
-----lp session - team picture 'the menace of mechanical music'
team picture - compartment(s)
team picture - quit reading
team picture - keepleft
halloweens - lonely boy forever
hot dreams - changing of the pines
the hushtones - the birds are coming
winter gardens - tapestry
psychic markers - blue dreams
psychic markers - speechless implications (d'un coupir)
pela - reverie
pynch - somebody else
liela moss - turn your back around
sunship balloon - A4 life
empty days club - fan fiction
temples of youth - silver cross
-----lp session - ian skelly 'drifter's skyline'
ian skelly - over the moon
ian skelly - laugh to keep from crying
ian skelly - drifter's skyline
ian skelly - thoughts of you
black honey - beaches
cat sfx - doom generation
slow readers club - wait
slow readers club - zero hour