Sunday, September 26, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 25/10

Settled back in with a normal style show. It wasn't a lp session night, but we did feature tracks/singles from 8 albums that will be released in the next 3 weeks. The glut of new material continues and I'm loving it! So much great new music to listen to. Keeps me from going insane during the

fyfe dangerfield - faster than the setting sun
the vaselines - ruined
british sea power - zeus
i like trains - a father's son
the phantom band - walls
belle & sebastian - i want the world to stop
clinic - i'm aware
carl barat - running with the boys
fran healy - buttercups
egyptian hip hop - rad pitt
detachments - holiday romance
the wombats - tokyo (vampires & wolves)
hot panda - 1995 (cc)
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark - if you want it
lp session - the strange death of liberal england "drown your heart again"
the strange death of liberal england - flagships
the strange death of liberal england - lighthouse
the strange death of liberal england - come on you young philosophers
summer camp - jake ryan
childhood - paper wave
disappearers - lifting of the veil
meligrove band - make believe it (cc)
pull in emergency - what you say
pull in emergency - cold hands
michael davis & doa - something is not right with me (cc)
outdoor miners - disgust (cc)
northern portrait - some people
grinderman - palaces of montezuma

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 18/10

Jeesh, what else could go wrong? lol Last week technical difficulties prevented the lp session. This week the football game ran really late causing a much shorter than show than I wanted or expected.. Ah well, such is the life in college radio.

So many albums so little time. September is always a huge release month. This was the lp session show. We took a look at 7 albums. There were a few new singles thrown in for good measure. Next week's show may resemble this show, we'll see what the week brings.

klaxons - the same space
grasscut - the tin man
two door cinema club - kids
hurts - silver lining
hurts - illuminated
union jackals - we are the human race
charlatans - love is ending
charlatans - my foolish pride
lost souls club - romeo
the vaselines - such a fool
the vaselines - overweight but over you
lp session manic street preachers "postcards from a young man"
manic street preachers - the descent (pages 1&2)
manic street preachers - auto-intoxication
manic street preachers - a billion balconies facing the sun
the clientele - paul verlaine
edwyn collins - humble
edwyn collins - over the hill
the domino state - firefly
amusement parks on fire - raphael
amusement parks on fire - wave of the future
stars - he dreams he's awake

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 11/10

A couple quick notes to start, there were massive technical problems at CJAM for this show. The computer network was down which affected the show. There was no lp session or saved track listing available after the show. I tried my best to reconstruct it from memory (but that's not what it used to
I think I remembered it all (jeesh I'm getting old! lol).
In fact, at the time this was written after the show, the CJAM website was not available either. So I hope the
show will be available for download at a later time when the problems are fixed.
Anyways, sorry about all this. I hope you get to hear the show.

Since school is back in for almost everyone now, we open this show with the traditional welcome back to school song,
Cowboys & Indies style;

the fall - hey! student
paul smith - north atlantic drift
the xx - shelter
still corners - don't fall in love
hannah peel - sugar hiccup
chapel club - all the eastern girls
belle & sebastian - write about love
kurran & the wolfnotes - your four limbs
young rebel set - if i was
frankie & the heartstrings - ungrateful
grinderman - heathen child
edwyn collins - losing sleep
james - tell her i said so
steve mason - i let her in
bombay bicycle club - leaving blues
stornoway - here comes the blackout...!
the bees - silver line
the coral - sandhills
arcade fire - city with no children (cc)
egyptian hip hop - moon crooner
the heartbreaks - your affection is wasted on me
everything everything - suffragette suffragette
grasscut - the door in the wall
japandroids - sex and dying in high society (cc)
wolf parade - what did my lover say (it always had to go this way) (cc)
esben & the witch - marching song

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 4/10

I received a note in the suggestion box this said it would be easier to read the tracklist if I separated it up into the actual sets so you could follow along at home. So I figured I would give it a try and see how you all liked it. I also made note of the Canadian Content by adding a little "(cc)" after the selections in question.
I hope you liked the show. Join me again next week, same indie place...same indie time!

kele - the other side
mia - it iz what it iz
futureheads - the chaos
mirrors - ways to an end
the vaccines - if you wanna
pull in emergency - 15 years
the raveonettes - i wanna be adored
hannah peel - electricity
omd - if you want it (french horn rebellion mix)
detachments - holiday romance
the heartbreaks - i didin't think it would hurt to think of you
allo darlin' - if loneliness was art
calories - ffwd
egyptian hip hop - middle name period
lp session - rose elinor dougall "without why"
rose elinor dougall - third attempt
rose elinor dougall - watching
rose elinor dougall - goodnight
summer camp - was it worth it?
bishop morocco - white city (cc)
land of talk - hamburg noon (cc)
porcelain raft - see through
the vaselines - sex with an x
the jon cohen experimental - nightmare/over (cc)
unkle bob - so sorry
burns unit - troubles
rpa & the united nations of sound - how deep is the man
tokyo police club - bambi (cc)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Monthly Indiessential Chart for August 2010

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. SURFING THE VOID (LP) Klaxons (Polydor)

2. CELESTE (LP) The Soundcarriers (Melodic)

3. LET IT OUT The Frank & Walters (Fifa)

4. MAN ALIVE (LP) Everything Everything (Geffen)

5. HOUSEWIFE The Cribs (Polydor)

6. 15 YEARS Pull In Emergency (Mute)

7. KALEIDE (LP) Sky Larkin (Polydor)

8. (IT'S NOT WAR) JUST THE END OF LOVE Manic Street Preachers (Columbia)

9. LOSING SLEEP Edwyn Collins (

10. SUN DOES UP AGAIN (LP) I Am Arrows (Mercury)

11. PATRON SAINT PROCRASTINATE Lonely Tourist (Tourist Info)

12. RISING SEA The Strange Death of Liberal England (Republic Of Music)

13. I’M THE MYSTERY Answers On Postcards (Answers On Postcards)

14. MAYA (LP) M.I.A. (XL)

15. THE SUBURBS (LP) Arcade Fire (Merge)

16. THE NAKED & THE DEAD Silvery (Blow Up)

17. O.CHILDREN (LP) O.Children (Deadly People)

18. FLAWS (LP) Bombay Bicycle Club (Island)

19. UNITED NATIONS OF SOUND (LP) RPA & The United Nations Of Sound (Parlophone)

20. KOREAN CINEMA EP Polka Party (Hockey)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for August 2010