Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 29/12

The music world lost a relative unknown giant this week, Frank Wilson lost his battle with prostate cancer on Thursday. Motown aficionados and Northern Soul buffs know him well, but the general public enjoyed the fruits of his labour without even knowing it. He was a writer and producer at Motown Records. He wrote and produced hit records for Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, The Miracles, The Four Tops, The Temptations and many more. He even tried his hand at releasing his own material only to change his mind to keep writing and producing. He destroyed the single he recorded, almost all of them. Two are still in existence and fetch thousands of dollars at auction when sold. That record was Do I Love You (Indeed I Do). We open the show in tribute of Frank Wilson with some of his production work and his now famous single. RIP Frank.

We then move on the nominees for the 2012 Mercury Music Prize. We featured 10 of the 12 nominees. We start with what seems to be everyone's favourite to win it this year Alt-J(∆) and move on to my emotional pick Jessie Ware. The odds makers currently have Richard Hawley and Plan B at 4/1 to swoop the prize with Alt-J(∆) and Django Django at 5/1. There really isn't a bad album in the bunch.

stevie wonder - castles in the sand
ike & tina turner - somebody (somewhere) needs me
frank wilson - do i love you (indeed i do)
alt j - fitzpleasure
jessie ware - 110%
lianne la havas - no room for doubt feat. willy mason
michael kiwanuka - i'm getting ready
plan b - ill manors
django django - default
the maccabees - glimmer
ben howard - keep your head up
field music - a new town
richard hawley - you haunt me
the joy formidable - cholla
the chevin - blue eyes
ghosts - stay the night
lp session - golden fable "star map"
golden fable - be alive
golden fable - crossfire
golden fable - restless souls
fossil collective - on and on
state broadcasters - trespassers
hey sholay - burning
the good natured - she drives me crazy
mumford & sons - whispers in the dark
palma violets - best of friends
loved ones - are you hiding out in hell?
savages - city's full (live)
fear of men - mosaic
totally enormous extinct dinosaurs - shimmer
man without country - closet addicts anonymous
jim noir - tea
jethro fox - blinding light
beth orton - something more beautiful
loop - black sun

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ultra Sound! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 22/12

Why do companies insist on messing with their product when it works just fine. This means you Blogger. Seriously messed it up. Could you make it any harder to post?
Then the email concerning the 2012 Mercury Prize nominations gets lost in the spam box. So we'll do that show next week. There the whinging is done! lol

Hope you saw the post about the upcoming Best Albums Of The Last 25 Years show. If you haven't seen it yet, scroll down. Take the time to pick a few of your fave albums and participate in the special show. The more lists to compile will make a better final list and show. We have received about a half dozen already. So don't delay and pick away!

Been waiting for a while for the new Ultrasound and the wait is finally over.

jesus & mary chain - reverence
gaslight anthem - baba o'rily
alt j - something good
happy mondays - tart tart
no ceremony - hold on me
all we are - i fantasize
ultrasound - nonsense
ultrasound - beautiful sadness
skunk anansie - sad sad sad
pop will eat itself - ich bin ein auslander
adrian sherwood - starship bahia
ed sheeran - small bump
nzca/lines - okinawa channels
lp session - gallon drunk "the road gets darker form here"
gallon drunk - hanging on
gallon drunk - stuck in my head
gallon drunk - the big breakdown
toy - change
the horrors - new ice age
the lost souls - shoot me down
we three & the death rattle - hey detonator!
the darkness - she just a girl, eddie
bat for lashes - all your gold
2:54 - a salute
artmagic - heaven is here
suede - my insatiable one
evans the death - i'm so unclean
the moons - jennifer (sits alone)
the milk - nothing but matter
the milk - lay the pain on me
thee vicars - your eyes
blood red shoes - stop kicking
the specials - ghost town (live)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Audience Participation Time!
We haven't done a show like this since the great Best Of New Wave countdown many moons ago.
As a little warm up to the Festive 50 countdown coming up at the end of the year, let's count back your fave albums of the last 25 years.
Since, this is Cowboys & Indies lets do it British style.

So pick at least 3 (no more than 10 please) of your favourite British albums released since 1987!
Anything released from January 1, 1987 until today is eligible. Original albums only please, no compilations, greatest hits or live albums.

