Sunday, April 26, 2020

Timeless Melodies! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 25/20

Our first full year on the CJAM radio waves was 1990! We featured tracks from the latest in the Cherry Red Records 'C' series, C90 and others from the year not featured on the compilation. This tracklist sounds like it could have been from any show of ours in the first couple years on the air. Hope you enjoyed the look back at our first year. If you did, wait for our anniversary in August for another similar show.

happy mondays - step on
stone roses - one love
manic street preachers - new art riot
ned’s atomic dustbin - kill your television
the seers - welcome to dead town
see see rider - she sings alone
thousand yard stare - worse for wear
birdland - sleep with me
the sundays - can’t be sure
the la’s - timeless melody
heavenly - i fell in love last night
brighter - noah’s ark
eternal - sleep
the sweetest ache - if i could shine
world of twist - the storm
paris angels - perfume
northside - my rising star
flowered up - it’s on
the charlatans - sproston green
ocean colour scene - sway
swervedriver - juggernaut rides
lush - thoughtforms
pale saints - half life, remembered
slowdive - avalyn 1
chapterhouse - something more (ambient version)
spiritualized - anyway that you want me
the klf - what time is love?
the beloved - hello
saint etienne - only love can break your heart
kitchens of distinction - quick as rainbows
new fast automatic daffodils - penguins
that petrol emotion - sensitize
the fatima mansions - blues for ceaucescu
the blue aeroplanes - jacket hangs
inspiral carpets - commercial rain
james - come home
lloyd cole - downtown
the field mice - so said kay
the orchids - something for the longing
the chrysalids - my heart is where my home is


Sunday, April 19, 2020

Is This What You Want? Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 18/20

jezebel - tatters
blossoms - the keeper
the mysterines - love’s not enough
gorillaz feat peter hook & georgia - aries
fez - repetition
fabric bear - rona, why did you cancel the party?
cat ryan - mannerism
hilary woods - mud and stones
brooke bentham - control
sisyphes - samsara
louise patricia crane - snake oil
twisted wheel- ghost man
twisted wheel - 20/20 vision
stepford wives - all on me
the jjohns - friend
the slow readers club - every word
asylums - a perfect life in a perfect world
the suncharms - monster club
egyptian blue - four is the last four
-----northern soul spotlight
major lance - how can you say goodbye (to someone who’s in love you)
sandra wright - i come running back
tony borders - promise to myself
big john hamilton - take this hurt off me
linda jones - what’ve i done (to make you mad)
-----lp session - laura marling 'song for our daughter'
laura marling - held down
laura marling - only the strong
laura marling - hope we meet again
jetstream pony - it’s fine
lady di - peanut cup
marketplace - hard 2 love
fuzzy sun - warm nights
sad palace - warm girl
omaloma - spring break
omaloma - baby g
bauhaus - she's in parties
orchards - stealing your sleep
yard act - the trapper’s pelts
do nothing - comedy gold
boyracer - normalcy
-----lp session - savage mansion 'weird country'
savage mansion - taking the four
savage mansion - old country
savage mansion - monument
the clash - remote control
the vitrines - diamonds in her eyes
godno! - hulk
pyx - is this what you want?
offworld - burnt out stars


Sunday, April 12, 2020

After Hours! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 11/20

During the Covid-19 lockdown the show is recorded in 2 halves at my personal studio. Last night the show was aired in backwards order, 2nd part 1st, then the 1st part. The first tracks aired were the Es LP Session and the show concluded with the Northern Soul Spotlight. Hopefully the confusion didn't ruin your listening experience.

sorry - perfect
catholic action - another name for loneliness
porridge radio - sweet
pins - after hours
mumm-ra - summer
mealtime - rain like this
scrounge - night stand
just mustard - frank
warm digits - frames and cages
warm digits - the view from nowhere feat emma pollock
sonic boom - the way that you live
haarm - tell me what you want
fever - electric
boo radleys - find the answer within
buzzard buzzard buzzard - hollywood actors
chupa cabra - russian models
violet hours - alone with everyone
mccarthy - you had to go and open your big mouth
the vaselines - son of a gun
james dean driving experience - sean connery
-----northern soul spotlight
jay & the techniques - mister onederful
sandra wright - midnight affair
helene & the brookside orchestra - standing room only
-----lp session - es 'less of everything'
es - foundation
es - severed
es - kingdom come
bdrmm - is that what you wanted to hear?
for breakfast - mother
doves - here it comes
richard ashcroft - a song for the lovers
the lovely eggs - you’ve got the balls
the lovely eggs - the mothership
mush - fear index
hallan - yesterday (with him)
venus grrrls - no signs
the golden age of tv - sway
savage gary feat clams baker - a letter to brian eno
-----lp session - mystery jets 'a billion heartbeats'
mystery jets - endless city
mystery jets - cenotaph
mystery jets - watching yourself slowly disappear
idle youth - pompeii
banshees - tell me everything
spector - when did we get so normal


