Saturday, May 24, 2014

Long After Tonite's Candles Are Blown! Show tracks for Sat. May 24/14

Everything old is new again!
Tonight was the first show at the new (once again) time slot starting at 9PM. Hope you all remembered.
Fitting in with that same theme, tonight was the first in a new segment called Mixtape Memories.
Simply put it's a selection of tracks that you may have used or heard about for the first time via the mixtape.
It's a lost art in today's instant gratification digital music generation. I don't know about you but I've got boxes of old ones that I
will use for this feature unless you send of requests that is.

slowdive - when the sun hits
cheatahs - I
cheatahs - geographic
toy - as we turn
steve mason, emiliana torrini & toy - i go out
temples - colours to life
klaxons - there is no other time
menswe@r - crash '14
spearmint - punctuation
paul heaton & jacqui abbott - moulding of a fool
one thousand violins - please don't sandblast my house
kaiser chiefs - factory gates
peter murphy - eliza
echo & the bunnymen - burn it down
towns - too tired
the horrors - change your mind
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the ad libs - nothing worse than being alone
the inspirations - touch me, hold me, kiss me
linda jones - you hit me like tnt
the ohio players - love slipped through my fingers
jimmy radcliffe - long after tonight is over
-----lp session - broken records "weights & measures"
broken records - ditty (we weren't ready)
broken records - so long, so late
broken records - let's call it a betrayal
broken records - all else can just wait
cherry ghost - the world could turn
blessa - open fields
bird - a war
the sundowners - medicine
broken men - chorus girl
comet gain - long after tonite's candles are blown
-----mixtape memories!
doves - pounding
northside - shall we take a trip
saint etienne - avenue
the wind up birds - the gristle
kult country - trembling moon
stump - tupperware stripper
happyness - leave the party
slowdive - souvlaki space station

Lookie! Lookie! All presented in a single download link!

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