Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy 24th Anniversary! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 30/14

Here's to another 24 years! Umm, now way you people would put up with us for another quarter century!! lol Jeesh, a quarter century, now I officially feel old.
It's been a pleasure, a privilege and an honour to have been your Saturday night musical friends for the last 24 years.
We consider ourselves very lucky to have had this time to bring you the music we love. We hope you have loved it too.
We couldn't have done it without you, the listeners. Thank you for your time, support and dare I say love.
And as a thank you be the first one to comment on this post and win this CD!
It was a double theme night as we featured 2 things that were direct influences on us starting this show in the first place.
C86 and John Peel.
Today would have been John Peel's 75th birthday. It's not an exaggeration to call John an idol of ours. From listening on the shortwave to being able to listen online it was quite a ride with him. He certainly influenced this show and it's hosts.
The first part of the show is the C86 release in it's entirety. The rest of the show features tracks from the movement.
Congratulations to Kenny (Windsor) and Christine (Windsor) on winning the Paul Weller concert tickets.
Remember to comment on this post to win the Inspiral Carpets CD.

the pooh sticks - on tape
primal scream - velocity girl
the mighty lemon drops - happy head
the soup dragons - pleasantly surprised
the wolfhounds - feeling so strange again
the bodines - therese
mighty mighty - law
stump - buffalo
bogshed - run to the temple
a witness - sharpened sticks
the pastels - breaking lines
age of chance - from now on, this will be your god
the shop assistants - it's up to you
close lobsters - firestation towers
miaow - sport most royal
half man half biscuit - i hate nerys hughes (from the heart)
the servants - transparent
mackenzies - big jim (there's no pubs in heaven)
big flame - new way (quick wash and a brush up with liberation theology)
we've got a fuzzbox and we're going to use it - console me
mccarthy - celestial city
the shrubs - bullfighter's bones
wedding present - this boy can wait (a bit longer)
-----C86 plus...
the june brides - sunday to saturday
the loft - up the hill and down the slope
the woodentops - plenty
hurrah! - around and around
the railway children - darkness and colour
jesus & mary chain - upside down
fizzbombs - sign on the line
my bloody valentine - kiss the eclipse
pop will eat itself - black country chainsaw massacre
14 iced bears - inside
talulah gosh - steaming train
the primitives - really stupid
the flatmates - so in love with you
the darling buds - if i said
jesse garon & the desperados - the rain fell down
laugh - paul mccartney
one thousand violins - like one thousand violins
the brilliant corners - meet me on tuesdays
band of holy joy - rosemary smith
the membranes - everything's brilliant
the wild swans - revolutionary spirit
the shamen - something about you
the clouds - jenny nowhere
this poison - poised over the pause button
groovy little numbers - you make my head explode
biff bang pow! - love's going out of fashion
laurence & the comfortable society - heartache
the undertones - teenage kicks

Happy 24th!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

24 Years!

Coming this Saturday night, August 30th, Cowboys & Indies will be celebrating it's 24th anniversary!
Join us Saturday as we feature the influential album C86 in it's entirety.
As well as other tracks from this influential era.
What's a celebration without gifts. Tune in to win concert tickets to see
Paul Weller at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit.
And win a copy of Inspiral Carpets recently re-issued Dung 4 CD!
Join us Saturday at 9PM for all the musical festivities only on
CJAM 99.1FM Cogeco Ch.285

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Murphy's Law! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 23/14

Simply going to call this Murphy's Law show. I hope that's self-explanatory.

johnny marr - easy money
inspiral carpets - spitfire
morrissey - staircase at the university
richard frennaux - someone's got to be stronger
the boy from the crowd - revelator
the twilight sad - there's a girl in the corner
we were promised jetpacks - safety in numbers
soft walls - never come back
kobadelta - repetition
the school - just let me be here
allo darlin' - romance and adventure
paul smith & peter brewis - barcelona (at eye level)
hyde and beast - blue
avec sans - all of time
alt-J (∆) - every other freckle
tony allen - go back feat damon albarn
-----northern soul spotlight
maurice williams - being without you
the zodiacs - don't ever leave me
johnny dynamite - the night the angels cried
the jerms - i'm a teardrop
the ringleaders - baby, what has happened to our love
kindness - world restart feat kelela & ade
jungle - time
hollie cook - 99
neville staple - roadblock
la roux - paradise is you
woman's hour - devotion
mazes - salford
ultimate painting - winter in your heart
palace - bitter
by the sea - you're the only one
white sands - the wait
joanna gruesome - psykick espionage
esper scout - carpet of a clown
the death of pop - the key of three
post war glamour girls - lolong
warm brains - now that i'm boring
steven wilson - a forest
the pastels - cycle (my bloody valentine remix)
mogwai - nick drake
sinead o'connor - how about i be me

Listen if you dare! lol

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anarchy In The UK! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 19/14

CJAM is celebrating 40 years of Punk music. August 16th 1974 marks the first time the Ramones played at CBGBs as a four piece band. Forty years later the Punk scene has grown and changed in many different ways and to celebrate the genre over 14 of CJAM’s programmers will be doing punk specials on their programs all week long!
At Cowboys & Indies we do what we do best, celebrate the UK scene!