Sunday, April 5, 2020

One Nation Under A Roof! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 4/20

jarv is - house music all night long
tim burgess - the mall
squid - sludge
young knives - sheep tick
scottibrains - aristorats
slow readers club - all the idols
slow readers club - the wait
web - haze
more fire - more fire
stay lunar - dreaming that i’m not in love
jekyll - echoes
lene lovich - lucky number
honeyblood - gibberish
the lovely eggs - still second rate
warm digits - shake the wheels off feat orielles
nzca lines - pure luxury
jealous of the birds - ode to fire
happy spendy - wrap me up
-----northern soul spotlight
bobby womack - how could you break my heart
sam dees - come back strong
the carstairs - it really hurts me girl
-----lp session - catholic action 'celebrated by strangers'
catholic action - i’m no artist
catholic action - and it shows
catholic action - sign here
the vaccines - i never go out on fridays
halloweens - rock bottom rock
razorcuts - sorry to embarrass you
the loft - up the hill and down the slope
derrero - straight time
derrero - silex
ist ist - a new love song
talk talk - living in another world
toy - always on my mind
hallan - habit
home counties - redevelopment
legss - writhing comedy
the fall - i’m frank
-----lp session - sorry '925'
sorry - in unison
sorry - rosie
sorry - rock n roll star
the riot vans - memory lane
the rotanas - scores on the doors
shangralas - perfect education
the big peach - down so long


Friday, April 3, 2020

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2020 - March Albums

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. 925 (LP) ... Sorry (Domino)
2. CELEBRATED BY STRANGERS (LP) ... Catholic Action (Modern Sky)
3. ENGLAND IS A GARDEN (LP) ... Cornershop (Ample Play Recordings)
4. EVERY BAD (LP) ... Porridge Radio (Secretly Canadian)
5. EVERYDAY NOTHING (LP) ... Brooke Bentham (AllPoints)
6. SOMETHING BLUE (LP) ... Lexytron (Persian Punk Records)
7. THE NIGHT CHANCERS (LP) ... Baxter Dury (Heavenly Recordings)
8. MORNING KISS AT THE ACROPOLIS (LP) ... Halloweens (Super Easy)
9. THE JOY OF THE RETURN (LP) ... The Slow Readers Club (Modern Sky)
10. BIRTHMARKS (LP) ... Hilary Woods (Sacred Bones Records)
11. I AM NOT OK WITH THIS (LP) ... Bloodwitch (Netflix/BMG)
12. LOVECORE (LP) ... Orchards (Big Scary Monsters)
13. CITIZENS OF BOOMTOWN (LP) ... The Boomtown Rats (BMG)
14. MANCHESTER CALLING (LP) ... Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott (Virgin EMI)
15. SAD HAPPY (LP) ... Circa Waves ([PIAS])
16. SISTER (LP) ... UltraĆ­sta (Partisan Records)
17. THE LOTTERY WINNERS (LP) ... The Lottery Winners (Modern Sky)
18. THE PERFORMER (LP) ... James Righton (Deewee/[PIAS])
19. EYELET (LP) ... Islet (Fire Records)
20. WHO ARE THE GIRLS? (LP) ... Nova Twins (333 Wreckords Crew)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for March 2020

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2020 - March Singles

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. SPORTS! ... Dream Wife (Lucky Number)
2. HOUSE MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG ... Jarv Is (Rough Trade)
3. EARTH BEAT ... Paul Weller (Polydor Records)
4. SLUDGE ... Squid (Warp Records)
5. THE MALL ... Tim Burgess (Bella Union)
6. JUST IMAGINE ... Sonic Boom (The New Town Tudors)
7. FALL WITH ME ... Sinead O'Brien (Chess Club)
8. YOU'LL BE MINE ... The Psychedelic Furs (Cooking Vinyl)
9. LADDERS TO THE SUN EP ... Stereo Honey (Lab Records)
10. BRAVE TO BE ALIVE ... Offworld (Cuzuco Records)
11. HAPPY ... Bdrmm (Sonic Cathedral)
12. BANANA SKIN SHOES ... Badly Drawn Boy (One Last Fruit)
13. A. A. A. A. ... Working Men's Club (Heavenly Recordings)
14. SHEEP TICK ... Young Knives (Gadzook)
15. KISS MY FIST ... Dream Nails (Alcopop!)
16. CAMINO ... Calva Louise (Don't Try)
17. STRENGTH TO STRENGTH ... Softer Still (Label Fandango)
18. TUNE IN, DROP OUT ... Beach Riot (Alcopop!)
19. A.I. ... Flesh Tetris (Back2Forward Records)
20. FRAUD ... Pizza Crunch (Pizza Crunch)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for March 2020