Send your choices to or and I will tabulate them. Well, somebody good at math will!
We will then count back the Top 30 albums on a special show in October.

Feel free to forward this to your friends, the more people who participate, the better the countdown.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Love Is Like a Gift You Can't Return! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 15/12

Was it live or was it memorex?

eugene mcguinness - harlequinade
richard hawley - down in the woods
the jesus & mary chain - never understand
sound of guns - antarctica
cast of cheers - goose
zulu winter - we should be swimming
the man from delmonte - my love is like a gift you can't return
inspiral carpets - joe
wedding present - the girl from the ddr
paul weller - that dangerous age
the bees - change can happen
the xx - sunset
jessie ware - running
peggy sue - i will follow him
the heavy - big bad wolf
lp session - toy "toy"
toy - colours running out
toy - drifting deeper
toy - walk up to me
rose elinor dougall - the night
field music - rent
saint saviour - after all
golden fable - always golden
saint etienne - when i was seventeen
the view - the clock
big wave - blissed out
edgar jones free peace thing - no reverse gear blues
noisettes - traveling light
the vaccines - teenage icon
stealing sheep - the garden
stealing sheep - tangled up in stars
peace - california daze
the joy formidable - wolf's law
spector - twenty nothing
daughter - smother

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good For The Soul! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 8/12

As we do every year we welcome all the students back with The Fall and "Hey! Student". Back to school always means a glut of new releases. For the second week another highly anticipated album in Lp Session with The XX.

the fall - hey! student
everything everything - cough cough
two door cinema club - handshake
the chevin - champion
weird dreams - house of secrets
field music - if there is something
syd barrett - terrapin
frightened rabbit - state hospital
elbow - powder blue
father sculptor - dysmirror
cheek mountain thief - showdown
lianne la havas - lost & found
dionne bromfield - good for the soul
roachford - family man
lp session - the xx "coexist"
the xx - fiction
the xx - missing
the xx - reconsider
maximo park - this is what becomes of the broken hearted
reverend & the makers - out of the shadows
baltic fleet - the wilds
kyte - friend of a friend feat. alessi's ark
palma violets - best of friends
savages - husbands
longsands - worlds collide
drop out venus - elastic teen rent
shinies - ennui
emma - purple trees and green rain
the hundreth anniversary - caroline
the hobbes fanclub - your doubting heart
little green cars - the john wayne
aluna george - your drums, your love

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Who Says You Can't Have It All! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 1/12

Back to school time means it's time for some big new releases. We feature two highly anticipated albums tonight in the LP Sessions, The Vaccines and Two Door Cinema Club. Not to mention Jessie Ware and Noisettes thrown in for good measure.

I want to thank Scott for coming down last week and sitting in on the show. It was just like old times. Apparently he had such a good time he sent in some requests this week. He programmed the second full set from Leeds. Some fine picks I might add. Maybe if we ask him nicely he can do this on a regular basis.

Just a reminder that you can always send in your requests or comments here or email them to If you're listening/streaming live you can call into the studio from Windsor at 519-971-3630 or ROW at 1-855-DIG-CJAM.

fixers - pink light
two wounded birds - to be young
the darkness - street spirit (fade out)
bloc party - the truth
the twang - mainline
egyptian hip hop - syh
bombay bicycle club - shuffle
the kooks - pumped up kicks (bbc version)
bastille - bad blood
the maccabees - pelican
toddla t feat shola ama - alive
dionne bromfield - who says you can't have it all
noisettes - that girl
noisettes - star
lp session - the vaccines "come of age"
the vaccines - ghost town
the vaccines - aftershave queen
the vaccines - bad mood
the heavy - same ol'
the beat - doors of your heart
the wonder stuff - there, there my love
jethro fox - blinding light
the waves of fury - businessman's guide to witchcraft
the chameleons - seriocity
b.e.f. - the secret life of arabia feat billy mackenzie
platinum blonde - independence day
toy - lose my way
pale seas - bodies
jessie ware - no to love
jessie ware - sweet talk
lp session - two door cinema club "beacon"
two door cinema club - sun
two door cinema club - someday
two door cinema club - pyramid
everything everything - cough cough