sex pistols - anarchy in the uk (wessex studios session)
sham 69 - if the kids are united
the damned - new rose
stiff little fingers - gotta getaway
the undertones - true confessions
the skids - into the valley
the adverts - one chord wonders
the jam - in the city
the boomtown rats - looking after no.1
xtc - radios in motion
wire - ex lion tamer
the stranglers - goodbye toulouse
the clash - cheat
the slits - instant hit
the ruts - babylon's burning
bad manners - lorraine
the specials - concrete jungle
the beat - click click
the beat - stand down margaret
madness - the prince
the bodysnatchers - 007
the raincoats - off duty trip
the only ones - lovers of today
x-ray spex - the day the world turned dayglo
999 - nasty nasty
generation x - valley of the dolls
the rezillos - can't stand my baby
au pairs - come again
killing joke - wardance
joy division - shadowplay
siouxsie & the banshees - jigsaw feeling
echo & the bunnymen - crocodiles
the outsiders - calling on youth
the buzzcocks - autonomy
the members - solitary confinement
the vibrators - baby baby
theatre of hate - do you believe in westworld?
ian dury & the blockheads - inbetweenies
tom robinson band - grey cortina
elvis costello & the attractions - goon squad
tenpole tudor - swords of a thousand men
gang of four - i found that essence rare
the lurkers - countdown
the exploited - punk's not dead
charged gbh - city baby attacked by rats
crass - big a little a
discharge - protest & survive

Listen again!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Just How Long Can You Stare? Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 9/14

Big news this week for the Detroit area is the announcement that Slowdive will be playing The Majestic Theater in October. Tickets are on sale now.
Next week C&I will take part in CJAM's week long celebration The History Of Punk. Doing what we do best we will focus on the Brit punk scene touching on some sub-genres as well. That starts next Saturday and runs through the week on CJAM 99.1FM.
On Sat. Aug. 30 C&I will celebrate it's anniversary with a special themed show with cd and concert ticket giveaways. More news in the next couple weeks.

echo & the bunnymen - ocean rain
slowdive - catch the breeze
2:54 - orion
arctic lake - just how long can you stare
wyldest - wanders
phoria - emanate
grumbling fur - lightinsisters
tim burgess - oh men (grumbling fur reworking)
pete fij & terry bickers - parallel
mogwai - helps both ways
pale seas - different for once
love l.u.v. - lily anne
flowers - joanna
doe - julia survived
september girls - heartbeats
-----northern soul spotlight
saxie russell - psychedelic soul (part 1)
johnny & lilly - suffering city
the whispers - remember me
sandy wynns - the touch of venus
kelly brothers - love time
-----lp session - engineers "always returning"
engineers - it rings so true
engineers - drive your car
engineers - a million voices
black rivers - the ship
wilderness hymnal - phosphor
thought forms - your bones
esben & the witch - no dog
-----mixtape memories
comsat angels - independence day
the chameleons - up the down escalator
the sound - new dark age
red lorry yellow lorry - hollow eyes
-----lp session - childhood "lacuna"
childhood - you could be different
childhood - sweeter preacher
childhood - tides
april - ten miles high
jaws - swim


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Who Wants To Be The Disco King? Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 2/14

the horrors - sleepwalk
dark horses - live on hunger
damon albarn - sister rust
laetitia sadier - then i will love you again
the proper ornaments - step into the cold
adult jazz - hum
the island club - ecstasy
the school - when i fall in love
the history of apple pie - tame
villiers - nowhere left to run
lovats - fiction
hollie cook - tiger balm
neville staple - the farmyard connection
hudson mohawke - chimes
jungle - busy earnin'
the acid - creeper
-----northern soul spotlight
bobby day - over and over
little hank - mister bang bang man
derrick & patsy - housewive's choice
sonny knight - confidential
bessie banks - go now
-----lp session - the wytches "annabel dream reader"
the wytches - burn out the bruise
the wytches - weights and ties
the wytches - part time model
southern - where i want to be
bird - rain song
neon waltz - bare wood aisles
dark star - i am the sun
gentlemen - saturday noir
david bowie - abdulmajid
-----mixtape memories
the wonder stuff - who wants to be the disco king?
sultans of ping f.c. - where's me jumper?
frank and walters - happy busman
thousand yard stare - 0-0 a.e.t.
the snapdragons - dole boys on futons
mirrorhall - decoder
fire island pines - candy streets
fire island pines - years
slow club - paraguay and panama
johnny lloyd - pilgrims
sohn - lights

Download here!

Monthly Indiessential chart for July 2014

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. RIGHT ON SATELLITE ... Superfood (Infectious)
2. FUTUROLOGY (LP) ... Manic Street Preachers (Columbia)
3. WIRE FRAME MATTRESS ... The Wytches (Heavenly Recordings)
4. HONEYBLOOD (LP) ... Honeyblood (FatCat Records)
5. COMPLETE SURRENDER (LP) ... Slow Club (Caroline)
6. LOVE IS AN EVOL WORD EP ... Blessa (Generator/Carmel Records)
7. CISSA EP ... Traams (FatCat Records)
8. CONVERSATIONS (LP) ... Woman's Hour (Secretly Canadian)
9. TAME ... The History Of Apple Pie (Marshall Teller Records)
10. BROKEN HEART SURGERY (LP) ... Pete Fij & Terry Bickers (Broadcast Recordings)
11. ONE LOST YEAR ... The Vaselines (Rosary Music)
12. SAKURA EP ... Big Deal (Mute)
13. MINDWAVES (LP) ... The Moons (Schnitzel Records)
14. CHANGE BY ANY OTHER NAME (LP) ... Young British Artists (Young British Artists)
15. GETHSEMANE ... Dry The River (Trangsressive)
16. WOODEN HEAD (LP) ... The Proper Ornaments (Fortuna POP!)
17. WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS (LP) ... Morrissey (Harvest)
18. WEIRD LITTLE BIRTHDAY (LP) ... Happyness (Weird Smiling)
19. TREMBLING MOON ... Kult Country (No Self Records)
20. DEAR DIARY ... Darlia (B-Unique Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for July 2014