Sunday, April 25, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 24/10

Cowboys & Indies is the 2010 Jammy Award winner for Best Indie/Alternative show on CJAM.
Thanks to all of you who voted. After all these years, it still feels great to win! Sorry I couldn't make it to the awards presentation. But I have figured out that when I go, we lose and I don't go, we
Actually, there is no second thing, except for this:

new young pony club - we want to
gorillaz - on melancholy hill
blur - fools day
ellie goulding - guns and horses
laura marling - blackberry stone
monster movie - help me make it right
nedry - where the dead birds go
the old gits - dreams of a million men
tenpole tudor - swords of a thousand men
bedouin soundclash - midnight rockers
broken social scene - all to all
veronica falls - beachy head
disappearers - everything straight lies
summer camp - ghost train
----lp session #1 kyte "dead waves"
kyte - the smoke saves lives
kyte - your alone tonight
kyte - fear from death
kyte - strangest words and pictures
doves - andalucia
biffy clyro - that golden rule
reef - good feeling
black swan effect - rat in a cage
the school - is he really coming home?
cha-cha - the fellowship
the heartbreaks - liar, my dear
the shimmer - crash
----lp session #2 pin me down "pin me down"
pin me down - treasure hunter
pin me down - oh my goodness
pin me down - meet the selkirks
mystery jets - flash a hungry smile
the lodger - have a little faith in people
we have band - you came out
rolling stones - plundered my soul

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 17/10 Record Store Day

To celebrate we played a bunch of tracks that Scott & I had discovered (been exposed to) while working in 2 of Windsor's finest independent record stores. The show resembled a Rewind! show except for the fact that were new exclusive Record Store tracks from Blur and The Cribs. The Editors made it to impossible for the masses to enjoy their exclusive. I guess their pleased with only a 1000 people hearing their track. The show could have gone on for hours. But once again we ran out of time.

blur - fool's day
the cribs - so hot now
the top - no. 1 dominator
1000 violins - locked out of the love-in
gloss - lonely in paris
the snapdragons - dole boys on futons
warm jets - never never
lucy show - a million things
secret shine - honey sweet
a drop in the gray - all the same
airhead - i might fall
the young offenders - that’s why we lose control
early years - all ones & zeros
the armoury show - we are brave again
ups and downs - the living kind
a house - call me blue
breeding ground - this time tomorrow
easterhouse - whistling in the dark
salad - drink the elixir
january - i heard myself in you
the loft - why does the rain?
octopus - your smile
my vitriol - always your way
biff bang pow! - someone stole my wheels
bennet - mum's gone to iceland
laugh - paul mccartney
world of twist - she's a rainbow
bridewell taxis - just good friends
urusei yatsura - eastern youth
cub - little star
mainstream - privilege
close lobsters - just too bloody stupid
scott 4 - lefturno
thurman - she's a man

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 10/10

Time is running out on voting for The 2010 CJAM Jammy Awards. So keep voting for us till they tell you to Here's the link again to make it easier for you;
Thanks to you all for voting!

Nest weeks show will be a special show to commemorate International Record Store Day.
Scott & I, veterans of Windsor's record stores, will be picking our fave tracks/artists that we found while working in record stores. It will be a version of the Rewind! series except that there will be a couple of new tracks featured. Editors and Blur (hopefully) are releasing special songs for Record Store Day.

By know you've heard that Malcolm McLaren passed away from his battle with cancer on Thursday. He left his mark on British pop culture with contributions in music and fashion.
We open the show some of his musical contributions;

malcolm mclaren - soweto
bow wow wow - go wild in the country
sex pistols - new york
slow club - giving up on love
lonelady - early the haste comes
teenage fanclub - baby lee
blood red shoes - it is happening again
archie bronson outfit - bite it & believe it
little death - violent sea
male bonding - year's not long
detroit social club - kiss the sun
three trapped tigers - 11
----lp session #1 we have band "whb"
we have band - buffet
we have band - love, what you doing?
we have band - hero knows
the heartbreaks - liar, my dear
cha-cha - the fellowship
the lodger - have a little faith in people
lovers love haters - dead end trail
stars - fixed
bleech - are you listening?
joy formidable - popinjay
holy fuck - latin america
these new puritans - hologram
newislands - out of time
class actress - journal of ardency
----lp session #2 peggy sue "fossils and other phantoms"
peggy sue - long division blues
peggy sue - careless talk costs lives
peggy sue - febuary snow
team ghost - colors in time
rose elinor dougall - find me out
codeine velvet club - vanity kills

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 3/10

Don't forget that Jammy voting is almost over, please go to and vote for Cowboys & Indies.

Special show announcement!
Record Store Day is April 17, 2010. So we will present a special edition of Cowboys & Indies. Since Scott & I are veterans of record stores here in Windsor, we will pick some of our favourite bands/artists that we discovered while working in a record store. Basically, the show will resemble another installment of Rewind!

I guess the big news in the British Indie/alternative world this week was the announcement of The Libertines re-uniting for summer festivals. That is if Pete can stay out of trouble/jail until then.
So we open the show with a couple Libertines tracks:

the libertines - don't look back into the sun
the libertines - i get along (original version)
the courteeners - cross my heart and hope to fly
athlete - the unknown
monster movie - in the morning
biffy clyro - whorses
hotrats - queen bitch
the school - is he really coming home?
the moons - torn between two
paul weller - wake up the nation
archie bronson outfit - wild strawberries
codeine velvet club - i would send you roses
the pipettes - stop the music
lovers love haters - sitting still
diamond rings - wait and see
----lp session #1 black swan effect "admission"
black swan effect - falling down
black swan effect - sick
black swan effect - winter sun
black swan effect - please
sunshine underground - we've always been your friends
minotaurs - witches
goldhawks - where in the world
the targets - wake up
kyte - ihnfsa
bonobo - kong
lonelady - army
slow club - let's fall back in love
ou est la swimming pool - these new knights
gold blood - don't waste my time
----lp session #2 futureheads "the chaos"
futureheads - the chaos
futureheads - stop the noise
futureheads - this is the life
futureheads - the baron
buzzcocks - autonomy
buzzcocks - a different kind of tension