Sunday, June 26, 2016

Europop! Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 25/16

No politics or comments on the results of the referendum, although I do have both, just took the opportunity to do a little bit of a theme show.
A great selection of tracks with Europe in the title.

the sound - fall of europe
thompson twins - living in europe
ultravox - new europeans
spector - born in the eu
the divine comedy - europop
alphabetic - french boyfriend
wire - still
suede - europe is our playground
teenage fanclub - i'm in love
island - come with me
pins - i'll get mine
flowers - bitter pill
ulrika spacek - n k
primal scream - golden rope
fat white family - whitest boy on the beach
john foxx - europe after the rain
-----northern soul spotlight
ray charles - i don't need no doctor
patti & the emblems - i'm gonna love you a long time
the tams - be young, be foolish, be happy
etta james - seven day fool
-----lp session - paws "no grace"
paws - n/a
paws - impermanent
paws - gild the lilly
paws - asthmatic
metronomy - night owl
808 state - europa feat caroline seaman
roxy music - a song for europe
psychedelic furs - sister europe
bugeye - never let you go
jc flowers - china girl
the marsicans - far away (saudade)
allo darlin - europe
the au revoirs - my twisted heart
killing joke - europe
the hoo ha's - this is the new me
the stranglers - european female
dot dash - daddy long legs
section 25 - the last man in europe
zozo - international waters
seazoo - teeth

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Moog For Love! Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 18/16

No birthday blues for me! I woke up an old man

minor victories - the thief
mogwai - little boy
kaiser chiefs - parachute
the view - marriage
viola beach - cherry vimto
floodhounds - soulmates to cellmates
night flowers - glow in the dark
pure youth - other side
softer still - new age
posture - i just can't wait to see my girl
blooms - porcelain
public service broadcasting - e.v.a. (dutch uncles remix)
boxed in - jist
disclosure - moog for love feat eats everything
-----northern soul spotlight
judy street - what
bobby womack & the brotherhood - home is where the heart is
the luther ingram orchestra - exus trek
edwin starr - time
the isley brothers - my love is your love (forever)
-----lp session - weird dreams " luxury alone"
weird dreams - binary
weird dreams - heaven's hounds
weird dreams - digital water
two door cinema club - are we ready? (wreck)
jarvis cocker - looking for the girl
alphabetic - french boyfriend
missing boy - stop that girl (i remember you)
team picture - birthday blues
placebo - bruise pristine
fear of men - undine
big deal - v.i.t.r.i.o.l.
west of the sun - compromise
syd arthur - apricity
arthur gun - spin
paws - no grace
let's eat grandma - chimpanzees in canopies
let's eat grandma - sleep song
sltp - the rattle
sweat - acid rainbow

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trip On A Turntable! Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 11/16

Too hot to type!

omd - secret (original 12" version)
formation - pleasure
stone roses - beautiful thing
the high - kiss the sun
new order - unlearn this hatred (extended mix)
the invisible - so well
esper scout - gaps in the border fence
lola colt - moonlight mixing (radio edit)
west of the sun - trip on a turntable
let's eat grandma - eat shiitake mushrooms
palm honey - you stole my blackout
-----lp session #1 - spring king "tell me if you like to"
spring king - it's so dark
spring king - take me away
spring king - tell me if you like to
the heavy - the last confession
-----northern soul spotlight
darrell banks - open the door to your heart
jimmy radcliffe - long after tonight is over
pp arnold - everything is gonna be alright
dean parrish - i'm on my way
tony clarke - landslide
paul draper - no ideas feat steven wilson
be bop deluxe - futurist manifesto
nzca lines - oh..(call me back)
little boots - staring at the sun
toothless - palm's backside feat marika hackman
yak - use somebody
false advertising - give it your worst
ming city rockers - all i wana do is waste my time with you
-----lp session #2 - evans the death "vanilla"
evans the death - suitcase jimmy
evans the death - hey! buddy
evans the death - hot sauce
cat's eyes - names on the mountains
eagulls - velvet
heavy heart - pretty thing
the joy formidable - the gift
crazyhead - what gives you the idea that you're so amazing baby?
big deal - avalanche
big deal - idyllwild
frank carter & the rattlesnakes - snake eyes
the rifles - numero uno
four authors - catalyst

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Stairway To Your Mind! Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 4/16

The Gig That Changed the World! The 40th anniversary of The Sex Pistols' gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester on 4 June 1976. We celebrate the occasion with music that owes it's existence to that famous concert. Plus the normal selection of new release singles and albums.

lola colt - gold
baby strange - pure evil
white - fight the feeling
rain - solis
vynce - taste
the diamond age - popular science
kate jackson - stranded
the watchmakers - stairway to your mind
the kvb - never enough
Ist Ist - white swan
pleasure beach - dreamer to the dawn
purs - surround
primal scream - sometimes i feel so lonely
dexy's midnight runners - to love somebody
dexy's midnight runners - curragh of kildare
sex pistols - emi
the buzzcocks - autonomy
the fall - repetition
joy division - new dawn fades
magazine - shot by both sides
the smiths - the headmaster's ritual
-----lp session - cat's eyes "treasure house"
cat's eyes - be careful where you park your car
cat's eyes - standoff
cat's eyes - everything moves towards the sun
cat's eyes - girl in the room
god damn - ghost
apeman spaceman - spacecatraz
stone roses - all for one
l u h - unites
sundara karma - loveblood
evans the death - haunted wheelchair
psycho comedy - one
plastic flowers - silence again
let's eat grandma - deep six textbook
wild palms - again no
wild palms - lance and candice
avec sans - perth
live\\learn - comfort
tourists - quiet room

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