Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Bravest Man In The Universe! Show tracks for Sat. June 28/14

RIP Bobby Womack. First exposed to his great soul voice almost 30 years ago now. Brought back into the mainstream thanks to Gorillaz. We open with a tribute and include him in the Northern Soul Spotlight as well.

gorillaz - stylo (feat mos def & bobby womack)
bobby womack - love is gonna lift you up
franz ferdinand - walk away
zoot woman - the model
the soundcarriers - signal blue
detachments - endgame
parka - disco dancer
tripwires - total fascination stuff
by the sea - i see a crystal sky
the watchmakers - carpe diem
eighteen nightmares at the lux (enatl) - fishman
menace beach - tennis court
comet gain - sad love
cherry ghost - fragile reign
dry the river - gethsemane
we are catchers - isabella
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
cindy scott - i love you, baby
bobby womack - what is this (original mix)
elbie parker - please keep away from me
bobby paris - i walked away
homer banks - hooked by love
-----lp session - bird "my fear and me"
bird - oh my love
bird - sea of trees
bird - blue
money - hold me forever
elephant - ants
blessa - kindred
esben & the witch - blood teachings
-----mixtape memories
peter gabriel - on the air
catherine wheel - i want to touch you
new model army - green and grey
echo & the bunnymen - villiers terrace
close lobsters - new york city in space
the sun and the moon - adam's song (pour fenella)
the luxembourg signal - distant drive
the leisure society - columbia!
the clientele - falling asleep
little barrie - fuzz bomb

On The Air!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hippy Dippy Pharmaceutically Trippy! Show tracks for Sat. June 21/14

paul haig - hippy dippy pharmaceutically trippy
franz ferdinand - stand on the horizon (tom furse extrapolation)
alt j ∆ - hunger of the pine
hyde & beast - keep moving
the bohicas - crush me
aztecs - ice cream
the amazing snakeheads - nighttime
band of holy joy - when a gift is a curse
sinead o'connor - take me to church
big deal - always boys
slow club - suffering you, suffering me
manic street preachers - walk me to the bridge
kasabian - eez-eh
the courteeners - summer
suede - black or blue
the field mice - sensitive
the orchids - something for the longing
another sunny day - you should all be murdered
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the carolines - can't stop loving the boy
carl spencer - cover girl
wayne anthony - you ain't wrapped too tight
the flirtations - change my darkness into light
kenny ballard & the fabulous soul brothers - i'm losing you
-----lp session - klaxons "love frequency"
klaxons - nvisible forces
klaxons - rhythm of life
klaxons - the dreamers
massive attack - man next door
alexis taylor - elvis has left the building
superfood - right on satellite
happyness - great minds think alike, all brains taste the same
life - take off with you
the mispers - dark bits
blessa - island minding
-----mixtape memories
stone roses - this is the one
james - born of frustration
the waterboys - savage earth heart
roxy music - mother of pearl
formes - the power of now part 1
princess - neverlook

This is the one!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flag Day! Show tracks for Sat. June 14/14

monty python - always look on the bright side of life
elmer bernstein - the great escape
fat les - vindaloo
dizzie rascal ft james corden - shout for england!
summer camp - beyond clueless
sleep thieves - city of hearts
[strangers] - wolf at the door
johnny boy - you are the generation that bought more shoes and you get what you deserve
the kvb - between suns
bloom - daydream
towns - everyone's out
visage - hidden sign
teen brains - annabel
arctic monkeys - snap out of it
wilko johnson/roger daltry - i keep it to myself
paul weller - come on, let's go
lisa stansfield - carry on
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the sharpees - do the 45
the valentines - breakaway
fred hughes - i keep tryin'
didi noel - let the music play
mary silvers - the power of love
-----lp session - kasabian "48:13"
kasabian - bumblebee
kasabian - stevie
kasabian - bow
glass animals - cocoa hooves
klaxons - new reality
eno & hyde - witness
fugiya & miyagi - acid to my alkaline
sunshine underground - here comes the storm
-----mixtape memories
railway children - a pleasure
the beloved - hello
housemartins - flag day (album version)
the wild swans - revolutionary spirit
inspiral carpets - keep the circle around
oasis - columbia
cherry ghost - love will follow you
champs - white satellite
teleman - in your fur

Hear here!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Some Of My Best Friends Are Songs! Show tracks for Sat. June 7/14

Couldn't be happier that the C86 resurgence is continuing. New tracks from some of the bands at the forefront of the movement. Plus, I found out today that the C86 Box Set is en route. So barring any shenanigans from the post office, like delaying delivery for 6 weeks, the special show is very near.

new order - world in motion
baddiel, skinner & the lightning seeds - three lions (football's coming home)
traams - giddy
eagulls - nerve endings
the wytches - wire frame mattress
paws - narcissist
paws - great bear
close lobsters - now time
mighty lemon drops - sympathise with us
mighty lemon drops - take my heart
the wolfhounds - anthem
the woodentops - every step of the way
the heartbreaks - man overboard
the heartbreaks - this is not entertainment
the moons - body snatchers
len price 3 - swing like a monkey
slow club - suffering you, suffering me
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
lynn randell - stranger in my arms
robert knight - branded
the uptights - shy guy
lou edwards & today's people - talkin' 'bout poor folks thinkin' 'bout my folks
the philly devotions - i just can't say goodbye
-----lp session - james "la petite mort"
james - curse curse
james - interrogation
james - all i'm saying
peace - world pleasure
the kvb - all around you
the kvb - from afar
peter murphy - hang up
-----mixtape memories
trashcan sinatras - obscurity knocks
the pale fountains - jean's not happening
the wendys - pulling my fingers off
kissing the pink - big man restless
towns - get me there
towns - just everything
money - bluebell fields
detachments - endgame
glass animals - pools
movie - ads

Hear here!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Monthly Indiessential chart for May 2014

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. LUMINOUS (LP) ... The Horrors (XL Records)
2. FUCKERS / DREAM BABY DREAM ... Savages (Matador Records)
3. GIRL / SLEEP SOUND ... Jamie XX (Young Turks/ XL Recordings)
4. METEORITES (LP) ... Echo & The Bunnymen (Caroline International)
5. EMBRACE (LP) ... Embrace (Cooking Vinyl)
6. CONJOINING RITES ... Climbing Boys (Birthday Records)
7. ABSOLVED ... The Heartbreaks (Nusic Sounds)
8. TWICE (LP) ... Hollie Cook (Mr Bongo)
9. SKY SWIMMING (LP) ... Elephant (Memphis Industries)
10. SYNESTHESIA EP ... The Probes (Porcupine Records)
11. EVERYDAY ROBOTS (LP) ... Damon Albarn (Parlophone)
12. KILLER BANGS ... Honeyblood (FatCat Records)
13. ENTROPICALIA (LP) ... The Soundcarriers (Ghost Box)
14. ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS (LP) ... Fujiya And Miyagi (Yep Roc Records)
15. COMPLETE SURRENDER ... Slow Club (Wichita Recordings)
16. THE SUNSHINE UNDERGROUND (LP) ... The Sunshine Underground (Lovers)
17. WEIGHTS & PULLEYS (LP) ... Broken Records (J Sharp Records Ltd)
18. HAND PRINTS EP ... As Elephants Are (Once Upon A Time Records Ltd)
19. MEDICINE EP ... The Sundowners (Skeleton Key Records)
20. PURE ADULTERATED JOY (LP) ... Morning Parade (So Recordings)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for May 2014